Scandal Season 6 – A Traitor Among Us

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode was directed by Tom Verica (How To Get Away With Murder’s Sam) and did not disappoint. Let’s recap:





After last week’s reveal that Jake is protecting Jennifer Fields by keeping her safe in a Hotel, Liv steps up her game, and enlists Huck to kill Rowan, saying he’s unstoppable, and trying to prevent her from getting Mellie into the White House, even though we all witnessed the discussion between the lady in red and her sidekick – the lady in red was revealed via Jake to be an old friend of Rowan’s. It’s uncanny how Jake just happened to have a surveillance photo of Rowan with Sandra Potter, just when Huck happened to stop by, after tailing Quinn, whom he suspected of being a mole within OPA designed to take down Olivia which is what Rowan told him a the train station. With us so far? Good. Let’s move on.

This week’s episode is Huck’s version of events post-election gate. He’s heavily involved with Meg, Jennifer Fields’s friend, who is out to get justice for her friend. When Huck listens in to a conversation between Quinn and Charlie and hears them discussing Meg, is able to call in favours with Abby by telling her Jennifer Fields is still alive; and get Becky’s take on Meg. Remember Becky left Huck holding the smoking gun when Fitz was shot. Anyhoo, Huck visits Becky in maximum security, with David Rosen in tow and she demonstrates how gullible Huck is towards damsels in distress, and lets him know that Meg is playing him. He disagrees, and slopes off with his tail between his legs.

Later, Huck tracks Rowan to the train station and holds him at gunpoint, ready to fulfil Olivia’s demands to have him killed but Rowan points out that Liv is in danger and he’s being forced to do certain things to keep her alive. Huck spills the beans to Liv and she claims Rowan’s playing Huck, but when he pleads with her and then Sandra’s body is found dumped at an old B613 dump site, Olivia gets mad and assigns Rowan’s murder to Quinn.

Meanwhile, Huck doesn’t know where his heads at with Meg confusing him, but not before he tells her Jennifer Fields is alive and then takes her to the safe house. Once they’re inside, Jennifer rushes forward to hug Meg, glad to see her, only for Meg to put two in her chest and one in her head, and then to turn on Huck and give him three shots to the body, which makes me wonder if he’s leaving the show or just taking time off to work on other projects.

The episode ended with the mole being revealed as she met with her co-conspirators.

It’s Abby, who asks if Jennifer’s dead, and what about Huck, and is told not to worry about him, he’s been taken care of.

Stay tuned.