Bates Motel Final Season – Episode 6 – Marion


bates-motel-5Norman gives Marion Crane some much needed relationship advice, acknowledges that he’s losing his mind, and shows compassion to his brother Dylan all in one episode. Not to forget the big reveal about Sam Loomis’s affair. Let’s recap:

After Emma saw the article about Norma’s suicide, she finally showed it to Dylan. In disbelief that Norman hid it from him, he insists Norma wouldn’t have done that, but Norman claims she tried to kill them both and the Authorities believe it.

Marion turns up at the Motel and checks in, then sends Sam a text message. When she gets him on the phone she hears Madeleine in the background, and demands to know what’s going on. Sam fumbles his excuse and hangs up. Marion takes a shower and then goes to the Motel office. Asks Norman to check the registry to see if Sam left his address so she can go there. Norman spills the beans that Sam’s married and he’s met his Wife, who is lovely. He advises Marion to forget about him because he lied to them both, and she goes to his house in time to witness his argument with Madeleine.

Marion smashes up Sam’s car and he runs out into the street, Madeleine in tow; just as Marion drives back to the Motel to check out. Norman comforts her after hearing her discovery and encourages her to leave, even advising her to toss her phone and change cars. She leaves.

Meanwhile, Sam pitches up at the Motel and lets himself into the room. He takes a shower. As Norma tells Norman that Sam’s a bad man, even worse than Norman’s Father, who abused them both and beat them, Norman works himself up into a frenzy. He goes to Sam’s room.

Norman stabs him to death.

There were a few reveals this week: Norman is fully aware of the hold Norma has had on his psyche, and repeatedly tells her that he made her up, and she’s not real. Norma smashes the crockery until Norman concedes that she’s real. He goes to help Marion pack her bags and get out of dodge before Norma resurfaces. Norman can feel her crawling over his psyche and gaining strength, but he’s the strong one now, and fights it off, helping Marion to her car with the bag of money. Maybe his run in with his former Psychiatrist opened some crevices in the sane part of Norman’s mind, because he’s spouted wisdom all episode.

If there’s one disappointment, as soon as Sam got into the Motel room I knew what was going to happen, as did you, of course, but it was still well done.


Grey’s Anatomy – Til I Hear It From You

greys-main-13Nathan tells Mer he thinks about her a lot, and she should think about it, then give him a call. She confides in Alex, and he tells her she should go for it because she’s hot. Maggie is moaning about he Mother’s obsession about he breasts, without realising that she has breast cancer, and is not just having cosmetic surgery.

Owen has to work with Amelia on an elderly hiker who comes in injured, Her husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He starts giving orders and Owen makes Andrew carry them out. Nathan sees Mer, and asks her about their thing. Mer says she’s got three kids and is a surgeon, and what’s to think about. He’s not giving up, and he invites her to have dinner with him.

Later, Owen presses Amelia to discuss why she doesn’t want children, or to continue their marriage but she remains silent. The patient has a brain bleed which is fatal, and she died. Stephanie feels disheartened that they lost the patient. Andrew thinks he’s in love with Jo.

Jackson treats Maggie’s Mom for her mastectomy. He does a pre-op and asks about having Maggie present, and she confesses she hasn’t told Maggie. Jackson tries to convince her to tell Maggie about the surgery. When Maggie pries, Jackson doesn’t disclose the details of her Mom’s case. He makes Jo promise not to reveal anything to Maggie in exchange for working on the Mom. Maggie gets access to her Mom’s chart, and its a shock. Mer is right there with her, looking at the breast scans.

After Richard catches Arizona in a lip-lock with Minnick, its awkward between them. He needs time to process.




The Catch – Season 2 – The Dining Hall

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week’s episode sees Tommy meet with Reece to recover the three million dollars in his account, complete with a new identity. Reece agrees, and asks if Alice is going to be cool with him disappearing. Alice said the Southland Cartel money is drugs money, and its only a matter of time before the FEDS turn up and arrest him, or the Cartel kill him.

Alice calls Ben for a favour. Ben tells her about how he lost the mark, who ran back to Japan. Meanwhile, Tommy leaves a goodbye note for her.

Sophie checks the bank account and the three million is gone. He planted the key tracker while he had access to Alice’s network. Margot has a new lead for them. Danny and Sophie go see her, and The Hammer opens the door. Margot’s hired him to protect her now.

Agent Diaz turns up at Ben’s, upset the mark has run off to Japan. They look at surveillance footage from the cameras planted last week and there’s a woman who takes the diamonds from the fish and puts them into a Diplomatic pouch, which means the FBI can’t access it.

A new client walks in looking for Tommy, and Alice explains they can’t help. The client makes a veiled threat and then leaves. Danny does a background check on him and he’s part of the Cartel –  and bad news. Val calls Nick Turner, the Deputy Chief of Police for Los Angeles. Val’s Ex. Val tracks him down at a television studio, and offers him the Southland drug Cartel. Tells him Alice’s brother is in with the Cartel. Offers to give him the collar if he helps bust Tommy out. Nick’s tipped to become Chief soon, and it’s be a sweetener if he gets the collar first.

Ben asks Alice to run the diplomatic plate for him.  We catch up with Tommy in a jewellery Store buying diamond earrings for Sophie. When the gift arrives, they trace Tommy’s location and Alice returns the earrings, and is told Tommy took a call from a man with a British accent. Reece.

Reece and Ben plot their scheme to get their mark before her next shipment of diamonds comes in. Agent Diaz tries to dissuade them to avoid a Diplomatic incident, but they insist and decide to go rogue. Tommy turns up to collect the identity documents and pays Reece. Sophie and Danny head back to Margot. She hacked The Hammer’s last transaction to uncover where the payment was routed from. The Hammer sends proof he’s killed Margot and Sophie arranges to watch the feed for the bank account so they can hack it while its active, and traced the Cartel’s location.

Nick turns up at Val’s office with his file on the Southland Cartel, but no sign of Tommy yet. Alice keeps phoning Ben. He and Reece come up with the idea of inviting all the friends to the party, except Jessie who can’t resist feeling left out. Alice turns up and Reece gives her Tommy’s new identity. Jessie turns up and tells Reece his Mother is the Consul General and knows everyone, and can she come to the party. Reece says yes.

Danny and Sophie stake out the bank while Margot goes in, wearing a ridiculous brown wig, and they play out their plan. Danny’s briefcase has a smoke bomb inside and he gets thrown out by Security while Margot hacked the system. The Hammer sends proof of death, and then wait for the transaction so they can see who pays The Hammer the balance of his fee.

Theo tracks down Tommy in a parking garage and tells him the Kincaids are dead, and were skimming. The bag of money is actually a bag filled with newspapers. Alice turns up and holds Theo at gunpoint. She strikes a deal. 24 hours to recover the money. When they get to Alice’s apartment, Nick’s there with police, and they arrest Tommy to keep him safe from the Cartel.

The dinner party begins. Their mark, Takashi is about to get conned. Jessie takes Takashi towards the exit as she’s drunk, then Jessie tells them he’s the diamond broker, not his Mom.

Danny shows Margot the surveillance footage of the woman who showed up at the Bank to pay The Hammer. She claims not to recognise her, then Danny closes in and they kiss passionately.

Jessie holds Ben and Reece at gunpoint, and Reece makes an offer to get him three million dollars in cash – Tommy’s stash, from the trunk of his car. Ben finds Alice at Reece’s car, about to retrieve the cash so the Cartel won’t kill Tommy.

They face off, each holding the other at gunpoint.

Stay tuned.


Scandal Season 6 – A Traitor Among Us

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode was directed by Tom Verica (How To Get Away With Murder’s Sam) and did not disappoint. Let’s recap:





After last week’s reveal that Jake is protecting Jennifer Fields by keeping her safe in a Hotel, Liv steps up her game, and enlists Huck to kill Rowan, saying he’s unstoppable, and trying to prevent her from getting Mellie into the White House, even though we all witnessed the discussion between the lady in red and her sidekick – the lady in red was revealed via Jake to be an old friend of Rowan’s. It’s uncanny how Jake just happened to have a surveillance photo of Rowan with Sandra Potter, just when Huck happened to stop by, after tailing Quinn, whom he suspected of being a mole within OPA designed to take down Olivia which is what Rowan told him a the train station. With us so far? Good. Let’s move on.

This week’s episode is Huck’s version of events post-election gate. He’s heavily involved with Meg, Jennifer Fields’s friend, who is out to get justice for her friend. When Huck listens in to a conversation between Quinn and Charlie and hears them discussing Meg, is able to call in favours with Abby by telling her Jennifer Fields is still alive; and get Becky’s take on Meg. Remember Becky left Huck holding the smoking gun when Fitz was shot. Anyhoo, Huck visits Becky in maximum security, with David Rosen in tow and she demonstrates how gullible Huck is towards damsels in distress, and lets him know that Meg is playing him. He disagrees, and slopes off with his tail between his legs.

Later, Huck tracks Rowan to the train station and holds him at gunpoint, ready to fulfil Olivia’s demands to have him killed but Rowan points out that Liv is in danger and he’s being forced to do certain things to keep her alive. Huck spills the beans to Liv and she claims Rowan’s playing Huck, but when he pleads with her and then Sandra’s body is found dumped at an old B613 dump site, Olivia gets mad and assigns Rowan’s murder to Quinn.

Meanwhile, Huck doesn’t know where his heads at with Meg confusing him, but not before he tells her Jennifer Fields is alive and then takes her to the safe house. Once they’re inside, Jennifer rushes forward to hug Meg, glad to see her, only for Meg to put two in her chest and one in her head, and then to turn on Huck and give him three shots to the body, which makes me wonder if he’s leaving the show or just taking time off to work on other projects.

The episode ended with the mole being revealed as she met with her co-conspirators.

It’s Abby, who asks if Jennifer’s dead, and what about Huck, and is told not to worry about him, he’s been taken care of.

Stay tuned.

The Catch – Season 2 – Episode 2 – The Hammer

the-catch-tv-seriesMargot turns up at Alice’s firm and hires them to find out who shot Jamieson, and to find out who’s trying to kill her. She gives them half a million dollars to take her case. Val considers their options. Alice says she’s paying them to watch her at all times, and that’s what Alice needs to feel safe. Sophie isn’t keen.

Alice discovers that the Kindcaids are bogus and calls to tell Tommy, who was woken by Ben at Alice’s house. She tells him not to mention the money or the Kincaids to anyone.

A Chef at a popular restaurant, Yoshida, is the source for high-end contraband in a smuggling ring. Agent Diaz wants Ben to plant surveillance cameras at the restaurant so she can arrest them. Ben poses as a Food Critic as an in for Reece to get closer to Yoshida. He talks to Ben about the food and sits down to eat with him. He invites Ben back to the restaurant later, and they tell Agent Diaz they’ll plant the cameras in then. Agent Diaz comes along for the dinner, and then Reece turns up. Yoshida lets slip he gets produce before it gets to the Market. Reece plants the cameras while Ben keeps Yoshida busy. He confides in Ben about his investors. He’s got diamonds secreted inside fish in the freezer. Ben convinces Agent Diaz not to arrest Yoshida so they can round up all those involved and she can make a bigger arrest but he runs back to Osaka and leaves Ben a card thanking him.

Tommy is questioned more about the Kincaids and he’s very vague. He is more concerned about the dogs, and suggests they trace the chips to uncover their real names.

Alice runs surveillance at Margot’s Hotel now she’s got three missing lieutenants. Alice puts Margot on lockdown, confined to a Hotel room. Ben surprised Alice with a dinner party where Reece cooks for them. Later, Alice takes over watching over Margot, which surprises her. They talk about their mutual distrust of each other. Val calls her and she tell her the Kincaids dogs were registered at an address that doesn’t exist under the name Murphy, and Tommy confirms mail for a Patrick Murphy used to be sent there. The way Tommy is drip-feeding them clues makes me think he’s not being upfront with them. Sophie finds a keylogger on the firm’s laptops and Alice immediately thinks its Margot but she denies it.

Val discovers the missing lieutenants have been found dead and puts a bodyguard on Margot. Sophie catches Danny doing a background check on Tommy and she’s furious.

Ballistics comes through on the bullet that killed Jamieson and Margot knows who’s targeting her; someone called The Hammer. Alice chooses to use Margot as bait by posing as her to draw out the killer. Alice takes him down after a fist fight. They interrogate him to uncover who hired him. He doesn’t co-operate. Margot chooses to hire him.

Tommy kisses Sophie after Danny abandons her after Alice took down the shooter. Danny’s furious. He did some research the southland cartel were hiding the money in an account in Tommy’s name. Reece meets with Tommy behind Alice’s back and tells Reece he needs someone to help him steal the money.

The Catch Season 2 – Episode 1 – The New Deal

the-catch-tv-seriesAlice is off the hook for the stolen painting hanging in her bedroom courtesy of Ben when he cops to it to get her released from the FBI.

Ben wakes up in a holding cell, reminiscing about his romance with Alice. She visits him, and they make small talk. Dao says he can get him a deal where he’ll only serve 3-5 years. Ben says he plans to do the time and get out so they can be together. He tells Alice Margot is now the head of the Kensington Firm. She makes herself know on her first morning by shooting Alfie for texting while she was talking.

Alice gets back to work and they have a new client asking if they’re being investigated by the FBI and its awkward. A break in at Alice’s makes everyone race over to her house. Her brother, Tommy forced entry as his key didn’t work. He’s in trouble, and asks her for help. He’s got $3 million dollars in an account in his name but he can’t access the money. He doesn’t know how it got there. He offers to pay Alice’s firm to give him access.

Dao brings Agent Diaz to meet with Ben. She’s grateful Sybil (former Head of the Kensington Firm) is now incarcerated and needs a favour from Ben in exchange for his freedom. Diaz wants him to set people up so the FBI can arrest them. Ben’s not keen as it would put Alice at risk. Diaz negotiates the terms of the deal. Dao gives Alice the good news Ben’s working for the FBI.

Dao is playing with Val, and she makes him return their computers and files so they can reopen the business. Ben gets shived in the shower and then wakes up in a hotel with Reece standing over him. He broke him out of jail when the EMT’s took him to hospital.

Dao and Diaz have to give Alice the bad news that Ben’s on the run. Ben tells Reece about his deal with the FBI. Reece tells Ben about the deal he had to make in order to spring Ben from jail. He calls Alice and tells her it was Reece but Ben tells her not to tell the FBI Reece broke him out. Diaz tells Alice Ben’s deal is off.

Margo goes to visit Sybil in prison and tells her the Hotel in Bilbao burned down. Sybil is distraught as there was cash stashed in the walls for their future security.

They get into the bank account and have to ask Tommy the security questions and then back at Alice’s she fills him in on what happened with Ben. He says the money belongs to the Kincaids.

Reece tells Ben Karl Mangles is the one he made the deal with. They know about Alice, and will kill her unless Ben does a job for them. Mangels Wife is the target. She has a titanium briefcase Mangels wants recovered. Ben poses as massage therapist and she gets a massage but Ben knocks her out with chloroform so Reece can grab the briefcase, but they fumble it by wanting to know what’s in the case and she comes to and aims her gun at them; and is shot; but not before Dao and Diaz turn up and arrest Ben. Neatly done, I’d say.

Alice goes to visit the Kindcaids and they finds them murdered. Tommy still wants to keep the money. Alice threatens to have the FBI freeze the money. Tommy stops by the office to say he can’t take the money. Alice wants him to stay and find out who the money really belongs to, now the Kindcaids are dead.

Meanwhile, Margot is sleeping with someone from the office. The guy is on top of her when he is shot from a long range rifle on the building opposite hers. Rightfully, she’s scared and races over to Alice’s firm to ask for help finding out who is trying to kill her now she’s running the Firm.



Grey’s Anatomy – Who Is He & What Is He To You

greys-main-13The long-awaited Jackson/April episode didn’t disappoint. Let’s recap.

Jackson and April go to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient. Once there, Jackson goes to a Bar with his laptop and has some work to do in preparation for the upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a female patient who has vocal chord surgery complications means, with Jackson off the grid, April is left to explain the plan to the parents. She tracks him down to the Bar and Jackson is on his fourth drink. An argument ensues.

Concerned Bar owner Robert Avery (special guest star Eric Roberts) tries to calm the two down, but Jackson walks out. He explains he was a Surgeon but gave it up. April is surprised at the similarity of his name. The next morning, Jackson acts like everything is normal, so April gets bogged down in the case and avoids talking about it. They argue about how Catherine chose April for the case without asking Jackson first but the patient, Caroline, is being discharged and transferred to another hospital. Jackson convinces the parents to let them try an innovative surgery, and the parents agree to give them 24 hours.

Jackson admits he doesn’t have a plan, and then April confronts him about how his Father is running a Bar, and that he’s Jackson’s reason for coming to Montana, to have him operate on their challenging case.

He tells April that he hoped his Father would recognise him, that’s why he sat in the Bar, and was disappointed when he didn’t acknowledge his existence. April compels him to make his Father know him. They go back to the Bar. Jackson blurts out that he’s Robert’s son. They hug. Robert sees surprised but happy. Acts like normal. Explains that his brain isn’t what it was. Asks him about his work and asks if he’s married with kids, and whether he’s happy. Jackson lies and says he’s happy. Robert says he couldn’t do the Avery thing. He tells Jackson about the night he met Catherine.

The surgery is a success, and to celebrate, things get amorous between them. Jackson stops off at the Bar to say goodbye, on their way back to Seattle. Tells Robert he has a grandchild but he’s not going to see them ever again. Robert just watches him leave. The check up after surgery goes well, and there’s celebrations all round.

When the private jet lands back in Seattle, Catherine is there with Harriet, and they give April a ride home.

It was refreshing to hear ‘Jackson’ doing the voiceover for a change, but Grey’s has to kick it up a notch to keep this viewer watching. This Season has been odd, and not in a good way. Being renewed for Season 14 perhaps is incentive enough to go back to basics and bring us the story arcs that reduced us to tears in the first few Seasons.