Blindspot Season 3 Ep 18 Recap

courtesy of NBC
S3, Ep18
20 Apr. 2018

Clamorous Night

Roman gave the kill order to a group of mercenaries, as ordered to do so by Crawford. Roman sent text messages to a Team to take down the FBI Team hunting Crawford. The events play out in a groundhog day style for each Team member.

Roman holes up in a safe house while they wait. Patterson tracks Crawford’s helicopter to Hong Kong – no extradition treaty with the U.S. and then Jane says there’s got to be something in the new tattoos to help them.

The Team look into Roman’s cover, and there are no leads there. Reade tells the Team to go home and get some rest, and regroup in the morning. Jane says she’s so wired she can’t think straight. Richdotcom suggests they go out on the town. He recommends a hot spot in town, and a table for two is booked.

A woman at the bar seems to be watching Jane and Kurt, and Jane remembers seeing the same woman outside their apartment. They split up to follow her when she leaves the restaurant.

As Jane heads out to search the perimeter, she is grabbed from behind and tasered, waking up later in the back of a truck where Roman tells her via webcam that the Team are being killed and she’s behind held so she’s going to experience having her loved ones murdered.

The investigation into Reade picks up the pace, and Reade is unwavering when Millicent from the FBI’s OPR office tells him she knows that the State Department buddy of his requested a visa for someone whom it is believed Reade is protecting.

Later, she shares a cab with Reade on the way home, and she tries to convince him to confess what he’s been up to, especially since Director Hirst hired him. Millicent suggest he resigns, or she hands in a letter to have him suspended. She later turns up on Reade’s doorstep, having left her purse and keys in the cab in her haste to get away from him, and he lets her wait inside.

When Millicent goes to use Reade’s bathroom she’s attacked, and then Reade is held at knife point and a fight ensues, leaving Millicent dead and then Reade overpowers the assassin.

Zapata is under fire at a church with an NYPD ex-colleague at her brother’s funeral but she survives the shootout. Reade survives the knife fight as Zapata calls, tells him what happened, and says the whole  Team could be attacked.

Patterson has a date, with Jack the goofy scientist, but a small explosion goes off at her cooking class and they come under fire from assassins after Patterson.

Kurt survives an attack at the restaurant, and Reade calls in time to warn him. The Team arrive and help Jane but she’s already escaped capture and taken out two assassins.

Richdotcom destroys the letter Millicent had threatened Reade with. Patterson decides dating is not a good idea right now, and thanks Zapata for saving her life, but they are never going to be best friends like before she was betrayed.










Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep 20 Recap

courtesy of ABC

S14, Ep20

19 Apr. 2018

Judgment Day

After Arizona’s former patient drops by with a box  of cookies as a thank you for saving her life, it becomes apparent that it was a mistake to give them to her. By the time the patient comes back, Arizona has already handed the cookies round the group attending the presentation for each of the Harper Avery contest’s projects.

The patient admits to Arizona that the cookies are baked with “weed” and, the hospital turns upside down. Meredith has to gather the affected Doctors into one room and forces them to wait there until the weed wears off, halting the presentations.

Meanwhile, Owen has his inspection completed so he can begin foster care and he gets a call saying a child is being given to him in a couple of hours, and he panics, calls Amelia, but she’s helping Meredith, so she says she’s going to be there soon.

Catherine tells Jackson about his Grandfather being sued for sexual harassment and why Jackson just made a mistake getting their lawyers to waive the restrictions on the victim, Rebecca Freud, from talking about the case.

What You Could Be Watching

la-tv-diva-logo The arrival of Spring always signals mid-season for network television shows, and this year there is a raft of new shows bubbling below the primetime surface, lurking in the shadows, ready to come forth once the major shows are on hiatus. Here are a few of the shows we’re watching, now that the Season Finales of all our favorite shows are on the way.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who also created and stars in Amazon’s sex-com gem Fleabag) wrote this razor-sharp witty, fun, show, based on the novellas by Luke Jennings. Starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) as Eve, a British intelligence analyst who’s bored at her thankless desk job and decides to investigate a series of murders she suspects are being committed by a female assassin – not heard of in the intelligence community as research suggests more murders are committed by men.

The titular Eve makes it her business to investigate, and gets in trouble for running an unsanctioned investigation and is fired. However, she is quickly re-hired covertly to run an investigation to track down and apprehend the assassin.

The assassin, Villanelle (The White Princess‘ Jodie Comer), is a highly skilled contract killer with a penchant for group sex; in contrast to Eve’s boring marriage. Villanelle is a bit of a show off, which the investigators hope will lead to her capture, but as she steadily commits elaborate schemes to effect her crimes, and is armed with a brazen self-confidence, convinced she can’t be caught; we do wonder how long it will be before Villanelle kills Eve.

There are only eight episodes in this first run.


The cure for medical-show fatigue is The Resident, about a doctor supervising interns at a hospital. The Resident takes a hard look at the thorny ethical issues surrounding today’s health-care providers, and delivers a refreshing jolt of darkness to a genre that’s too often swimming in schmaltz.

The hospital’s renowned chief of surgery, Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) botches a routine appendectomy, killing the patient, and then bullies his nurses into covering it up; but behind his back, his doctors and nurses are snickering about his shaky hands. Greenwood cleverly creates the type of icy villain we don’t normally get to see on hospital shows.

Bell’s main rival is hotshot resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins (The Good Wife‘s Matt Czuchry). Czuchry walks a fine line between charismatic and obnoxious but brings a rugged antihero edge to the role, and Conrad’s ethical debates with Dr. Bell, where he stands toe-to-toe with his superior and challenges his decisions, are a highlight.

Emily VanCamp (Revenge) stars as nurse Nic; she seems to give Conrad pep talks every episode.

Episode 2 brings in an oncologist played by Providence vet Melina Kanakaredes.

Not all TV doctors have to be perfect, and The Resident goes a long way to expose each character’s flaws.





Seven Seasons, 124 episodes later, the final episode ever rolled into view last night and now Gladiators all over the world finally know how Olivia Pope’s story ends.


Olivia Pope and Associates gave testimony at a Senate Hearing convened to uncover everything about B613. Rowan took the stand and confessed he created it, and was proud to keep the republic safe from the people with too much power who were running the country.

David Rosen stood up to Jake, promising his life was over, but later on it was David’s life that was snuffed out after Cyrus poisoned then suffocated him with a pillow. Abby was devastated and went to see his remains at the morgue to say her goodbyes.

Quinn married Charlie on a conjugal visit in prison, no wedding cake or friends and family present, natch. Meanwhile, Cyrus signed a pre-arranged letter of resignation.

Lonnie shot himself in the head – while Olivia sat and watched, stunned. She wasn’t stunned for long because she managed to have one last minute with Fitz; fearing it was her last.

Jake went to jail. That pretty face won’t do him anything but land him in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sally Langston and her lovers of liberty praised Mellie for bringing B613 and its heinous crimes to the public’s attention, and with Marcus by her side, Mellie looked to have a wonderful remainder of a Presidency. When Mellie turned to Olivia to plan their next move, she got a shock.

Olivia said she’s done, and wants to do whatever she wishes with Fitz.

Overall, a terrible final episode of the Season.

Gladiator out.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep 19 Recap

courtesy of ABC

S14, Ep19

12 Apr. 2018

Beautiful Dreamer

When an ICE Agent appears at Grey Sloan to talk to Sam Bello the surgeons rally round to save her from being deported for running a red light – which is against the conditions of her resident status under the DREAM act. Let’s recap.

As usual, Meredith saved the day. Putting in a call to Christina, Mer was able to fake up an essay, and application to a cardiothoracic program Christina’s Switzerland-based hospital is running, and get a plane ticket for Sam to leave the very same day.

Meanwhile, the ICE Agent’s life was saved when Bailey noticed his irregular pulse and whisked Maggie in to perform life saving surgery on his heart.

When she wasn’t busy saving lives, Maggie went off on Jackson because he hid from her his recent coupling with April. After a tirade about how capable of walking away from him she is, Maggie caved in and the two resumed their relationship.

Richard had to watch his friend die from liver failure, and mourned his loss with Catherine by his side for the most part.

Amelia got a shock when a friend shut down on her at the mention of Harper Avery. Apparently she was forbidden to work with any of the Harper Avery hospitals because of a feud over some research which the Avery patriarch signed against her.

Jackson overstepped Catherine’s authority and over ruled on the stipulation that Rebecca Freud not be allowed to work with any Avery connected businesses. Catherine was horrified, and later told Richard that Jackson had just ruined them.

Owen went behind Amelia’s back and signed up to become a foster parent with a view to adopting a child.