How to Get Away with Murder S4 Ep14

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The Night Before He Died filled in some of the blanks, and exposed the real events surrounding Wes’s murder. Let’s recap!

After last week’s reveal that Wes had recorded his meeting with Sandrine, and she’d offered Wes a hundred grand to leave Laurel, Sandrine warned Wes that Laurel tries to fix people but walks away when she realises she can’t fix them. How Sandrine knew to call him Christophe wasn’t revealed, yet.

Laurel put it together that it was her Mom who tipped off her Dad, Jorge, about Wes wanting to go to the Police. Jorge would lose everything, and Antares wouldn’t take off, losing him millions, if not more.

Simon was awake from his coma and asked Oliver to visit him at the hospital, but there was a police officer guarding him, and Oliver couldn’t establish how much Simon remembered from the horrific events that night. It emerged that Simon had hired Tiegan’s services against being accused of theft of intellectual property but Annalise soon put him straight, letting him know he can get a Visa if he turns whistle blower instead. Anything’s better than jail, right?

Connor and Oliver are excited about their pending nuptuals; and then Asher turns the subject to his relationship with Michaela and let’s her know how furious he is that she cheated on him with Marcus; someone he feels is the perfect guy for her. It looks like they’re over.

Annalise took the time to visit Isaac while she was lurking around for Oliver to work on Simon changing his allegiances. Isaac admitted having feelings for her, but said it was the last time they could ever see each other, and she’s not to blame for his situation. He said he wanted to die, and it’s not her fault.

Bonnie got sloppy and got caught on camera bribing the guard at the evidence locker room. She wanted to know who had access to Laurel’s purse that night because the hard drive was taken from it. Denver got the hard drive and is playing both sides. He called Jorge after watching the recording of Bonnie bribing the guard, and the next thing we see is Bonnie’s car after it had crashed, and a body in a bag bag being pushed into the rear of the Coroner’s vehicle, but we’re not that gullible.

Bonnie wouldn’t go out like that, or would she?

After Frank had put a tracker on Bonnie’s car in the event of mechanical failure, we’d think it would alert Frank if there was

something up with her car, and it didn’t. Have to wait until next week to find out who’s dead….or not.





How to Get Away with Murder – Season 4 – Ep13 – Crossover Event Part 2

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Thu, Mar 01
S4.E13 Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The big day had arrived. It emerges that opposing Counsel has been feeding intel to one of the Judges after Marcus and Michaela were on stakeout outside the opposing Counsel’s house – when they wren’t having sex in his car.
It’s too late for Olivia to fix the opposing Counsel’s interference with the case. Ana’s parents arrive in Court and Nate introduces them to his Father.

Jacqueline had been calling Ana all day but Ana had been declining her calls, until a blocked number calls her and she answers, thinking its Bonnie but its not.
Jacqueline tells Ana that Isaac took an overdose and is in critical condition, and she blames it on Ana for unraveling him with the details of Stella’s suicide and causing him to use again.

The Hearing begins in earnest, with Ana meeting each challenge match for match until a comment by the Judge almost upends her. The Judge makes a ruling against her case being centred on both race and money and demands she choose one or the other. Ana decides the focus of the case is on race. The Judge slams her argument, and it seems that all is lost. However, while opposing Counsel makes her case we cut to Ana frantically asking Michaela to source information on a precedent relating race.

Annalise saved the day by sourcing a key piece of legislation which she was able to use to contradict the main Judge’s ruling where he’d previously argued in favor of race.

While the action was going down in DC, Frank and Bonnie were still working on Laurel’s case.
Frank found a flash drive with a recording Wes made of the meeting he had with Laure’ls Mom Sandrine, where she offered him a substantial amount of money to walk out on Laurel and forget about the baby. Wes is heard saying he was going to tell Laurel what her Mom had done.

Bonnie calls Ana from the hospital.

Simon had woken from his coma.

How to Get Away with Murder S4 Crossover Event!

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The two-hour crossover begins with Scandal‘s March 1 episode (9/8c) and concludes with How to Get Away With Murder at 10 pm.

Members of Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating’s squads meet for the very first time. In addition to Annalise visiting the Fitzgerald Grant institute,  the Keating Four meet Mellie in the Oval Office.

Michaela convinces Annalise to get the U.S. Supreme Court to hear her class action case now the State has dismissed it.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Ep 11 Recap

wes-murderHe’s A Bad Father had some big reveals. Let’s recap.

Annalise got the surprise of her career when Asher told her that Nate Lahey senior was in jail for murder and Nate had sent her his case file as part of her class action. Ana arranged for her and Nate to visit the old man in jail but it didn’t go well as Nate senior disowned Nate junior the minute he became a cop. However, Nate later made a solo visit to jail to plead with him to take part in the class action; highlighted how he’d suffered mentally while being in solitary confinement, and how his case hadn’t been given proper consideration by the system. Nate senior agreed to be a major part of the lawsuit and Ana chose the case as her lead case.

After Laurel phoned Mommy dearest she turned up in time to testify in court – with the worst French accent ever heard – that Laurel was fit to mother her child as she’d practically raised her own Mom through mental illness issues. Isaac pitched up to bat for Laurel too.

Things were going well until Jorge’s shark of a lawyer tore into Isaac’s character, and revealed he was now being investigated by the District Attorney’s office his daughter’s claimed suicide.  Isaac is so distraught he uses. Ana can’t believe she let him walk into Jorge and D.A. Denver’s trap, and rushes to Isaac’s to console him, but he refuses to answer the door due to having used.

Bonnie investigates the voicemail left on Dominic’s phone and realises someone is mirroring her workstation. She asks Oliver to look into it. Someone is one step ahead of the Keating Four at all times, and this could be why.

Frank tells Bonnie he will look into killing people if they plan to hurt Laurel or the baby after the disastrous court Hearing Judge maintains  Laurel isn’t fit to parent at this time.

The day before he was murdered, Wes punched an address into his phone. Bonnie tracks the address and camera footage is revealed to show us Wes met with Laurel’s Mom the day before he died.