The Catch – Season 2 – The Dining Hall

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week’s episode sees Tommy meet with Reece to recover the three million dollars in his account, complete with a new identity. Reece agrees, and asks if Alice is going to be cool with him disappearing. Alice said the Southland Cartel money is drugs money, and its only a matter of time before the FEDS turn up and arrest him, or the Cartel kill him.

Alice calls Ben for a favour. Ben tells her about how he lost the mark, who ran back to Japan. Meanwhile, Tommy leaves a goodbye note for her.

Sophie checks the bank account and the three million is gone. He planted the key tracker while he had access to Alice’s network. Margot has a new lead for them. Danny and Sophie go see her, and The Hammer opens the door. Margot’s hired him to protect her now.

Agent Diaz turns up at Ben’s, upset the mark has run off to Japan. They look at surveillance footage from the cameras planted last week and there’s a woman who takes the diamonds from the fish and puts them into a Diplomatic pouch, which means the FBI can’t access it.

A new client walks in looking for Tommy, and Alice explains they can’t help. The client makes a veiled threat and then leaves. Danny does a background check on him and he’s part of the Cartel –  and bad news. Val calls Nick Turner, the Deputy Chief of Police for Los Angeles. Val’s Ex. Val tracks him down at a television studio, and offers him the Southland drug Cartel. Tells him Alice’s brother is in with the Cartel. Offers to give him the collar if he helps bust Tommy out. Nick’s tipped to become Chief soon, and it’s be a sweetener if he gets the collar first.

Ben asks Alice to run the diplomatic plate for him.  We catch up with Tommy in a jewellery Store buying diamond earrings for Sophie. When the gift arrives, they trace Tommy’s location and Alice returns the earrings, and is told Tommy took a call from a man with a British accent. Reece.

Reece and Ben plot their scheme to get their mark before her next shipment of diamonds comes in. Agent Diaz tries to dissuade them to avoid a Diplomatic incident, but they insist and decide to go rogue. Tommy turns up to collect the identity documents and pays Reece. Sophie and Danny head back to Margot. She hacked The Hammer’s last transaction to uncover where the payment was routed from. The Hammer sends proof he’s killed Margot and Sophie arranges to watch the feed for the bank account so they can hack it while its active, and traced the Cartel’s location.

Nick turns up at Val’s office with his file on the Southland Cartel, but no sign of Tommy yet. Alice keeps phoning Ben. He and Reece come up with the idea of inviting all the friends to the party, except Jessie who can’t resist feeling left out. Alice turns up and Reece gives her Tommy’s new identity. Jessie turns up and tells Reece his Mother is the Consul General and knows everyone, and can she come to the party. Reece says yes.

Danny and Sophie stake out the bank while Margot goes in, wearing a ridiculous brown wig, and they play out their plan. Danny’s briefcase has a smoke bomb inside and he gets thrown out by Security while Margot hacked the system. The Hammer sends proof of death, and then wait for the transaction so they can see who pays The Hammer the balance of his fee.

Theo tracks down Tommy in a parking garage and tells him the Kincaids are dead, and were skimming. The bag of money is actually a bag filled with newspapers. Alice turns up and holds Theo at gunpoint. She strikes a deal. 24 hours to recover the money. When they get to Alice’s apartment, Nick’s there with police, and they arrest Tommy to keep him safe from the Cartel.

The dinner party begins. Their mark, Takashi is about to get conned. Jessie takes Takashi towards the exit as she’s drunk, then Jessie tells them he’s the diamond broker, not his Mom.

Danny shows Margot the surveillance footage of the woman who showed up at the Bank to pay The Hammer. She claims not to recognise her, then Danny closes in and they kiss passionately.

Jessie holds Ben and Reece at gunpoint, and Reece makes an offer to get him three million dollars in cash – Tommy’s stash, from the trunk of his car. Ben finds Alice at Reece’s car, about to retrieve the cash so the Cartel won’t kill Tommy.

They face off, each holding the other at gunpoint.

Stay tuned.