Grey’s Anatomy – Where Are They Now?

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After Patrick Dempsey bowed out of Grey’s back in 2015 he produced the four-part Velocity docu-series Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans and then participated in the Indianapolis and Daytona Beach car racing events.

Dempsey finally reached the top step of the podium in his professional sports car racing career, winning the Fuji round of the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship.

After taking a break from racing, Dempsey went back to movies, starring in  2016’s Bridget Jones’s Baby, and 2019 will find him appearing in tv series Micronesian Blues

Most recently, Dempsey featured in The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair – a  ten part mini-series about a writer who gets caught up in a murder investigation involving his mentor, an esteemed American author.



TV News – Orange is the New Black Season 6


‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Danielle Brooks on Season 6: Betrayal, Survival and the ‘Beginning of the End’
by Debra Birnbaum

“We in trouble….!”

That’s how Danielle Brooks describes the upcoming sixth season of “Orange is the New Black,” which is set to stream on Netflix on July 27. Given the seismic events of last season, which traced the fallout of a prison riot among the inmates, things aren’t looking good for the ladies of Litchfield. “There’s no good that can come out of this riot,” says Brooks.

Brooks stars as Tasha “Taystee” Washington, whose crusade for justice for Poussey, her friend and fellow inmate who was killed by a prison guard, fueled the tension that threaded throughout last season,

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‘Castle Rock’ Review

With a cast assembled from the golden age’s best utility players, Sam Shaw and Dusty Thomason’s spooky take on Stephen King’s favorite town is one enticing trip.

To say much of anything about “Castle Rock” teeters on the precipice of spoiler territory, since so much of the Hulu anthology series is inspired by preexisting properties, each with their own devoted fandom.
Within the first few scenes of the premiere, there are enough references to Stephen King’s oeuvre to keep Jack Torrance typing “all work and no play” until the homicidal maniac actually becomes a dull boy. Said references will go unidentified in this review, but known characters, events, and most prominently, settings, keep coming back up throughout four utterly absorbing episodes.

So it should be doubly encouraging to know what’s best about Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason’s follow-up to “Manhattan” is what’s new. The original stories told within Castle Rock — King’s oft-visited Maine town from novels like “The Dead Zone,” “Cujo,” and “Needful Things” — are mysterious and haunting; they can be unsettling

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Beloveds, we miss our favorite shows. Shows we nurtured and coveted, only to learn of their cancellation after many Seasons. Here, we catch up with Castle stars and life after the final episode of Castle aired.


Nathan Fillion went on to pop up randomly with cameos on Rick and Morty, Brooklyn Nine Nine, the Santa Clarita Diet, Modern Family, and American Housewife, and is currently set to headline the cop-themed dramedy The Rookie, playing John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the LAPD; and which reunites Fillion with onetime Castle showrunner/E.P. Alexi Hawley.

Surrounded by rookies twenty years his junior, Nolan must navigate the dangerous, humorous and unpredictable world of a “young” cop, determined to make his second shot at life count.


Stana Katic’s thriller Absentia was a 10-episode thriller released last Fall on Amazon in the United States. Absentia centers on Emily Byrne (played by Katic), an FBI agent who, while hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, disappears without a trace and is declared dead.

Six years later, Emily is found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive and with no memory of the years she was missing. Returning home to learn her husband (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce‘s Patrick Heusinger) has remarried and her son (Patrick McCauley) is being raised by another woman (Downton Abbey‘s Cara Theobold), she soon finds herself implicated in a new series of murders.








TV News – The Walking Dead Season 9





‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner Tells Us How Season 9 Plays With Time: World ‘Is Starting to Degrade’

Since AMC released key art for Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” last week, fans are in a frenzy trying to decode everything from the helicopter in the background to the crumbling Capitol building. TheWrap caught up with the zombie drama’s new showrunner Angela Kang ahead of San Diego Comic-Con to see how much we could get her to decode for us.

Kang previously confirmed that Season 9 will feature a time jump, just like in the comics, though exactly how long it has been since the conclusion of All Out War remains a mystery. Kang told TheWrap that Season 9 will signal “a new chapter of the show,” and added, “we are jumping ahead with time and playing with time in [Season 9].”

Not only does Season 9 look more closely at the relationships between our favorite characters like Rick, Maggie, Daryl and Carol, but between new characters that will be introduced.

“There will be some intriguing new people that our people run across,” she said.

She also suggested that time will play a role outside of the characters, new or old. We have to remember that the “Walking Dead” universe is an apocalyptic one, and humanity’s demise will start to show.

Kang said that something the key art is supposed to hint at is “just how much the world around them is starting to degrade, like you know, the man-made things of the world. The buildings, the infrastructure, it’s all changing and nature is kind of taking back over in some ways, and that’s going to create a lot of interesting challenges for our people to overcome in the course of the season.”

That degradation might challenge our idea of the communities seen on the series so far. “We’re going to be looking a lot at what it means to have a civilization,” Kang said.

Fans will also get to see characters interacting in “different combinations … and tell stories with people who maybe hadn’t had as many scenes with each other,” she said.

“We want to show what happens to people over time, the ways in which they change and grow,” Kang said. And yes, this goes deeper than Rick’s hair cut. “We want to look at these, like, very long-standing relationships between the characters who are now all so, so different from when we first met them.”

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC with Season 9 this fall.

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