The Blacklist Season 5 Episode Recaps

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S5, Ep16

17 Mar. 2018

The Capricorn Killer (No. 19)

The Capricorn Killer brought this week’s story arcs to a rapid acceleration. Let’s recap.

The Capricorn Killer was one of Liz’s first cases which she profiled. He posed his victims in a precise way, and so when a copycat killer emerges after the authorities find a corpse in the woods, Liz feels like she’s in familiar territory, and for once ends her obsession with bringing Tom’s killer to justice.

When Liz realises the new murders are being fulfilled by a copycat she unwittingly falls into the trap of the people behind it. She’s held a gunpoint and taken to a run down cabin, only to be faced with someone familiar. Dr Fulton.

As Dr Fulton lays out her plan for Liz to join her in righting society’s wrongs by taking out murderers instead of bringing them to justice, the FBI raid the cabin and round up Dr Fulton’s accomplice with Liz in pursuit of Fulton. The two duke it out, only for Liz to let Fulton go, and pretend she lost her in the woods.

Dr Fulton signed off on Liz’s return to full Agent status. The two have a sidebar about how moving forward,impressive resources and  Red’s contacts can open up a whole new world for Dr Fulton’s side gig.

Meanwhile, Aram presents the U.S. Marshall’s office with a warrant to place the witness in the FBI’s protective custody. Garvey square’s up to Aram but is batted back like a fly. It rankles Garvey so visibly I had to rerun that particular part. As the witness is being driven with a convoy in tow its raided, the witness taken, and Aram and his colleagues choking on air wondering what happened. One of the men stared down Aram to make sure we noticed the blue glass eye…

Aram has to break the bad news to Liz that the witness is gone, and Garvey has won, with a little misdirection.

While Liz is distracted by the gruesome findings, Red is busy trying to make a deal with U.S. Marshall Ian Garvey – hand over to Garvey the witness to Garvey’s murder of Det. Singleton in exchange for the duffel bag of bones Red so desperately wants back before Liz realises what this whole thing has been about.



The Blacklist S5 Ep15


Wednesday, March 7
S5. E15
Pattie Sue Edwards (No. 68)

As Liz continued tracking Tom’s killers, Red tried to solve a tax issue in his money laundering. Meanwhile, Aram went out to the field when the Task Force investigated a viral outbreak. He had to stop the widow downloading files from the CDC’s server but he couldn’t risk running out of oxygen.

An ex-Navy widow (Edwards) sought revenge on the men who framed her husband, a Navy SEAL, for importing opium; leading to his murder. The widow released a biological virus in a Cafe where she knew a CDC worker was having coffee. The outbreak allowed the widow to enter the CDC lab and create a focussed virus built to target the one man responsible for her husband’s murder. Once they caught the culprit, the Navy SEAL was given a Military funeral.

Meanwhile, Red tried to bribe a Tax Official into not auditing him and failed. Although he was able to persuade the Dean of the University to admit the Tax man’s wayward son, the Tax man simple got a co-worker to audit Red instead.

In other news, Liz was hot on the trail of the dirty Cop until Det. Singleton got stabbed, and his corpse led Liz into Det. Ian Garvey’s world.

The stabbing bore the same markings as those made by Damascus when Tom’s body was examined. Liz felt her blood run cold when she heard the voice of Garvey from across the way from where she was standing, and she was careful to turn her back to him in time to whisper that he was Tom’s killer.

With Singleton dead, Liz has lost her only ally.



The Blacklist S5 Ep14

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Mr Raleigh Sinclair III set up the rest of the season by slowing tying together the threads of the mystery surrounding Tom’s murder. Let’s recap.

This week’s blacklister was a man who arranges airtight alibis for those who wish to get away with murder. John Noble’s Alibi was creepy, and then some.

It didn’t take long for the FBI to track him down, and arrest the latest of Alibi’s latest client’s target before the Wife was history. Red, being one step ahead at all times, allowed the Alibi to escape in exchange for a list of all those he’d helped get away with murder.

Meanwhile, Liz was forced to seek a psych eval before she could be reinstated. It raised some issues for Red as the therapist (Martha Plimpton) insisted on probing into Liz and Red’s awkward relationship.

Det. Garvey’s agenda was revealed. He had a sit down with the D.E.A and Det Singleton, who updated them on his findings after breaking into Liz’s apartment and seeing her investigation’s progress on the wall. The DEA were excited that they now had an in to catching Reddington, but Garvey wanted to know how Liz was connected; was she working for him or with him?

Liz had a surprise of her own for Det. Singleton when he broke into her apartment a second time, and she held him at gunpoint until he let her know he thought they should team up and work together to unravel the whole mystery of why Tom was murdered; and finally reveal the dirty cop behind her husband’s demise. Liz takes Singleton into the FBI blacksite where he is told about Reddington working with the FBI and how it would be best for him to work with them too, now that he’s on the inside.

Det. Garvey, on the other hand, sees the fact Liz has a connection to Reddington as his pay day, and talks to the DEA about using Singleton to trap Liz and then lead them directly to Reddington.


As Liz continues tracking Tom’s killers, Red tries to solve a tax issue in his money laundering. Meanwhile, Aram goes out to the field when the Task Force investigates a viral outbreak.

The truth comes out about everything. How will Liz react?

Stay tuned!



The Blacklist Season 5 Ep 13 Recap

the-blacklist The Invisible Hand gave us an insight into Tom’s secret life. Let’s recap.

Liz was given Tom’s personal effects by Detective Singleton, who also delivered a monologue about how close he was to arresting her for Navarro’s murder, among other crimes. Liz gives him the brush off then looks at Tom’s key ring, and remembers he stored his weapon in the basement in a lock box. When she opens the box, there’s a journal and a postcard from a town called Orleander. She takes this news to Cooper, who is excited that she has a new lead in Tom’s murder.

Liz tracks down a lead connected to Tom’s findings, and asks him if he knew her Mother. Orleander is a person, but her lead, Dominic Wilkinson (Brian Dennehy) tells Liz its fiction, and nobody of that name exists. Wilkinson is ex-Russian intelligence and tells Liz stories about how fond he was of her Mother, all the while concealing the fact that he’s her Grandfather, until we listen in on his call to Red telling him Liz turned up on his doorstep. Red, as ever, is playing games to protect Liz from learning the truth about her life.

A vigilante group targets people connected to a toxic spill which wiped out a small town. The son of victims of the disaster targets a list of people who ran corporations connected to the spill, and buries them alive. When a couple of kids stumble across the dump site the investigation leads to the ring leader, revealed to be dying of bone cancer caused by the toxic spill.

Red leads the FBI Team to the next person on the Blacklist, a tech wizard named the Toymaker; responsible for making Navarro’s high tech eyeball. When Red tracks him down he can’t give up the name of the person who requested the tech be made, but hints that the eyeball was just the beginning, and there is other tech out there being used to watch and listen covertly. He is unable to name to person as he used an intermediary to order the tech. Red drags it out of him that the person works in law enforcement.

Liz tells Cooper it was someone in law enforcement behind Tom’s murder, and asks to come back to work at the FBI. Cooper asks if she’s sure, and she’s sure. He welcomes her back.

Detective Singleton lets himself into Liz’s apartment to check up on her investigation. He calls Ian Garvey and warns him that Liz is becoming a liability, and Garvey says he’s got it handled, and then we see his Detective badge….


The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

the-blacklistAs Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom’s killers, she begins to question his motives. Meanwhile, the Task Force enlists the help of one arsonist to catch another. Let’s recap.

A serial killer posing as an arsonist sets fire to people’s homes to cover up murders.  A former priest, the arsonist is on the Blacklist, and Red uses the FBI to effect the release on parole of an arsonist whom he can hire to set fire to something or someone when the time comes.

Agents Ressler and Nabobi almost get burnt alive trying to search the arsonists lair and a showdown goes badly wrong when the arsonist sets fire to himself on the front lawn.

Red tells Liz he warned Tom not to go looking. He stops short of telling Liz that Mr Kaplan unearthed something he preferred had been kept hidden. Liz tells him Tom was killed by Damascus because he’d evidence of what was in the suitcase and its also why Nick was murdered – to keep someone’s secret.

Navarro’s glass eye has a digital device embedded to record everything he’d looked at, and Liz tells Red she’s having it analysed.