S5, Ep22
16 May 2018

Sutton Ross (No. 17)

Ever since Mr. Kaplan dug up a mysterious suitcase before jumping to her death in last May’s finale fans have been waiting impatiently to know whose bones are in there. When the suitcase was switched out for a duffle bag to ease portability, our curiousity deepened. Don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.





The bones are the remains of Raymond Reddington.

Yes, the real Raymond Reddington is dead and has been dead for 30 years.

So, who has been pretending to be Red, and why? Let’s recap.

Liz and Red go in pursuit of Sutton Ross, a blacklister who received the duffel bag from Ian Garvey in Costa Rica. Sutton was in serious legal trouble. Now, Sutton plans his revenge on Red by exposing the secret to the people Red is on the run from.

Liz and the FBI team get to Sutton first, and bring him in for interrogation. He demands that only Liz speak with him, with no surveillance in the room because he has seen the bones. He breaks it to her that she should sit, but then holds her hostage in exchange for his escape. The FBI allow him to get away.

Red arrives at the warehouse where Liz is being tortured and agrees to trade his own life for hers. Sutton agrees; if Red gives him the truth first. Before Red can confess, the FBI storm in and arrest Sutton. Red grabs the duffle bag, shoots and kills Sutton and escapes.

Later, Liz visits Tom’s grave and has a vision of him. She tells all, and then admits she has a secret too. Sutton told her the truth and set out to prove to that Red was keeping a massive secret from her. Jennifer traced Red’s DNA and it proved he wasn’t their Father. Jennifer and Liz conspire to take down the imposter who has murdered so many to conceal his true identity.

Red pays a visit to Liz’s grandfather, Dominic and burns every bone in the bag, as Dominic reminds him that Liz may not know hissecret, but she knows he’s got one. She’s never going let it go.




The Blacklist S5 Ep22 SEASON FINALE

the blacklist -nbcTonight’s season finale of The Blacklist (NBC, 8/7c) will reveal the identity of the bones in Raymond Reddington’s duffle bag, at long last.

Liz and Red face off in a climactic race to find a Blacklister in possession of the duffle bag of bones, forcing the truth about the bones to finally come to light.

While tonight’s final episode of the Season answers major questions, it does set up some big questions for the recently announced sixth season. The events of the season finale will set the stage for a super compelling story moving forward.

Liz and Red’s relationship in the finale will be more adversarial than we’ve seen it before. Reddington has repeatedly told Liz the contents of that bag are none of her business. He’s not a man who is used to losing. And yet, Liz’s husband is dead because of those bones.

Tune in tonight NBC (8/7c) and join us here at 5am to recap in all its glory.



The Blacklist S5 Ep21 Recap

the-blacklistS5, Ep21
9 May 2018

Lawrence Dean Devlin


When Samar lands in the crosshairs of an unconventional Blacklister, Aram and the Task Force spring into action to find her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Red journeys to Costa Rica to prevent the duffel bag of bones from being sold to the highest bidder at an underground auction. Let’s recap.

Continuing on from last week’s discovery and capture of the members of the New Haven colony, the FBI Team interrogate Moore but he only has the name of a middle man who contacts the fixer; Lawrence Dean Devlin who dismembers corpses and studies decomposition – among other things. Aram is incensed when Moore refuses to co-operate, but when Moore begs for his bible to be given to him from the evidence lockup, Aram caves, and retrieves it. Moore gives him the contact’s details and he scurries off to tell Cooper and the Team. Moore retrieves a cyanide pill which was secreted in the bible’s lining and kills himself.

Samar is fighting for her life after being stabbed with a tire iron. She fought back, stabbing Devlin in the gut, and running off into the woods; but Devlin recaptured her and locked her in the back of the van. While she worked to free herself, Devlin was devoured by a wild bear, which then pushed the van into the lake.

Aram managed to track Devlin’s cell and dials the number. It goes to voicemail, so he leaves a threatening message. The FBI scramble a search party to the last location the cell tower picked up Devlin’s signal from and head out. Along their search they uncover several decomposed bodies in cages buried in shallow graves. Samar calls Aram and manages to describe her location. She admits that if he had proposed she would have accepted; just as the van dips below the water line, leaving her gasping for air. Aram pulls her out and she’s hospitalised. Her condition is critical, as she’s been without oxygen and can’t breathe on her own.

Red flies to Costa Rica to bid on the duffle bag at an underground auction led by a shady character named Gonzales, who then phones Liz and tells her Red was looking for the duffle. She wants to try and beat him to it. They face off, and he lets her know he’ll go down fighting for it if he has to, and she says it may well come to that. Mr Kaplan had declared Liz should know the truth and she wasn’t going to rest without it. Surveillance footage Gonzales had showed Garvey passing the duffle to an unknown man.

Aram plays Samar’s favourite songs as she lies unconscious. He takes the heirloom ring and asks her to marry him, and slips the ring onto her finger.

The Blacklist Season 5 Ep 20 Recap

the-blacklist-posterS5, Ep20
2 May 2018

Nicholas T. Moore (No. 110)

Liz investigates a wilderness cult when a child arrives at hospital with a tall tale about a contagion in the mythical state of New Haven. Let’s recap.

Red is convalescing after his car crash injuries; sustained while apprehending Ian Garvey last episode.

Garvey, now deceased, failed to disclose the location of Red’s bag of bones, which we learn this episode has been secreted in Costa Rica of all places.

Red duly charters a private jet and sets off to retrieve the duffle bag before its sold at auction to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, Jennifer takes Red to Naomi’s graveside (her Mother).

 The New Haven cult get a rude awakening  just as the gatherers were about to torch to death an innocent child to rid her of the contagion because she had dared to step outside their protective circle.

 When Aram learns that Samir has been abducted with the child who had been returned to New Haven to face the consequences of escaping, he couldn’t bear to think what has happened to Samir. We later watch a van tear away down the highway with Samir bound in the rear.

The FBI Team storms the compound then Aram tells them that their leader, Nicholas is lying to them, and the world isn’t contagious. There was no outbreak, it’s fiction, taken from his novel. Nicholas is furious, and a shootout takes down many of the gatherers, but some surrender to the FBI.

Just 2 episodes left this Season.

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THE BLACKLIST Season 5 – Ep 19 Recap

courtesy of NBC


Ian Garvey (No. 13): Conclusion

The titular Ian Garvey came in like a lion and went out like a lamb; admitting his defeat, and acknowledging that he was outgunned and outsmarted by Red. Let’s recap.

After Liz reconnected with her half-sister Jennifer, aka Lilly; she planted a device on her jacket, hoping she could listen in when Garvey later met with Jennifer at the diner.

Mosadek of the Nash Syndicate made a deal with Red to make Garvey hand over the bag of bones and end the war between them. However, as soon as Dembe drove Red away Mosadek phoned Garvey and hatched a plan to kill Red when he showed up for the bag.

The FBI were monitoring Jennifer and the device and it worked.

Jennifer quizzed Garvey about Red being her real Father, Garvey murdering Tom, and the danger she was in, and then Garvey revealed to Jennifer that she wouldn’t have to worry about Red after tomorrow. Liz immediately told Red he was walking into a trap meeting Garvey and would be killed.

Aram gave Navabi back her house keys!

Red met with Mr Sinclair the creepy mask maker and hatched his own plan to double Garvey using an old friend as the double. They all go to the meet, and a shoot out ensues, with the fake Garvey shooting Mosadek.

When the FBI Team swooped down on the melee Red was gone, and so was fake Garvey. A news report quickly told the world Garvey was wanted for the murder, and then the real Garvey woke up, bound, with Red and Dembe standing over him.

Dembe drove the trio to the next phase of the plan but Garvey overpowered Dembe and the car crashed, giving Garvey the chance to escape. He of course ran to the diner to raid the cash register and to escape, but Liz was already in wait outside, and ambushed Garvey.

Garvey tried to make a deal with Liz – the truth about Red’s secret in exchange for his life, but Red wasn’t going to allow that to happen, and arrived with Dembe, gun poised. Liz aimed her gun at Red and swore she’d end him unless he let Garvey speak. Jennifer stood in front of Garvey to protect him like he’d done for her; and told Red she was his daughter but Red simply asked Dembe to remove her.

Garvey fired a shot first, then Red shot Garvey while Liz fumbled and failed to get a shot off. Job done, Red and Dembe got out of there, fast.

Jennifer rushed to call the paramedics, and all the way to the hospital Liz wondered if her only chance to find out why Tom was murdered over a bag of old bones was now gone.

At the hospital, Garvey took off his oxygen mask like he was going to say something to Liz but then he flatlined and the medical staff rushed him into the operating theatre.