Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep 15 Recap

GREY’S ANATOMY Courtesy of The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
S14, Ep15
15 Mar. 2018

Old Scars, Future Hearts

Meredith tried to learn all she could about Marie, her Mom’s nemesis after Richard hinted that they were close until a massive incident lead to a fall out.

Alex was disappointed the Jo was applying for fellowship positions any place she could to get away, after everything they’d survived together, but Jo changed her mind and proposed to Alex, and he said you bet.

Maggie declined Jackson’s offer of a date so she could concentrate on her upcoming major surgery, then agreed to go later on.

When Marie arrived at the hospital Mer demanded to know whether she was getting the patent. Turns out the big falling out was because Ellis had worked with Marie on a pioneering surgery only for Ellis to claim full credit, winning her a second Harper Avery award. Marie would only give Mer the patent if she renamed the pioneering technique but Richard told her not to, and now Marie was taking Mer’s livers and renaming the technique, and keeping the patent.


Grey’s Anatomy S14 Ep 14

Games people play gave Meredith and Amelia a chance to get to know Clive, Maggie’s new steady. Let’s recap.

Maggie told her sisters that she wasn’t a good judge of character as she’d always relied on her Mom’s opinion of the men she’d dated. The three decided to invite Clive over for a game night, along with Jackson and  Priya, April, Levi and Helmouth; and then Clive’s Wife arrived. Awkward.

April was looking at a potential law suit after accidentally slicing off a patient’s ear after being knocked off balance, so Owen sent her home. (It may be her final scene on the show).

Marie refused to sell the patent to Meredith based on her weak theory even though Mer and Jo had enjoyed a minor success treating livers using it without permission. Later, Meredith realises Marie just got all of the procedure details and now plans to use the patent herself to win the competition.Turns out Marie was Ellis’s best friend until they had a major falling out.

Jackson broke up with Priya and admitted to Maggie that all the time he was with Priya he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and they finally kissed.


Grey’s Anatomy News

They’re cleaning house over at Grey’s Anatomy.

This week’s shock announcement is that two beloved characters have been let go.

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will depart the ABC drama at the end of the series’ current 14th season. According to Deadline, the pair are being let go for creative reasons. Capshaw has played Dr. Arizona Robbins for a decade, while Drew (aka Dr. April Kepner) has been on the show for nine years.

ABC has yet to formally renew Grey’s for Season 15.



Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 – Ep13

March 1
S14.E13 You Really Got a Hold on Me

This episode serves as the pilot for Grey’s Anatomy spin off show Station 19.

A chemical experiment goes wrong and lands one boy close to death and severely injures his brother. Firefighters Ben Warren and Andy Herrara have to intervene to save one of the boys’ lives before Meredith makes good on it. Bailey was back at work after her health scare and was eager to scrub in and get back into the operating theatre. Things took a turn for the worse during a surgery and, Miranda’s stress level rising, she finally admitted to the whole O.R. that she’d had a heart attack and insisted that she wouldn’t have come back to work if she hadn’t been able to handle it.

The heat was turned up in the Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest when Meredith was worried about convincing the Doctor who owned her polymer patent to let her use it in her project; before April finds out. Andy speaks to the Doctor about the patent after Meredith can’t translate Spanish. Andy tells Meredith she now has an appointment with her patent holder when he will be in the States the following week.

Jackson discovers Maggie is still dating Clive, and now that April has moved on too he feels a little out of sorts.



Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep Recap

GREY’S ANATOMY – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Derek Johnson)
courtest of ABC

S14, Ep12

8 Feb. 2018
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
April is in charge of the new surgical innovation contest; the doctors are eager to start their project.Catherine’s old friend has a shocking idea for Catherine and Jackson.Meredith treats a returning patient who inspires her project.
Grey’s Anatomy returns March 1