Scandal Season 6 – A Traitor Among Us

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode was directed by Tom Verica (How To Get Away With Murder’s Sam) and did not disappoint. Let’s recap:





After last week’s reveal that Jake is protecting Jennifer Fields by keeping her safe in a Hotel, Liv steps up her game, and enlists Huck to kill Rowan, saying he’s unstoppable, and trying to prevent her from getting Mellie into the White House, even though we all witnessed the discussion between the lady in red and her sidekick – the lady in red was revealed via Jake to be an old friend of Rowan’s. It’s uncanny how Jake just happened to have a surveillance photo of Rowan with Sandra Potter, just when Huck happened to stop by, after tailing Quinn, whom he suspected of being a mole within OPA designed to take down Olivia which is what Rowan told him a the train station. With us so far? Good. Let’s move on.

This week’s episode is Huck’s version of events post-election gate. He’s heavily involved with Meg, Jennifer Fields’s friend, who is out to get justice for her friend. When Huck listens in to a conversation between Quinn and Charlie and hears them discussing Meg, is able to call in favours with Abby by telling her Jennifer Fields is still alive; and get Becky’s take on Meg. Remember Becky left Huck holding the smoking gun when Fitz was shot. Anyhoo, Huck visits Becky in maximum security, with David Rosen in tow and she demonstrates how gullible Huck is towards damsels in distress, and lets him know that Meg is playing him. He disagrees, and slopes off with his tail between his legs.

Later, Huck tracks Rowan to the train station and holds him at gunpoint, ready to fulfil Olivia’s demands to have him killed but Rowan points out that Liv is in danger and he’s being forced to do certain things to keep her alive. Huck spills the beans to Liv and she claims Rowan’s playing Huck, but when he pleads with her and then Sandra’s body is found dumped at an old B613 dump site, Olivia gets mad and assigns Rowan’s murder to Quinn.

Meanwhile, Huck doesn’t know where his heads at with Meg confusing him, but not before he tells her Jennifer Fields is alive and then takes her to the safe house. Once they’re inside, Jennifer rushes forward to hug Meg, glad to see her, only for Meg to put two in her chest and one in her head, and then to turn on Huck and give him three shots to the body, which makes me wonder if he’s leaving the show or just taking time off to work on other projects.

The episode ended with the mole being revealed as she met with her co-conspirators.

It’s Abby, who asks if Jennifer’s dead, and what about Huck, and is told not to worry about him, he’s been taken care of.

Stay tuned.

Scandal Season 6 – Extinction

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode had some MAJOR reveals. Let’s recap.

The episode gave us a look at Rowan’s role in the days leading up to the Election. He has a very routine life; has a leisurely breakfast, attends a riveting lecture by an esteemed friend from University days, Sandra; and enjoys some witty banter with her while she’s in town, and she shows off her new workplace. He seems bowled over by her progress and even more excited when she offers him a chance to work on a ground breaking discovery, complete with funding from a private investor; until he spots a camera concealed in the window frame.

He confides in someone already working for him; who uncovers the ‘private investor’ funding Sandra’s project doesn’t exist. Rowan realises Olivia is not safe, and drops in on her so he can check her apartment for cameras and advises her to step up the schedule to have Huck sweep for listening devices etc.

Later, Rowan corners Sandra in a closet at gunpoint and she tells him they threatened to kill her if she didn’t convince Rowan to work with her. She seems genuinely in fear of her life and he lets her go. It’s revealed to us that they’re watching Rowan.

Rowan faces off with them when they emerge to meet face to face and ‘Theo’ shoots one of their own men to demonstrate they aren’t afraid of Rowan, who asks what they want from him. Theo simply states that he wants Mellie in the White House and threatens to kill Sandra if Rowan doesn’t co-operate.  Later, they end up in bed and Rowan suddenly beams, pleased with himself. He later meets with his investigator, who produces a file on Jennifer Fields who was just beaten by one of Cyrus’s goons. Rowan rejects it, and instead they opt for tampering with voting machines to ensure Mellie wins the Election.

Olivia confides in Rowan that Mellie is sleeping with Marcus, and the implications for the campaign are not lost on her. Rowan convinces her to dissuade Mellie from being in love with Marcus or it’ll cost Olivia the White House. He persuades her to relax, and assures her that Mellie is assured of a win. Olivia lets him know Huck found the back door in the coding which rigged the voting machines. Rowan’s furious, but he can’t tell her about Theodore.

Rowan later tries to convince Sandra that she needs to go to Zanzibar, to be safe. He tells her he worked for the Government, which meant he couldn’t risk her being a liability by becoming emotionally involved, and despite being married years ago, thereby breaking the rules of engagement, he realises she was the wrong one, and he should have married Sandra. He forces her to leave the country for her safety’s sake; but she demands he protect her on home soil.

Two days before the Election, Rowan meets with his Investigator to go over strategy again but when Rowan goes into his house there’s an unnamed woman waiting for him and tells him the consequences of Mellie losing the Election, or Sandra dies. She tells Rowan to kill Vargas on Election night, and he realises he has to frame Cyrus for it.

Rowan meets with his investigator and they discuss the hit on Vargas and asks for all the info on Jennifer Fields. Not sure why she keeps calling Rowan ‘Coolio’ though and why the writers insist on not naming the character….moving on.

On Election night, we see how events unfolded for Mellie. Jake got the phone call from Rowan and met with him to arrange fro Jennifer’s cabin to be torched, and to keep her safe. We see Rowan take his position beneath the stage where Vargas makes his acceptance speech but he can’t pull the trigger. He contemplates turning the gun on himself but doesn’t. Then, the shots ring out, taking down Vargas.

Rowan shoots Vargas three times.

When he meets with his hitman he gives him another assignment, which makes the blood drain from his face. The hitman is arrested when the rifle is found in the parking garage where Rowan instructed him to leave it, and it has his fingerprints on it.

Sandra is released when Rowan goes back to the project and the mystery woman tells Rowan to call Jennifer, who then calls the FBI tip line to say Cyrus shot Vargas. Then, Rowan shoots Sandra in the head to show them he’s not scared.

They tell him Olivia is being closely monitored, and will kill her if he doesn’t co-operate and put Cyrus in jail and Mellie in the White House.



Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 – They All Bow Down Recap

olivia-pope-scandalThe s*** hit the fan this week with an explosive look at the real events that occurred on election night. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with an uncomfortable insight into Jake and Vanessa’s marriage. Where they were all cutesy and cuddly at first, the gloves are now off; with Jake once more a cold, lean killing machine. Through flashbacks we witness the crumbling marriage that is a total sham so Jake will be the next President of the United States. Frankie Vargas’s shooting re-opened the game, and now Mellie Grant is the Pres, she’s chosen Jake to be her Vice President. We all know what that means – any day now Mellie is toast so Jake can take a seat in the big chair; at Rowan ‘Poppa Pope’s behest.

Yes, Olivia faced off with her Father after it was revealed that Tom’s sudden windfall was from her, but wait, lovers of liberty, Liv is just being framed for paying Tom so she won’t step out of line and ruin the big bad peoples’ work to frame Cyrus for Vargas’s shooting.

What’s creepy about this episode is how Jake morphed into this cold, blank-staring man who dragged Liv into the woods sans her trusty cell phone, for the big reveal this episode:

Jennifer Fields had to die

Jake blew up the Cabin in the woods, just as he heard Quinn and Huck approaching. Rowan told him to do it, and further, Jennifer’s alive. Clearly, she’s got dirt on someone within the Presidential campaign.

When Rowan finds out, he’ll kill them all.

Also this episode, Rowan is being coerced into making sure Jake is VP, with it going as far as Olivia’s life being cut short. How that opens up the rest of the Season should be interesting.

Scandal – Season 6 – The Belt

We open with Cyrus arriving at the prison and being booked in for Frankie Vargas’s murder.

Over at OPA, Olivia and Mellie are celebrating her Presidency; dancing to music and drinking red wine. Olivia says until Mellie gets sworn in she’s not actually the next President of the United States.  Meanwhile, Huck is busy combing through the Vargas footage. Campaign staffer Meg Mitchell has caught his eye.

Marcus tells the Press about Cyrus’s arrest for Vargas’s assassination, and they ask whether the Death Penalty will be applied. The FBI Director, Ms Webster is in David Rosen’s office when Abby storms in, asking David Rosen, Attorney General, not to go for the Death Penalty. Ms Webster tells Abby she’s not the one who makes that decision and they face off, about how Abby speaks for the President and Death Penalty is off the table under President’s orders.

Cyrus is taken for his  exercise, a ‘walk’ in another cell, and sees Tom in the opposite cell. He begs to talk with Tom but the guard spits in Cyrus’s face and warns him to keep his mouth shut otherwise he’ll be moved into gen pop with the nastiest criminals. A prisoner opposite Cyrus tells him how he ate his family, and wants another kill in exchange, he tells Cyrus how to get leverage on the guard.

Abby gets a visit from Elizabeth North, and demands that she tells David that the Death Penalty is off the table. Abby offers her a job if she gives Cyrus a message. Elizabeth goes to visit Cyrus and tells him about the overwhelming, negative Public response to the news he murdered Vargas. She gives him the message about the Death Penalty being off the table. Cyrus tells her Tom is in the same Prison, and can she give Tom a letter for him. She’s not interested at first, but Cyrus practically begs. He says he needs to turn Tom and convince him Cyrus loves him, and it’ll make him recant the case against Cyrus.

OPA establish that Tom rented a car on the election night. OPA try and track his movements to see if he was near Vargas that night.

Huck visits Meg Mitchell at home and installs security locks in her apartment as she’s worried Jenny’s murderer will come after her next. He teaches her self-defence. At OPA, Huck asks everyone who killed Jenny. Everyone realises nobody has been charged with Jenny’s murder. They have to prove Tom blew up Jennifer’s cabin first, to tie him into Vargas’s assassination.

Cyrus leverages inside knowledge on one of the guards in exchange for pen, paper, and better treatment. Later, the guard gives Cyrus what he wants. He writes the letter to Tom and gives it to Elizabeth when she next visits. Later, he gets a visit from Michael who wants a divorce and full custody of their child. He threatened Elizabeth unless she shows him the letter Cyrus wrote to Tom. Michael’s angry.

Fitz is in bed with Ms Webster. They look very cozy as they discuss Cyrus’s case. He’s furious Abby told David to take the Death Penalty off the table, under President’s orders. He tears Abby a new asshole in front of David and FBI Director Ms Webster. Fitz orders Abby to stay away from the case, under President’s orders. Fitz later makes a Press statement that he supports the Death Penalty and it will be applied for Cyrus. Later, the guard lets Cyrus out for some fresh air and the guard lets the other convicts who voted for Vargas beat him up. He ends up in the infirmary.

Cyrus hallucinates that he is sworn in as the next President of the United States but then realises in the oval that it’s actually Mellie who is President. Cyrus is patched up, and makes a call to Olivia to stress that he told Tom not to harm a hair on Frankie Vargas’s head, and that it was all Tom who did this. Tells her to trust her gut, and that she knows Cyrus the best. She says it’s gone to far, and at some point the bill has to be paid. His time is up. Stop being a monster and be a man, a man he can be proud of. He says he’s going to die in there. Olivia says she’ll always be his friend but she will never speak to him again, and hangs up on him.

At breakfast, Cyrus asks the guard for his belt so he can hang himself. The prisoner opposite, Ralph the cannibal, hears the whole conversation. The guard agrees to pin it on a guard he can’t stand Ralph agrees to blame it on the other guard. It’s set for when the guard finishes his shift, and it looks like Cyrus is going to hang himself.

Huck asks Meg if they are more than business clients, and she kisses him. Abby phones him mid-kiss with an update on Tom – he wasn’t anywhere near Frankie Vargas or the election that night, he was 600 miles away. Its confirmed. Further examination of Tom’s bank accounts show he was paid 2 million dollars to confess to the assassination.

OPA realise Cyrus and Tom are innocent.

Cyrus overthrows the guard with Ralph’s help and get his keys. Then, the guard stands and watches as Cyrus gets the inmate to kill Tom with the belt.

Tom tells Cyrus they are both innocent.



Scandal – Season 6 – Fates Worse Than Death

olivia-pope-scandalOh, boy. Scandal kicked things up a notch this week. Let’s dig in.

The episode opened with Michael and Cyrus playing happy families until Abby phones Cyrus and tells him to lock the doors and shut himself in the house. He turns on the news and there’s a live broadcast from the White House about how Fitz has opened an investigation into Vargas’s murder and how Cyrus Bean is part of that investigation. Cyrus if furious, then in flashback we see how Jennifer Fields was part of what went down on #electiongate.

Frankie Vargas had brought her on-board as the videographer for his Campaign so everything could be documented. Cyrus had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure nobody was close to Frankie, only for this woman to show up. Rightfully, he was suspicious of her from the start. Frankie had to convince Cyrus that she was a good addition to the Team.

Only Tom, blast from the bitter past, turned up demanding to meet with Cyrus; threatening to expose everything Cyrus had done in the past. It didn’t look good for him.

In flashback, we saw how Tom later met with Cyrus in the woods, and Cyrus had brought a gun with him. Whether it was for self defence or to kill Tom wasn’t clear, but Tom got the upper hand and put the gun into Cyrus’s mouth. Tom walked away after a lecture on how he was on top now and no longer Cyrus’s dog, and then Cyrus pooped his pants I reckon. He immediately told Michael that Tom was back, and Michael was horrified. Fitz makes Cyrus and offer: avoid the death penalty if you step down. Cyrus says if Mellie also steps down, he will. Fitz is silent as Cyrus leaves the car.

Meanwhile, Huck tracked down a friend of Jennifer’s who told him she was intimate with Vargas, and then the friend showed Huck a photo of Jennifer all beaten up and hinted someone menacing did it. Tom !

Huck goes back to the office and tells Olivia and her associates it must have been Tom after satellite images show he was in the area that night. They track Tom’s movements on the night of the election and boom. Tom’s in front of Fitz, having confessed to Vargas’s murder. Cyrus is arrested, and David Rosen reads him his rights. For some reason we flashback to the moment when Cyrus tries to convince Frankie Vargas that David Rosen would be the perfect running mate for his Campaign as David has already been vetted. Vargas had convinced Cyrus to run as Vice-President elect.

Elizabeth North turns up at Cyrus’s house and demands he makes her his Chief of Staff. He agrees, then sends her to Fitz with a message that he accepts the offer Fitz made – he will step down rather than face the death penalty for Vargas’s murder.

The episode ended with Olivia telling Mellie the College electorate had no choice but to vote for her now that Cyrus was in handcuffs.

Why do I not believe her?


Scandal Season 6 Survival of the Fittest


Scandal roared into life within minutes of the opening episode.

Mellie Grant was in her campaign headquarters giving her team yet another pep talk. The numbers were good, and it looked like she was set to win California, and therefore the President-Elect would be announced as Mellie.

However, Oliiva smelt a rat and got her people to run down the numbers properly.

Wait for it – election tampering again. Mellie had lost the race and would lose to Frankie Vargas, with Cyrus Bean as the Vice-President. What a blow for Mellie, after all she’d done to get there. She was so close.

She is in denial for a while, but Olivia Pope’s-her and gets her to call Vargas and concede so he can make his acceptance speech and Fitz can swear him in before the College votes a month later officially make him the new President of the United States. But hold on to your popcorn, because old sly dog Cyrus isn’t content with just a Vice Presidency, he wants the Oval, and this is how he gets it.

VARGAS is shot, live on national television. One in the arm, one in the stomach but the vital one in the face exits out of his brain, and boom, Cyrus is poised to be the next President of the United States, but hey now, hold on a cotton-picking-minute, because Fitz notes to David Rosen, concerned, that the Public didn’t vote for Cyrus, so he can’t step into the slot now Vargas is DEAD of his injuries, wife at his side, complete with blood splatter and brain matter on her new suit.

I half-expected Sally Langston to pop up with her ‘lovers of liberty’ schtick but old gal Sally was nowhere to be seen. That’s all by the by, because Olivia, she rocks up to her Daddy and gives him hell. How could he assassinate Frankie Vargas. The very notion of it doesn’t sit well with her. But Poppa Pope, not content to be typecast as a lecture-giving-miscreant, puts the idea into Olivia’s head that the person behind Vargas’s assassination is closer than she thinks, and while Jake is nowhere in sight, having spent the entire time preventing his Wife from getting blind drunk at the ceremony, he looks like a candidate – until he wasn’t even consider. Whatevs.

Turns out Olivia whispered in Cyrus’s ear how she is on to him and only time will tell until she exposes his secret.

I never did like Cyrus when he used Tom and then rolled over and reunited with his fake husband Michael the hooker who was only in it for the money.

Scandal Season 6 – Episode 2 – Hardball

scandal-fitz After a tight race and shocking conclusion to the election, flashbacks revealed what happened on the campaign trail and just how far Olivia was willing to go to win.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Abby were faced with an unprecedented national crisis, and the gladiators were determined to get answers.

Why was whistle blower Jennifer Fields murdered?

Remember the exploding cabin? It was hers, and she was found inside – Quinn found a charred hand with a ring still on a finger after she called the FBI tip line and dropped the dime on who assassinated Vargas – Cyrus Bean.

Mellie opens up to Olivia about her feelings for Marcus. Liv warns her that it’s not a good idea to get involved with Marcus as he slept with the Mayor’s Wife, and may only be using Mellie to further his agenda – he was an activist in his pre-Pope and Associates life. Olivia later convinces Abby to offer Marcus the White House Press Secretary position – to break up Mellie and him.  Mellie dumps him when he breaks the news of his new job. She tells him she’s aware he’s using her to get further into politics.

Later, Mellie and Marcus had sex on his desk after they had a moment practising throwing a baseball. It was Mellie’s idea to throw the opening pitch at the Game in order to get the voters on-side with her accepting the Republican nomination for President.

Liv went to Fitz and demanded an investigation into Cyrus and the assassination of President-elect Vargas. At Vargas’s funeral Liv exchanged a stare down with Cyrus; just to remind him that she’s on to him.

Next, Liv convinced Abby to have Jake prise a confession out of the suspect in Vargas’s assassination. Jake succeeded. David Rosen was so stunned that he went over to Liv’s office to snag some wine and spilled the beans about what had just happened.

The big reveal this episode was Fitz’s new love interest: ANGELA; the Black female Director of the FBI who is investigating Vargas’s murder. Liv coaxes her out for drinks so Quinn can pose as an FBI Agent and retrieve the burnout laptop from Jennifer’s cabin which was in the evidence room at the FBI office.

Huck manages to repair Jennifer’s laptop’s hard drive in time to find incriminating footage of Cyrus and Frankie Vargas threatening each other – live on security camera. Jennifer’s laptop recorded the whole thing. Liv seizes the opportunity to present the evidence to Fitz, who demands Abby contact the Attorney General to open an investigation into Cyrus.

However, we are given insight into a heated discussion between Mellie and Cyrus where he offers her the Vice-Presidency, which she declines gloriously by letting him know she’s on to him and his hand in Vargas’s assassination.

After hearing Mellie confess how incredible sex with Marcus was, and then observing Fitz with Angela, looking cozy on the balcony at the White House, Olivia realises she is so alone. She has isolated herself.

Jake loved her but he recently got married to further his Agenda and now heads up the NSA, and his Wife is a drunk.

Even Quinn is engaged now, and Olivia reels off a damning lecture to Quinn about how anyone would kill to get the chance to be normal – Charlie is offering Quinn the chance to be their version of normal. Olivia tells Quinn she’s scared but should just go for it and realise how lucky she is.

Olivia’s dream of Vermont with Fitz now a distant memory, we were left wondering how long it would be before Olivia goes off the rails with some random sex with a handsome stranger.