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 While last week’s episode filled in most of the major blanks about what happened on the night of the Caplan & Gold party; we were still left wondering why Asher was arrested, placed in handcuffs and left in a jail cell, among other things.

We’re guessing that the next episode will resume the action we’ve already seen in the flash-forward scenes: Laurel’s baby-related panic at the hospital, and Bonnie’s examination of the crime scene at Caplan & Gold.

Why is Isaac at the hospital with Laurel?

After he indicated to Annalise that she’s getting too close to him, and his personal struggles, to be his patient she insisted that he keep her on as a patient as the therapy is really helping her stop drinking.


Remember when Connor went to find Laurel at Wes’s apartment after their plan to steal the files failed so spectacularly?

Dominic was listening to his phone call – and now knows all about the Keating Four’s plans to take down Laurel’s Father for having Wes murdered. How long before Dom tells Laurel’s Father what’s going on?

Stay tuned !


How To Get Away With Murder – Season 4 – Episode Recaps

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Live. Live. Live.

Annalise confronts Isaac about refusing to treat her. He’s close to admitting he has feelings for her when Connor calls her to tell her about the plan to take down Laurel’s Father.

Meanwhile, at Wes’s old apartment, the Keating Four plot and scheme about how they’re going to use Simon as a whistleblower to cover their mutual asses.

Bonnie cosied up to Annalise, about how she loves her, but Ana told her to get out. Nate provided a comfortable shoulder for Bon-bon to cry on.

Tiegan gives her speech at the Caplan & Gold party celebrating Antares going public. Michaela, Asher, Oliver and Laurel all gather on the upper floor ready to use Tiegan’s keycard to access the server room so Ollie can download the files proving Laurel’s Father is corrupt. Connor phones Annalise and tells her the plan.

Halfway through their plan it unravels when Simon overhears them talking, wrestles Laurel’s purse from her, and discovers her gun inside it. He waves it around, Michaela tries to get it back and it goes off. Simon has shot himself in the head. Oliver gives a shrill scream that makes your insides shrivel up and die. Simon had earlier confessed to Oliver that he was jealous of what he and Connor have.

Instead of calling the cops immediately, Asher plants the keycard on Simon’s body while Oliver attempts CPR until Asher calls the cops. When the cops arrive, Asher is arrested – but we’re not let into what was discussed with the cop, but Michaela is horrified. Simon’s on the operating theatre table fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Frank is at Simon’s apartment combing through his laptop’s files.

Laurel, in labour and bleeding heavily, went to Annalise’s Hotel in order to stay away from the crime scene so her Father wouldn’t suspect she was behind it. The Hotel’s dilapidated elevator traps her inside and she bleeds out while in labor but luckily Annalise heard her screams and gives the baby CPR.

How to Get Away with Murder will return Thursday, Jan. 18 beginning at 8/7c on ABC.

S4, Ep7
9 Nov. 2017

Nobody Roots For Goliath

When Annalise’s resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel’s father.

S4, Ep6
Stay Strong, Mama
2 Nov. 2017
This week’s episode had some big revelations around Isaac’s past; Michaela and Asher split; sending him back into Bonnie’s arms; Frank passed the LSAT and is determined to be there for Laurel, whether he’s the Father of her child or not; but let’s recap ! ! !

The episode started with Ana’s therapist, Isaac, consulting with his partner at the firm Jacqueline about Isaac’s latest session with Bonnie, having outed her as an impostor. Jacqueline then asks for an update on Annalise’s therapy. Isaac discloses Ana lost a child. Jacqueline is adamant that Isaac advise Ana to consult with a new therapist, as her issues – substance abuse, and the loss of a child – mirror Isaac’s own situation. It’s later revealed that Isaac had a daughter, and was married to Jacqueline, and she later  visits Ana at her hotel to talk – will she tell her she should find a new therapist because she’s triggering Isaac back into drugs and drink?

Annalise Keating
Meanwhile, Laurel’s Father comes to Caplan and Gold unannounced; leaving Oliver and Michaela rattled enough to call Laurel. Will their plan to uncover what the Antares project is about fail to bear fruit now that Senor Castillo is in town?
Fear not, little lambs, Daddy dearest is in town to get Laurel to sign a document which will set her free financially. Hiding her pregnancy bump was hard, but he doesn’t seem to realise she’s pregnant, and is around eight months along !

Anyway, Laurel says she can’t sign the papers, and have any of his back door deals blow up in her face now she’s this deep into her internship. He gives her the papers anyway and then Michaela and Oliver come over to her apartment to strategise. Laurel tells them the whole mystery of Antares – it’s about to go Public, so if Laurel signs now she gets shares before it goes Public and sets herself up to get rich.

All this scheming at Laurel’s apartment has Asher twitching, and he drops in on Laurel and gives her a teddy bear – its a nanny cam – after Michaela lies about being Laurel’s birthing partner. The next time they talk strategy at the apartment Asher is watching. He records everything. He confronts Michaela and when she tells the truth – Laurel’s Father is behind Wes’s murder –  he’s furious that he hid something so serious from him, and walks out, and straight into Bonnie’s house; where Bon-Bon is in tears because she messed everything up.
District Attorney Denver is in for slice of the Antares honeypot after he struck a deal with Senor Castillio for shares before the Public offering in exchange for backing off the Keating Five when he was trying to prosecute Annalise for the murders.

Frank turns up at Laurel’s apartment – he passed the LSATs – and tells her he loves her and he’s going to provide for her and the baby no matter what, but he leaves her with a passionate kiss before she can tell him Wes is the Father, and she’s having a boy.
will she tell her she should find a new therapist because she’s triggering Isaac back into drugs and drink?

Oliver flirts with the I.T. guy at Caplan and Gold to uncover secrets – a new server room is off grid, and only 4 key cards can access the computers in there – of course Tiegan is one of the senior partners granted access. Can’t wait to see how long it takes for Michaela to steal the card. After Tiegan softens towards Michaela – with a bottle of gin in tow, it emerges Tiegan gave up a relationship in exchange for her role at Caplan and Gold, and she intends to cash out and start her own firm, taking Michaela with her once Antares is public.

One week into the future: Isaac makes the call to Annalise, says ‘where are you, she’s awake’, but Annalise is collapsed in the shower, water running, and blood pouring – but from her injuries or from her stained clothing?
Laurel’s in the hospital screaming at Frank where’s the baby.
Michaela’s covered in blood, collapsed in Isaac’s arms, asking ‘is he dead?’
Bonnie’s at the crime scene with Oliver wrapped in a blanket with blood spatter on the glass walls of Caplan and Gold’s offices.
Asher’s in jail, sobbing his heart out.

Where’s Connor?

Where’s Nate?

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I Love Her
October 26
Oh, baby, this week we got Bonnie’s backstory. It had been revealed in previous Seasons that Bonnie had been raped by several of her Father’s friends, but the full horror of her ordeal was duked out in a Courtroom, with this week’s episode giving us a flashback to 2002.

Back then, Annalise was an Attorney itching to make Partner, and came under pressure to nail Bonnie for lying about being raped. It turns out Ana was promised full Partnership in exchange for destroying Bonnie on the stand, which she did, but Ana quit her Firm after the not guilty verdict came down.
We see Ana catch up with Bonnie afterwards and offer to put her through Law School, and this is how she was introduced to Sam, who later came on to Bonnie in that infamous ‘he’s not a good man’ episode.

This week’s episode flashed back and forth, but in a nutshell, Bonnie has never forgiven Ana for losing the rape case. They argue in the rain, and Bonnie says Ana tried to make her like she was; broken and abused and discarded like trash.

After, Bonnie, pretending to be Isaac’s new patient, ‘Julie’ breaks down after her run-in with Ana, and Isaac makes her say ‘I love her’ over and over, and to admit that she misses everything Ana represented for her: family, and a safe haven. Bonnie blows her cover when Isaac notices the similarities between her tragic story and Annalise’s and confronts her that she isn’t who she claims to be, and she is talking about loving Annalise. He tells her, worriedly, that she needs more than his help.

Laurel and Frank are getting cosy when Bonnie sends a text message asking Laurel to come to the office. Frank tells Laurel he can’t sleep with her anymore and asks if the baby is his, and Laurel gets mad and throws him out.

Nate runs into Ana and warns her  Bonnie is on to her, gathering defendants for the suit; but it was too late.
Connor turns up at Ana’s hotel and she persuades him to help her class action case after Bonnie offers the prison guard a larger bribe to gain access to the prisoners, who almost all leave Ana’s case on the table, fearing their parole being jeopardised if they participate in the suit.

Meanwhile, Michaela enlists Oliver to hack Tigen’s computer and they find out Trent Stockten (one of District Attorney Denver’s financial backers) was served a cease and desist notice by Caplan and Gold a week before he ‘died’ and just as they are about to download it, the computer asks for verification of user credentials and they have to abort.

Asher grows suspicious when Michaela is spending all of her time at Caplan and Gold with her new buddies, until he follows her one night, calls her and she lies about being at the office, all the while Asher can see her up at Wes’s old apartment colluding with Oliver and Laurel.

Bonnie asks the police on guard at Caplan and Gold, the blood-stained crime scene where the suspect is, and she’s told ‘in jail.’
We pan around to see ASHER in a jail cell, sobbing relentlessly.
Who did he kill, or did he?

Was She Ever Good At Her Job
October 19
The focus shifted this week, but not without giving us more of that juicy flash forward. The title of the episode refers to President Hargrove of Middleton University.
Cash starved and desperate, this week Annalise came up with the brilliant idea of representing President Hargrove in her bitter divorce battle with her ex-husband; who we soon learn is playing dirty by hiding his assets previously, and holding secret meetings with their money manager, Su after claiming emotional distress and filing for divorce.

Ana has the idea to disclose the transcripts from the ex-husband’s therapist when he claims to be suffering emotional distress because President Hargrove is an alcoholic, and he’s using this to claim six million dollars for his divorce settlement.

Some clever work by her Team score Hargrove her divorce and joint custody of the children for a measly one million dollars, and scores Ana a much needed cash injection for her Class Action suit, which she manages to accidentally (?) tip off Nate about. He warns her about going after the system, but she asks whether the system would have jailed Sam for Wes’s murder given he was a white middle class man.

While Bonnie is firmly ensconced at the District Attorney’s Office we find out that DA Denver has plans to run for higher Office; which further enrages Laurel when she sees a website for his campaign. When Denver sees Laurel is Bonnie’s intern he demands that she’s fired, but Bonnie discloses Laurel’s pregnancy as a risk of law suit for unfair dismissal and he walks off infuriated.

Meanwhile, over at Caplan and Gold, Michaela is boiling with rage when Ana is brought on board president Hargrove’s divorce case, but we learn more about her mentor, who has taken a shine to Annalise; and after her assistance helps to win Hargrove’s divorce case, Ana is offered the chance to join Caplan and Gold after her therapist Isaac writes a first month report that she’s keeping sober and attending her therapy session. We also learn that Isaac sees Annalise as a trigger for him; whether that means he wants to do drugs again because of working with her or something

else, we shall soon see.

Annalise comes up against Michaela too many times and finally throws her some shade – Michaela is once again looking for a Mommie figure to make up for the one she never had. Ouch !

Frank turned up at Ana’s apartment and offered her the suitcase of money he got in exchange for the hit and run that cause Ana to lose her baby. Ana declines and says he always hurts her, and he walks away. Meanwhile she gets to work on building the Class Action suit against the Public Defender’s Office unaware Nate is now on to her plan. When they ‘bump’ into each other at the DA’s Office he makes it clear no good can come from this, but Ana just gives him the side eye.

Laurel discovers a supposedly dead CEO at her Father’s firm is very much alive and is an active financial contributor to Denver’s campaign for Office. Michaela is on the case, and tries to get the IT guy to give her access to all of the files but he refuses. She approaches Oliver to hack the files, which can only lead us to conclude in the flash forward that what he found in those files lead to the blood bath at Caplan and Gold.

At Caplan and Gold there’s a blood stained office where we see Oliver sat surrounded by cops and crime scene techs combing the place for evidence. Bonnie walks in to look for the ‘witness’ and she is directed towards Oliver and there’s a genuine look of surprise on her face when she sees its him. What went down?

After Michaela asked Isaac ‘is he dead?’ and collapsed in his arms, Isaac declined a call from a ‘Julie’ who we are shown is actually his new patient Julie – Bonnie posing as this Julie for some reason.

So far we have Frank, Laurel, Isaac and Michaela at the hospital scene, and at Ana’s blood stained apartment there’s no Annalise; and at Caplan and Gold we have Bonnie and Oliver.

Where the hell is Annalise Keating?

It’s for the Greater Good
October 12
Annalise takes on a case for the greater good. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information on Wes’ death; Connor makes a major decision. In a flash-forward, a surprising confrontation during the night of the crime is revealed – Michaela was there the night Laurel’s baby was born. She’s seen covered in blood staring through the window at the hospital nursery. Isaac comforts her when she asks whether the baby is dead, and says everyone around us always dies.

October 5
I’m Not Her
Annalise starts working on newest case she’s taken on since her victorious return to the Court room, and she’s all set to defend her onetime cellmate Jasmine; who is still behind bars for solicitation and illegal possession of a firearm. After realizing that Jasmine had been trafficked when she was just a minor, Annalise begs the judge to vacate all current charges (and previous convictions) against her client. The judge  seal all of Jasmine’s previous convictions to enable her to access housing and support.

Annalise sits down for more sessions with her therapist Isaac, but she’s hesitant to reveal all of the trauma she’s gone through in the last few years. Isaac tries getting through to Annalise by revealing some of his own struggles: he was once addicted to heroin. Annalise reveals, after she and her previous therapist began exchanging intimate stories about their lives, and then he became her husband.
Bonnie is now working for the District Attorney’s office; infiltrating the DA’s office on Annalise’s behalf just to get information.

While Laurel panics about the whereabouts of her child, Isaac, who is also at the hospital for some reason, leaves a voicemail for Annalise.
“Where the hell are you?” he asks. “She’s awake. Answer the damn phone.”
Bonnie, who is still working at the DA’s office three months from now, enters the hotel where Annalise is living and joins a whole slew of cops and detectives who are investigating her hotel room. With tears in her eyes, Bonnie makes her way to the hotel elevator, only to find bloody handprints on the walls, which trail down to a pool of blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, the Middleton Law Fair is on, and none of the Keating Four can land internships, but then Michaela is hired by Caplan & Gold; the same firm that represents Laurel’s father.
Laurel tells Michaela that her Father killed Wes, and Michaela is going to help Laurel take him down.

S4, Ep1
28 Sep. 2017

I’m Going Away

The Season opener delivered blows left and right, with a flashback and a flash forward book ending the episode. Let’s dive in!

Ana went to Memphis to check on her Momma’s dementia status, taking time to visit prospective nursing facilities in the hope that the insurance money from her house destruction comes through. However, Hannah (Sam’s sister) put a kink in Ana’s plan by suing Ana for the house.

The past caught up with Ana and she sought comfort in drink but changed her mind and went hunting some tail, courtesy of a man she met on the flight over. Sadly, his phone rang and it raised Ana’s barriers up and she high-tailed it out of there. Safely home, she had to grapple with her past abuse and verbally battled with her Father for not looking after Momma the right way, but he apologised for what his Brother did to Ana when she was a child.

Frank surprised Bonnie with office space and hinted at her, Ana and himself opening up a practice, but churchmouse said they couldn’t afford it, and Frank said he’d pay with the suitcase money.

Connor still hadn’t accepted Oliver’s proposal yet. Asher and Michaela were shopping for a bed, and Laurel met with her Father and told her she was having a baby. Her Father asked whether it was Frank’s or not. Laurel said it doesn’t matter because she’d had a termination.

Flashback to a week earlier, and everyone seemed to be getting on with their lives like nothing traumatic had happened. Ana’s Mom accepted she needed to go into the nursing home as she’ll only decline more over time. Ana confessed to sister that she had an alcohol problem, then flew back for her disbarment Hearing as she breached the conditions of her probation by being under the influence of alcohol, and pleaded with the panel not to disbar her.

In the present time frame, Ana sent a group text inviting everyone to a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Each of the Keating Four tried to guess the reason for the dinner. Each was wrong. Laurel announced she was keeping the baby, and Asher teased her about baby names.

Ana wrote each of them a recommendation letter to help them in their future endeavours, and then dismissed them from her practice. Michaela was the most upset, surprisingly. When the Four left the table, Bonnie said they’d eventually realise it was best this happened, and then Ana gave her a letter of recommendation, dismissing her too. Churchmouse went to the District Attorney, but made sure that Nate saw her waiting outside his office.

Ana wasn’t disbarred but agreed to attend therapy as part of her revised probation status, and we meet Jimmy Smits as her therapist. Her new home looked bleak but its only for a month.


Laurel in a hospital bed with therapist Isaac at her side after she was found with drugs in her system. Frank rushed to her bedside and then Laurel patted her belly and asked what happened to the baby and wails in a hysterical manner, only to be sedated…. my thoughts are her Father dug deeper and realised Laurel was still pregnant and it was Wes’s’ baby, and arranged for it to be taken somehow. Let’s see how it plays out.


the-thursday-hotlist-tv-divaThe ghosts of Grey’s Anatomy‘s past haunt its 300th episode, a Scandal bride goes missing, and a surprising ally comes to Annalise’s aid.

How to Get Away with Murder

S4, Ep7
9 Nov. 2017

Nobody Roots For Goliath

When Annalise’s resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel’s father.


S4, Ep8

16 Nov. 2017

Live. Live. Live.

Annalise is confronted with disturbing news involving one of Isaac’s patients. Meanwhile, the investigation into Wes’ murder comes to a head, and details of the whereabouts of Laurel’s baby are revealed.


How To Get Away With Murder Season 4 – Sneak Peek


Laurel Gets an Unpleasant Surprise From Her Father

In tonight’s episode of the ABC drama, Laurel Castillo gets in the way when her Father decides to drop in at Caplan & Gold to hold an impromptu meeting about the Antares project.

Laurel’s at her scheduled pregnancy check when she gets a call inviting her to dinner with dear old Dad; all the while knowing he’s behind her baby daddy Wes’s murder.

Remember when Laurel lied to her Father and said she’d had a termination?


Even more awkward, ever since Frank made her suspect that he may be the baby daddy; Laurel finally asks for a paternity test to be done, before it’s too late.


Tune in tonight to see it all go down –  ABC 10/9C –  and subscribe for more exclusives !

How to Get Away with Murder Casting News

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – Courtesy of ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Series Creator Peter Nowalk hinted that actress Famke Janssen will not be returning this Season.

We don’t have specific plans for that, but you never know. Any character that has affected Annalise in such an important way, like Eve — we like to make it feel real and like they’re still in each other’s lives. That is my hope.” On the topic of Annalise, Nowalk says when Season 4 opens “she’s really at the bottom. Career-wise, she’s at the lowest she’s been probably ever. It’s really fun to watch her build her career back up and do that step by step. That’s her journey this season. She’s a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s been really delicious to write, and it’s going to be really delicious to watch Viola act this great, long journey of redemption.”

Esai Morales and Benito Martinez, who on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murderplay Laurel’s father Jorge Castillo and D.A. Todd Denver respectively, will return in a recurring capacity for Season 4.

Jimmy Smits will play a prominent figure in Annalise’s (Viola Davis) life on the ABC drama, and will have a key role in this season’s over-arching mystery.

Smits most recently was a regular on 24: Legacy. He also guest-starred on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this past season as Amy’s ex-cop dad.

Julius Tennon, the real-life husband of How to Get Away With Murder‘s leading lady, will guest-star in the ABC drama’s upcoming fourth season. No further details about Tennon’s role, including his character’s name, are available.

Tennon’s recent TV credits include roles on Criminal Minds, Rizzoli & Isles and The Closer. He joins a growing list of HTGAWM guest stars, one that includes Jimmy Smits as a “prominent figure in Annalise’s life.”