Blindspot Season 3 Ep22 – SEASON FINALE

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S3, Ep22

18 May 2018

In Memory

Jane and Weller go on a hunt for Roman back to where it all started. Let’s recap.

Reade and Zapata wake up at his place on the day Zapata has her CIA briefing after her alleged dismissal. Zapata tells him they can’t be together as it’s not the right time for them.

Roman has finally arrived in South Africa – home. The FBI track down Crawford’s location and swarm in just as the car is leaving for the airport. They expected to find Crawford in the car but found Blake instead. In the interrogation room, Blake lawyers up and then goes against legal advice and makes a deal; she gives them information in exchange for a guarantee that Crawford will be brought in alive and allowed to clear his name.

The FBI trace Crawford to South Africa. Roman lures him to a Hotel and then takes him down, bound to a chair, to reveal his true identity. Crawford was behind the orphanage Roman and Jane were raised in, and where they were trained, tortured, and beaten, to become child soldiers. The psychological damage wasn’t part of the plan.

Crawford apologises, but then asks whether Roman loved Blake for real, and suggests he find her, while Crawford takes his gun from him as he is defiant he won’t spend the rest of his life in prison for his crimes.

When the FBI turn up at the orphanage it’s Jane who finds Crawford and shoots him. His relief is visible, and she asks why. Crawford had a South African Security Officer working for him, and he follows the FBI team and then shoots Kurt in the gut, and he goes down. The South Africa hospital patches him up. Jane watches as Roman drives away.

Roman phones Blake and is surprised to hear she’s also in South Africa, and they meet on a hillside overlooking Cape Town. Roman’s about to tell her everything but then she admits that she knows the truth, and shoots him in the gut and drives away.

With Crawford dead and Roman missing, Jane heads to the hillside where they played as children and finds Roman slumped against a tree, bleeding to death. He gives her a drive and apologises for everything, and then the Team head back to the office.

Patterson and Richdotcom unlock the drive after Jane remembers the encryption key via a flashback, and they unlock the tattoos and codes behind some of them, but there are new tattoo clues as well.

Jane admits to Kurt that she thinks she’s pregnant as she keeps collapsing, but when she collapses in front of him and is rushed to hospital, she is unconscious.

When she comes around, she has no idea what’s going on, and makes a phone call asking for help, but says her name is Remi. After confirming she’s still undercover at the FBI, she asks to meet with Oscar or Roman or Shepherd, then hangs up.

We see a flashback of Remi and Shephard plotting to take down the FBI from the inside. Turns out Jane has zip poisoning, which is making her collapse and her brain malfunction. Roman was looking for a cure, and the drive has most of the research he was doing.

Kurt ends up in hospital himself later, as the gunshot wound had serious complications the Cape Town hospital missed.

Blake is on her private jet on her way back to resume her life, with a companion on board planning to make their next move – it’s Zapata.


Blindspot Season 3 Ep21 Recap

courtesy of NBC

S3, Ep21

11 May 2018


 Jane is forced to recruit someone from her past to help take down a dangerous alliance. Let’s recap.

Lynette is interrogated by Jane and Kurt but won’t co-operate until Patterson unlocks the laptop taken from Lynette’s panic room and uncovers Lynette’s Wife was a lawyer with the company she stole the codes from. Lynette tells the FBI Team that Crawford was obsessed with an oil pipeline that was going to be opened up any day now, and whomever owns the land is going to make billions.

The land Crawford bought from Jean-Paul before his untimely demise borders the African nations where the pipeline currently runs, but Crawford plans to assassination the leaders of both countries when they attend a peace summit based at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. With the two leaders gone, it would instead make his land now the suitable place for the oil pipeline to run.

A truck delivers a new copier and its placed in the loading bay at the UN building. the FBI Team quickly disarm it, which makes them suspicious and realise the real agenda is concerning the dignitaries arriving at the peace summit.

The protocol in the event of an incident is to evacuate and then secure the visiting dignitaries on the 14th floor of an adjacent Hotel which Roman has conveniently convinced Blake to visit with him for her next charity function. Roman is experiencing worse headaches and seeks medical attention all the while carrying out this terror plot on Crawford’s behalf. Blake seems to slip something into Roman’s pocket unobserved.

Meanwhile, Jane and Kurt agree bringing in Shepherd will help them get to the real agenda Roman has planned for them. She apologises to Jane for everything she did to her, but explains rather chillingly that Jane and Roman are linked by an error she made with their DNA and that if Roman dies Jane dies with him. Jane has already been experiencing violent headaches like Roman has, but puts it down to lack of sleep and work stress.

 There’s a flashback to Remi (Jane) and Roman playing a game with Shepherd in exchange for doing their chores. Both children have South African accents, which is where the connection to South Africa in next week’s season finale comes from.

CIA Director Kendal frames Zapata for lifting a phone from one of the Presidents attending the peace summit. It’s his word against hers, but they both leave the room. Zapata later returns to tell the Team that she’s been fired, and she won’t come back to the FBI because nobody will trust her.

In her rush to leave she almost doesn’t realise Reade confessing his feelings for her, and he kisses her; but she leaves, saying he’s rebounding from his relationship with Megan ending.

Later, at his apartment, Zapata turns up and they go full on into making up for lost time.

In flashback, Remi forfeits the game and Roman thinks he has won, and doesn’t have to do his chores; but Shepherd points out that Remi let Roman win because she feels he is weak. In present time, Roman relives the event as his headaches worsen.

The dignitaries are saved by Jane and Kurt and the FBI shootout with Roman’s mercenaries leaves the Hotel unsuitable for Blake’s charity event. She doesn’t seem so bothered when she checks in on Roman, who is feeling worse and staggering in the streets. He makes excuses to call her back. With the assassination foiled, his next move is the end game.

A final tattoo lights up on Patterson’s program and leads the FBI Team to a cryptic video message from Roman posted to give a chilling threat to them that this game ends now.

Blindspot News

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NBC has renewed Blindspot for Season 4.

The series – starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton – moved to Fridays this season, where it had been averaging 3.5 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating.

Although it ranked among NBC’s least watched, lowest rated dramas, it remained a steady performer, posting a 0.7 rating for nine of this season’s 13 episodes.

The Season 3 finale is set to air on May 18 which will bring Roman’s standoff with the FBI to a dramatic climax. Even though Roman has chosen a life with Blake and Crawford, he’s suddenly at odds with the fact that these tattoos he’s created are going to dismantle and go after the people that he loves.

Even worse for Roman is his declining health, which will become a major plot point in the season’s final instalments.

The Season 3 closer will take place in South Africa, a place that holds great significance for two major characters – Jane and Roman.

Blindspot Season 3 Ep 20

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S3, Ep20

4 May 2018

Let It Go

After receiving shocking news about Avery’s Father, Jane and Weller must hunt down an elusive criminal. Meanwhile, Patterson’s father helps the team in the lab. Let’s recap.

When Roman scrambles to control his fractured psyche, he has hallucinations that he is arguing with Jane. He has to focus on his end game – protecting Crawford and his agenda.

The FBI Team rally round when a body washes up on shore at the Harbour – it’s Avery’s Father’s remains. Post -mortem examination shows the body was kept frozen, and he was shot over 8 months earlier. An ultraviolet tattoo on his neck alerts Patterson and she retrieves a key from his throat and runs a program which uncovers a new contract killer, based in a comic book store, where bids on expensive comics are exchanged for hits on unsuspecting rivals of Crawford’s. A shell corporation bid half a million dollars to have Avery’s Father murdered. Avery’s godmother Lynette was behind it.

Avery later gets a call from her godmother Lynette advising her that she needs to come to the mansion to sign some papers relating to her Father’s will, and she heads there with Jane. Everything looks cosy until Avery spots a pen just like the one Crawford gives his loyal workers after ten years’ service, and Lynette fires off two rounds as Jane and Avery duck for cover behind the couch.

Mercenaries arrive, and luckily Avery remembers her childhood hiding place – a panic room – and they secrete themselves inside, but unwittingly, that’s the very same place where a laptop with access codes to all the buildings in Manhattan is stored.

Lynette decides to negotiate with the FBI in exchange for a helicopter out of there but she’s stalling so her mercs can cut into the panic room door and kill its occupants.

Jane pulls a Macguyver and fashions red smoke from chemicals conveniently in the panic room and Kurt, outside the mansion with his Team, sees the smoke and advances the Team to storm the mansion, rescuing Jane and Avery and apprehending Lynette.

Meanwhile, Patterson’s Father is Bill Nye the Science guy. He pops in to help her crack the algorithm Roman is using to flood the tattoo database with fake tattoos and to remain one step ahead of them.

Meghan returns from her reporting assignment overseas and goes to the FBI to catch up with Zapata, who tells her she can’t come to the wedding due to work commitments. When Meghan meets up with Reade, she demands to know what’s going on, and it ends their engagement. Reade can’t deny he has ever had feelings for Zapata.

Meghan’s parting shot was that she’s undocumented and has written a piece for the Times.

Zapata figured out the codes on the laptop relate to every secure building in Manhattan and Crawford is going to hit one if not all of them in less the twenty-four hours.

Blindspot Season 3 Ep 19 Recap

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S3, Ep19
27 Apr. 2018

Galaxy of Minds

The FBI Team are closing in on Crawford’s plans when they hit a roadblock in their investigation. Let’s recap.

General Joseph Baxter tries to shut down an illegal military weapons project when there’s a suspicion it’s falling into the hands of some ruthless people (ie: Crawford). The weapon is used to bring down his plane.

A conspiracy theorist is summoned to the FBI office when it transpires he’s written a book about the existence of this sonic weapon – Golden Rhino – which is under siege by Crawford for his own agenda.

The CEO of a military defence contractor is called in to an interview by the FBI. Kurt grills her (Moon) until she gives up her ex-Head engineer’s location, and calls him to set up a meeting. The FBI go to the meeting while she monitors the situation on the phone to look credible.

However, Roman is one step ahead of the FBI and is already at the meeting point, about to silence the engineer, Ganzmann. When Roman faces off with Jane she falters and he escapes.

Back at the FBI, Patterson is horrified when the FBI’s helicopter is brought down – the sonic weapon was used – and that’s how the FBI become aware of how deadly Crawford’s plan is, and the land he got from Jean-Paul before he was killed is in the Saharan desert.

When he’s not killing, Roman is conflicted about his relationship with Blake. When she tracks him down, he’s annoyed as she’s getting in the way of his side missions, but after an ill-timed heart to heart he pretends he’s suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder from his time in the war, and she reassures him that he can be open with her.

There’s a bizarre flash forward where Roman imagines Blake killing him after he confesses to being a fake, but he chooses in reality not to disclose the truth to her.

They spend a cosy couple of days in a bed and breakfast place as a distraction to Roman’s problems, and to keep off Crawford’s radar.

Avery proves to be an asset when she discloses information that reveals a connection to the CEO of Varnew (Moon) who knew Avery’s Father, and Avery pretends there’s a journal with every detail of Moon’s involvement in the weapons project. However, Moon didn’t know who was buying the weapon, and was paid a hefty price to keep out of it.

For once there was no wedding talk from Reade, and Zapata seems to have forgotten her CIA connection – for now.

The episode closed with Roman triggering all the tattoos at once to overwhelm the FBI’s capabilities, and Patterson admits they’re now in the dark about his and Crawford’s next moves.