Grey’s Anatomy S14 Ep24 – SEASON FINALE

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S14, Ep24

17 May 2018

All of Me

It’s the day of Jo and Alex’s wedding, but things don’t go as planned. Let’s recap.

April sent the incorrect link to the wedding venue to the guests, so they arrived at the wrong place, a church where a couple were about to get married.

While the group were attempting to leave quietly, the Mother of the Bride collapsed just as Bailey and Ben were about to leave, so Bailey jumped in to assist, while Ben got the paramedics. The woman had an aortic issue so back at Grey Sloan, Bailey had nobody to scrub in with her – Maggie was at the wedding, and the on call surgeon was already in an operating theatre.

Teddy turned up at the hospital – Bailey persuaded her to scrub in. Mid op, Teddy asked  Bailey for a job. Perfect timing, Bailey wants to take a sabbatical now the checks for her trailblazer prototype are coming in.

Mer offered Jo an Attending position to make sure Alex stayed close. Mer admitted she was going to miss him.

Jo turned down the position as Mass General in Boston offered her a Fellowship, and Richard agreed it would put her career on a higher trajectory.

Back at Jo and Alex’s wedding venue its a shambles, with late arrivals of guests and the officiant got lost and was severely delayed. Out of boredom, Jo and Alex crept off to a shed to make out, stumbling upon the remains of someone locked in there and left to die. Alex realised they were locked in, and it was only a matter of time before Mer and Andrew took a stroll and he kissed her, misreading her intentions. They happened to pass by and heard Jolexs‘ cries for help.

Arizona admitted to April that now she and Callie are both single her feelings for her have intensified. Matthew and Jackson had an awkward moment but agreed to be civil to each other, for April’s sake.

The wedding planner accidentally ate shrimp and collapsed, went into anaphalctic shock, and Jackson and April had to save her by performing an emergency tracheotomy.

The Mother of the Bride was visited by her daughter and son in law to be, and Bailey arranged for the Chapel to be used for the ceremony so the Mother could watch on a laptop.

Teddy disclosed to the Mother that she’s pregnant.

Matthew proposed and April said yes.

Meredith became ordained so she could officiate Jo and Alex’s wedding on the ferry back to Seattle, and the wedding officiant finally arrived but everyone had already left except Jackson and Arizona, and April and Matthew, so April and Matthew got married while Jackson and Arizona watched.

Grey’s Anatomy S14 Ep23

S14, Ep23
10 May 2018

Cold As Ice

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One of Grey Sloan Memorial’s own is seriously injured, making the team reflect on what is truly important to them. Meanwhile, Nicole Herman pays a visit to talk to Arizona about an exciting opportunity. Let’s recap.

April was sending out invitations to Jo and Alex’s wedding. Her car broke down. At the hospital, Arizona gave Bailey her notice; she was transferring Mount Sinai Hospital. Amelia had a consult was with Geena Davis’ Herman, who was still blind. Maggie confirmed that she and Jackson were attending the wedding together.

Matthew was brought in to the  E.R. on an ambulance; having rolled his car. Owen rode an ambulance back to the crash site to see if there were any other injured people and then spotted April unconscious, in an icy lake.

Safely back at Grey Sloan, April was hypothermic, with no pulse and no vitals on arrival. Her friends and colleagues showed grave concern, and shock. Mer burst into tears when Alex even mentioned April by name. Jackson had to find out she was seriously injured by overhearing interns discussing saving April’s life with blood transfusions.

Bursting into the O.R.,  Jackson soon learned that April had been there for three hours. It was touch and go whether she would live.

In recovery, Matthew came to and immediately asked about April. He revealed that they were back together and had been so for months now. Jackson asked God not to take April and she squeezed his hand and regained consciousness.

Amelia reported that April’s reflexes were good. She was recovering as expected.

Bailey, tucked up in bed with Ben by her side was doing some deep thinking, given recent events.

Meanwhile, Herman complained of headaches and dizziness while having her consultation. She also revealed to Arizona that she’d been keeping tabs on her career. Arizona revealed to Herman that she was going back into paediatrics to Herman’s dismay.

Herman told Arizona that she’d just gotten a grant and wanted to move forward with the Robbins Herman Center for Women’s Health and launch Arizona’s cart program. Arizona asked if it could be based in New York.

Betty came home after running out last episode; much to Amelia and Owen’s relief. Initially she confessed to Amelia that she’d been away to get clean for six days but later admitted it was a lie; she’d been too high to miss her son. Amelia took her straight to a meeting.

Mer, realizing how lucky she was, looked at Derek’s Post-It wedding vows before placing his cap on top of them in her drawer; and April and Matthew recovered with their hospital beds pushed up against one another.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep 22 Recap

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S14, Ep22

3 May 2018

Fight For Your Mind

Alex and Jo go on a road trip to Iowa to find Alex’s Mom, (guest star Lindsey Wagner) whom he hasn’t heard from in a very long time.

Meanwhile, Meredith gives a presentation on her mini-livers project, which attracts a ton of attention, and Jackson works to rebuild the foundation after its reputation is threatened. Let’s recap.

Alex tracked down his Mom – her health had improved enough that she was able to resume work, but hadn’t bothered to inform Alex. They get into it and she demands that they leave so she doesn’t get upset. However, after he’d calmed down he made amends, and invited her to the wedding.

Meredith accidentally squares off with a fellow surgeon who was complaining that her pioneering technique which fixed Megan’s stomach beat him to professional success.

Back at her presentation, Meredith paid a nod to the feud between Marie and her Mom, by stating that the Grey Method was really the Grey-Cerone Method.

After discovering Sofia stole money from her school because she wanted to live with Callie in New York, Arizona phoned Callie and said that she thought that Sofia should move back to New York. Arizona wants them both to move back there permanently.

Vik was reinstated but with one year’s probation; after his lawyer brother pointed out that Bailey was also high on weed filled brownies when she was operating on a patient.

Betty’s detox didn’t go too well, and she ran off, leaving Owen and Amelia literally holding the baby.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep21

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S14, Ep21

26 Apr. 2018

Bad Reputation

After Jackson lifted the waiver against Rebecca Freud talking about Harper Avery Snr sexually abusing her, 35 other women come forward.

Crisis management at the Foundation meet with Catherine and Jackson about doing a press statement and clearing up the aftermath of Jackson’s actions; which has lead to companies refusing to work with the Harper Avery brand. The statement before the press would place the entire blame on Catherine, leaving Jackson free to head up the Foundation.

Bailey suggests Jackson operate on a man from a charity who has a facial tumour as a good will gesture, and then Meredith offers it pro-bono after the charity threaten to take the man elsewhere; due to the backlash over the allegations against the Foundation. They do the surgery.

Arizona is distressed because her girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in children when she tells her about Sofia. Owen later invites Arizona and Sofia over for a play date with his foster baby.

At the foster baby’s first check up, Owen lets the Mother accompany him to the appointment. Amelia gets close to the Mother and uncovers the stark reality; she was addicted to pain relievers and lost her child as a result. Owen sees instantly how bonded the Mother is to her son, and suggests Amelia and the Mother move into his house, so the Mother can see her son, and she can have a roof over her head again. Amelia agrees.

Andrew has rooted to Meredith’s couch, moping because his girlfriend got deported. His sister drops by and coaxes him off the couch, and they argue in their own language.

Jackson solves the Foundation’s problems by suggesting they rename the Foundation in Catherine’s maiden name, and make a press release about it.

Alex meets with his past when ex-Nurse Olivia pops into the hospital because her son swallowed a chew toy. Alex had given her syphilis back when she worked at Grey Sloane, and she ribs him about it.

Jo panics when she can’t get Alex to set their wedding date. April overhears their conversation and offers to plan the whole thing, seeing as she loved planning her own wedding so much.

Alex later reveals to Jo that his Mom hasn’t cashed any of the rent checks he sends her and so now he’s got stacks of cash, and he decides he has to go and see her to check everything is alright – next week’s episode.

Season Finale Spoilers

la-tv-diva-logoIf you don’t want to know how your favorite shows end this Season, stop reading now.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. (Cue evil laugh).



PRE-FINALE: Roman’s standoff with the FBI draws to a dramatic climax. Even though Roman has technically chosen a life with Blake and Crawford, “he’s still created this entire plan to take them down that involves the FBI team. Roman’s declining health will become a major plot point in the season’s final instalments.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 18): The Season 3 closer will take place in South Africa, a place that holds great significance for Jane and Roman, with a hint of loose ends being tied up.

PRE-FINALE: Geena Davis reprises her role as Dr. Nicole Herman and promptly presents an “exciting opportunity” to Jessica Capshaw’s departing Arizona, who also finds herself navigating a school-related rough patch with daughter Sofia.

No clues regarding Sarah Drew’s exit as April  who has rebounded with a starring role in CBS’ Cagney & Lacey reboot. Drew will succeed Sharon Gless as Cagney opposite Blindspot alum Michelle Hurd‘s Lacey (following in the footsteps of Tyne Daly).

Penned by Bridget Carpenter (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights), the pilot — based on the 1982-88 cop show starring Gless and Daly — moves the action from New York to Los Angeles, but keeps the central conceit of two female police detectives teaming up to keep the streets safe.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 17): The stress from the past year forces Bailey to re-evaluate some of her decisions in the Debbie Allen-directed Season 14 closer, and lots of recaps of Jo and Alex’s romance over the years.

Season 7 finale TONIGHT !

Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack on Specter Litt. Mike and Rachel (departing cast members Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle) attempt to balance their commitments to the firm, the clinic and each other. Suits will continue without Adams and Markle, with USA Network renewing the show for an eighth season.

Season 8 will have everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships. Keep an eye out for an adversarial new character that will give Harvey a run for his money. Meanwhile, a Suits spinoff centered on former co-star Gina Torres’ character Jessica is currently in development.