Season Finale Spoilers

la-tv-diva-logoIf you don’t want to know how your favorite shows end this Season, stop reading now.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. (Cue evil laugh).



PRE-FINALE: Roman’s standoff with the FBI draws to a dramatic climax. Even though Roman has technically chosen a life with Blake and Crawford, “he’s still created this entire plan to take them down that involves the FBI team. Roman’s declining health will become a major plot point in the season’s final instalments.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 18): The Season 3 closer will take place in South Africa, a place that holds great significance for Jane and Roman, with a hint of loose ends being tied up.

PRE-FINALE: Geena Davis reprises her role as Dr. Nicole Herman and promptly presents an “exciting opportunity” to Jessica Capshaw’s departing Arizona, who also finds herself navigating a school-related rough patch with daughter Sofia.

No clues regarding Sarah Drew’s exit as April  who has rebounded with a starring role in CBS’ Cagney & Lacey reboot. Drew will succeed Sharon Gless as Cagney opposite Blindspot alum Michelle Hurd‘s Lacey (following in the footsteps of Tyne Daly).

Penned by Bridget Carpenter (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights), the pilot — based on the 1982-88 cop show starring Gless and Daly — moves the action from New York to Los Angeles, but keeps the central conceit of two female police detectives teaming up to keep the streets safe.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 17): The stress from the past year forces Bailey to re-evaluate some of her decisions in the Debbie Allen-directed Season 14 closer, and lots of recaps of Jo and Alex’s romance over the years.

Season 7 finale TONIGHT !

Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack on Specter Litt. Mike and Rachel (departing cast members Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle) attempt to balance their commitments to the firm, the clinic and each other. Suits will continue without Adams and Markle, with USA Network renewing the show for an eighth season.

Season 8 will have everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships. Keep an eye out for an adversarial new character that will give Harvey a run for his money. Meanwhile, a Suits spinoff centered on former co-star Gina Torres’ character Jessica is currently in development.







What You Could Be Watching

la-tv-diva-logo The arrival of Spring always signals mid-season for network television shows, and this year there is a raft of new shows bubbling below the primetime surface, lurking in the shadows, ready to come forth once the major shows are on hiatus. Here are a few of the shows we’re watching, now that the Season Finales of all our favorite shows are on the way.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who also created and stars in Amazon’s sex-com gem Fleabag) wrote this razor-sharp witty, fun, show, based on the novellas by Luke Jennings. Starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) as Eve, a British intelligence analyst who’s bored at her thankless desk job and decides to investigate a series of murders she suspects are being committed by a female assassin – not heard of in the intelligence community as research suggests more murders are committed by men.

The titular Eve makes it her business to investigate, and gets in trouble for running an unsanctioned investigation and is fired. However, she is quickly re-hired covertly to run an investigation to track down and apprehend the assassin.

The assassin, Villanelle (The White Princess‘ Jodie Comer), is a highly skilled contract killer with a penchant for group sex; in contrast to Eve’s boring marriage. Villanelle is a bit of a show off, which the investigators hope will lead to her capture, but as she steadily commits elaborate schemes to effect her crimes, and is armed with a brazen self-confidence, convinced she can’t be caught; we do wonder how long it will be before Villanelle kills Eve.

There are only eight episodes in this first run.


The cure for medical-show fatigue is The Resident, about a doctor supervising interns at a hospital. The Resident takes a hard look at the thorny ethical issues surrounding today’s health-care providers, and delivers a refreshing jolt of darkness to a genre that’s too often swimming in schmaltz.

The hospital’s renowned chief of surgery, Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) botches a routine appendectomy, killing the patient, and then bullies his nurses into covering it up; but behind his back, his doctors and nurses are snickering about his shaky hands. Greenwood cleverly creates the type of icy villain we don’t normally get to see on hospital shows.

Bell’s main rival is hotshot resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins (The Good Wife‘s Matt Czuchry). Czuchry walks a fine line between charismatic and obnoxious but brings a rugged antihero edge to the role, and Conrad’s ethical debates with Dr. Bell, where he stands toe-to-toe with his superior and challenges his decisions, are a highlight.

Emily VanCamp (Revenge) stars as nurse Nic; she seems to give Conrad pep talks every episode.

Episode 2 brings in an oncologist played by Providence vet Melina Kanakaredes.

Not all TV doctors have to be perfect, and The Resident goes a long way to expose each character’s flaws.



Where Have Your Shows Gone?

Welcome to mid-season.

All your favourite shows ended this month and now make room for a slew of new shows. Some of these shows are always broadcast at mid-season. We’re glad to see these faves returning this mid-season:


After the recent trauma of Ryan Serhant’s nuptials and the shock announcement at the end of last Season that Luis was quitting Real Estate, we are so glad to see the return of high-kicking Frederik and his artist husband ‘Big D’ formerly known as Derek the Brit.

The season opener set the bar high with Ryan landing a new portfolio of one hundred houses all needing to be sold in just ninety days. Frederik was equally under pressure to sell an apartment with a communal garden for a fussy client who had him up against the wall right up to the last frame of the episode. Let’s see if the pace can continue all Season.


This one is worth binge-watching previous Seasons on one very rainy weekend. (Amazon Video). The story of a psychiatrist who has to live with her brother when her relationship crumbles. Taking her teenage daughter in tow provides the angst of the piece until you factor in how the brother has a startup dating app and has to sell it when it fails at market. He uses it to find a girlfriend and its a disaster. If you like watching dysfunctional families go through their worst day ever, this ones for you.


American Gods (Starz)

Not for the faint-hearted, the cursing, sex scenes, and violence took me to almost two episodes before I switched off. Not for me.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

The retelling of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 epic novel, giving us an insider’s view of debauchery at the hands of the elite in a hellish dystopian society where women are sold as chattle, made to bear children for barren couples. Its mesmerising to watch Elisabeth Moss cope with the gravity of the situation her character, Offred, finds herself in. Compelling watching on catch up as the series has just ended its first run.

Downward Dog (ABC)

A lonely dog navigates the complexity of 21st century relationships. The dog narrates each episode with some funny insights. It’s kind of sad but it’s always upbeat too. His owner is a workaholic who the dog realises only turns to him when her life is in the toilet. Her ex spends more time with the dog as he was adopted by them when they were a couple, but now they’re deciding what they are.


Check out the cancelled shows page to find out if your tv faves are returning in the Fall.