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New Shows – The Passage

the-passage-posterThe Passage follows Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a federal agent who works for a secret government medical facility called Project Noah.

Project Noah scientists have discovered a virus that might be the cure for all illness. They work against the clock to deactivate the negative side of its power – the infected are turned  into bloodsucking, clairvoyant, killing machines that the show calls virals – and decide after random unsuccessful tests that a child will be the perfect test subject.

Someone who won’t be missed by family or friends.

Wolgast is charged with bringing in a young orphan named Amy (Saniyya Sidney). His instincts tell him not to do it.

Brad’s attempts to protect Amy cause him go rogue, just as Project Noah is poised to bring about an apocalypse as Amy highlights in her voice-over during the first episode.

Based on Justin Cronin’s trilogy Passages but is very different that the books.





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Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Ep 9

greys-anatomy-logoS15, Ep9
17 Jan. 2019

Shelter From the Storm

When the power goes out at Grey Sloan, the doctors are left scrambling to save their patients’ lives; Owen, Amelia and Teddy confront their complicated situation. Let’s recap.

Trapped in an elevator during a power outage due to a storm, Teddy and Owen get into it; in front of Amelia.

Amelia is stunned to learn that Teddy is expecting, and that the baby is Owen’s. While they try to keep their patient alive, Teddy explained how she came looking for Owen to tell him about the baby, but backed off when she saw how complete he looked with the baby and Amelia.

Owen looked stunned when he asked Teddy if she wanted him to be a part of the baby’s life, because Teddy immediately said she knows him, and already expected he’d be part of his or her life.

When they embraced, a part of Teddy realised the enormity of what she was getting into, and Amelia admitted she was the one who encouraged Owen to go to Germany and find Teddy.

Now Owen has options to consider, Amelia said she’d give him some time to decide.

Maggie filled Jackson in on his Mom’s cancer diagnosis, then the two of them gently broke the news to Richard.

In an elevator of their own and with a patient on a gurney, Bailey and Dr Helm both had panic attacks, but Helm managed to calm Bailey down in time for Karev, Linc, Jackson and the maintenance guy to break the doors open.

Cece was becoming dangerously close to death due to the power outage and the delay in the donor organs being extracted. While Maggie, Mer and Dr Helm worked on the donor organs, finally transplanting the donor heart into Cece, and were about to start the kidney transplant, Cece coded and died.

While Mer dressed Cece’s wounds, she thanked her for making a difference in her life. Richard caught Betty desperately searched for drugs in the hospital while Amelia was trapped in the elevator with her own crisis to deal with. Amelia arranged for Betty to go back to rehab.

Korev blasted Bailey, and told her that she can have the Chief role back, but when she broke down in tears he comforted her, and then she admitted that she needs his help to set things straight, and then begged him not to leave. He said he’s stay.

Still stuck in their elevator, Dr De Luca asked Mer why they can’t be an item. Mer explained she was his Attending, and history won’t be repeated; but after he spoke to her seductively in Italian, and she responded in Italian, he leant in to kiss her, just as the elevator doors opened.

At the end of their shifts, Drs Linc and De Luca stood at each side of Mer about to ask her out. Mer opted to go home to her children instead.





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The Blacklist Season 6 – Ep 3

the-blacklist-posterS6, Ep3
11 Jan. 2019

The Pharmacist (No. 124)

As the Task Force track a notorious underground bio-hacker, Red initiates a plan to escape a problematic position. Meanwhile, Cooper’s integrity is put on test. Let’s recap.

Red faces charges in Federal Court. He sacks his Attorney, and asks to approach the Judge’s bench. Once there, he tells Judge Wilkins about his immunity deal with the FBI, and the Judge asks Cooper to approach the bench to confirm or deny.

Cooper confirms the deal exists but senior Officials chose to deny all knowledge, and goes on to explain the benefits gained by the deal thus far. Further, the Judge asks to see a copy of said deal before end of business.

Next morning, the Judge allows the existence of the deal to serve as proof Red should live to see another day; only for the District Attorney to uncover Red was arrested while in possession of an unregistered firearm; in contravention of the deal.

Red asks for the gun to be suppressed, but the Judge can only do so at another Hearing, set for two weeks’ time, leaving Red on his way to prison for two weeks.

This week’s blacklister is a pharmacist, Stark, whom we later learn Red has invested in financially to create something for him to use, when the time comes.

Agent Navabi is hiding the fact she is having difficulty recalling words, and has resorted to looking them up in an online dictionary.

Stark’s experimental drug program has killed five patients, whom we later find out were poisoned when Stark’s partner Ethan sabotaged the drug being used.  Ethan was sent to prevent Stark’s drug from becoming successful to stop big pharma losing projected profits from selling drugs to treat the disease.

Dembe visits the FBI offices and meets with Stark for reassurance he is on track with his agreement with Red, who is financially backing his research.




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Blindspot Season 4 – Ep 9

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep9
11 Jan. 2019

Check Your Ed

The team’s desperate gambit to get Jane back puts her head-to-head with Remi. Let’s recap.

Jane and Kurt faced off in an abandoned warehouse after he followed her there to meet her mercenary friend Violet. Kurt overpowered Jane and injected her with a sedative, and then took her back to the lab so Richdotcom and Patterson could allow their scientist friend to reverse Jane’s ZIP poisoning, restore her memories, and put an end to all the Remi business.

After battling with her alter-ego Remi to the point of uniting both sides of her psyche; Jane woke up from the experiment and announced that she was once again Jane; and then told everyone how she released Shepherd from the CIA black site.

When the Team went to Shepherd’s last known location she was gone.

Kurt tasked Patterson to get a team together to track down Shepherd while Richdotcom arranged an ambulance to take Jane to the hospital for routine tests.

Reade was in Mexico with Weitz to track down Zapata. It seemed to me like she gave herself up too easily. When Reade takes her on the perp walk back at the FBI office,  the Team are all watching.

Kurt got a surprise when he got to his apartment.

Jane arrived at their apartment just in time to shoot Shepherd, and prevent her from shooting Kurt.

With Zapata captured by the FBI, there is no sign of Madeline, or was that Madeline or Zapata’s plan all along?


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The Blacklist Season 6 – Ep 1 & 2

(Photo by: Eric Leibowitz/courtesy of NBC)

S6, Ep1

3 Jan. 2019

Dr. Hans Koehler

Red gives the Task Force a Blacklister case, who creates new identities for criminals; admitting he was a client of Dr Koehler, and plots to retrieve the late Dr’s client list.

When Red hands the client list to Liz, she’s acutely aware he has removed his real identity from the client list.

Liz and her sister secretly investigate the events that took place the night the real Raymond Reddington died.

Agent Navabi passed the evaluation to return to work after being in a coma; but is she being dishonest about having residual health issues…..

S6, Ep2
4 Jan. 2019

The Corsican

As Liz and the Task Force race to stop an imminent bombing by a Blacklister, Red encounters a life changing situation.

Liz and Ressler track down the Corsican as he is about to escape, having delivered a briefcase bomb at the UN in New York City. While Liz works with Red and the bomb maker to defuse it, Ressler gives chase, aided by Aram.

When innocent bystanders get shot, Ressler watches as the Corsican gets away. Meanwhile, the bomb is made safe, and Red heads off to a tavern for some carbs, and Liz heads back to the office.

A beat cop passing the tavern sees Red, and arrests him. As two other cops come to his assistance, one of them recognises Red as being on the FBI’s most wanted list. During the interview at the precinct, Red attempts to bribe the cop, but he refuses.

Cooper is distraught when Cynthia tells him Reddington is being disavowed as per the immunity agreement; after having been arrested by a beat cop in New York. Cooper brings the Prosecutor to the office to show her all the cases Reddington has helped the FBI solve. She’s not interested, and goes on to make a press statement announcing Reddington’s capture.

Liz visits Red as he is waiting for transfer to prison to await trial, and he insists she find out who informed on him, as he is aware it was someone close.

Later, Liz tells her sister Jennifer that it was her who made the call leading to Red’s arrest.