Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep Recap

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S14, Ep12

8 Feb. 2018
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
April is in charge of the new surgical innovation contest; the doctors are eager to start their project.Catherine’s old friend has a shocking idea for Catherine and Jackson.Meredith treats a returning patient who inspires her project.
Grey’s Anatomy returns March 1

Scandal Season 7 Ep 11 Recap

Army of One had Olivia’s guns blazing in revenge. Let’s recap.

Liv got to work setting up Jake’s Wife Vanessa having an affair. Vanessa was indeed having an affair with the traitor, but Jake admitted to David Rosen as part of his vetting as the new White House Chief of Staff that they were in an open marriage, and she can sleep with whomever she wishes.

Cyrus is behind the idea to pretend it was an NSA sting operation, and Mellie went for it. Also, Cyrus approached Liv and tried to coax her into blackmailing Mellie into resigning as President, so Cyrus could be sworn in.

Rowan admitted to Quinn that he’d never allow her to exact her revenge on Olivia, so Quinn made a deal; let her and the baby walk away and disappear, and she’ll let Liv live. Rowan agreed.

Quinn lied. She turned up at Olivia’s apartment with the baby, and aimed a gun at Liv’s head, not realising that B613 snipers were watching, and shot off a round. Luckily, Liv pulled Quinn out of the line of fire but got hit in the shoulder, prompting an impromptu Father/Daughter bonding moment while Rowan patched her up and consoled her.

Huck and Abby couldn’t decide whether to shut down QPA as Charlie rushed off to fetch Quinn  and the baby, and there was a big emotional reunion. Liv decided she was done with it all, and resigned her White House position as both Mellie and Cyrus watched the press coverage of Olivia resigning as Chief of Staff.

Let’s see what Command comes up with next episode…..

How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Ep 12 Recap

Ask Him About Stella packed a real punch. Let’s recap.

Isaac stormed out of the Court Hearing and went to buy drugs, took them, and ignored Ana’s knocks at his door. The next morning, Ana convinced him to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting together, and he opened up about his daughter’s tragic suicide, and the impending investigation started by the District Attorney. Ana confronts him about how Stella had taken the same kind of pill Isaac was abusing, and he couldn’t answer her.

Frank dug up dirt on Laurel’s Mom Sandrine; just as she flew into town to attend Laurel’s Judge-appointed meeting with her baby, with Jorge lurking in the background no doubt. Frank asks how Laurel’s Mom knew Christophe (Wes) but she looks at the photo of them together at the cafe but doesn’t answer.

Bonnie asks Frank to move back in because she’s using a gun to protect herself now D.A. Denver has her office and computer bugged.

Connor asks Oliver to get married, having reconsidered his rejected proposal of last year.

Annalise loses her class action suit when the Judge is forced to kick it over to the Supreme Court. Nate has to tell his Father it’s over, and he doesn’t take it too well, until Nate says he’s going to keep coming to see him.

Michaela won’t accept defeat and tells Annalise about someone who fixes things, and always wins – we sit in on Olivia Pope writing on the blackboard at Middleton University – ‘How to Survive a Scandal‘ so we guessed next week’s episode is the crossover one.

The Blacklist Season 5 Ep 13 Recap

the-blacklist The Invisible Hand gave us an insight into Tom’s secret life. Let’s recap.

Liz was given Tom’s personal effects by Detective Singleton, who also delivered a monologue about how close he was to arresting her for Navarro’s murder, among other crimes. Liz gives him the brush off then looks at Tom’s key ring, and remembers he stored his weapon in the basement in a lock box. When she opens the box, there’s a journal and a postcard from a town called Orleander. She takes this news to Cooper, who is excited that she has a new lead in Tom’s murder.

Liz tracks down a lead connected to Tom’s findings, and asks him if he knew her Mother. Orleander is a person, but her lead, Dominic Wilkinson (Brian Dennehy) tells Liz its fiction, and nobody of that name exists. Wilkinson is ex-Russian intelligence and tells Liz stories about how fond he was of her Mother, all the while concealing the fact that he’s her Grandfather, until we listen in on his call to Red telling him Liz turned up on his doorstep. Red, as ever, is playing games to protect Liz from learning the truth about her life.

A vigilante group targets people connected to a toxic spill which wiped out a small town. The son of victims of the disaster targets a list of people who ran corporations connected to the spill, and buries them alive. When a couple of kids stumble across the dump site the investigation leads to the ring leader, revealed to be dying of bone cancer caused by the toxic spill.

Red leads the FBI Team to the next person on the Blacklist, a tech wizard named the Toymaker; responsible for making Navarro’s high tech eyeball. When Red tracks him down he can’t give up the name of the person who requested the tech be made, but hints that the eyeball was just the beginning, and there is other tech out there being used to watch and listen covertly. He is unable to name to person as he used an intermediary to order the tech. Red drags it out of him that the person works in law enforcement.

Liz tells Cooper it was someone in law enforcement behind Tom’s murder, and asks to come back to work at the FBI. Cooper asks if she’s sure, and she’s sure. He welcomes her back.

Detective Singleton lets himself into Liz’s apartment to check up on her investigation. He calls Ian Garvey and warns him that Liz is becoming a liability, and Garvey says he’s got it handled, and then we see his Detective badge….

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

February 2
S3. E12

Two Legendary Chums 

Weller and his former FBI partner reunited for a dangerous undercover mission Roman sent them to disrupt.  Zapata interrogated former Director Hirst and she told her about Crawford’s agenda and how she covered up intelligence to make sure Crawford’s illegal activities remained covert.

Victor confronted Roman with the results of the test on his fingerprints on the shot glass but Roman had already made sure it would come back as Tom, even though he offed Tom early in the season and stole his money to get to Blake to get to Crawford’s inner sanctum.

Victor had contacted the group leader at the centre who confirmed Roman didn’t look anything like Tom, so Victor was sure something was off and told Roman he was done once Crawford found out he’s an imposter.

However, Victor wasn’t aware of Roman’s skill set, and very soon Crawford had stabbed Victor in the heart, revealing how he was working with the FBI, and a traced call from Victor’s phone proved it. We previously saw Roman switch phones with Victor and then call Jane at the FBI with one of his riddles for the Team to solve.

Tension between Jane and Kurt eased a little this week, and towards the end of a tense day shooting at bad guys, Jane turned up at Kurt’s apartment asking to try and save their marriage. Kurt agreed.

Avery was still furious with Jane and putting her in protective custody didn’t sweeten the pill either.

After sitting down with Roman at the table and saying he needs someone he can trust, Crawford handed Roman a kill file with all the FBI Team’s details, including photos taking during operations, and tells Roman he wants him to kill all of them.