Blindspot S3 Ep14

Everlasting gave us an inside view of the world from Paterson’s perspective when she had extreme deja vu in order to solve the mystery behind the latest of Jane’s tattoos. Let’s recap.

Paterson’s day started with her neighbor waking her with his usual morning bugle-playing; then she got coffee and went to the lab for work. At the elevator, she bumped into Zapata and they discussed her feelings, and whether she was ever going to tell Reade. Zapata swerved this and instead focused on Paterson’s lack or romance since Dr Borden kidnapped her, bugged her tooth and then tried to kill her.

The whole episode was rigged with mini-reveals like how Paterson has a crush on Roman, and each of the dead people whom she cared about came back in turn to help her solve the case.

3 deceased marine’s remains were exhumed for testing when one of Jane’s tattoos directed the Team to unravel a cover up. An unsanctioned operation lead by a General went south, poisoning the 3 marines. The General turned up at the lab with a bomb secreted into one of the machines the lab used to test the remains. When the explosion went off the first time, Paterson was hit, but then her deja vu took her back to waking up in bed and started the day over a few times, each time unraveling more of the clues to the cover up.

In other story lines, Reade asked Zapata to be his best man, and she accepted. Paterson advised Jane and Kurt to tell Avery about her biological Father, no matter what he’s been accused of.

The final scene revealed Dr Borden is alive and an attack is imminent.



Grey’s Anatomy S14 Ep 14

Games people play gave Meredith and Amelia a chance to get to know Clive, Maggie’s new steady. Let’s recap.

Maggie told her sisters that she wasn’t a good judge of character as she’d always relied on her Mom’s opinion of the men she’d dated. The three decided to invite Clive over for a game night, along with Jackson and  Priya, April, Levi and Helmouth; and then Clive’s Wife arrived. Awkward.

April was looking at a potential law suit after accidentally slicing off a patient’s ear after being knocked off balance, so Owen sent her home. (It may be her final scene on the show).

Marie refused to sell the patent to Meredith based on her weak theory even though Mer and Jo had enjoyed a minor success treating livers using it without permission. Later, Meredith realises Marie just got all of the procedure details and now plans to use the patent herself to win the competition.Turns out Marie was Ellis’s best friend until they had a major falling out.

Jackson broke up with Priya and admitted to Maggie that all the time he was with Priya he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and they finally kissed.


Grey’s Anatomy News

They’re cleaning house over at Grey’s Anatomy.

This week’s shock announcement is that two beloved characters have been let go.

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will depart the ABC drama at the end of the series’ current 14th season. According to Deadline, the pair are being let go for creative reasons. Capshaw has played Dr. Arizona Robbins for a decade, while Drew (aka Dr. April Kepner) has been on the show for nine years.

ABC has yet to formally renew Grey’s for Season 15.



How to Get Away with Murder S4 Ep14

Courtesy of ABC

Don’t miss the SEASON FINALE MARCH 16


The Night Before He Died filled in some of the blanks, and exposed the real events surrounding Wes’s murder. Let’s recap!

After last week’s reveal that Wes had recorded his meeting with Sandrine, and she’d offered Wes a hundred grand to leave Laurel, Sandrine warned Wes that Laurel tries to fix people but walks away when she realises she can’t fix them. How Sandrine knew to call him Christophe wasn’t revealed, yet.

Laurel put it together that it was her Mom who tipped off her Dad, Jorge, about Wes wanting to go to the Police. Jorge would lose everything, and Antares wouldn’t take off, losing him millions, if not more.

Simon was awake from his coma and asked Oliver to visit him at the hospital, but there was a police officer guarding him, and Oliver couldn’t establish how much Simon remembered from the horrific events that night. It emerged that Simon had hired Tiegan’s services against being accused of theft of intellectual property but Annalise soon put him straight, letting him know he can get a Visa if he turns whistle blower instead. Anything’s better than jail, right?

Connor and Oliver are excited about their pending nuptuals; and then Asher turns the subject to his relationship with Michaela and let’s her know how furious he is that she cheated on him with Marcus; someone he feels is the perfect guy for her. It looks like they’re over.

Annalise took the time to visit Isaac while she was lurking around for Oliver to work on Simon changing his allegiances. Isaac admitted having feelings for her, but said it was the last time they could ever see each other, and she’s not to blame for his situation. He said he wanted to die, and it’s not her fault.

Bonnie got sloppy and got caught on camera bribing the guard at the evidence locker room. She wanted to know who had access to Laurel’s purse that night because the hard drive was taken from it. Denver got the hard drive and is playing both sides. He called Jorge after watching the recording of Bonnie bribing the guard, and the next thing we see is Bonnie’s car after it had crashed, and a body in a bag bag being pushed into the rear of the Coroner’s vehicle, but we’re not that gullible.

Bonnie wouldn’t go out like that, or would she?

After Frank had put a tracker on Bonnie’s car in the event of mechanical failure, we’d think it would alert Frank if there was

something up with her car, and it didn’t. Have to wait until next week to find out who’s dead….or not.





Scandal Season 7 Ep13

Cyrus faked a hijacking of Air Force 2 so he could come off as a national hero. Let’s recap.

Mellie thought Jake was behind the attempted hijacking of the Vice Pres’s place and was trying to eliminate David Rosen, but he was not, and even boasted about easier ways of offing Cyrus. Abby almost losing David made her realise her true feelings for him. Much better than her ex Leo anyway.

Olivia’s meetings with Mom routine is getting a little old, and back when Momma Pope used to launch into one of her tirades I tended to zone out. Something was said about her having raised Liv better than this, and Liv crying over who hurt her. Something like that, yeah.

Hope the remaining episodes of this final season pick up the pace a little.