ABC delays return of Channel’s Thurday Night Hits

the-thursday-hotlist-tv-divaBlame Trump.

ABC has announced a delay to the return of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder due to the airing of a pre-Inauguration 20/20  special for President-elect Donald Trump.

Repeats of Grey’s and Scandal will lead in to the 20/20 special set to air at 10/9c.

Set your DVR’s to record our Thursday night hotlist from January 26 instead.


It’s been seven months since we last saw Liv and Co. Go to to catch up now.

Scandal – Season 6 – Trojan Horse

olivia-pope-scandalThis week – the 100th episode -we bid farewell to Lizzie Bear, Elizabeth North who took one for the Team – one to the head with a golf club, courtesy of ‘Samantha’ (David Rosen’s pretend girlfriend) when Paez let Mellie know in no uncertain terms that she’s their Trojan Horse being sent into the White House to do their bidding, or more people in her life – like the children we never see on screen anymore – will be killed.

Jake, her Vice-President elect, come through and cleans the mess up, all the while talking to a shocked Mellie, who’s covered in Lizzie Bear’s blood.

Michael was on a tv talk show lamenting on how Cyrus is not a good man, but a man who cheats and lies.

While Olivia tries to prevent Fitz from putting Cyrus back in as President, she realises Mellie has to concede, as now Cyrus has been released and exonerated for Vargas’s murder, he’s back as the next President. Olivia gets all up in Fitz’s’ face when he insists on Cyrus being President.

When Fitz goes even further by having her Father arrested for being behind Vargas’s assassination, Olivia races over to Rowan’s just as he’s being handcuffed by the FBI; and she can only make eye contact with him while he’s taken away. When she races back to give Fitz another lecture, he admits to her that he had Rowan taken into custody to keep him safe, and Olivia is shown an image on the television of Rowan seated in the Oval, looking relieved and anxious.

In gratitude, Olivia pulls Fitz in close for a kiss, and it leads to much more to close out the episode.

The Catch – Season 2 – The Birthday Party

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week’s episode saw Margot and Ben getting acquainted with their daughter over breakfast. Now that Tessa has joined the Firm, Ben is being over-protective. Margot insists Tessa can tag along on their latest con, a birthday party for the Raymond Taggart’s teenager.

Troy, the human hard-drive filled with the secrets is helping to track down Agent Diaz’s missing husband – so she can kill him. It leads to a drug cartel who Reece has worked with in the past.

Alice tells her Team that Ethan is now their client. Danny used to work with him before joining Alice’s firm. His company was hacked and all their personal information was leaked. He’s losing contracts rapidly, and turns to Alice for help. They come up with a list of suspects disgruntled employees, rival companies for starters, and Alice promises to  track down the hacker, and then Sophie admits she asked a friend to investigate Ethan’s firm, and she left a back door open which allowed hackers to gain access. When she begs Danny to help break down her hacker friend Heather’s door but she’s later found dead.

Alice finds out someone paid Heather to hack Ethan’s company’s data. Danny sends Margot a photo of Heather’s dead body, hoping she can identify the killer, and she gives him a name. One of Ethan’s rivals paid him to kill Heather after the hack. Alice gate crashes his press launch for his new development

Tessa dons a pair of glasses which Margot uses to spy on the partygoers at the sweet sixteen birthday party, and hopes to overhear some juicy business while Tessa plants microphones in the garden plants before almost getting kicked out by Ben. When Tessa tries to plant a mic in the office she gets caught by the birthday girl’s Dad, Raymond, who blackmails her – he asks for ten million dollars.

Agent Diaz takes Reece to a cigar club to find her ex Husband. He turns up at the club and she pulls a gun on him, tells her its not safe. He’s still undercover. She invites him over to Reece’s apartment so they can talk without blowing his cover. He explains the FBI didn’t get to arrest the head of the cartel so he stayed under, but divorced her over email to save her from waiting for him, as he’d faked his own death.

Reece tells Margot a charming tale about Felicity, and how she betrayed him and he had to kill her, but the episode ends with Felicity turning up on Margot’s doorstep to start up their relationship again.






Bates Motel – Final Season – Visiting Hours

bates-motel-5Norman is formally charged with Sam multiple murders and is photographed and fingerprinted. Emma visits Dylan to show support while he’s trying to sort out Norman’s life. He has to break it to Emma that her Mother was murdered by Norman, and that her body was recovered from Falls Lake. She’s visibly distraught and asks him if it’s real, and how sweet she thought Norman was when she met him and if she ever lays eyes on him again she may just kill him. Emma makes arrangements for her Mother’s funeral. Norman’s lawyer Julia visits Dylan and Emma at their hotel room to update them on Norman. He’s been charged with a capital offence and faces the death penalty. His preliminary Hearing is in the morning, and Julia wants family there to support Norman. Dylan refuses. Meanwhile, Emma visits Norma’s grave and then goes to have her Mother’s body cremated so she can spread the ashes in the woods. She goes to see Norman but he’s not himself and she can see how it’s really Norma. She asks where Norman is. Norma says she deserved to die. Norma says Norman’s sleeping in his room. Emma grows tearful and asks Norma to tell Norman that she misses him, then she leaves.

The Motel is locked down and the crime scene scrubbed for evidence. Sheriff Green is inside with forensic techs who discover someone has been sleeping in Norma’s bed, even though she’s been dead for two years. The forensic techs go to the basement and find Chick’s body slumped over his typewriter, but they are unaware that former Sheriff Romero was his murderer. Romero is buying gas at a gas station and is now driving a stolen gold 1968 Fury. Romero sees the newspaper on the stand has Norman on the front page, arrested for murder. He drives back to his friend’s house (Maggie?) to use her computer to find out where Norman’s being held. He says he wants to put a bullet in his brain and not wait for the State to put him to death. His friend suggests they stay at their friends cabin and change identities. She says he’s broken but she can fix him and he says goodbye and leaves. He rolls up on a police officer and holds her hostage, then at the Station he forces a second Officer to take him to the holding cell where Norman is. A third Officer opens the door and opens fire, but Romero shoots back. He’s taken to Norman’s cell and asks to be locked inside with him. Romero starts to choke Norman then takes him to the car with an Officer as a hostage. He gets in the back and forces the Officer to drive them to Norma’s body.

Norma is still in control of Norman’s mind when his lawyer visits him and tells him the Judge has to decide whether to take the case to trial, and they need to think about their approach. She advises him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Norman doesn’t like the idea of being confined to an institution for the rest of his life. The lawyer advises him that the physical evidence against him is strong. Norman takes control of his mind again. He says his Stepfather locked him in an institution and Dylan had told the lawyer Norman suffers from associative disorder and has multiple personalities. Norma takes over again, and asks if they’re one step closer to getting help.

Next morning, it’s Norman’s preliminary Hearing. Dylan arrives in time for the start. The Court is full. Norma takes over Norman’s mind and answers the Judges questions about facing the death penalty, and agrees to understand. Sheriff Green takes the stand and gives evidence about the three victims’ fatal wounds. Madeleine is in Court, tears streaming down her face while Sheriff Green gives testimony against Norman. Dylan follows her out of the courtroom to apologise but she shuts it down and tells Dylan he knew Norman was sick.

Final episode airs Monday April 24.



The Catch – The Hard Drive

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week, Margot tells Ben that they have a daughter, Tessa. Ben’s stunned, then got straight back to working as an FBI confidential informant after a security breach leaves them vulnerable.

When Ben poses as a gold baron, he and Reece infiltrate Blackwell, the company behind the security breach in order to recover the stolen data from their servers, only when they arrive at the server room they instead find a man who claims he has a photographic memory, and Blackwell hired him to retain data. Ben sees the perfect opportunity to turn the tables on Blackwell by liberating him, and when he faces charges for theft of Government property he offers to tell Agent Diaz where her missing husband is, in exchange for his freedom.

Meanwhile, Sybill’s enjoying her newly found freedom and is happily meddling in Margot’s running of the Firm, and plotting to overthrow her to regain control until Tessa figures it out and aligns with Margot against her.

This week’s case is Val’s former FBI partner, Nick’s, who’s now running for Chief of Police if Alice’s Team can unravel the mystery of who murdered Officer Mason, who died in a fire in a building owned by Ethan – Alice’s Ex Fiance. The investigation is dealth with in flashbacks that give us some background into Alice’s life before Christopher Hall pulled the rug from under her and stole all her money.

Turns out that Val’s former Supervising Officer Marty Dixon found a suicide note Mason had written, and used it to blackmail Mason’s Widow into paying him 10 thousand dollars a month to keep quiet. Alice poses as the Bank Manager to flush him out so the FBI can arrest him.

All these years thinking Ethan was behind Mason’s murder makes Alice reach out, and apologise. Later, when  she’s cosying up to Ben on the couch Ethan turns up at her house wanting to talk.



Scandal Season 6 – The Decision

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode was the what if we hadn’t fixed the election one. It opened with Fitz, Olivia and Jake in the Oval discussing if they were agreed Cyrus should get a pardon and be reinstated as President, preventing Mellie from being elected in the do-over after Vargas’s assassination. Olivia chose the moment to zone out and imagine what life would have been like for everyone had they not rigged the election in 2010, making Fitz President.

It gave us the warts and all alternate reality that is Olivia married to Fitz, and their marriage struggling with the revelation that Olivia was the one who denied Fitz his Presidency by refusing to rig the Election in Defiance, in 2010. Fitz ends up as a political commentator on his own television show, much like Sally Langston’s Liberty Report.

We see Mellie and Cyrus marry, only for Mellie to overhear a pertinent conversation between Cyrus and James with Cyrus admitting how much he wants the Oval, rather than be with James.

In this alternate what-could-have-been we watch Olivia struggle to make headway politically, bringing a Bill to the floor alongside Marcus, but finding the President refuses to meet with her and Marcus to even discuss it. Quinn’s alternate reality involved her appearing on the Bachelor and being a social media celebrity. When she appears as a guest on Fitz’s show, they make out in the green room, but when Fitz catches his reflection in the mirror he doesn’t like what he sees, and throws her off him. When she calls him an old drunk, it really stings. He gets a reality check and goes home to Olivia, who presents him with a brochure with a beautiful house in Georgetown that she thinks they should buy. It might not fix their marriage though.

Huck’s reality was even more weird than the alternate. He had a massive afro! working as an assistant at Olivia and Marcus’s offices where they’re campaigning for Youth and equality judging by the posters on the wall, but it wasn’t absolutely clear to me what they were campaigning for, as I’d lost complete interest in the episode by this point.

The episode ended with Oliva’s decision to agree with Fitz to get Cyrus reinstated as President and overthrow Mellie.

The bit players in the ensemble, Abby, David Rosen, Rowan and Jake all popped up at intervals, but it wasn’t the show stopping episode with big reveals through flashbacks or alternate reality that I’d hoped for.

Blindspot – Senile Lines

blindspot-tv-seriesTwo children are arguing. Eli pushes Amber out of the window, and she’s found dead by her Foster Mother.

Roman leaves Jane at the safe house. She reminds him he promised to see the therapist as part of his conditions of release.

The D.A. thinks the FBI aided and abetted Sandstorm. Kurt says it’s not going to happen and they should focus on tracking the bank accounts Roman gave them. Patterson gets a hit on one of Jane’s tattoos and looks into it.

Reid wakes up in the hospital after being beaten to a pulp outside a bar when trying to score drugs. His room mate Travis is a chatty man. Reid refuses to give the hospital his insurance information. Travis says he has PTSD and recognises the same symptoms in Reid. He’s in denial, and shuts Travis down, but he keeps talking about being in Iraq and suffering from liver and kidney issues from too much drinking. He tells Reid he needs to talk about what happened to him with his Coach. Reid tells him everything before he checks out of the hospital. He phones Zappatta and asks her to come over to watch the video he stole from his Coach.

Patterson presents her findings into the hourglass tattoo. Amber Wallace was in a foster home funded by a non-profit which is part of a shell company connected to a foundation. Jane wants to bring Roman in on the case, Kurt’s not keen but then agrees. Roman’s in. Patterson tells Kurt what happened at the deposition. Eli had a music teacher who lived near the bodega he tried to rob, and the working theory is that Eli was headed to the teacher’s house.

The D.A. turns up demanding the Team attend the depositions or face a suspension. Patterson is first, while Kurt and the Team go to the foster home to investigate Amber’s murder. They enter the crime scene and look around. All six kids are missing by the time the authorities arrived. Eli was caught on surveillance trying to rob a bodega in Yonkers.

Patterson is questioned about Dr Borden (Nigel Thornton) and how she uncovered him being a terrorist connected to Sandstorm. He asks her about the chip Sandstorm acquired. Jane aborted the mission to save Roman.

Zappata is next to be interviewed. The D.A. learns Naz Kamal gave the order to enter the building that later led to the death of many FBI Agents. He questions why Kurt was absent, and Zappata tells him about the emergency with his pregnant girlfriend.

At the music teacher’s house they find Eli hiding outback. He says he didn’t kill Amber, and that ‘they’ did.

Patterson asks for Amber Wallace’s autopsy results but the Morgue had just transferred the body at the request of the family.  The transfer papers are fake, and the van is later found burned out. No trace of the body. The medicine capsule tells Patterson who the manufacturers are. A Polish researcher looking to get the drugs approved by the FDA. They ask Eli to meet with the Doctor to flush him out so they can arrest him, and rescue the other children. Eli calls him and the Doctor leaves a message which the Team trace to a warehouse in Queens. After a shootout they children are found but the Doctor is gone. Roman frees the children while Jane and Kurt battle with the guards. The Doctor tries to wipe his hard drives but Zappatta seures him in handcuffs. Eli goes missing from the hospital but he goes to the Foster Mother’s room with scissors in his hand, angry the Doctor paid her to give the children the drugs. Kurt manages to talk him around and he drops the scissors.

Jane’s turn to be interviewed is awkward. The D.A. asks if she’d ever been in a romantic relationship with Kurt. Next, she’s asked about drugging Roman to wipe his memory and then taking him to the FBI, without instruction from Kurt. She’s asked about where her loyalties lie, as she’s not even an FBI Agent.

Eli is interviewed. He ran away after Amber jumped from the window. The Foster Mother was giving them pills, and it made them messed up. Amber was getting worse, and then just jumped. A Doctor dropped by to check on them now and again. He couldn’t name the Doctor. Eli has one of the pills and wants to know what it contains. Anti-depressants mixed with other compounds that creates aggressive side effects. Illegal drug testing on children in Foster care. The Doctor detoxes all the children and tells the Foster Mother he has to kill them; and says they can’t risk being prosecuted for this.

Kurt is interviewed about his relationship with Jane. He mentions they go out for beers sometimes. He suspects that Kurt’s working for Sandstorm as Shepherd paid for his schooling, and put Jane into his life.

Kurt puts Zappatta in charge of the Sandstorm operation so the Team can still take them down. Kurt wants to stand down so the Tem and the mission can be protected. Naz goes to the D.A. and makes a statement. She confesses to being the one who took the missteps and sent Jane in as an operative, missed that Dr Borden was a terrorist, and sent the Team in to the Sandstorm compound explosion that killed FBI Agents; and says she alone deserves to suffer the consequences of her actions. She then threatens to open an investigation into Matthew if he doesn’t drop the investigation. Naz tells Kurt what she’s done, and he’s angry but she insists. The Team drink a toast to her courageous effort. She gives Kurt the list of names that goes with the bank accounts linked to Sandstorm.

We see Mother in Bangkok with her Team. She has a truck filled with oil drums emblazoned with nuclear warning symbols and warns them to avoid the Western hemisphere for a while.

Bates Motel – Final Season – The Body

bates-motel-5After Dylan decided to move back into the house with Norman, this week’s episode opened with Sheriff Green dropping in on Norman after his call to confess to the murder of Sam Loomis.

Norman says he wants his meds and the Sheriff says they need to interview him after his phone call admitting to Sam’s murder, and then she takes him down to the Sheriff’s Station. Dylan tells the Sheriff he’s going to get Norman a lawyer, but Norman’s spaced out in the back of the police car. All Dylan can do is watch it drive away.

Sheriff Green interviews Norman about dumping the body in the well, and asks him how long it took to drive there. Norman’s having difficulty pointing out exactly where it is. The Sheriff tells Norman they found a decomposed female body in the Lake alongside Jim Blackwell, (the hitman hired by Romero to kill Norman).

Norman explains he has issues remembering stuff, and the Sheriff says he’s developed this strange affect to appear adult but she feels he’s still a child. She thinks running an investigation into him is giving him the attention he craves. Norman admits he’s lonely, but he’s not lying about killing Sam. He says it’s one thing he knows for sure. When asked why he did it, Norman says he doesn’t know. Norman’s later given his medication while he sits alone in a cell a the police station. As soon as he takes the pills ‘Norma’ appears, berating him for going to the police. ‘Norma’ forces him to vomit in the toilet and get rid of the pills. She tells him she can’t let him do anymore damage, and its time for her to fix it. ‘Norma’ knocks him out so she can take over his mind.

Dylan connects with a lawyer he knew from his drug dealing days, and fills her in about Norman’s confession, and how he had a breakdown after Dylan left him alone with their Mother, who later committed suicide. He tells her about how his Mother in law stayed at the Motel and hasn’t been seen ever since. He’s searched for her and there’s been no trace of her. Dylan stresses to her that Norman needs to be in a mental facility as he’s crazy.

Sheriff Green comes back to see Norman, and notices his odd behaviour – Norma’s now in control – and asks that they go back to the interview room. He says he wants to go home, but she says they need to talk about his confession some more. He forces her hand, stating that she either arrest him or he’s walking out, and she arrests him for Sam’s murder.

Chick rolls up at the Motel and the police have cordoned it all off, and the Motel is closed for business. Chick has brought a dead raccoon for Norman’s mummification project. Chick gives his name – Charles Hogan – and tells the police he’s in business with Norman, and seems so relieved when the police officer tells him Norman’s still alive. Chick drives off when she insists he leave as its an active crime scene.

Julia Ramos  turns up at the Sheriff’s office and demands that she talks with Norman, as his lawyer. He’s still in Norma-mode, so he’s mouthy with her, and says he’s not going to a mental institution. Ramos agrees. Says she’ll present it as him being off his meds and having a psychotic episode but as he’s given the police a location for the body – if it’s found, he’ll face murder charges.

Ramos meets with Sheriff Green and plays hardball. Norman makes a statement recanting his previous statement. He says the truth is he doesn’t know where the body is, or whether there is a body. He fell in love with Sam’s Wife Madeleine, and he was lonely after Norma died, and Madeleine reminded him of her. He says Sam was having an affair and would come to the Motel to have fun, and Maddy found out, Sam came to the Motel, but left with Maddy. He points out that the tyre tracks seen earlier were Maddies; then says Maddy came back to the Motel and told him that Sam was dead, and mentioned something about the well, and sobbed in his arms and kissed him. He says loving her was clearly an illusion on his part. He says she was vulnerable and its why he decided to take the blame for Sam’s death.

Sheriff Green isn’t convinced. She goes to visit Madeleine to ask her about Norman. She says they’re friends, and that Norman bought shower curtains from her store. The Sheriff says they don’t know anything for sure, but Sam is still missing, and it’s important Madeleine can be questioned about the situation. When the Sheriff asks her if there’s any basis for his infatuation with her, she looks to the ground. Probably remembering when she kissed him.

Meanwhile, Romero is stealing away from his captor, his gun underneath her pillow while she slumbers in an armchair. So much for friendship.

Back at the station, Sheriff Green is shown a report identifying one of the bodies found in Falls Lake, and moves Norman back into the interrogation room, as Madeleine arrives at the Sheriff’s station. They look at each other, and Maddy realises what he’s done was for her sake.

The Sheriff arrives at Dylan’s to give him an update on Norman, but then  says they found two bodies in Falls Lake and have just identified one of them as Audrey Ellis – Emma’s Mother.

Romero breaks into Bates Motel. He has a memory of watching Norma walking up the stairs in one of her silk night dresses, then a vision of her at the dressing table. He walks around the house and it looks like it pains him to be there. He hears Norman’s voice, and goes to the basement and then catches Chick typing up his novel, while listening to recorded conversations he had with Norman.

Romero pulls his gun. Chick says he became friends with Norman after his own family died. Chick says Norman’s not really crazy. He tells Romero about Norman’s confession, and that he’s in jail. Romero says if Chick knows what Norman’s done, he’s an accessory to murder. He tells Romero that Norman dug up Norma’s body. Chick admits to exploiting Norman’s situation and then mocks Romero’s predicament.

Romero shoots Chick in the head.

Back at the Sheriff’s Station, ‘Norma’ sits in the dark mumbling to herself that Norman just needs to be patient and in the morning he can come back.

The Police patrol the woods and come across the well, where a body is recovered; wrapped in a plastic shower curtain. Sheriff Green comes to the station and tells Norman he’s being additionally charged with the murders of Jim Blackwell and Audrey Ellis.