Blindspot Season 4 – Episode 6

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep6
16 Nov. 2018

Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime

The team is drawn into dangerous political intrigue when a tattoo points to someone from Weitz’s past. Let’s recap.

Violet writes a program to decrypt the CIA black site’s security system so Jane can liberate Shepherd but it  needs more work, which frustrates Jane.

When Kurt puts a tracker on her, finds her base of operations, and dukes it out in a gunfight with Violet;  Jane has to decide whether to run or face the truth.

Jane’s ZIP poisoning is killing her, and she is looking for an illegal cure. Kurt says he wants in.

Reade is investigated when the new Director of the CIA Sabrina Larren (since Keaton is still in a coma) uncovers he was compromised, and that’s how Zapata got the codes. Reade tells the truth, but is fired by Weitz, on Larren’s orders.

Frank Davenport, Weitz’s mentor, is behind a blackmail sting with Senators who paid the GPA to  rig votes on select concerns to benefit them but Weitz takes him down, with Reade’s help. Weitz later visits Reade at home and reinstates him, but for a special secret op to track down Zapata before the kill order out on her is filed.

Madeline gets Zapata to blackmail an employee of a tech firm about to launch a new jet; and when she brings back the intel on the tech, Madeline commands Zapata to crash the jet, so she can takeover their assets. Seems Hank Crawford left HCI Global with massive debts.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 – Episode 8

courtesy of ABC

S5, Ep8

15 Nov. 2018

I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die


It’s the wedding, and Connor’s Dad wastes no time telling Connor that Oliver doesn’t have his approval. Connor doesn’t care. The wedding goes off smoothly, but elsewhere, secrets are about to emerge. Let’s recap.




Frank searched Gabriel’s apartment and found his birth certificate. He told Annalise that Gabriel is Sam’s son with his first wife, Vivian Maddox. Annalise was the other woman in Sam’s life. Ana slaps his face and then runs home, where Gabriel has let himself into her apartment; seemingly explaining that Annalise left her keys at the Church when he caught her drinking, but we saw him slip the keys into his pocket.

Roland confronted Bonnie about how Annalise manipulates her, and says Denver warned him about her, and he doesn’t trust her. Bonnie says she won’t choose between him and Annalise, and tells him it’s over. When he later turns up outside the wedding tent she confronts him, and tells him to go home.

Nate’s contact traces the number of the payphone that had called the Warden the night his Father was murdered – a photo of Roland at the payphone making the call incenses him, and he charges at Roland. When Roland denies making the call to the Warden, Nate starts punching him in the face until its a bloody mess, and then walks away just as Bonnie arrives with baby Christopher. Bonnie goes towards the body, and then Nate calls out to her, and tells her it was Roland who made the call to the Warden. Bonnie goes to Roland and smothers him, then tells Nate to dispose of the body.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 – Episode 8

courtesy of ABC

S15, Ep8

15 Nov. 2018

Blowin’ in the Wind


Seattle is hit by a huge wind storm and Grey Sloan becomes inundated with patients. Alex and Jo are stuck at home and decide to make the best of it by having a second honeymoon, while Meredith confronts Richard about getting his life back on track. Let’s recap.

Meredith tells Maggie about Catherine’s cancer diagnosis, and tells her to make up with Jackson as he’s going to need her to lean on when he learns the truth about his Mom. Richard calls Catherine after Meredith chides him about dropping his meetings, but he’s surprised when Tom answers the phone. He later tells Bailey he thinks Catherine is having an affair with Tom.

Bailey is visited at home by Ben who wants to board up the windows against the storm. He admits although they’re temporarily separated while Bailey deals with her stress levels, he still wants to keep his family safe.

Betty surfaces at the hospital after an injury caused by the storm, and Amelia is overwhelmed with emotion when Betty apologises for using, and promises she wants to get clean.

Teddy announces to Owen during surgery that she’s pregnant with his baby. Jackson is stunned and Owen can’t even speak. Later, Owen catches up with Teddy as she’s with a patient about to go back into surgery and gets in the elevator as Amelia joins them, and tells Owen she wants to adopt Betty, which means moving out for a while.

Glasses and Dr Nico end up trapped in an ambulance outside the hospital as the storm worsens. It gives them a chance to talk through why Nico refused to date him. They make out !

Cece tries to match-make Meredith with Dr Lincoln and Mer agrees to go for drinks after work. Meanwhile, Andrew tells Meredith he doesn’t regret kissing her at the wedding, and she has options, and he’d like to be one of those options. Mer asks for time to think. Later, a patient with the same blood type as Cece dies, and Meredith wants to do the organ transplant to save Cece now there’s a perfect match and no time to officially run it by UNOS.

A power failure knocks out the electricity to the hospital; leaving Owen, Teddy, their patient and Amelia, plus Meredith and Andrew, trapped inside elevators between floors; and it looks like Cece isn’t going to get her life-saving surgery.




Blindspot – Season 4 – Episode 5

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep5
9 Nov. 2018
Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree

Jane’s hopes for survival are dashed when a spinal tap procedure shows she is an unmatched candidate for stem cell treatment. Keaton is gunned down in a shootout where Kurt, Richdotcom and Jane battle to prevent explosive-laden drones reaching Manhattan; and Zapata saves Reade from being tortured to death by Candice after he is held hostage in his home. Let’s recap.

Zapata traded insults with Reade until Candice held a gun to Zapata’s head, forcing Reade to give them the access code to his FBI laptop. He asks Zapata if they were real, and whether she really loved him, and she agrees she did love him, but adds the caveat that right now she would say anything to get what she wants.

Candice secures the data and heads to the meet with Zapata, who hands over the data and then kills Candice, claiming she was a mole. Madeline is grateful, and tells Zapata she actually suspected her of being a mole.

Kurt asks Patterson to look into Violet’s background, and when she meets up with Jane later, Violet tells Jane that a woman was asking around about her. Jane now knows that Kurt is on to her agenda.

A tattoo leads Pattterson to a villain who recognises Richdotcom as an eco warrior. Rich admits he had a con to get money from environmental activists, and he and Kurt end up posing as such activists to uncover the plan to burn Manhattan to the ground; ultimately leaving Keaton in a coma; fighting for his life.





How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 – Episode 7

courtesy of ABC

S5, Ep7

8 Nov. 2018

I Got Played

Connor and Oliver find a church for their wedding and Oliver suggests one last night out before they tie the knot. Annalise and Nate try to find justice in the case of Nate Sr.’s death but fail; despite District Attorney Roland agreeing to put her on the stand.

The Guards accused of murdering Nate Snr have questionable motives, but the jury turn in a verdict of not guilty of wrong doing.

The Governor’s sincerity to Annalise’s cause is questioned when she pulls the plug on the Fair Defense Project; after revealing she did a background check on Annalise and found irregularities in the adoption paperwork.

Annalise turned to Emmett to get her job back at Caplan and Gold after Tegan found evidence that his situation (his affair with a co-worker which cause his expulsion from London) can be fixed.

With the Keating Law Clinic banned from entering Caplan and Gold, her job offer gone, and her face case crushed; Annalise turns to alcohol again.

Frank catches Gabriel stalking Michaela’s social media profiles, and Laurel says he moved on to Michaela after failing to hit on her; and he should tell Annalise. Frank tells Laurel that Gabriel is Annalise’s worst nightmare; but when he tries to call Annalise, Bonnie answers; and tells him Annalise has started drinking again.

Annalise tells Bonnie the Governor knows about the adoption.

Outside the Bar, Oliver and Connor are kissing when a passerby shouts a homosexual slur. Connor starts a fight with the guy, while Oliver shouts for help.


The Fall Finale episode – expect a cliffhanger, that flash forward episode, and lots of blood.


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