Grey’s Anatomy – Who Is He & What Is He To You

greys-main-13The long-awaited Jackson/April episode didn’t disappoint. Let’s recap.

Jackson and April go to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient. Once there, Jackson goes to a Bar with his laptop and has some work to do in preparation for the upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a female patient who has vocal chord surgery complications means, with Jackson off the grid, April is left to explain the plan to the parents. She tracks him down to the Bar and Jackson is on his fourth drink. An argument ensues.

Concerned Bar owner Robert Avery (special guest star Eric Roberts) tries to calm the two down, but Jackson walks out. He explains he was a Surgeon but gave it up. April is surprised at the similarity of his name. The next morning, Jackson acts like everything is normal, so April gets bogged down in the case and avoids talking about it. They argue about how Catherine chose April for the case without asking Jackson first but the patient, Caroline, is being discharged and transferred to another hospital. Jackson convinces the parents to let them try an innovative surgery, and the parents agree to give them 24 hours.

Jackson admits he doesn’t have a plan, and then April confronts him about how his Father is running a Bar, and that he’s Jackson’s reason for coming to Montana, to have him operate on their challenging case.

He tells April that he hoped his Father would recognise him, that’s why he sat in the Bar, and was disappointed when he didn’t acknowledge his existence. April compels him to make his Father know him. They go back to the Bar. Jackson blurts out that he’s Robert’s son. They hug. Robert sees surprised but happy. Acts like normal. Explains that his brain isn’t what it was. Asks him about his work and asks if he’s married with kids, and whether he’s happy. Jackson lies and says he’s happy. Robert says he couldn’t do the Avery thing. He tells Jackson about the night he met Catherine.

The surgery is a success, and to celebrate, things get amorous between them. Jackson stops off at the Bar to say goodbye, on their way back to Seattle. Tells Robert he has a grandchild but he’s not going to see them ever again. Robert just watches him leave. The check up after surgery goes well, and there’s celebrations all round.

When the private jet lands back in Seattle, Catherine is there with Harriet, and they give April a ride home.

It was refreshing to hear ‘Jackson’ doing the voiceover for a change, but Grey’s has to kick it up a notch to keep this viewer watching. This Season has been odd, and not in a good way. Being renewed for Season 14 perhaps is incentive enough to go back to basics and bring us the story arcs that reduced us to tears in the first few Seasons.


Scandal Season 6 – Extinction

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode had some MAJOR reveals. Let’s recap.

The episode gave us a look at Rowan’s role in the days leading up to the Election. He has a very routine life; has a leisurely breakfast, attends a riveting lecture by an esteemed friend from University days, Sandra; and enjoys some witty banter with her while she’s in town, and she shows off her new workplace. He seems bowled over by her progress and even more excited when she offers him a chance to work on a ground breaking discovery, complete with funding from a private investor; until he spots a camera concealed in the window frame.

He confides in someone already working for him; who uncovers the ‘private investor’ funding Sandra’s project doesn’t exist. Rowan realises Olivia is not safe, and drops in on her so he can check her apartment for cameras and advises her to step up the schedule to have Huck sweep for listening devices etc.

Later, Rowan corners Sandra in a closet at gunpoint and she tells him they threatened to kill her if she didn’t convince Rowan to work with her. She seems genuinely in fear of her life and he lets her go. It’s revealed to us that they’re watching Rowan.

Rowan faces off with them when they emerge to meet face to face and ‘Theo’ shoots one of their own men to demonstrate they aren’t afraid of Rowan, who asks what they want from him. Theo simply states that he wants Mellie in the White House and threatens to kill Sandra if Rowan doesn’t co-operate.  Later, they end up in bed and Rowan suddenly beams, pleased with himself. He later meets with his investigator, who produces a file on Jennifer Fields who was just beaten by one of Cyrus’s goons. Rowan rejects it, and instead they opt for tampering with voting machines to ensure Mellie wins the Election.

Olivia confides in Rowan that Mellie is sleeping with Marcus, and the implications for the campaign are not lost on her. Rowan convinces her to dissuade Mellie from being in love with Marcus or it’ll cost Olivia the White House. He persuades her to relax, and assures her that Mellie is assured of a win. Olivia lets him know Huck found the back door in the coding which rigged the voting machines. Rowan’s furious, but he can’t tell her about Theodore.

Rowan later tries to convince Sandra that she needs to go to Zanzibar, to be safe. He tells her he worked for the Government, which meant he couldn’t risk her being a liability by becoming emotionally involved, and despite being married years ago, thereby breaking the rules of engagement, he realises she was the wrong one, and he should have married Sandra. He forces her to leave the country for her safety’s sake; but she demands he protect her on home soil.

Two days before the Election, Rowan meets with his Investigator to go over strategy again but when Rowan goes into his house there’s an unnamed woman waiting for him and tells him the consequences of Mellie losing the Election, or Sandra dies. She tells Rowan to kill Vargas on Election night, and he realises he has to frame Cyrus for it.

Rowan meets with his investigator and they discuss the hit on Vargas and asks for all the info on Jennifer Fields. Not sure why she keeps calling Rowan ‘Coolio’ though and why the writers insist on not naming the character….moving on.

On Election night, we see how events unfolded for Mellie. Jake got the phone call from Rowan and met with him to arrange fro Jennifer’s cabin to be torched, and to keep her safe. We see Rowan take his position beneath the stage where Vargas makes his acceptance speech but he can’t pull the trigger. He contemplates turning the gun on himself but doesn’t. Then, the shots ring out, taking down Vargas.

Rowan shoots Vargas three times.

When he meets with his hitman he gives him another assignment, which makes the blood drain from his face. The hitman is arrested when the rifle is found in the parking garage where Rowan instructed him to leave it, and it has his fingerprints on it.

Sandra is released when Rowan goes back to the project and the mystery woman tells Rowan to call Jennifer, who then calls the FBI tip line to say Cyrus shot Vargas. Then, Rowan shoots Sandra in the head to show them he’s not scared.

They tell him Olivia is being closely monitored, and will kill her if he doesn’t co-operate and put Cyrus in jail and Mellie in the White House.



Bates Motel Final Season – Episode Recap – Hidden

Courtesy of A&E

Norman is starting to realise he can’t continue living the way he has up to now. Caleb was run over, running away from Norma firing the gun after him; only for Chick to run him over with the car. Norman wants to call the Sheriff and explain but Chick explains that Caleb was held captive in the basement and there are things there that can’t come to light. Norman agrees and then Chick gives Caleb a funeral pyre on the river and sets fire to the remains and watches it sail away.

Norman’s had a startling realisation that he and Norma are leading unhealthy lives and tells her it has to stop. With Chick watching his every move, he’s feeling hemmed in, and asks Chick to go home and not move in. Chick is visibly upset but agrees to leave and drives away. Norman pops into the hardware store to give Maddie some of Norma’s old dresses.

Romero is still on the run, and is injured after the kid shot him. He convinces the kid to go inside and get medical supplies so he can patch himself up, but the minute the kid goes inside, Romero runs into the woods until he arrives at a payphone in a residential area and makes a hoax 911 call for an ambulance. When it arrives he raids its supplies and heads to see an old friend to get patched up.

The new Sheriff, Green, gets a call from the District Attorney and then makes herself known to Norman by asking about Jim Blackwell (the hitman Romero hired to kill Norman) as he was found dead with Norman’s address in his pocket. Norman later lets it slip that people from where Jim lived often stay at the Motel and the Sheriff notices it. Sheriff Green checks the guest register in case Jim checked in using an alias name but finds nothing. She tells Norman that Romero has escaped and he tries to hide his horror by implying Romero put too much pressure on Norma and that caused her suicide. The Sheriff makes sure Norman knows she’ll be calling on him again.

Norman asks Norma what she did with Jim’s car as Norma dumped it in the woods and threw away the key. They argue and it gets physical; with Norman covering her mouth with his hand until she ‘suffocates’ then she comes to and warns him not to do that to her again.

Maddie Loomis phones the next morning and invites Norman to dinner at her house while her husband Sam is away on business. When he arrives at her house, she’s wearing one of Norma’s dresses. One thing leads to another and she passionately kisses Norman.

It’s too intense for him, and Norman has a vision of Norma disapprovingly watching him kissing Maddie. He pulls back just as ‘Norma’ stabs Maddie to death. Norman is horrified, and runs out of the house, but we see Maddie shouting after him, wondering what’s wrong.

Norman drives home and tears through the house searching for Norma to admonish her for her behaviour, but the house is dark and empty with rotting food on the kitchen table where he’s been setting an extra place setting for Norma.

His mind can’t take it in and he blanks out, only for Norma to take over.

Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 – They All Bow Down Recap

olivia-pope-scandalThe s*** hit the fan this week with an explosive look at the real events that occurred on election night. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with an uncomfortable insight into Jake and Vanessa’s marriage. Where they were all cutesy and cuddly at first, the gloves are now off; with Jake once more a cold, lean killing machine. Through flashbacks we witness the crumbling marriage that is a total sham so Jake will be the next President of the United States. Frankie Vargas’s shooting re-opened the game, and now Mellie Grant is the Pres, she’s chosen Jake to be her Vice President. We all know what that means – any day now Mellie is toast so Jake can take a seat in the big chair; at Rowan ‘Poppa Pope’s behest.

Yes, Olivia faced off with her Father after it was revealed that Tom’s sudden windfall was from her, but wait, lovers of liberty, Liv is just being framed for paying Tom so she won’t step out of line and ruin the big bad peoples’ work to frame Cyrus for Vargas’s shooting.

What’s creepy about this episode is how Jake morphed into this cold, blank-staring man who dragged Liv into the woods sans her trusty cell phone, for the big reveal this episode:

Jennifer Fields had to die

Jake blew up the Cabin in the woods, just as he heard Quinn and Huck approaching. Rowan told him to do it, and further, Jennifer’s alive. Clearly, she’s got dirt on someone within the Presidential campaign.

When Rowan finds out, he’ll kill them all.

Also this episode, Rowan is being coerced into making sure Jake is VP, with it going as far as Olivia’s life being cut short. How that opens up the rest of the Season should be interesting.

The Catch – Season 1


S1, Ep1
24 Mar. 2016


Alice Vaughan is LA’s top private investigator – and the one woman you don’t want to mess with. But when her fiancé cons her out of millions and disappears, Alice goes on a private mission for payback.
S1, Ep2
31 Mar. 2016

The Real Killer

Alice and the team take on a very public client, a husband who was wrongly imprisoned for murdering his wife.
S1, Ep3
7 Apr. 2016

The Trial

Anderson Vaughan Investigations takes on a case that hits close to home when Valerie’s estranged husband comes to them for help after his sister suffers side effects in a Multiple Sclerosis clinical trial by a big pharmaceutical company.
S1, Ep4
14 Apr. 2016

The Princess and the I.P.

Anderson Vaughan and Associates take on a new client, a government agency that may have just lost the only person with the blueprints for a very deadly weapon.
S1, Ep5
21 Apr. 2016

The Larágan Gambit

Alice and Rose are shocked to discover their long time political client is being blackmailed by compromising photos.
S1, Ep6
28 Apr. 2016

The Benefactor

The AVI team takes on a new client, a female captain in the army, who is being harassed by her colleagues. Meanwhile, Alice makes a play on Ben that could put her in some very serious danger, and both Ben and Margot are shocked when an old friend comes to town.
S1, Ep7
5 May 2016

The Ringer

AVI takes on a case involving a missing child with parents embattled in a bitter divorce. Against their better judgment, Ben convinces Margot and Reggie to work a con for their benefactor, and Alice leads Dao into investigating Ben from a different angle.
S1, Ep8
12 May 2016

The Package

Ben agrees to help Rhys with one of their biggest cons to date: to break Leah Wells out of FBI custody. Meanwhile, Sophie asks Alice and the AVI team to help a friend get out of a very bad contract, and, in doing so, they learn that Sophie has a few more tricks up her sleeve.
S1, Ep9
19 May 2016

The Happy Couple

Ben makes a critical decision just as the matriarch of the Kensington Firm, Sybil Griffiths, pays an unexpected visit that throws everyone off their game. Meanwhile, Alice has a breakthrough in therapy that helps her and her team get that much closer to taking down Ben’s associates.
S1, Ep10
19 May 2016

The Wedding

Sybil proves to be a formidable adversary and devises a well-orchestrated con that takes place at a high-profile wedding. Meanwhile, Alice finds herself in a precarious situation and Ben puts everything on the line to keep her out of danger.
The Catch Season 2 premieres March 9

Bates Motel Season 5 – Bad Blood

bates-motel-5This week, Norma/Norman served up a new version of crazy. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with Caleb coming round from being clubbed on the head by Norman in his blonde wig and dress as Norma. Caleb continues a conversation with Norman so as not to alert him to the fact that Norman’s lost his mind. For some reason, Chick just stands and watches the whole thing play out. Norman questions him, and Chick just admits he enjoys helping people. Norman asks if he can trust Chick, and he says ‘you can trust me, Norma’ and Norman says he’s relieved he doesn’t have to hide every time Chick comes around, and now Chick wants to stay, says he can watch Caleb while he’s locked in the basement. The dynamic between the three is changed forever.

Meanwhile back in prison, Romero gets chummy with one of the Guards about his charges. The Guard is sympathetic and introduces Romero to his co-worker as they drive him to his new location, closer to Norman. On the way there they make a pit stop – bathroom break, where Romero wrestles the gun from the Guard and leaves him handcuffed to a drain pipe, and then hitches a ride out of dodge. He takes off in the car but gets a flat and has to ditch it. We all know where he’s going to go….

Norma wakes up next morning and has a conversation with Norma about their argument – Norman ‘seeing’ Madeleine Loomis for dinner. Norma even tells him to stay out of the basement as he’ll mess things around in there, and he should stay in bed.

Now the weird part – Chick bring Norman breakfast in bed. Tells Norman he found him passed out the night before and put him to bed, then he asks him if he often has episodes where he passes out. Norman tries to tell him he can’t stay. Chick tells him he knows about Norma, and he spoke to her and its fine for him to stay. Over dinner, Norman holds a conversation with Norma, all in view of Chick who’s recording the whole thing!

We’re all in this sideshow together, and then we die

Caleb has a flashback to when he and Norma were scared while their Father was having a brawl with their Mom. Chick gives him a once over to make sure he’s conscious and they discuss Caleb’s release. Chick says its up to Norman whether he gets out alive. Caleb pleads his case, stating Norman’s crazy and Norma’s dead. Chick ain’t buying it; then he starts asking Caleb about his life, and about his childhood with Norma. He reveals that their Mom was crazy and would lock them in a room.

Chick breaks the news to Norman that Caleb’s in the basement and thinks Norman killed her. He offers to intervene when Caleb starts making a ruckus but Norman says he’ll deal with him. He goes to the basement and Caleb gets with the program and talks to Norma, pleading for his release. She says Norman will probably have to kill him because she can’t do it ! !

Norman has a blackout and comes to in bed, woken by Norma. He confronts Norma about Caleb being in the basement. Norma asks him to kill him. He says he thinks their could be another way and not to kill Caleb. She convinces him, and hands him a loaded gun, and tells him to aim for his head ! Instead, Norman releases him and tells him to leave and never come back. He runs out into the road just as Chick comes down it, texting and driving and runs him down.

Romero gets into bother when he chooses the wrong car to steal and the owner’s son catches him mid-steal and gives him both barrels.

Chick narrates his latest findings for his true crime novel and goes looking for a typewriter in a local Store.

Now we know his real agenda.


Bates Motel Season 5 – Episode 2 – The Convergence of the Twain – Recap

bates-motel-5 This week’s episode raised the bar. Let’s dig in.

NORMAN had a visitor – Madeleine Loomis from the hardware store. She wanted to set him up on a date so he could join her and her husband Sam for dinner in the Village. Norman isn’t interested at first but when Maddie adds that she’ll also be there, but with her husband, Norman agrees to tag along. When Norman turns up for dinner he gets a surprise. Sam Loomis is very familiar to Norman – he’s the guest who wanted to rent the room for the afternoon. While Norman tries to swallow down his glee at having something to blackmail Sam with, we can all see the tension between him and Sam. It makes for compelling viewing; and when Sam steps to Norman to warn him to keep quiet, it almost makes him wet his pants with excitement.

Later, we see Norma at a bar drowning her sorrows about how she has an abysmal life. The bartender is chatting it up, and then the camera cuts to the mirror and we see that it’s actually Norman in full-momma madness mode, downing drinks like it was water. Over in a corner of the bar the camera focusses on Chick; making notes about Norman’s behaviour. Caleb walks in and Chick faces off with him about how Caleb ruined his business.

What do you reckon, Chick will tell the authorities that Norman is one french fry short of a full plate and then swoop in and take over the Motel? I wouldn’t think so.

Back in Prison, we catch up with former Sheriff Romero, pissed off that his parole was denied again, and the henchman he’d sent to kill Norman had failed. Romero gets a visit from Norman, who more than let’s him know that his henchman is very dead, and Romero will be next if he doesn’t play nice. We later see Romero in a brawl with another inmate over nothing in particular, which leads to an impassioned plea from Romero to be moved closer to his deceased Wife’s family so he can have some comfort. How long do you think it’ll take before there’s a showdown between Norman and Romero?

Chick also brought Norman a gift for his mummification project. Norman seemed in another world while Chick was talking to him. There was a discussion about Chick repairing the freezer for Norman, and doing odd jobs around the house. My theory is Norman will be the next odd job for Chick.

The final scene stole the whole episode:

Caleb, incensed over Norma’s supposed suicide races to the house and searches for Norman. He gets to the basement and finds Norma’s mummified remains. Norman appears in full Norma mode; a blond wig and a dress, and knocks Caleb unconscious; just as Chick entered the basement.

‘Norma’ turns to chick and says, now you know; I’m still alive.

Bates Motel Season 5 – Mondays on A&E