Scandal – Season 6 – Tick Tock

As the clock ticks down to the inauguration of the first female President of the United States, and Vice-President; Olivia takes a big risk to ensure Mellie’s safety.

Mia (Liv’s Mom) is held captive while Team Fitz try to get her to give up the name of who hired her to assassinate Mellie on Inaguration Day. When she’s released they try to trace her but she’s torn out her chip. Rowan is furious, understandably. Jake takes a tac team to storm the warehouse where Mia was holed up and finds plans on the wall for Mellie’s inauguration assassination.

Quinn reveals she’s pregnant to a relieved Abby who has come in out of the cold. Fitz signs an Executive Order liberating funds for a revamped B613 with him at the Head. Liv ain’t gonna let that happen.

There’s a lovely scene where Fitz is about to leave the White House for the final time and Liv runs to him, in front of the cameras, and they kiss passionately.

Very well done.

Scandal Season 6 – Head Games


David Rosen turns up at Rowan’s office asking about who Samantha really was, but Rowan tries to dissuade him from looking into it, advising him to move on with his life. David makes an impassioned plea, and Rowan instead gives him a box.

Olivia is focussed on helping Mellie choose the members of her first Cabinet and it doesn’t escape Quinn’s attention that Liv is pulling away from OPA; leaving them to gladiate all by themselves. Charlie illustrates the point by saying eventually everyone leaves and moves on to better things.

When Quinn later tries on her wedding dress, Huck tells her she looks beautiful.

Liv gives her Team a pile of cases to work through and choose one from, which Fitz will pardon. It’s his last few days in Office and the case needs to be a slam dunk to make Fitz look great on his way out of his Presidency.

David goes to Abby’s with the box and asks if he can store it in her fridge. She looks inside – it’s Samantha’s head. Jake comes over and takes swabs to identify her, then later he comes back with his findings. At Samantha’s apartment there’s a phone which has been wiped but Jake managed to pull the most recent data from it. A text message. They suddenly realise someone was using Paez and Samantha to further their own agenda.

Liv meets with Rowan for a farewell meal as he claims that he’s going to retire, now Liv is finally in the White House, and says family get in the way of her being powerful.

Jake pulls an image from surveillance on Samantha’s house that shows someone went into her house while she was in Custody. The image alerts everyone to stop Rowan from leaving town, and Liv brings him back to the White House and Jake shows him the image.

Olivia’s Mom was the person who visited Samantha’s house.

Back at OPA Quinn tells Liv she got the pardon from Fitz for the case she highlighted to him. Liv doesn’t seem interested, and then she shows Quinn where everything needed to run the business is, and Quinn is now going to run things because being a gladiator means sometimes fighting against the White House which Liv is now part of.



Scandal Season 6 – The Box

olivia-pope-scandalPaez revealed his endgame. Rowan makes a run for it. Fitz is outplayed with disastrous results. Let’s recap.

This week’s episode wrapped up the Shadowy Organisation’s storyline, thankfully.

Fitz was blindsided when his Team discovered a series of armed drones were now positioned over major U.S. cities just as Paez demands that Olivia makes sure Samantha is released from their custody.

Liv talks it out with her Father, who spurts scorn and then tells her to leave. Fitz tries to talk him around to giving up what he knows about the Organisation that held him captive for six months, and he spurts more scorn and says he’s only interested in saving himself. He commands Olivia to run away with him and she refuses.

Later, Rowan approaches Fitz and they strategize about how to get Samantha to give up the location of the drone control station and Paez’s location. Fitz sends Jake in to interrogate her.

However, Samantha resists Jake’s charm – he takes a pen and removes her RFID chip, leading Huck to use it to piggyback off the signal to locate Paez, but alas, the drones are on the move, as is Paez as another phone call to Olivia signals the explosion of a second drone over Philadelphia while Fitz can only watch in horror.

Luna Vargas holds a Press Conference thanking Mellie for choosing her for Vice President. Abby realises that Fitz has frozen her out of proceedings now that Cyrus is back when he makes a judgement call that sees Fitz choose him over her.

Rowan goes to see Samantha in lock down. The guard on the door watching her is overpowered by Roman, who pulls his gun and demands that Sam is released and the codes to the security tunnels is given to him so he can escape Sam is his leverage. The guard gives him the codes and he runs off with Samantha in tow, all the way back to his workshop where he’s restoring dinosaur bones. Once inside, Paez meets Rowan’s demands to stop sending packages with a brick inside meant to scare him into thinking its Olivia’ head Paez agrees and grants Rowan his freedom in exchange for rescuing Sam.

Meanwhile, when Paez leaves, Rowan calls Jake so he can trace him back to the drone control station. Jake takes out two operatives and then shoots Paez. Back at Rowan’s workshop he guts Samantha with a Palaeolithic sword. Cyrus later tells Mellie that its all over.

We say thank God it’s over. Worst storyline ever.

Scandal Season 6 – Mercy

This week saw a threat to Rutland thwarted by Team Pope when Paez revealed his real agenda.  Let’s dig in.

Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope laid into Fitz about how he made Olivia into a stripper; crawling into his bed at his beck and call. He even threw in an insult aboout Fitz’s Father, big Jerry (who raped Mellie) and insinuated that’s where Fitz got his craving for female flesh from.

Team Pope used a fake drone strike to put the town of Rutland into quarantine, which meant Paez’s plans were thwarted and Mellie had all the time she needed to announce her Vice President will be Luna, Frankie Vargas’s Widow. The real kicker was when Mellie named Olivia as her new Chief of Staff..

Well, Cyrus saw the chance to exact his revenge on Rowan for putting him in jail, but Cyrus, being so weak, failed miserably; but we got to see the White House wine cellar. Very well stocked.

Charlie voiced his concerns over how close Quinn is to Huck; and she reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.

We’ll see.


Scandal – Season 6 – Trojan Horse

olivia-pope-scandalThis week – the 100th episode -we bid farewell to Lizzie Bear, Elizabeth North who took one for the Team – one to the head with a golf club, courtesy of ‘Samantha’ (David Rosen’s pretend girlfriend) when Paez let Mellie know in no uncertain terms that she’s their Trojan Horse being sent into the White House to do their bidding, or more people in her life – like the children we never see on screen anymore – will be killed.

Jake, her Vice-President elect, come through and cleans the mess up, all the while talking to a shocked Mellie, who’s covered in Lizzie Bear’s blood.

Michael was on a tv talk show lamenting on how Cyrus is not a good man, but a man who cheats and lies.

While Olivia tries to prevent Fitz from putting Cyrus back in as President, she realises Mellie has to concede, as now Cyrus has been released and exonerated for Vargas’s murder, he’s back as the next President. Olivia gets all up in Fitz’s’ face when he insists on Cyrus being President.

When Fitz goes even further by having her Father arrested for being behind Vargas’s assassination, Olivia races over to Rowan’s just as he’s being handcuffed by the FBI; and she can only make eye contact with him while he’s taken away. When she races back to give Fitz another lecture, he admits to her that he had Rowan taken into custody to keep him safe, and Olivia is shown an image on the television of Rowan seated in the Oval, looking relieved and anxious.

In gratitude, Olivia pulls Fitz in close for a kiss, and it leads to much more to close out the episode.

Scandal Season 6 – The Decision

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode was the what if we hadn’t fixed the election one. It opened with Fitz, Olivia and Jake in the Oval discussing if they were agreed Cyrus should get a pardon and be reinstated as President, preventing Mellie from being elected in the do-over after Vargas’s assassination. Olivia chose the moment to zone out and imagine what life would have been like for everyone had they not rigged the election in 2010, making Fitz President.

It gave us the warts and all alternate reality that is Olivia married to Fitz, and their marriage struggling with the revelation that Olivia was the one who denied Fitz his Presidency by refusing to rig the Election in Defiance, in 2010. Fitz ends up as a political commentator on his own television show, much like Sally Langston’s Liberty Report.

We see Mellie and Cyrus marry, only for Mellie to overhear a pertinent conversation between Cyrus and James with Cyrus admitting how much he wants the Oval, rather than be with James.

In this alternate what-could-have-been we watch Olivia struggle to make headway politically, bringing a Bill to the floor alongside Marcus, but finding the President refuses to meet with her and Marcus to even discuss it. Quinn’s alternate reality involved her appearing on the Bachelor and being a social media celebrity. When she appears as a guest on Fitz’s show, they make out in the green room, but when Fitz catches his reflection in the mirror he doesn’t like what he sees, and throws her off him. When she calls him an old drunk, it really stings. He gets a reality check and goes home to Olivia, who presents him with a brochure with a beautiful house in Georgetown that she thinks they should buy. It might not fix their marriage though.

Huck’s reality was even more weird than the alternate. He had a massive afro! working as an assistant at Olivia and Marcus’s offices where they’re campaigning for Youth and equality judging by the posters on the wall, but it wasn’t absolutely clear to me what they were campaigning for, as I’d lost complete interest in the episode by this point.

The episode ended with Oliva’s decision to agree with Fitz to get Cyrus reinstated as President and overthrow Mellie.

The bit players in the ensemble, Abby, David Rosen, Rowan and Jake all popped up at intervals, but it wasn’t the show stopping episode with big reveals through flashbacks or alternate reality that I’d hoped for.

Scandal Season 6 – Dead In The Water

olivia-pope-scandalJake arrived at the hotel after Jennifer and Huck were shot by Meg. Olivia tells Charlie and Quinn about the conspiracy. Jake turns up at OPA and tells them Jennifer is missing. They all go to the hotel and the room has been cleaned completely, no blood no sign of anything amiss. Quinn and Charlie deep dive to make sure the room is clean, then she brings out the luminol to check for traces of blood and they use a black light to see the blood was everywhere.

Olivia goes to see Abby and tells her Huck is missing. She looks genuinely surprised, then says its just like him; he disappears sometimes, and then Liv shows her photos of Samantha and Abby denies recognising her. Liv pleads with Abby to get FBI Director Webster involved.

Huck regains consciousness – he’s in the trunk of a car being driven by Meg pushes the car off a steep cliff and into the river. Meg stands and watches the car sink beneath the surface. Huck struggles to escape before the trunk fills with water.  He imagines that he finds himself back at OPA where Liv walks in and both Charlie and Quinn are there, and he can hear Liv demanding he doesn’t give up on her. Huck tells Liv the make and model of the car Meg was driving. Meanwhile, he escapes from the trunk and tries the car doors but they don’t open. The car is almost completely submerged and Quinn asks him how much air was in the car. He calculates how long the air will last, and he tells them that he has to wait until all the air has been sucked out before the doors will open.

The door is caught on rocks. He can’t open the door. Water starts leaking into OPA through the windows. Huck even hears Rowan lecturing him about how he wasted his time training Huck if he’s just going to give up and die. He sees Meg with a gun to his head and then he uses the headrest to smash the window and swims to the surface.

Abby phones Samantha and demands to know what she did to Huck. Sam says he’s dead. She reminds Abby that she doesn’t want Cyrus to die in prison, and not to call her ever again.

Quinn and Charlie go to Huck’s apartment and its completely empty. No furniture, nothing. Quinn finds Huck’s backed up date. Abby goes to see Fitz and tells him that she needs to talk to a friend, not the POTUS, and he’s the only real friend she has. He wants to listen to her.

Marcus goes to OPA when he hears about Huck missing, and Liv is cold towards him, He says he wants to help find Huck. He says Liv always has Huck’s back. Jake gets a hit on his research on Meg. When Abby turns up at OPA she slaps her. When Liv demands she be told everything, she slaps Abby again.

Huck has managed to crawl out of the river. He’s greeted by an apparition of himself, cajoling him, and telling him he’s gotten soft. Says he was better off in the trunk and nobody’s looking for him. He’s being haunted by his worst fears.

We catch up with Meg who is now a blonde, holed up in an abandoned house. She’s armed but Quinn and Charlie are more than a match for her. Abby pleads her innocence; and claims she’s doing everything to get Cyrus released. Liv threatens her, and says she’ll never forgive Abby for this. Liv tells her she’s going to wait until Quinn gets back because she’ll go over a cliff to get revenge on Abby  for selling out Huck and almost getting him killed.

It’s nightfall and Huck is still floundering at the riverside. Quinn starts torturing Meg while Charlie watches her cut off her fingers and then disfigures her. Meg ridicules Quinn; saying no wonder Huck loved Meg more. Quinn slashes her neck and she dies. They go back to OPA and Liv asks her if it felt good because now they have no leads to find out if Huck was still alive. Jake is convinced Huck is dead. Charlie tells Liv to fix her people, and that they need her. Says she can’t give up. Quinn will need to see Huck’s remains before she accepts he’s dead. Everyone does their best research to track the phone Jake gave to Jennifer. Quinn suddenly realises why Abby is at OPA and rails up on her.

Jake and Liv find Huck and he’s rushed to hospital. He lost a lot of blood, but is stable. The surgeon warns the team that he may not wake up at all, and may have some deficits. Fitz and his entourage turn up at the hospital. Liv can’t believe it. She tells Fitz that Huck might die, and he comforts her. He tells Liv that Abby told him everything but Liv says its treason forcing the POTUS to keep her secrets. Fitz reminds her that she knows the lengths you go to when you’re working at the Oval and Abby needs her help to survive.

Quinn berates Huck for not looking out for himself and asks why he’s always looking out for everyone else. She says she’ll look out for him and cover his blind spot, and she’ll never forgive him if he dies. He regains consciousness just as she’s about to leave the room. She lies next to him on the bed.  Charlie watches and realises Quinn’s closer to Huck than to him.

Liv sits with Abby outside the hospital after Fitz leaves.