Seven Seasons, 124 episodes later, the final episode ever rolled into view last night and now Gladiators all over the world finally know how Olivia Pope’s story ends.


Olivia Pope and Associates gave testimony at a Senate Hearing convened to uncover everything about B613. Rowan took the stand and confessed he created it, and was proud to keep the republic safe from the people with too much power who were running the country.

David Rosen stood up to Jake, promising his life was over, but later on it was David’s life that was snuffed out after Cyrus poisoned then suffocated him with a pillow. Abby was devastated and went to see his remains at the morgue to say her goodbyes.

Quinn married Charlie on a conjugal visit in prison, no wedding cake or friends and family present, natch. Meanwhile, Cyrus signed a pre-arranged letter of resignation.

Lonnie shot himself in the head – while Olivia sat and watched, stunned. She wasn’t stunned for long because she managed to have one last minute with Fitz; fearing it was her last.

Jake went to jail. That pretty face won’t do him anything but land him in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sally Langston and her lovers of liberty praised Mellie for bringing B613 and its heinous crimes to the public’s attention, and with Marcus by her side, Mellie looked to have a wonderful remainder of a Presidency. When Mellie turned to Olivia to plan their next move, she got a shock.

Olivia said she’s done, and wants to do whatever she wishes with Fitz.

Overall, a terrible final episode of the Season.

Gladiator out.




Season 7 comes to a close with Scandal’s final episode
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S7, Ep17
12 Apr. 2018

Standing in the Sun

Olivia Pope fell on her sword to save the Republic. Jake admitted he’s never going to have Liv, despite them both standing in the sun on their island. Clearly he could smell Fitz on her from their tumble into bed in the previous episode. Let’s recap.

Special Prosecutor Lonnie started questioning Mellie. When his questions turned to Liv’s being fired, Mellie plead the Fifth. Liv was then served, and was told to face questioning the next day. Liv went to Fitz and there was a huddle in the Oval when they all discussed what was about to go down. Fitz and Mellie were furious Liv would risk their legacy, and the impact of her actions.

Jake had given the Committee video footage of Mellie and Liv talking about President Rashad where Mellie had not instructed Liv to take him out. Liv merely listened to her say its a problem, and then Liv said its handled. This much was clear, so when questioned about the assassination, Olivia said Mellie did not give the order; she did, as Command of B613. A secret organisation running the Government and controlling the White House.

The Hearing ended abruptly as Lonnie was out if his depth and his mind. He went to the pool house as Liv had told him B613 was based there and was headed by Jake. Meanwhile, Jake told Liv that if she turned on Mellie he’d make sure she walked away free and clear. She said no to Cyrus being President.

Lonnie went to Cyrus, concerned that Jake didn’t exist before he joined the Navy, and Cyrus didn’t like that Lonnie was looking into it. The FBI went to the pool house and it was completely empty. Jake can work fast in a pinch.

Meanwhile, Jake went to see Rowan kind of to tell him Olivia is going be a casualty in this if she doesn’t back off, but Rowan chastised him for even believing that he was Command in the first place, even Liv isn’t Command. Rowan made it clear that he will always be Command because you can’t take Command, son.

On the day of Liv’s Hearing, Quinn was approached by Sally Langston to confirm reports Liv is going down for treason, and hinted to Quinn that she’s going to need lots of money to get Charlie out, and she is fully aware of what goes on in the bowels of the White House, having been President herself. Quinn later goes to Sally with confirmation about B613.

The episode ended with Quinn, Abby and Huck all agreeing to testify to what B613 have done – but who are they going to pin it all on – Jake and Cyrus.


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Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c)

As Mellie prepares to defend herself against accusations that she attempted to have Cyrus killed, Olivia offers her advice – “Do not plead the fifth.”

With only one episode remaining until Scandal‘s series finale, tensions are running high for the Gladiators and their associates; especially Mellie, who maintains her innocence ) in the face of great opposition from Cyrus as he steps up his efforts to have her impeached.


Scandal Season 7 Ep 18

SCANDAL - Courtesy of The-ABC-Television-Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
SCANDAL – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

S7 Ep 18

5 April 2018

People Like Me set the ball rolling on Cyrus Beane’s demise as battle lines were drawn in the fight for the Oval. Let’s recap.

Liv declines Mellie’s suggestion that she arrange to have Cyrus murdered after he staged his own coup, trying to steal the Oval from Mellie. It’s the only way to clear Charlie’s name. Marcus gave Mellie some much needed moral support. Mellie drank scotch and curled up on the couch, while talking to the cameras in the ceiling, knowing Jake was watching and listening.

While Liv tried to reason with Cyrus, plying him with wine, and talking him through his options, it wasn’t working. Cyrus was too seasoned and knew the playbook Liv was using, word for word.

He didn’t realise the wine he was drinking could so easily have been poured from the earlier vintage, the one with the cyanide poisoning. Jake came in on his white horse to save the Vice-President from an untimely death. After Cyrus had previously called him the second best or consolation prize everyone in his life chooses, I was surprised. This new-found cockiness in Jake lasted the remainder of the episode.

When Vanessa Ballard signed up for marriage to Admiral Jake Ballard she had no real clue who she had married. As his psyche unraveled and the mask finally slipped off, Vanessa stared into the abyss and didn’t like what she saw staring back at her. In fact, she whined so much that out of shot, Jake took her out.

After rescuing Cyrus from his fate, he was offered the chance to work for Cyrus after he takes up his new role as President, but Jake has other ideas, and points to Vanessa’s corpse on the kitchen floor. Jake tells Cyrus he’d already gone to Lonnie to convince him to include Olivia in the investigation into the hijacking. Cyrus steps over Vanessa to toast to their new partnership.

Olivia turns up on Fitz’s doorstep with a bottle of rare scotch and then hits the sheets with him.


Scandal Season 7 Ep15 Recap

SCANDAL - Courtesy of The-ABC-Television-Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
SCANDAL – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)


The Noise

With this one of only four episodes left, Scandal has hit the home stretch, upping the pace of the drama. Let’s recap.

After the raid at QPA’s offices, Liv is on board to team up with her former friends to help bring Charlie home, but what they weren’t banking on was how far Cyrus would go with his campaign to become the next President of the United States.

As Cyrus closed ranks to protect his agenda, he sought out Jake to be his ally, and sent him in to finish off CharlieCyrus had drafted a statement for Charlie to sign which confirms Mellie as being behind the ‘assassination’ attempt on Cyrus by hiring Charlie to write the virus that caused the hijacking of Air Force 2. After Charlie repeatedly refused to sign anf got beaten up several times, Jake went in and set him straight – sign or Quinn dies for real this time. Charlie signed.

Mellie slept with Marcus.

The news broke that Mellie had been subpoenaed after the signed statement from Charlie was presented to the Special Prosecutor, Lonnie Makin. Meanwhile, QPA looked into Lonnie’s background. His son was gunned down right in front of him, and Lonnie has been against guns ever since, and has a real dislike/distrust of Mellie for being pro-guns.

Huck confided in Fitz that he can see the old Liv has returned, and the evil version of her is gone, and Fitz agrees. Marcus convinces Mellie that she needs Liv in her corner, and Mellie admited that she misses Liv being there for her.

Mellie summons Liv to meet her in the under the White House tunnels and instructs Liv to resume Command of B613 – and her first order of business is to kill Cyrus.