Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep 15 Recap

GREY’S ANATOMY Courtesy of The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
S14, Ep15
15 Mar. 2018

Old Scars, Future Hearts

Meredith tried to learn all she could about Marie, her Mom’s nemesis after Richard hinted that they were close until a massive incident lead to a fall out.

Alex was disappointed the Jo was applying for fellowship positions any place she could to get away, after everything they’d survived together, but Jo changed her mind and proposed to Alex, and he said you bet.

Maggie declined Jackson’s offer of a date so she could concentrate on her upcoming major surgery, then agreed to go later on.

When Marie arrived at the hospital Mer demanded to know whether she was getting the patent. Turns out the big falling out was because Ellis had worked with Marie on a pioneering surgery only for Ellis to claim full credit, winning her a second Harper Avery award. Marie would only give Mer the patent if she renamed the pioneering technique but Richard told her not to, and now Marie was taking Mer’s livers and renaming the technique, and keeping the patent.


Blindspot Season 4 Ep 15

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A CIA plane is crashed on purpose so the prisoners on board can escape and take hostages in a CIA black site. Crawford’s company sold the aircraft to the CIA. It’s an act of revenge by a rogue Operative who lost her husband on a badly executed operation. The FBI team must decide whether to trust someone who survived the crash and who warns them of a dangerous plot to take place in the City within hours.

Zapata is caught between the FBI and the CIA when Reade challenges her perspective on the case; and she sides with her boss, Keaton after Reade saves her from being held hostage. The FBI track down Keaton at the siege and storm the building, saving the hostages.

Roman and Crawford argue on handling Blake and Christophe’s kidnapping. Jean-Paul refuses to pay the ransom, instead insisting on sending in his mercenaries to rescue their children. Roman warns Jean-Paul that his men will be walking into unknown territory, and its better to send him in, but Crawford agrees with Jean-Paul. Roman wades in, rescues Blake and Christophe, and shoots Jean-Paul’s men. He tells Crawford that he knows it was a set up to get closer to Jean-Paul, and then Crawford admits it, and says its their secret.

Avery drops by Jane and Kurt’s for dinner and they ambush her with photos and a file on her adoptive Father who was VP of Operations for Crawford. His body is later thrown into the river to make it look like he was on the CIA plane that crashed.

Scandal Season 7 Ep 14 Recap

SCANDAL - Courtesy of The-ABC-Television-Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
SCANDAL – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Liv asks Fitz for help when a Congressman’s intern commits suicide after she refuses to sleep with him to get a job and he black balls her so nobody in Washington will hire her. Let’s recap.

Mellie asks Cyrus to step in when there’s a real threat the Government would shut down for fiscal reasons. Meanwhile, Liv tells Abby she suspect Cyrus planned the hijacking himself. Huck tries to make sense of the computer virus uploaded which cause Air Force 2 to be hijacked. Turns out Cyrus hired someone to write the code and paid him with the painting Lachlan gave him, so there wouldn’t be a paper trail.

Jake admits to Mellie that he’s attracted to her, and holds her hand but she rejects him.

Marcus asks Mellie for help with legislation to stop congressmen and women abusing interns in light of Alicia’s suicide. David recuse himself so he can’t be involved with Cyrus being behind the hijacking.

Abby confesses it was Liv’s idea that Cyrus is behind the hijacking and Quinn insists they drop the investigation as they’re not risking losing someone for Liv’s agenda. Abby lets Liv know she’s told the Team it was Liv’s idea.

Cyrus framed Charlie for writing the virus then made sure Lonnie got put in charge of the investigation.

Quinn turned up on Liv’s doorstep…..



The Blacklist Season 5 Episode Recaps

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S5, Ep16

17 Mar. 2018

The Capricorn Killer (No. 19)

The Capricorn Killer brought this week’s story arcs to a rapid acceleration. Let’s recap.

The Capricorn Killer was one of Liz’s first cases which she profiled. He posed his victims in a precise way, and so when a copycat killer emerges after the authorities find a corpse in the woods, Liz feels like she’s in familiar territory, and for once ends her obsession with bringing Tom’s killer to justice.

When Liz realises the new murders are being fulfilled by a copycat she unwittingly falls into the trap of the people behind it. She’s held a gunpoint and taken to a run down cabin, only to be faced with someone familiar. Dr Fulton.

As Dr Fulton lays out her plan for Liz to join her in righting society’s wrongs by taking out murderers instead of bringing them to justice, the FBI raid the cabin and round up Dr Fulton’s accomplice with Liz in pursuit of Fulton. The two duke it out, only for Liz to let Fulton go, and pretend she lost her in the woods.

Dr Fulton signed off on Liz’s return to full Agent status. The two have a sidebar about how moving forward,impressive resources and  Red’s contacts can open up a whole new world for Dr Fulton’s side gig.

Meanwhile, Aram presents the U.S. Marshall’s office with a warrant to place the witness in the FBI’s protective custody. Garvey square’s up to Aram but is batted back like a fly. It rankles Garvey so visibly I had to rerun that particular part. As the witness is being driven with a convoy in tow its raided, the witness taken, and Aram and his colleagues choking on air wondering what happened. One of the men stared down Aram to make sure we noticed the blue glass eye…

Aram has to break the bad news to Liz that the witness is gone, and Garvey has won, with a little misdirection.

While Liz is distracted by the gruesome findings, Red is busy trying to make a deal with U.S. Marshall Ian Garvey – hand over to Garvey the witness to Garvey’s murder of Det. Singleton in exchange for the duffel bag of bones Red so desperately wants back before Liz realises what this whole thing has been about.



Blindspot S3 Ep14

Everlasting gave us an inside view of the world from Paterson’s perspective when she had extreme deja vu in order to solve the mystery behind the latest of Jane’s tattoos. Let’s recap.

Paterson’s day started with her neighbor waking her with his usual morning bugle-playing; then she got coffee and went to the lab for work. At the elevator, she bumped into Zapata and they discussed her feelings, and whether she was ever going to tell Reade. Zapata swerved this and instead focused on Paterson’s lack or romance since Dr Borden kidnapped her, bugged her tooth and then tried to kill her.

The whole episode was rigged with mini-reveals like how Paterson has a crush on Roman, and each of the dead people whom she cared about came back in turn to help her solve the case.

3 deceased marine’s remains were exhumed for testing when one of Jane’s tattoos directed the Team to unravel a cover up. An unsanctioned operation lead by a General went south, poisoning the 3 marines. The General turned up at the lab with a bomb secreted into one of the machines the lab used to test the remains. When the explosion went off the first time, Paterson was hit, but then her deja vu took her back to waking up in bed and started the day over a few times, each time unraveling more of the clues to the cover up.

In other story lines, Reade asked Zapata to be his best man, and she accepted. Paterson advised Jane and Kurt to tell Avery about her biological Father, no matter what he’s been accused of.

The final scene revealed Dr Borden is alive and an attack is imminent.