Blindspot – Lepers Repel

blindspot-tv-seriesAs the FBI copes with a tragedy, Weller finds himself the center of a surprising event. Jane faces an uncertain future. Eleanor Hurst, Sam’s replacement turns up and introduces herself to Jane.

Kurt manages to track down the ambulance Roman and Mother are using to transport the nuclear bomb and there’s a struggle to overpower them, with jane facing off against Roman. At one point she has him cornered but she hesitates about shooting him, while Kurt secures Mother in the back, and uses defibrillator paddles to disable to beacon the glider used to track the satellite’s position that she swallowed. When Kurt collapses in Jane’s arms he tells her not to move to California, and to stay with him. He tells her he loves her; then he passes out.

Jane is offered a new life now that Sandstorm have been stopped. The case is finally closed. The Team are celebrating over at Kurt’s apartment.

With Mother about to be tortured by Naz, Jane has to put into perspective what a new lease of life could mean for her. After the Team leave Kurt and Jane alone at his apartment she says that she loves him too, and they make out – and more.

In the final two minutes of the episode we get a time jump:

It’s two years later and Kurt is wearing a wedding ring. Jane comments that he’s still wearing it. She’s not wearing hers anymore.

Jane’s in a remote location climbing an imposing rock face. Kurt came to meet with her because the FBI have received a silver box with her name emblazoned onto it, and inside is a key that both Jane and Kurt have to hold to activate. Some of the Team members are missing presumed dead.

Kurt notices that the key has the same design as one of the tattoos on Jane’s neck, and he presses the key up against her neck.

All of a sudden her tattoos start to glow…..Jane asks what does it mean?

Stay tuned for Season 3.

Blindspot Season 2 – Mom

blindspot-tv-seriesThe team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge breakthrough in uncovering Phase Two.

Roman’s furious with Jan for wiping his memory but they’re coming back, and he hates her for her actions. She says its the only way she could bring him into the FBI.

Parker, the Sandstorm operative captured last week, isn’t talking.

Reid is making progress with his counselling and has put in for a transfer to Quantico. Zapata can’t believe it.

The Director tells Kurt and Jane that the Jane Doe case is declassified. Jane protests that Roman is still useful, but then he says he’ll move Roman to a black site.

Devon is pregnant. Jane tells Parker. Kurt encourages him to talk and he gives up a warehouse but demands Kurt to put Devon on a plane to keep her safe.

Patterson thinks its a trap. Kurt and Jane storm the warehouse. It’s a replica of the FBI office – Sandstorm plan to take it down. Jane tries to warn everyone at the office but the phone signal is jammed, then they come under fire from a sniper. Two operatives arrive at the FBI office with Sandstorm operatives with weapons, they face off. Mother wants access to Patterson’s lab. Sam refuses. Mother executes staff unless he gives her the code. Someone gives her Kurt’s code then she shoots the Director.

Zapata and Patterson try to get to the armoury before Shepherd can get to her lab. Shepherd reveals she has targets in four time zones. Parker hits Zapata in the shoulder but Reid take him down in a hail of bullets.

Shepherd makes a propaganda video accepting responsibility for the attacks on the nation, with two buildings coming down in Boston and San Francisco. The Secret Service turn up looking for Kurt and lead him away from Jane. He’s part of a Deputy’s Committee; heads of Government Agencies rounded up and held in a secure location post-terror attacks on the nation to enact the Truman protocol and become the next Government.

This wss Sandstorm’s Phase 2 an now they want to destroy a Government she believes is corrupt.

Blindspot Season 2 – Regard a Mere Mad Rager

blindspot-tv-seriesJane and Weller go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt run by powerful hackers. Shepherd journeys to Thailand to procure a dangerous weapon but the FBI freeze her accounts before she can pay for it and they have a shootout but Mother end up being captured. She poses as military personnel Conlan and her captors tell her she has to wait until morning to see the American Consulate who can  bail her out.

Patterson unscrambles the Rubik’s cube’s code so they can steal one of the files for the hackers to believe them, and they can get closer to taking down Sandstorm.

Jane and Kurt take a walk through a neighbourhood to solve the clues to the hacker’s riddle. They make small talk about Naz leaving the Team but Kurt shuts her down.

Reed calls in to ask for a leave of absence. Kurt insists he goes to rehab and then returns to work. He sees a therapist later and tells her he’s having flashbacks of everything he’s been through.

Zappata asks him how he feels now that they watched the video together of the Coach abusing him and they hug.

The hackers treasure hunt becomes ridiculous but Kurt insists that he and Jane go this time. The CEO of Leakhub gives them a challenge before they can steal the documents.

Jane and Kurt are subjected to a polygraph and have to answer intrusive questions about their intimate lives before they’re given the hard drive with the secret documents to take down Sandstorm; while Mother knocks out her captor, steals the weapons, and sails off with them.


Blindspot – Senile Lines

blindspot-tv-seriesTwo children are arguing. Eli pushes Amber out of the window, and she’s found dead by her Foster Mother.

Roman leaves Jane at the safe house. She reminds him he promised to see the therapist as part of his conditions of release.

The D.A. thinks the FBI aided and abetted Sandstorm. Kurt says it’s not going to happen and they should focus on tracking the bank accounts Roman gave them. Patterson gets a hit on one of Jane’s tattoos and looks into it.

Reid wakes up in the hospital after being beaten to a pulp outside a bar when trying to score drugs. His room mate Travis is a chatty man. Reid refuses to give the hospital his insurance information. Travis says he has PTSD and recognises the same symptoms in Reid. He’s in denial, and shuts Travis down, but he keeps talking about being in Iraq and suffering from liver and kidney issues from too much drinking. He tells Reid he needs to talk about what happened to him with his Coach. Reid tells him everything before he checks out of the hospital. He phones Zappatta and asks her to come over to watch the video he stole from his Coach.

Patterson presents her findings into the hourglass tattoo. Amber Wallace was in a foster home funded by a non-profit which is part of a shell company connected to a foundation. Jane wants to bring Roman in on the case, Kurt’s not keen but then agrees. Roman’s in. Patterson tells Kurt what happened at the deposition. Eli had a music teacher who lived near the bodega he tried to rob, and the working theory is that Eli was headed to the teacher’s house.

The D.A. turns up demanding the Team attend the depositions or face a suspension. Patterson is first, while Kurt and the Team go to the foster home to investigate Amber’s murder. They enter the crime scene and look around. All six kids are missing by the time the authorities arrived. Eli was caught on surveillance trying to rob a bodega in Yonkers.

Patterson is questioned about Dr Borden (Nigel Thornton) and how she uncovered him being a terrorist connected to Sandstorm. He asks her about the chip Sandstorm acquired. Jane aborted the mission to save Roman.

Zappata is next to be interviewed. The D.A. learns Naz Kamal gave the order to enter the building that later led to the death of many FBI Agents. He questions why Kurt was absent, and Zappata tells him about the emergency with his pregnant girlfriend.

At the music teacher’s house they find Eli hiding outback. He says he didn’t kill Amber, and that ‘they’ did.

Patterson asks for Amber Wallace’s autopsy results but the Morgue had just transferred the body at the request of the family.  The transfer papers are fake, and the van is later found burned out. No trace of the body. The medicine capsule tells Patterson who the manufacturers are. A Polish researcher looking to get the drugs approved by the FDA. They ask Eli to meet with the Doctor to flush him out so they can arrest him, and rescue the other children. Eli calls him and the Doctor leaves a message which the Team trace to a warehouse in Queens. After a shootout they children are found but the Doctor is gone. Roman frees the children while Jane and Kurt battle with the guards. The Doctor tries to wipe his hard drives but Zappatta seures him in handcuffs. Eli goes missing from the hospital but he goes to the Foster Mother’s room with scissors in his hand, angry the Doctor paid her to give the children the drugs. Kurt manages to talk him around and he drops the scissors.

Jane’s turn to be interviewed is awkward. The D.A. asks if she’d ever been in a romantic relationship with Kurt. Next, she’s asked about drugging Roman to wipe his memory and then taking him to the FBI, without instruction from Kurt. She’s asked about where her loyalties lie, as she’s not even an FBI Agent.

Eli is interviewed. He ran away after Amber jumped from the window. The Foster Mother was giving them pills, and it made them messed up. Amber was getting worse, and then just jumped. A Doctor dropped by to check on them now and again. He couldn’t name the Doctor. Eli has one of the pills and wants to know what it contains. Anti-depressants mixed with other compounds that creates aggressive side effects. Illegal drug testing on children in Foster care. The Doctor detoxes all the children and tells the Foster Mother he has to kill them; and says they can’t risk being prosecuted for this.

Kurt is interviewed about his relationship with Jane. He mentions they go out for beers sometimes. He suspects that Kurt’s working for Sandstorm as Shepherd paid for his schooling, and put Jane into his life.

Kurt puts Zappatta in charge of the Sandstorm operation so the Team can still take them down. Kurt wants to stand down so the Tem and the mission can be protected. Naz goes to the D.A. and makes a statement. She confesses to being the one who took the missteps and sent Jane in as an operative, missed that Dr Borden was a terrorist, and sent the Team in to the Sandstorm compound explosion that killed FBI Agents; and says she alone deserves to suffer the consequences of her actions. She then threatens to open an investigation into Matthew if he doesn’t drop the investigation. Naz tells Kurt what she’s done, and he’s angry but she insists. The Team drink a toast to her courageous effort. She gives Kurt the list of names that goes with the bank accounts linked to Sandstorm.

We see Mother in Bangkok with her Team. She has a truck filled with oil drums emblazoned with nuclear warning symbols and warns them to avoid the Western hemisphere for a while.

Blindspot Season 2 – Last Remaining Episodes Sneak Peek

S2, Ep11

Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord

After one of the world’s most-wanted terrorists surfaces in New York for unknown reasons, the team must partner with the CIA to stop a deadly bombing.
S2, Ep12

Devil Never Even Lived

When an unusual tattoo leads back to Roman, the team must decide whether to send him into the field…to go undercover with a dangerous biker gang.
S2, Ep13

Name Not One Man

The team faces a struggle when they find out that Kurt Weller might be working as a double agent without even realizing it himself.
S2, Ep14

Borrow or Rob

A tattoo points the team to a powerful collegiate secret society, but only Rich Dotcom, one their alumni, can infiltrate it.
S2, Ep15

Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward

The team chases down a deadly underworld courier after a set of tattoos produces multiple leads.
S2, Ep16

Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did Live

Weller and Jane face off against an old foe when they come face to face with Nas’s source in Sandstorm.
S2, Ep17


Jane and Oliver end up in a dangerous situation that reveals their secrets. He didn’t know about her complicated past, and she didn’t know his Father was on the run from the Authorities for misappropriating funds and embezzling them. Meanwhile, Oliver’s Father had been making secret hefty donations to Oliver’s projects over the years. Kurt and his Team get the drop on the kidnappers and rescue Jane and Oliver but it’s over for their young relationship. Oliver realises it’s not a good combination. Jane looks disappointed but, she agrees.
Patterson ransacks her apartment looking for more surveillance equipment after the Team uncover a listening device in her tooth. Sandstorm had been listening to them for months after Borden kidnapped Patterson.
Reid is down on his luck, washed up and back on drugs. Kurt suspends him but he takes it the wrong way and quits the FBI. He rolls up on a group at a bar and tries to score but one of them recognises Reid from a drugs bust years earlier, and the group give Reid a beating. He holes up at a girlfriend’s house but she kicks him out for his drug use, given she’s got a kid.
S2, Ep18
5 Apr. 2017

Senile Lines

As the team tries to defend itself against an old rival, a tattoo leads them to a mysterious death at a foster home.

Blindspot Season 2 – Nor I, Nigel aka Leg In Iron


The remaining episodes of Season 2 are finally here after a mid-season hiatus.
Patterson is missing and Roman is loose, so Jane and Weller must find them before Shepherd does.
This episode came straight out the gate with action and suspense from the start.
Remember how the previous episode ended, with Shepherd (Mother) asking Roman to kill Jane, and Roman choosing instead to shoot her; albeit in the shoulder. Jane injects Roman with ZIP, straight into the neck to wipe his memory, and then drives Roman to the FBI for a full debrief.
Unfortunately, due to the memory wipe he can’t tell Weller anything.
Meanwhile, Patterson has been shot in the belly and is slowly bleeding out. Dr Borden, now revealed to have been working for SANDSTORM all along, carries her to Mother, where the pair take turns to interrogate her. Mother demands to know is the FBI are on to her, and specifically on to Phase 2 of their agenda. Patterson remains tight-lipped; even when Mother proceeds to stick a long needle into her ear, perforating the drum.
Dr Borden’s conscience kicks in when Mother leaves him to finish Patterson off, and instead he leaves her alone and heads into the brush to escape.
Weller manages to track Patterson to SANDSTORM’s location with Jane’s help, and after she explains she wasn’t in on it, Weller and co resume their trust in her to lead them to Mother.
Weller gets the surprise of his life when he flees to rescue Patterson but gets a beat down from Dr Borden instead. The two do a dance before Borden warns Weller and then runs off into the distance.
After the building collapse in the previous episode, several of the FBI Team were crushed and killed. Reid’s leg’s were trapped and Zapata has stuck by his side ever since he was rescued. Now discharged from hospital, Zapata makes sure he’s comfortable back at his house. He misreads her signals and leans in for a kiss, only to be chastised. He looks bewildered until she makes it clear they’re just friends. Ouch!
Weller goes to the hospital to check on Patterson. The thumb drive recovered from their previous mission reveals the blueprint for Jane’s tattoos, and a video clip on the drive shows Jane had an extra tattoo on her neck of a jaguar, which has since been covered up.
What does it mean?
What is SANDSTORM’S phase 2 and what could it mean for Weller?

Blindspot Season 2 – Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform

blindspot-tv-seriesAfter Jane discovers that Sandstorm is gearing up for an imminent attack, she risks everything to send a secret SOS to her FBI team. Only, when the message gets through to the FBI’s operational command, it turns everything she’s worked for on its head.

Mother reveals she set Jane up, and knows she would tell the FBI about their mission. The threat remains, and Jane was right to believe it was real, but its not going down when and where Jane suspects it to be.

Jane’s phone call to Patterson to alert Kurt and the others to Sandstorm’s plan to target the power grid is a trap. She’s drawn them to a disused building, thinking Sandstorm operatives are inside, and they all pile in, complete with bullet proof vests, but its a trap.

Explosives are rigged to detonate the moment Mother pushes the button, and she does, all the while regaling Jane about how she was hand chosen to join Sandstorm, and her childhood with her ‘brother’ Roman wasn’t as fractured as she recalled.

We are treated to the back story on Dr Borden; a volunteer running a clinic with his Wife at a Doctor Without Borders outpost where Jane’s body landed after her Team were all taken out. Mommie dearest shows Jane the room where she was tattooed prior to being dropped off in Times Square in a bag for the FBI to find. This whole time Sandstorm knew Jane was still working with the FBI instead of furthering their cause.

The new relationship growing between Dr Borden and Patterson is fragile. Imagine her surprise when she catches him slipping on his old wedding ring – the one with the elaborate detail Jane had described to Patterson when they were first unravelling the mysteries her tattoos posed. Jane had described the unique ring which Dr Borden now tries to hide from Patterson. She draws her weapon and says its clear now that he’s working with Sandstorm, and has been feeding them intel this whole time. That’s how they were always one step ahead of the FBI. She arrests him but the chase begins through the house, and it won’t end well.

The explosion Mother sets off takes out two FBI team members. Kurt was lured away from the op by a fake phone call which claimed his expectant girlfriend had been in a car accident and was laid up in the local hospital.

When Kurt learns it was a hoax, he radios Patterson and tells her to warn the Team that its a trap, and to abort the mission but the comms are down, and Patterson can’t get through.

Mother had set off the explosion; Jane tied to a chair, sobbing, thinking her man and her friends are dead. Then the fight begins. Jane works her ties loose and a three way fight between her, Mother and her brother Roman ensues, but though Mother and brother end up wounded, Jane dashes off into the night with Roman in tow.

Reade is pinned under a massive boulder. His legs are crushed. Naz sits with him, and tries to cry for help, tapping a pipe against a steel pipe to attract the first responders. Kurt turns up with the paramedics and they pull him free just before the whole thing starts to collapse. He pulls Naz free at the last moment.

When the show returns in January, it will be a different dynamic now that we know Dr Borden is an operative with Sandstorm.