Blindspot Season 4 Ep 15

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A CIA plane is crashed on purpose so the prisoners on board can escape and take hostages in a CIA black site. Crawford’s company sold the aircraft to the CIA. It’s an act of revenge by a rogue Operative who lost her husband on a badly executed operation. The FBI team must decide whether to trust someone who survived the crash and who warns them of a dangerous plot to take place in the City within hours.

Zapata is caught between the FBI and the CIA when Reade challenges her perspective on the case; and she sides with her boss, Keaton after Reade saves her from being held hostage. The FBI track down Keaton at the siege and storm the building, saving the hostages.

Roman and Crawford argue on handling Blake and Christophe’s kidnapping. Jean-Paul refuses to pay the ransom, instead insisting on sending in his mercenaries to rescue their children. Roman warns Jean-Paul that his men will be walking into unknown territory, and its better to send him in, but Crawford agrees with Jean-Paul. Roman wades in, rescues Blake and Christophe, and shoots Jean-Paul’s men. He tells Crawford that he knows it was a set up to get closer to Jean-Paul, and then Crawford admits it, and says its their secret.

Avery drops by Jane and Kurt’s for dinner and they ambush her with photos and a file on her adoptive Father who was VP of Operations for Crawford. His body is later thrown into the river to make it look like he was on the CIA plane that crashed.


Blindspot S3 Ep14

Everlasting gave us an inside view of the world from Paterson’s perspective when she had extreme deja vu in order to solve the mystery behind the latest of Jane’s tattoos. Let’s recap.

Paterson’s day started with her neighbor waking her with his usual morning bugle-playing; then she got coffee and went to the lab for work. At the elevator, she bumped into Zapata and they discussed her feelings, and whether she was ever going to tell Reade. Zapata swerved this and instead focused on Paterson’s lack or romance since Dr Borden kidnapped her, bugged her tooth and then tried to kill her.

The whole episode was rigged with mini-reveals like how Paterson has a crush on Roman, and each of the dead people whom she cared about came back in turn to help her solve the case.

3 deceased marine’s remains were exhumed for testing when one of Jane’s tattoos directed the Team to unravel a cover up. An unsanctioned operation lead by a General went south, poisoning the 3 marines. The General turned up at the lab with a bomb secreted into one of the machines the lab used to test the remains. When the explosion went off the first time, Paterson was hit, but then her deja vu took her back to waking up in bed and started the day over a few times, each time unraveling more of the clues to the cover up.

In other story lines, Reade asked Zapata to be his best man, and she accepted. Paterson advised Jane and Kurt to tell Avery about her biological Father, no matter what he’s been accused of.

The final scene revealed Dr Borden is alive and an attack is imminent.


Blindspot – Season 3 – Ep 13

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After effectively sacrificing her role last year to protect the team, Nas (Archie Panjabi) returns this week to help the FBI investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. But she’ll come back under very different circumstances.

Though Nas had been romantically linked to Weller last season, there won’t be any awkwardness now that he’s married to Jane.

Unlike her past tenure on the show, Nas will also get in on the action this time around.

Read the full interview here.

March 2
Warning Shot

A surprising visit from Nas leads the team to investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. One of Jane’s tattoo’s holds the code needed to activate the device which is capable of rendering the whole world back into the dark ages unless a group of hackers bidding on the device can be stopped from using it.

When the Team recover the device in an elaborate sting, Kurt realises he’s been played. Nas gave him a decoy, and took the real device back to the NSA in order to get her old job back.

Roman and Blake grow closer as they attend a high-stakes poker game but she lets someone get too close and ends up being kidnapped.

Nas reveals that she’s CIA, and since leaving the Team she’s been working on uncovering  Shepherd’s real identity, and further reveals that Sandstorm was funded by Crawford. Later, Nas reveals intel on Avery’s Father that shocks Kurt.

Zapata’s end game was highlighted when asked by Nas whether Paterson had found out about Project Dragonfly yet; and when told she hadn’t, Nas indicated it was being run by the CIA.

Reade proposed to his girlfriend Meghan, and she accepted, even though it won’t change her undocumented status in the U.S.A. as Reade’s contact at the State Department didn’t come through as hoped.



Blindspot Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

February 2
S3. E12

Two Legendary Chums 

Weller and his former FBI partner reunited for a dangerous undercover mission Roman sent them to disrupt.  Zapata interrogated former Director Hirst and she told her about Crawford’s agenda and how she covered up intelligence to make sure Crawford’s illegal activities remained covert.

Victor confronted Roman with the results of the test on his fingerprints on the shot glass but Roman had already made sure it would come back as Tom, even though he offed Tom early in the season and stole his money to get to Blake to get to Crawford’s inner sanctum.

Victor had contacted the group leader at the centre who confirmed Roman didn’t look anything like Tom, so Victor was sure something was off and told Roman he was done once Crawford found out he’s an imposter.

However, Victor wasn’t aware of Roman’s skill set, and very soon Crawford had stabbed Victor in the heart, revealing how he was working with the FBI, and a traced call from Victor’s phone proved it. We previously saw Roman switch phones with Victor and then call Jane at the FBI with one of his riddles for the Team to solve.

Tension between Jane and Kurt eased a little this week, and towards the end of a tense day shooting at bad guys, Jane turned up at Kurt’s apartment asking to try and save their marriage. Kurt agreed.

Avery was still furious with Jane and putting her in protective custody didn’t sweeten the pill either.

After sitting down with Roman at the table and saying he needs someone he can trust, Crawford handed Roman a kill file with all the FBI Team’s details, including photos taking during operations, and tells Roman he wants him to kill all of them.



Blindspot Season 3 – Episode Recaps


Fans of the NBC drama were left to wonder for five months why Jane’s ink was lighting up at the end of Season Two. Let’s find out.

S3 Ep11

26 Jan. 2018

Technology Wizards

Jane and Weller partnered with Clem to find Avery, whom Kurt discovered is still alive and was being held captive in Berlin by Diedrich aka Max. Kurt was looking for Max when he was in Berlin during Jane’s’ sabbatical’. Let’s recap!

This week’s episode continued the search for Avery. After Paterson found video surveillance of Avery meeting with Roman at the hotel, she showed it to Kurt. When Jane was told Avery is still alive, she wanted to go rogue and extract her, without Kurt’s help, but Reade insisted she partner with him. Jane also persuaded Reade to allow her ex mercenary friend Clem to join them, and Reade gave the approval after vetting Clem first.

Kurt Jane and Clem quickly found the warehouse Avery was in but it went south and she was whisked away. They managed to use a dead merc’s phone to call Max, traced it, found where Avery was being held – some disused tunnels – went there, bust her out. Kurt had a face off with Roman about how he’s not going to have Jane for long, revenge, yadda yadda yadda. Max/Deidrich was working with Roman.

Paterson discovered her app was being used to blackmail users by an ex-colleague she hired to write code for it. He voluntarily surrendered to the FBI when he realised his lover was the one behind the blackmail and was making an arms deal. The Team allowed him to wear a wire and distract the buyers long enough so Reade and his Team could suit up and take down the buyers.

Jane Kurt and Clem brought Avery to safety, having her checked out in hospital. Zapata confided in Paterson that she still has feelings for Reade, but Paterson told her not to say anything. Zapata couldn’t wait any longer and tracked down Reade just as he shows her the engagement ring he has for Meghan. Zapata says she’ll love it, and they embraced.

There was no indication Zapata has a secret agenda this week, and there was no mystery with the next tattoo, but it was still a tense dramatic episode.


S3, Ep12
2 Feb. 2018

Two Legendary Chums

Weller and his former FBI partner reunite for a dangerous undercover mission while Zapata interrogates a past foe.

S3, Ep10
19 Jan. 2018

Balance of Might

The team races to thwart a deadly terrorist plot with the help of Reade’s journalist girlfriend when Crawford is discovered to be funding terrorism using Refugees from camps. A plot to set off two devices in New York City is foiled when the Team intervenes.

Meanwhile, Jane is still blanking Kurt at work, and Zapata can’t cope with Reade fawning over his live-in girlfriend,Meghan.

Roman continues his charade with Blake but Victor is closing in; running Roman’s fingerprints from a shot glass to identify him before he fleeces Blake out of her fortune, or worse.

Jane has flashbacks to her time as a gun for hire, and reunites with Clem in a bid to track down her daughter.

Paterson does some investigating regarding Avery and tells Kurt she’s found surveillance from the Hotel in Berlin – Avery met with Roman the day before Kurt showed up. Roman is seen handing ‘Avery’ and wad of cash in a brown envelope which suggests ‘Avery’ isn’t Jane’s real daughter.

S3, Ep9
12 Jan. 2018

Hot Burning Flames

 After fearing for weeks that Roman would reveal to Jane what happened in Berlin, Weller decided he couldn’t live with the secret anymore and broke the news to Jane himself. Why he did it will unfold over the course of the rest of the Season but it was an accident – wrong place wrong time.
Not only did he meet Jane’s long-lost daughter while he was in Germany but he killed her.  The betrayal of not telling her is going to be a hard pill for Jane to swallow. Roman called Kurt at the end of the previous episode and told him he’s off the hook now Hank Crawford is within his grasp.

Hank Crawford,  (Father to Roman’s “love interest,” Blake) was revealed to be working with Director Hirst, just as the Team took her into custody. Roman has created these bio-luminescent tattoos to bring down Hank Crawford, and while the team is working the outside of it, Roman has infiltrated the inside.
This week’s episode centred on stolen nukes and as usual the Team saved the day but there were two casualties.
Jane is furious Kurt lied to the daughter she never got a chance to meet and leaves him. Kurt is visibly devastated.
The final moments of the episode show Avery escaping from her captors but is it too late?
Her mobile phone has the interest of her captors……
Zapata’s big reveal was no surprise – she’s working against the FBI since she joined the CIA but her big agenda will be revealed later in the Season.

S3, Ep7
15 Dec. 2017

Fix My Present Havoc
This week’s episode was a game-changer for Kurt and the Team. Let’s dig in.

We only had one flashback, Stuart’s obsession with the molecule tattoo, and how Paterson berated him for working on it every chance he got. We got to see his murder – Director Hirst came to his apartment to discuss his findings on the molecule tattoo, and then she slashed his throat and got her one-eared friend Eric Vance to clean it up.

Remember how Paterson turned up at Stuart’s apartment the night he was murdered? She interrupted Vance doing clean up but he climbed out the window to avoid her. Vance co-operated with Hirst in exchange for her blackmailing a prominent Doctor at a cancer treatment facility so Vance’s husband Julian could get top billing in a treatment program instead of being given a placebo. Hirst had dirt on the Doctor and blackmailed her to keep treating Julian but Doctor Palmeri wanted reparations for her financial issues and plotted to release a deadly virus by sending infected rats into New York’s water supply.

Roman kept leaving clues for the Team to find to help them reveal Hirst’s real agenda. There was an awkward scene at Reade’s apartment where Director Hirst insinuated herself into their Saturday morning routine so she could covertly tell Reade she doesn’t trust Zapata and her FBI clearance should be revoked otherwise Hirst will reveal Reade’s dirty past.

Meanwhile, the Team boost Vance and hold him at Kurt’s apartment while they get intel on Hirst’s agenda. She used Vance to dig up dirt on candidates for the Directorship of the FBI and then blackmailed them. Reade is her patsy.

Jane calls Clem to ask for his help tracking down her daughter, Avery.

When Kurt arranges for a safe house for Vance in exchange for his help, the safe house is lit up and sadly, Vance is shot dead.

The final scene was Hirst arriving in Reade’s office just as he answers a call from Kurt warning him that Hirst knows everything and she’s coming for him next.

S3, Ep6
8 Dec. 2017

Adoring Suspect
This week, Weller was contacted by Roman with his latest demand. He must work as a consultant on a movie, which is being funded by terrorists so they can ship weapons secretly among the movie’s equipment. The murder attempt on the star of the movie because he shot off his mouth about the poor production value, was halted when Kurt saved his life.
The FBI wade in and stop the terrorists from detonating a nerve agent at a public event where First Responders were to be in full attendance. Meanwhile, Roman’s been stalking the wealthy heiress, Blake, but his end game has yet to be revealed.

Jane tells Kurt she’s not going to search for her daughter but Paterson tracks down the details of the midwife who kept separate notes on the birth away from the hospital records. Kurt doesn’t give the details to Jane when she reassures him she’s not looking for her daughter. After Roman hints he’ll tell Jane that Kurt had already found Avery, Kurt tells Roman ‘the truth would destroy Jane‘ and so Kurt is now Roman’s to manipulate until death do us part.

Reade falls foul of Director Hurst when he questions her actions, and she reminds him she protects her people, and also reminds him she was a crucial component in his promotion to Assistant Director. Reade steals the silver disc Jane needs to light up her new tattoos and scan them off-grid; while the Team covertly mount an investigation in to Director Hurst.

S3, Ep5
1 Dec. 2017
This Profound Legacy
While Jane struggles to cope with a secret from her past, the team races to prevent an international crisis – a war of succession. King Ivan Valdermaris of Kazahrusia’s sole heir is on the run with his Mom; who was raped by the King when she used to work at the Kazahrusian Embassy. King Ivan’s brother Cyrus  doesn’t want him to take his rightful place as King; and fire-bombs every medical records facility stockpiling untested rape kits, and puts a hit out on the son and his Mom.

Meanwhile, the Team are reeling over the discovery that Jane had a daughter but gave her up for adoption. We learnt from Roman that Shepherd was behind the adoption process.

We’re no closer to discovering who Stewart’s killer is, but the conspiracy goes even deeper inside the FBI than Paterson and Zapata imagined.

After fighting off the hitmen, Jane tells Kurt she’s changed her mind about finding her daughter, and decides the daughter is better off not knowing about her.

The final few minutes of the episode’s big reveal were shocking:
Kurt stumbled across Jane’s daughter Avery while he was in Berlin searching for Jane !
Avery had been searching for Jane too, and knew Jane’s alias names.
Stay tuned!

S3, Ep4
17 Nov. 2017

Gunplay Ricochet

The big reveal this episode – Jane had a daughter 18 years ago.

As the team chased a deadly bomber who’s terrorizing Manhattan, Jane uncovered a shattering secret from her youth: the man who handled the adoption of Jane and Roman also handled the adoption of Jane’s daughter. When Rossi escapes Federal custody, it’s down to the FBI Team to assist the State Department.

Paterson unlocks the code to another tattoo that leads the Team to breadcrumbs Roman has left; linking other tattoos. This week the Team stopped a bomber who had resurfaced after almost twenty years.

Roman left a chilling reminder of his revenge agenda on Jane and Kurt’s wedding video; after Roman spent the day planting a tracking device on a bracelet purchased at a charity event.

Zapata caught Reade out in a lie that hints at him being behind the cover ups Stewart found, and which led to his murder.
Paterson and Zapata are working covertly to solve Stewart’s murder.


S3, Ep3
10 Nov. 2017

Upside Down Craft

While Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers, Patterson and Rich Dotcom must work together to hide an explosive secret from their past.

After the time-jump, we’ve learnt that Rich Dotcom helped the FBI and now that he’s on probation, he’s been brought on as Patterson’s  replacement. She’s back, having developed an App and made a few dollars.

Though she initially pretends to be shocked and appalled that Rich is working for the FBI, we’ve also learnt that she’d been working with him as part of a team of renegade hackers – Three Blind Mice.

S3, Ep2

Enemy Bag of Tricks
3 Nov. 2017

As the team adjusts to their new dynamic and the new tattoos; they battle a dangerous foreign power that is trying to hijack a satellite.

A group of mercenaries hack the D.O.D. mainframe and crash a satellite which guards the missile defence shield for the Nation, in order to steal its black box and sell it to the North Koreans, who use the box to shut down the shield while a missile is headed for California. The Team retrieve the black box in time and defeat the group trying to take down the shield.

Jane proves invaluable to the Team when she unearths crucial intel on one of the mercenaries; whom she worked with on kidnap and rescue cases during her absence.

When she gives the name of the mercenary, Kurt is visibly shocked that she hadn’t shared the details with him first. Later, he admits that he feels like he brought back a stranger. She has shown him that she can survive without him and it scares him; he almost admits as much, and says Roman is trying to break them, and he won’t let it happen.
Roman had told Weller that the new tattoos have to be solved in a certain order this time, and says he will help Weller unlock them. Reade, as new Assistant Director of the FBI, is adamant that the Department isn’t going to be manipulated by Roman this time; but when he realises the magnitude of the impact of the new tattoos on civilian lives, he backs down.

Meanwhile, Roman targets a rich guy who runs a PTSD support group based in Sydney so he can access the money, and one of the consultants from the D.O.D. betrays her co-worker and steals the black box and gives it to the buyer.
Weller later finds her dead, and a shoot-out ensues. The Team take down the bad guys and head back to HQ to pat each other on the back. Job well done.

The final two minutes of the episode revealed a traitor is working within the Team when Paterson turns up at Stewart’s apartment and finds it ransacked, and his body slumped up against the wall.
Zapata turns up at Reade’s apartment with an olive branch/peace offering (6 beers) for giving Reade a hard time on the case, but she got a surprise – reade’s live-in girlfriend was there. The way Zapata keeps mentioning she’s with the CIA now is kind of grating but maybe it’s for a reason. Also, one of the tattoos caught Zapata’s attention and she made a phone call alerting her CIA contacts that it may be a problem.
Stay tuned.

S3, Ep1
27 Oct. 2017

Back to the Grind

Jane and Weller got married shortly after the Sandstorm debacle, before moving across the country to Colorado, where they spend their time renovating their new home and taking care of Allie and Weller’s baby daughter. Jane is almost killed by a team of assassins in her house; a massive bounty has been put on her head by a former Sandstorm loyalist. Jane’s only option is to assume a new identity and start fresh with an entirely different life somewhere else – alone.

18 months after parting ways under mysterious circumstances, the FBI team is brought back together by a new crisis. Weller finds Jane in Nepal 18 months later, and they uncover Jane’s bioluminescent tattoos. What does it mean?
Jane remembers she was in an accident a few months back and was hospitalised. She’d drifted in and out of consciousness; giving anyone access to her tattoos. New ones have been added, and a trail of clues become breadcrumbs to uncovering the truth about who Jane is.
The first tattoo, a quote from Dante’s Inferno, leads Jane and Weller back to Venice, the site of their engagement. Roman calls Jane to tell her he’s responsible for her new ink.

Jane and Weller head to Venezuela, where Reade, Zapata and Patterson are being held hostage until they can hack a high-tech central processing unit. Agent Reade is now heading up the Bureau’s New York office, Zapata has since transferred to the CIA; and Patterson has been developing an app in Silicon Valley.
All of them decide to team up once again to investigate Jane’s ink and neutralise her brother.