Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Ring of Fire – Season Finale

A dangerous patient on the run from the police forced Stephanie to get him out of the hospital. He tried to start a fire so they could evacuate the hospital and he would get away in the crowd, unseen, but instead Stephanie doused him in flammable chemicals and then watched him catch alight.

After the explosion at the end of the previous episode we picked right up from here we left off.

Alex faced a difficult decision in his relationship with Jo; finding her ex-husband and wanting to warn him to leave Jo alone, but deciding it wasn’t a good idea.

Meredith gave the big news about Meghan being found alive to Nathan but it meant their relationship was over when she saw how happy he was about the news. Owen was in shock while he watched the helicopter land with Meghan inside.

Stephanie managed to get Erin to the roof and gave her CPR until Dr Warren found them and got her to an ER. Stephanie’s burns are so severe she may never operate again, but when Richard tells her she resigns her post, citing wanting to travel and explore.

Dr Minnick got fired when Bailey pointed out her flaws; and Arizona didn’t take the news very well.

Maggie likes Jackson and there’s a spark of interest in her from him that catches April’s attention but she gives Maggie her blessing to pursue him.


Grey’s Anatomy – True Colors

greys-main-13Alex is having all kinds of nightmare scenarios about tracking down Jo’s husband and sees that no matter what he does, it doesn’t end well for him or for Jo.

Nathan spends the night with Mer but the next morning she tells him to leave so the children don’t see him in her bed. It’s not time for him to meet them yet.

Owen gets a visit from the Military. His Sister has been found alive and is being airlifted to hospital. Amelia comforts him when he breaks down over giving up on his Sister, believing she was dead this whole time.

Stephanie treats a patient who was in a car crash with a woman and her children. He holds her at knifepoint unless she helps him leave the hospital before security find him because he raped a woman in her car which caused the accident. She helps him but Bailey calls for a lock down while security search for him. He starts a fire so the doors will unlock. Stephanie douses him in a flammable liquid and he goes up in flames, and lands next to the gas tanks – Stephanie runs towards him to move him away but the room explodes.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Don’t Stop Me Now

greys-main-13Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine; Eliza continues to pursue Arizona; one of Alex’s previous patients returns to Grey-Sloan.

Meredith and Nathan are holding a Press Conference after word had spread about their heroic acts on the plane. Mer is being coy about telling Maggie she’s been seeing Nathan, but before she gets a chance, Maggie picks up on some touches Nathan makes on Meredith’s shoulder, and then the two fall out in a spectacular way for about half the episode.

Meanwhile, Bailey makes it her business to patch up Richard and Catherine’s marriage and tries to rope in Kepner. Richard is living in the on-call room while Catherine is in town.

A patient is admitted with severe abdominal pains which turn out to be parasite worms. Richard takes lots of photographs during the surgery for teaching purposes. A patient of Alex’s has cancer which has spread, and her baby has to be delivered by C-section in order to save it. The risks involve lead the patient to sign a DNR if she ends up needing extraordinary measures on the operating table. While her partner is off with the baby in the NICU she throws a clot and Arizona and Amelia stay with her until she dies. When Amelia is in the elevator about to cry her heart out, Owen swoops in and grabs her close, and for a minute she grabs him too, and he holds her while she cries so hard. We don’t know if she’s crying for the patient she lost or for the baby she can’t have. The silence between them is punctuated with her sobbing, and when the doors open Owen gets out.

Catherine heeds Bailey’s words and goes to the on-call room, apologises, and then asks to see the photographs from the parasitic surgery.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – What’s Inside

greys-main-13Maggie is at her Mom’s graveside. Meredith and Amelia are watching her place flowers on the grave. They’re discussing how everyone deals with grief differently. Maggie’s first day back at work. Nathan, Eliza Minnick and Arizona all arrive at hospital at the same time. He tells her he’s seeing someone too, but doesn’t tell her who it is. They share a secret and it makes Arizona feel she has to know more about his love life.

Owen has a pregnant patient who has a shunt placed in the baby’s heart. Arizona confesses to Nathan that she’s dating Eliza Minnick. Arizona later goes overboard about how Derek was perfect and she never envisioned Meredith liking anyone else, ever.

Scans show the patient’s tumour has grown.

Maggie wants something to distract her from her grief. She insists on taking the pregnant patient with the tumour case from Nathan. The husband doesn’t want Maggie doing the surgery and demands Owen tells him why the change of surgeon. They insist on Nathan doing the surgery. Owen is a close friend of the patient. Maggie explains she’s the best, and is the Chief of surgery, and they agree she should do the surgery.

Meredith tells Alex about her plans to have dinner with Nathan. Alex says he doesn’t like him. Stephanie has to treat one of the interns, Cross, who complains about abdominal pain.

Owen tells Jackson and Meredith about Maggie taking the major surgery case. Amelia turns up and they discuss whether Maggie is ready or not. They go see her, and make sure she’s alright before she operates. Most of the surgeons are watching the surgery from the viewing gallery as its such a rare, complex case. The baby takes a turn for the worse, and Maggie freezes, spaces out. Arizona has to make her operate but Maggie wants to wait for the baby’s heart to compensate. The heart rate goes back up. Everyone applauds Maggie’s decision. Jackson congratulates her, and she admits she feels awful but is still doing her job to manage her grief. Then, she blames Jackson for not doing his job well enough to save her Mom.

Meredith suggests Nathan join her for a drink after work, just to see if they fit or hate each other, before they tell Maggie they’re into each other.

Cross has to have surgery due to diverticulitis. Stephanie Andrew and April find Cross has abdominal tuberculosis. Bailey has to bite her tongue when she has to ask Richard for the TB protocol. Bailey tells Warren that Richard likes to fight all the time. Warren suggests he may be lonely.

Maggie comes home and she breaks down, forcing Meredith and Amelia to comfort her. Nathan’s not getting lucky any time soon. He turns up on the doorstep, and gets into a fight with Mer, who then closes the door in her face, then Mer puts music on and forces them to dance it out.

It was way better when Christina danced it out with Mer. Remember?



Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Be Still My Soul

This was a Maggie-centric episode, where her Mother, Diane was treated for breast cancer. A double mastectomy, followed by the return of the cancer, made for a compelling episode. It was harrowing and heart-breaking, watching the Mother-daughter dynamic play out. Maggie’s Father even flew in by private helicopter, courtesy of Richard.

When Maggie got Diane onto a clinical trial and became over-manipulative, obsessive, and stubborn, we knew it wouldn’t end well. The side effects of the treatment were almost making Diane worse, then she rebounded, and Maggie had all the family sit around the dinner table to mark the event. Diane was taken ill at the meal and ended up with a trach tube, much to Maggie’s distress. After it was made absolutely clear to Maggie that these were Diane’s last few hours, did she calm down, and accept her fate. While she was making plans with Diane about how she’d beautify herself for her last few hours, Diane slipped away. Maggie collapsed with grief, just as her Father arrived at the hospital.

Sources of comfort for Maggie came from all quarters, and when Nathan put his arms around her and held her, she couldn’t believe it. Maybe he DID care about her. We know differently but it was still a sweet moment.

Mer is still waiting for the right time to have dinner with Nathan, but we all know how that works out, there’s never a right time, you just have to get on with it, and make it the right time when you do so.

Richard and Bailey settled their argument over her choosing to replace Richard in the teaching program, and Richard was angry with Arizona for her attraction to new consultant Eliza, but forgave her for taking her side against his.

Grey’s Anatomy – Til I Hear It From You

greys-main-13Nathan tells Mer he thinks about her a lot, and she should think about it, then give him a call. She confides in Alex, and he tells her she should go for it because she’s hot. Maggie is moaning about he Mother’s obsession about he breasts, without realising that she has breast cancer, and is not just having cosmetic surgery.

Owen has to work with Amelia on an elderly hiker who comes in injured, Her husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He starts giving orders and Owen makes Andrew carry them out. Nathan sees Mer, and asks her about their thing. Mer says she’s got three kids and is a surgeon, and what’s to think about. He’s not giving up, and he invites her to have dinner with him.

Later, Owen presses Amelia to discuss why she doesn’t want children, or to continue their marriage but she remains silent. The patient has a brain bleed which is fatal, and she died. Stephanie feels disheartened that they lost the patient. Andrew thinks he’s in love with Jo.

Jackson treats Maggie’s Mom for her mastectomy. He does a pre-op and asks about having Maggie present, and she confesses she hasn’t told Maggie. Jackson tries to convince her to tell Maggie about the surgery. When Maggie pries, Jackson doesn’t disclose the details of her Mom’s case. He makes Jo promise not to reveal anything to Maggie in exchange for working on the Mom. Maggie gets access to her Mom’s chart, and its a shock. Mer is right there with her, looking at the breast scans.

After Richard catches Arizona in a lip-lock with Minnick, its awkward between them. He needs time to process.




Grey’s Anatomy – Who Is He & What Is He To You

greys-main-13The long-awaited Jackson/April episode didn’t disappoint. Let’s recap.

Jackson and April go to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient. Once there, Jackson goes to a Bar with his laptop and has some work to do in preparation for the upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a female patient who has vocal chord surgery complications means, with Jackson off the grid, April is left to explain the plan to the parents. She tracks him down to the Bar and Jackson is on his fourth drink. An argument ensues.

Concerned Bar owner Robert Avery (special guest star Eric Roberts) tries to calm the two down, but Jackson walks out. He explains he was a Surgeon but gave it up. April is surprised at the similarity of his name. The next morning, Jackson acts like everything is normal, so April gets bogged down in the case and avoids talking about it. They argue about how Catherine chose April for the case without asking Jackson first but the patient, Caroline, is being discharged and transferred to another hospital. Jackson convinces the parents to let them try an innovative surgery, and the parents agree to give them 24 hours.

Jackson admits he doesn’t have a plan, and then April confronts him about how his Father is running a Bar, and that he’s Jackson’s reason for coming to Montana, to have him operate on their challenging case.

He tells April that he hoped his Father would recognise him, that’s why he sat in the Bar, and was disappointed when he didn’t acknowledge his existence. April compels him to make his Father know him. They go back to the Bar. Jackson blurts out that he’s Robert’s son. They hug. Robert sees surprised but happy. Acts like normal. Explains that his brain isn’t what it was. Asks him about his work and asks if he’s married with kids, and whether he’s happy. Jackson lies and says he’s happy. Robert says he couldn’t do the Avery thing. He tells Jackson about the night he met Catherine.

The surgery is a success, and to celebrate, things get amorous between them. Jackson stops off at the Bar to say goodbye, on their way back to Seattle. Tells Robert he has a grandchild but he’s not going to see them ever again. Robert just watches him leave. The check up after surgery goes well, and there’s celebrations all round.

When the private jet lands back in Seattle, Catherine is there with Harriet, and they give April a ride home.

It was refreshing to hear ‘Jackson’ doing the voiceover for a change, but Grey’s has to kick it up a notch to keep this viewer watching. This Season has been odd, and not in a good way. Being renewed for Season 14 perhaps is incentive enough to go back to basics and bring us the story arcs that reduced us to tears in the first few Seasons.