How To Get Away With Murder – 2 Part Season Finale is Here !


PART ONE  started with the usual recap: Connor giving Wes CPR and realising he was too late; Wes had been injected with a fatal dose of a drug which killed him. Connor smelt gas and realised the house was going to explode. He ran out of the storm door, just as Laurel opened the door to the basement, and the house exploded. Connor got away in time but Laurel was later dragged out of the burning building by the EMTs.

With Annalise now out on bail, pending a Hearing to determine whether the District Attorney would take her case to trial, time was running out for the Keating Four to come up with a plan to get the charges against Ana dropped. Nate rolled up and played his part in providing Ana with credible evidence which could save her from prison, but she instead questioned his loyalty to her after all her shenanigans. Clearly, he still cared for her. He went to such lengths to prove it by going toe to toe with the D.A. and ended up getting fired, but not before he let the D.A. know that the whole time Nate worked as an investigator for the D.A’s Office he’d collated evidence agains D.A. Denver and his office detailing every corrupt move he’d made. He threatened to go further to prove his point if needed, but the D.A. just fired him and walked away.

As the hour progressed we learnt the Annalise and the D.A. – Denver – had beef going way back. He’d been coming after her for years, but we were never really shown his motives. Ana tries to make a deal – her release in exchange for claiming Wes was mentally unstable (remember the episode where he was held on 24 hour psych eval? came in handy) also made a case that he’d got dark tendencies as a child; first stabbing his own Mother, and later murdering Sam and his own girlfriend; whose body was recently found in the woods. The D.A. isn’t buying it at first but then he succumbs as he knows that the corruption against him would most certainly send him to prison forever, if not worse.

PART TWO was a little more fast paced. Annalise met with Sylvia Mahoney. With Charles now out of prison after the D.A. discovers the evidence putting him in  prison (murdering his own Father in cold blood) was fabricated, Annalise begs Sylvia to call a truce. Forgive each other for transgressions and move on with their lives. Sylvia gives Annalise some home truths we never saw coming.

Remember the episode where we thought Wes’s Mom was raped by Wallace Mahoney and he was Wes’s Father – not so. CHARLES, was Wes’s Father. Sylvia explained she didn’t do the DNA test on Wes so who did?

Minor titbits: Asher confessed he loves Michaela. Oliver proposed to Connor. Frank was released as it was now clear that he didn’t murder Wes. He prostrates himself in front of Annalise to beg her to let him help her with whatever she needs. A confused Bonnie watches. Annalise stays silent.

Laurel got it into her head that the only way to make the D.A. drop the charges against Annalise was to kill Charles Mahoney herself. After she perjured herself on the witness stand after it emerged she signed an affidavit stating she falsely claimed to have been kidnapped as a teenager – her Father had conned her into signing the paperwork by claiming it was something to do with a property deal. She signed her life away the moment she put pen to paper. Meanwhile, the D.A. got a visit from Connor who decided to take the immunity deal through guilt in not being able to revive Wes.

Oliver managed to hack the ADA’s home computer after Nate gave Ana the code. He found her phone records which gave them a repeated phone number. It was traced to the D.A. Denver. Asher phones the number. It rings. Michaela phones Connor just as he’s in the DA’s office waiting to sign the immunity papers. A phone rings – Connor goes in Denver’s desk and answers the call – hears Asher on the line. Now the Keating Four know Denver is behind everything. Connor is taken into solitary custody while Denver tries to convince him to sign the deal or Denver will frame him for Wes’s murder; and he produces Wes’s phone.

In flashback, we seen on the night of the fire that Wes was assaulted by an assailant who injected him with a fatal dose of drugs. He was paralysed and crawled on the floor until the assailant suffocated him. He took the body to the basement and cut the gas line, and then sat outside the house in his car to watch the house explode. He saw Connor running from the house before it exploded but he didn’t see Laurel go into the house. The assailant makes a call to Laurel’s Father to tell him its’ done but it got messy.

Laurel’s Father clearly didn’t approve of her relationship with Wes – but he doesn’t know that Laurel’s pregnant. He hired the assailant who turns out to be a family friend of Laurel’s and bumps into her just as she’s about to shoot Charles Mahoney. They embrace and he tells Laurel he’s in the City for work. Laurel introduces Dominic to Asher and Michaela (who has just admitted she loves Asher too) and Charles drives away in a taxi.

Annalise went to an AA meeting and poured her heart out about how she lost her baby in a car accident, and recently lost a student she felt compelled to protect after his Mother was killed; and how she felt close to her student. So close that she saw him as her own son.


How To Get Away With Murder returns in the fall.


How To Get Away With Murder – It’s War

The episode started with Annalise returning to her burned out house. She’s in shock that it’s really gone then her phone rings. She meets with Nate at a secluded spot. They talk, but its not like old times. He tells Ana that his signature ended up on the transfer papers for Wes’s body and he’s admits to having been at her house the night of the fire.

In flashback, we see Nate and Frank talking. Wes accuses him of being in on this, and Nate advises him to take the deal otherwise he’ll go down for everything that happened. Nate tells Ana that Wes knew she was looking out for him ever since he was a kid. Wes admits he’s done awful things to her and Nate presses him but Wes tells him to leave.

Nate gets a call from the lead Detective hunting Wes’s whereabouts but Nate lies and says he has no idea. Nate tells Ana they may check his phone and will find out he was at the house. Ana promises him she’ll fix this.

The Keating Four meet at Bonnie’s and Ana tells them she failed, and Wes was offered immunity, and she imagines they’ll offer another one of them an immunity deal as well. Laurel is more concerned about finding who killed Wes, and points out Wes testified against the Mahoney’s the week before he died in the fire and there may be a connection.

Oliver told Connor about the copy of the phone data. Connor challenges him, saying maybe Ana’s the one that killed Wes. Oliver won’t look at the thumb drive, says they’re better off not knowing what was on her phone but he weakens and boots it up. Connor looks relieved.

Bonnie sees Frank, and goes over his case. He’s trying to represent himself in his case. She presses him to re-hire his lawyer as otherwise it looks like Bonnie is colluding with Ana.

Laurel goes into obsession mode and scours the internet for details on the Mahoneys. Then, Ana sends an email – a formal complaint about the District Attorney, demanding a Grand Jury investigation into D.A. Atwood. The Attorney General isn’t interested. Ana threatens her a career but she doesn’t back off.

Bonnie goes to see the D.A. and they stonewall her about Ana’s complaint to the State Department. Threatens to reveal the evidence they have on the students and Ana. Bonnie doesn’t back down. Nate is furious Ana tried to help him by getting the State Department involved. The State Department rejects Annalise’s complaint against the D.A. and threatens Ana with the Death Penalty because she leaked the newspaper article.

Ana goes to see Oliver. She gets Oliver to leak it to the Press that Wes’s body is missing. The D.A. is devastated. Michaela and Asher go to see Laurel and hired a Private Investigator who digs up papers that show a DNA test was done on Wes which shows he was Wallace Mahoney’s son. The Middleton University President calls Ana to congratulate her on being out on bail.

At Bonnie’s, Laurel shows Ana the DNA test results. Ana is horrified and tells them the Mahoneys will hurt them all, and she lost her baby because of them. She says they have to do what it takes to stay safe. Later, Bonnie suggests Laurel have a termination but keep it quiet from Annalise. Bonnie suggests Annalise tell the D.A. that Nate was at the house that night. She’s furious and then asks her if Frank has a lawyer yet.

Asher suggest to Michaela that Connor may be the anonymous source who contacted the Police and alerted them to Annalise’s predicament. Michaela shoots it down as preposterous.

The D.A. offered the Middleton University President immunity in exchange for full custody of her children. Nate meets with Annalise and tells him about the Court hearing. Atwood was suspended by her boss. Nate tells Annalise that Atwood admitted she moved the body. Annalise tells Laurel that Wes’s body was cremated. Laurel says Atwood was working with the Mahoneys. Asher accuses Connor of being the anonymous source. Connor shuts it down, then says Ana’s phone was cleared that night. Bonnie jumps to Ana’s defence, then Connor tells them about the thumb drive.

Oliver discovers Conner did check his voicemail that night. Oliver calls Thomas and he confirms Connor did get the message to come to Ana’s house and Thomas further confirms Connor left hours before the fire started.

In flashback, we see Connor giving Wes CPR – he’s on the basement floor unconscious.

Is everything we’ve seen truly as it seems? ……..




How To Get Away With Murder – Go Cry Somewhere Else

the-thursday-hotlist-tv-divaGood Lord, what in the hell is this? Let’s recap this week’s episode.

Flashbacks revealed that on the night of the fire, Frank had followed Wes out of the police precinct, convinced him to get into his car to talk, Wes got a call from Annalise asking him to come to the house, he stormed out of Frank’s car and then took a taxi to Annalise’s house. Nate was on the stairs coming down when Wes arrived at the house. They said ‘hey’ to each other. Laurel hadn’t arrived at the house yet, nor had any of the Keating Five or Bonnie or Oliver.

Annalise’s Mom and her boyfriend arrived in Court to hear Annalise’s latest application for release on bail. Bonnie tried her hardest but the Judge denied the application. Afterwards, a confused Momma tells Annalise she burned the house down with her Father inside because he molested Annalise when she was thirteen years old. When Momma excuses herself to go to the restroom, Annalise confronts the boyfriend about how her Momma has dementia. The boyfriend says she has good days and bad days, and Ana confronts him further about denying her knew his own Brother molested her.

Meanwhile, Wes’s memorial was taking place. Laurel was discharged from hospital just in time to make the eulogy. After, Laurel breaks away from the Keating Four so she can demand to see Wes’s body as she never got a chance to say goodbye and she’s carrying his baby. Her request is refused but she’s directed to approach the D.A.’s office to ask permission to view the remains.

Nate arranges for Laurel to see the remains, but when the body bag is opened there’s a different corpse inside. Bonnie is informed, and says it’s proof Annalise is being framed, and then demands that Annalise is released on bail as clearly there is no evidence of a body and the case should be thrown out. The Judge denies bail again, and Bonnie phones Annalise – who hangs up on her. The D.A. calls Nate into the office after his stunt with Laurel and is shown a form that indicates HE was the one who arranged for Wes’s body to be transferred to another morgue. Looks like they’re going to frame Nate as an accessory to murder, or another co-conspirator.

The cellmate facing being separated from her children has a visit from them. It’s awkward; neither of the children want to give their Mom a hug. Later, back in the cell, Annalise goads the inmate into beating her up. Bonnie rushes to see Annalise after she’s put in the infirmary with her face all bruised and cut. She tells Bonnie to take a photograph so she can show the Judge that she’s vulnerable in prison as the inmates know who she is and are targeting her. The Judge agrees to release Ana, but only on bail, even though Frank has already confessed to murdering Wes.

Oliver gets a call from the Police to come in for interview. The Keating Four grill him to prep him for it, and he almost vomits because of nerves. Connor later tells him he’s a good liar, and then Oliver shows him the thumb drive backup of the files from Annalise’s phone.

The big reveal this week was Wes made a phone call while he was in the taxi en route to Annalise’s house that night. When the person answered the call, he said, “It’s Christoph.”




How To Get Away With Murder – Not Everything’s About Annalise

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterOoooohhhh chile, Annalise cut off her weave this week ! Ana is back in fighting form ! Let’s recap:

Flashbacks showed Charlie had driven Wes to an alley where Wes threatened to tell the Cops Frank killed Sam and Rebecca. They both argued about Laurel, with Wes stating his case that Frank had hurt her and she’d never forgive him for it. Wes also stuck the knife in by claiming he’s more important to Annalise than Frank ever will be after he killed Ana’s son. Frank says he killed Wes’s Father, which only infuriates Wes more.

Meanwhile, Wes leaves the car and starts walking back to the Police Station and Frank phones Bonnie to give him an update. Bonnie says to keep following him.

Middleton University President goes to see Annalise in jail after Michaela guilt-trips her into it. Michaela’s scary gangster side emerges when she schools Oliver in how it’s going to be now Connor’s told him they all had a hand in Sam’s murder. Oliver is so shocked by her that he asks Connor to spoon him –  and to never let go. Awwww !

Nate goes to see Laurel to ask if she’d told Frank about her pregnancy. Laurel refuses to answer and asks him to leave. She phones Bonnie when she learns that Frank has confessed to Wes’s murder. Bonnie refuses to discuss it on the phone. Instead, she gets the Keating Four together and asks Oliver to hack the D.A.’s office. Oliver finds the investigation into all of the murders connected to Annalise. Everyone is stunned that the D.A. has put everything together so quickly. Even worse, they are looking into the discovery of Rebecca’s body. None of them know yet that it was Bonnie who murdered Rebecca.

Annalise is brought to the Police Station. She demands to see her lawyer but the Detectives interview her without Bonnie present. Ana says she killed Sam and JFK and Elvis, and that her confession can’t be used in evidence as her lawyer isn’t present.

Frank’s confession to Wes’s murder can’t be corroborated and the Police are about to release him, but then Frank points them to the surveillance cameras outside the Precinct – he was parked right in front of the cameras all the time he was talking with Wes. The time-stamp on the footage puts Wes out of Annalise’s house for several hours before the explosion; which Frank can’t account for so he remains silent. While he waits to learn his fate, Nate interrupts. He tells Frank that Wes was already dead when the explosion went off. He asks Frank if he was at the house. Asks Frank why he’s covering for Annalise.

Bonnie visits Laurel in hospital after she tells Meggie that they’re not friends now Wes is dead, and she should leave her room. Bonnie convinces Laurel to tell the Police she told Frank about her pregnancy but didn’t think he’d actually murder Wes. She’s sure that she saw Frank leaving the house through the storm door in the basement, and she looks scared for her life – he’s a dangerous man. Ha! At least she didn’t make a call to her Father on this one.

Later, The Detective comes to tell the D.A. they have enough evidence to charge Frank with Wes’s murder and they have to release Annalise but the D.A. says she’s not clear of all charges yet. Frank is charged as a co-conspirator in the murders Annalise is being charged with. Bonnie failed to release Annalise and is devastated.

We cut to Annalise being taunted in the showers and raises her fist in protection. Her cell mate convinces the women to back off, and Annalise gets free. Later in their cell, Ana’s cell mate gives her a razor blade for protection but Ana proceeds to remove her weave.

We all know what happens when Annalise removes her weave. We’ve seen that look in her eyes before.




How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 We’re Bad People

how-to-get-away-with-murder-davis-posterAs predicted, the episode delivered a rather subdued performance from Annalise. Bonnie comes to visit. Not good. Decides to defend Annalise’s case in Court starting with her bail hearing. The District Attorney discloses their investigation into a number of unexplained deaths linked to Annalise and her students.

Transferred to County for a bail hearing, which was denied after Bonnie demanded the Prosecution reveal the source of the intel which accuses Annalise of arson and homicide, Annalise was bussed to her new home.

Replete in her prison issue jumpsuit, she curled up into the foetal position most of the episode, trying to avoid using the toilet in front of her two new cell mates.

There were candid flashbacks to times spent with Wes for all the Keating Five (now Four) including Connor who admitted to Wes that he was back in therapy after Sam’s murder, and that Connor talks to his therapist mostly about Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver is covering his ass and takes a copy of the files he erased from Annalise’s phone the night of the fire.

In one of the flashbacks with Wes we watch a discussion between him and Laurel about her possibly being pregnant as the condom broke one time they were together.

We cut to Frank at the Police Station car park paying off a cop who hands him evidence – the call logs from the night of the fire at Annalise’s. He combs through them with Bonnie but they come up empty-handed, then suddenly find a record of a phone call from Sam’s Sister. Bonnie visits Annalise, and she says she called Hannah and left a drunk lady rant on her answer machine, and that Hannah phoned the Cops that night of the fire, like she knew the house was ablaze…..

Frank goes to visit Laurel and she tells him it should have been him that died in the fire. He later goes to the Police Station to make a statement.

He confesses to killing Wes and setting the house on fire.

Nate gets a call from Bonnie. He meets with her, only to tell her to take the immunity deal and testify against Annalise. Bonnie kicks him out of the car.

Michaela’s Mom skipped town. Let’s see how long before she rolls up again.

Asher pounds into Connor, fists flying, and Michaela is suddenly scared of who she is dating. She later tells him to apologise to Connor, and he does. The two make up while watching a news broadcast about Annalise’s case on tv.

The final two minutes of the episode revealed what happened to Wes. After he heard the message from Annalise asking him to come to the house, he left the Police Station without signing the immunity deal. As he turns the corner he sees Frank in his car, and jumps in.

Then, the screen faded to black.



How To Get Away With Murder Returns January 26


After a couple months break you’ll be hoping to finally get some answers to the question of #WhoKilledWes, but Peter Nowalk and his team aren’t going to give it away that easily.

Thursday’s episode, titled “We’re Bad People” features a drastic change of pace and mood in the wake of the tragic winter finale events. With Wes gone, everyone is affected and paying a price in some way. You’ll see plenty of Annalise and her time spent locked up. Wes’s fellow students square off with each other and come together in their own ways, and don’t forget about Bonnie, Frank and Nate, who have plenty to contribute too. Laurel continues to be my favorite character in this series, and she wastes no time trying to use her advantage as the explosions’s sole survivor to drive what happens next.

The story doesn’t move at the usual breakneck speed, but a couple of characters are revealed to have done some things in the past which could change how the story unfolds in the near future.
Despite Wes being dead, he returns in some great flashbacks that aren’t what you might be expecting.

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ABC delays return of Channel’s Thurday Night Hits

the-thursday-hotlist-tv-divaBlame Trump.

ABC has announced a delay to the return of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder due to the airing of a pre-Inauguration 20/20  special for President-elect Donald Trump.

Repeats of Grey’s and Scandal will lead in to the 20/20 special set to air at 10/9c.

Set your DVR’s to record our Thursday night hotlist from January 26 instead.


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