The Blacklist Season 5 – Episode Recaps


Ian Garvey (No 13) **Fall Finale **

Tom goes missing and Liz desperately retraces his steps to find him; Red’s hunt for the suitcase of bones leads to lives being changed forever.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones got Tom murdered when he uncovered who they belong to and why Red wants them back at any cost.

Ian Garvey tracks the suitcase to Tom, and murders him in a shoot out where Red and Dembe arrive just in time to scoop up Tom’s remains and take Liz to the hospital, where she spends ten months in a coma unaware she’s now a widow.

When she comes round, Red has to break it gently, that Tom is no more. When The Blacklist returns, expect Liz to exact revenge in a most horrific way.

The Blacklist will return in January 2018.



The Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48)
November 8

Red and the Task Force place Dembe undercover to infiltrate an international human smuggling organization, but when communication is lost, they must intervene. Meanwhile, Tom’s investigation into the suitcase lands him in grave danger.


The Travel Agency (No. 90)
1 November 2017

While Cooper enlists Red on a case of personal importance, Ressler leads the Task Force to stop the resurgence of once-dormant murder-for-hire. Tom continues to investigate the suitcase despite a warning.


S5, Ep4
25 Oct. 2017

Ilyas Surkov

A volcano pours ash on a town. Surkov takes credit for it, a chemical leak, but it turns out he’s been dead for fifteen months – pancreatic cancer.

Liz learns that her friend, Nick, who was helping identify the suitcase of bones, is dead. She tells Tom, and suspects Red is behind it. When Liz tells Red, she demands he give her a name of the suspect.

MI6 meets with Ressler and the chemical leak at the plant has been contained. Surkov was a person of interest for the alphabet agencies. MI6 suspect a foreman at a Construction company based in Belgrade, and reassures Ressler that Surkov is very much alive.

MI6 had Gafarin under surveillance. He eats lunch every day at a particular cafe. Liz finds out the code name. and the taskforce plan to ensnare him but Aram is nervous when Nobabi is the bait to draw out Gafari. She tells him MI6 are watching him. He runs, and then a white van picks them both up and drives off with them. Ressler and Liz give chase, and in a standoff, it’s revealed the CIA are handling Gafari.

Tom hunts down someone new who can help identify the bones. He poses as a clinical trial participant in order to access the lab equipment. He’s warned that the side effects can include brain damage, and he agrees to go ahead.

S5, Ep4
18 Oct. 2017
The Endling
Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who has a rare blood type and her son is in need of a heart translpant. Red convinces her to commit suicide so her son can have her heart, and she does, in order to escape the authorities. While Red and Liz watch the surgery, word of the events reaches Harold, who later tells Liz he’s watching her closely and protectively because he doesn’t like the influence Red has on her; even if he is her Father.

Meanwhile, a surprise encounter leads Red toward a new business opportunity, when a shifty looking postal employee reveals he has a scam robbing empty homes while their owners are on vacation.

Tom investigates the bones in the suitcase. Just when Tom manages to copy Liz’s credentials in order for the DNA test to be ordered on the bones, Pete is murdered. As Nick, the surgeon helping Pete uncover the identity of the bones, arrives at Pete’s looking for an update he is also murdered, and we catch a glimpse of the suitcase – and bones – being taken away.

It looks like they were getting too close to discovering the truth about who is in the suitcase and why Mr Kaplan held onto the remains for so long.

S5, Ep3
11 Oct. 2017
Miss Rebecca Thrall (No. 76)
The team investigates a number of suspicious police shootings. Ressler is distracted by his outside issues. Red needs Tom’s help to re-establish his criminal empire.

S5, Ep2
4 Oct. 2017

Greyson Blaise (No. 37)

The team pursues a billionaire high end art thief. Tom seeks to identify the remains in the suitcase.

S5, Ep1
27 Sep. 2017

Smokey Putnum

With his criminal empire in ruins, Red enlists Liz in a plan to earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force.

Red decides he needs a job in order to rebuild his empire so he becomes a Bounty Hunter, with Liz in tow because Red doesn’t have a car. He literally lost everything thanks to Mr Kaplan’s antics at the end of last Season.
Throughout the episode, Dembe was tasked to search for the suitcase which contains a skeleton. Red fears Mr Kaplan had plans for it to be delivered to Liz and that would spell disaster for Liz.

Cooper confirms the DNA test proved positive, and Red is in fact Liz’s Father, so Cooper announces it to the Team, and also tells them the new Director has ordered a review of the arrangement the FBI have with Reddington, and the blacklisters. Cooper is chomping at the bit wanting a new case but Red is more focussed on rebuilding his empire. After a long drawn out hour we learn the bounty Red chose was so he could hire Smokey and Hawkins to launder money for him as part of his rebuild.

Agent Nababi and Aram are dating now so Aram in his classically awkward style tells Cooper, and asks if there’s an issue. Cooper says no.

Ressler is in hot water, again. After his tussle with Laurel (National Security Director) last Season where he pushed her and she hit her head and died, her dead body is now found in her home. An investigation is opened, and Ressler goes to the scene and pretends its fresh news. Only, the Fixer he hired digs deeply into the identity of his client and discovers Ressler’s true identity, leading him to blackmail Ressler with going public if he doesn’t co-operate.

In a flash forward scene it is revealed that Tom Keen is shot dead by Red. We may have to wait all Season to discover why, and whether Tom stays dead. He was going to tell Liz that “Mr. Kaplan had a big secret, she sent me to this bus locker and I found a suitcase full of bones.” The big secret that Mr. Kaplan wanted Tom to share with Liz. Stay tuned.

The big reveal at the end of the episode was chilling. Now that’s what I call a real flash forward.

The Blacklist Season 5 – News

Thanks to Mr. Kaplan’s handiwork, Red’s empire is understandably decimated as the new season opens. She really has stripped him down to nothing. And oddly enough, Red’s OK with that. He sort of rolls with the punches and relishes the idea of rebuilding. Reddington loves life, the obstacles, the challenges, and he loves the idea that he gets to reinvent himself. He’s terrified that the contents of that missing suitcase may turn up and cause real problems.

The Sopranos alum Aida Turturro will recur on The Blacklist as a brilliant accountant who cuts a deal with the Feds to save her own skin, while The Americans‘ Michael Aronov will recur as a logistics expert who is on the run after being accused of embezzling

Enrique Murciano is leaving NBC’s The Blacklist after one season. The Without a Trace alum joined The Blacklist in April as obsessive FBI investigator Julian Gale, appearing in Season 4’s final four episodes, including the two-part finale.

Ryan Eggold is returning to The Blacklist, in the wake of its Redemption offshoot in which he starred opposite Famke Janssen, getting cancelled after one season.

The Blacklist returns on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c.


The Blacklist – Season 4 – Dr Bogdan Krilov

Red sets the Task Force to trace a Blacklister with tools to manipulate memories, causing Liz to questions her own experience. When Gale intensifies his investigation, Ressler gets a new lead on a case.

Reddington takes a train through Vienna in a bid to catch Mr Kaplan’s trail.

Mr Kaplan steps up her agenda against Red by meeting with another ally in a bid to discredit Reddington.

The Blacklist Season 3

The Blacklist - Season 2 S3, Ep1
1 Oct. 2015 The Troll Farmer (No. 38)
Agent Keen and Red are on the run from the FBI, while Dembe receives contact that will jeopardise his future.
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Marvin Gerard (No. 80) S3, Ep2
8 Oct. 2015 Marvin Gerard (No. 80)
As Liz pleads for her safety in the Russian Embassy, Red discovers a new plan divised by the Cabal to kill her. A familiar face reaches to Ressler.
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Eli Matchett (No. 72) S3, Ep3
15 Oct. 2015 Eli Matchett (No. 72)
Dembe continues at Solomon’s mercy. Red and Keen head to Iowa to investigate a corporation connected to the Cabal, with Ressler and Navabi on their tail. Cooper and Tom join forces.
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The Djinn (No. 43) S3, Ep4
22 Oct. 2015 The Djinn (No. 43)
Red enlists a task force to locate the Djinn, an enigmatic woman who fulfills revenge fantasies. Red and Liz believe the Djinn can lead them to the Cabal and help them exonerate Liz.
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Arioch Cain (No. 50) S3, Ep5
29 Oct. 2015 Arioch Cain (No. 50)
Red and the FBI come together to protect Liz when a huge reward for her capture attracts attention from assassins.
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Sir Crispin Crandall (No. 86) S3, Ep6
5 Nov. 2015 Sir Crispin Crandall (No. 86)
Red and Liz catch wind that Andras Halmi, a trusted advisor of The Director, has gone missing. In pursuit of Halmi, Red and Liz narrowly escape a violent confrontation. Meanwhile, Tom ends up in a brutal “Fight Club” to find the one man he thinks will be able to exonerate Liz.

Zal Bin Hasaan (No. 31) S3, Ep7
12 Nov. 2015 Zal Bin Hasaan (No. 31)
A family tragedy in Samar’s past resurfaces when the Task Force hunt for an elusive international terrorist. The FBI and the Cabal gain significant ground in their search for Liz and Red. Meanwhile, Tom encounters complications in his plan to exonerate Liz.

Kings of the Highway (No. 108) S3, Ep8
19 Nov. 2015 Kings of the Highway (No. 108)
Red and Liz are separated when Red falls into a perilous situation. Elsewhere, Samar makes a risky choice to help Liz, and Tom and Cooper continue their quest to exonerate Liz.

The Director (No. 24) S3, Ep9
7 Jan. 2016 The Director (No. 24)
While Red creates a crime scene to retrieve his care package, friends of the truth rally around Liz, whose life is in danger now that she’s in custody.

The Director (No. 24): Conclusion S3, Ep10
14 Jan. 2016 The Director (No. 24): Conclusion
As the Cabal prepares to assassinate Liz, Red calls upon the task force to to combine efforts to outmaneuver The Cabal to exonerate her. Red delivers a final ultimatum.

Mr. Gregory Devry (No. 95) S3, Ep11
21 Jan. 2016 Mr. Gregory Devry (No. 95)
With her name finally cleared, Liz attempts to reclaim her former life. Red works with the task force to infiltrate an assembly of high-level criminals at large in a rare, risky opportunity to capture the heads of the world’s most lethal organized crime syndicates.

The Vehm (No. 132) S3, Ep12
28 Jan. 2016 The Vehm (No. 132)
A rare medieval device is used in a murder, prompting Red to warn the task force that a lethal vigilante group from the Middle Ages is now in operation. Meanwhile, Liz receives startling news and cautiously plans her next move.

Alistair Pitt (No. 103) S3, Ep13
4 Feb. 2016 Alistair Pitt (No. 103)
Red and Liz work with the taskforce to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced to unite two rival crime families. Tom reconnects with a former flame.

Lady Ambrosia (No. 77) S3, Ep14
11 Feb. 2016 Lady Ambrosia (No. 77)
A child who had been missing and presumed dead reappears, prompting Red and Liz to hunt down a woman who is known to abduct children; Tom puts himself in a consequential position after aiding Gina.

Drexel (No. 113) S3, Ep15
18 Feb. 2016 Drexel (No. 113)
The owner of a tech startup is murdered in his own home by a man known only as “Drexel”. He takes his time staging the body. Meanwhile Tom is rushed to hospital after sustaining two bullet wounds following the jewelry heist.

The Caretaker (No. 78) S3, Ep16
25 Feb. 2016 The Caretaker (No. 78)
A State Department official is killed in Beijing, leading Red and Liz to “The Caretaker,” a shadowy keeper who maintains a safety-deposit vault for criminals. Also, Tom makes a risky decision, and Liz continues her quest to learn more about her mother.

Mr. Solomon (No. 32) S3, Ep17
7 Apr. 2016 Mr. Solomon (No. 32)
After Red learns that a tactical nuclear weapon is being targeted by thieves, it’s a race against the clock as the task force struggles to stop them – and prevent an imminent nuclear disaster. Meanwhile, Tom and Liz make a decision that will change their relationship forever.

Mr. Solomon (No. 32): Conclusion S3, Ep18
14 Apr. 2016 Mr. Solomon (No. 32): Conclusion
Solomon is still after Elizabeth Keen and she is running against the clock to have her baby. An unexpected turn of events will happen to change everything.

Cape May S3, Ep19
21 Apr. 2016 Cape May
A mysterious beauty on the run from unknown assailants accidentally crosses paths with Reddington and enlists his help to fight back against her attackers.
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The Artax Network (No. 41) S3, Ep20
28 Apr. 2016 The Artax Network (No. 41)
After an unexpected loss devastates the FBI task force, they must track down their assailants; a mysterious group whose agents operate using a worldwide satellite network. Meanwhile, Reddington is forced to confront a ghost from his past — one who knows many of Red’s secrets.
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Susan Hargrave (No. 18) S3, Ep21
5 May 2016 Susan Hargrave (No. 18)
When Reddington links an elegant, powerful and extremely dangerous Romanian woman to the recent tragic events, the task force is forced to play a deadly cat and mouse game to stop her before she strikes again.
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Alexander Kirk (No. 14) S3, Ep22
12 May 2016 Alexander Kirk (No. 14)
The FBI task force’s hunt for revenge nears its endgame. As Reddington and the team close in on the mysterious arch-criminal responsible for recent tragic events, they’re forced to operate outside their comfort zone – and outside the law – in order to take down their enemy once and for all.
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Alexander Kirk (No. 14): Conclusion S3, Ep23
19 May 2016 Alexander Kirk (No. 14): Conclusion
As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for Liz’s death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.