Blindspot Season 2 – Mom

blindspot-tv-seriesThe team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge breakthrough in uncovering Phase Two.

Roman’s furious with Jan for wiping his memory but they’re coming back, and he hates her for her actions. She says its the only way she could bring him into the FBI.

Parker, the Sandstorm operative captured last week, isn’t talking.

Reid is making progress with his counselling and has put in for a transfer to Quantico. Zapata can’t believe it.

The Director tells Kurt and Jane that the Jane Doe case is declassified. Jane protests that Roman is still useful, but then he says he’ll move Roman to a black site.

Devon is pregnant. Jane tells Parker. Kurt encourages him to talk and he gives up a warehouse but demands Kurt to put Devon on a plane to keep her safe.

Patterson thinks its a trap. Kurt and Jane storm the warehouse. It’s a replica of the FBI office – Sandstorm plan to take it down. Jane tries to warn everyone at the office but the phone signal is jammed, then they come under fire from a sniper. Two operatives arrive at the FBI office with Sandstorm operatives with weapons, they face off. Mother wants access to Patterson’s lab. Sam refuses. Mother executes staff unless he gives her the code. Someone gives her Kurt’s code then she shoots the Director.

Zapata and Patterson try to get to the armoury before Shepherd can get to her lab. Shepherd reveals she has targets in four time zones. Parker hits Zapata in the shoulder but Reid take him down in a hail of bullets.

Shepherd makes a propaganda video accepting responsibility for the attacks on the nation, with two buildings coming down in Boston and San Francisco. The Secret Service turn up looking for Kurt and lead him away from Jane. He’s part of a Deputy’s Committee; heads of Government Agencies rounded up and held in a secure location post-terror attacks on the nation to enact the Truman protocol and become the next Government.

This wss Sandstorm’s Phase 2 an now they want to destroy a Government she believes is corrupt.

The Catch – The Mockingbird – Final Episode Ever

the-catch-tv-seriesAfter last week’s reveal that The Mockingbird is actually Alice’s brother, Tommy, and Sophie was shot by Felicity, things took an awkward turn in this week’s episode. Let’s recap.

Margot met with The Mockingbird and he offered her a job, now that the Kensington Firm is now under new management. Margot is furious that she was fooled so easily by Felicity, who’s been working behind her back to steal the clients. Margot negotiates with Tommy but loses when Tessa reveals her true colors. She’s been working with Felicity all along to make new ties with the clients in their new crime syndicate.

When Felicity is later shot by Tessa in a bid to prevent her killing Margot, however, the tables are turned and everyone is confused about where Tessa’s loyalties lie. She explains that she never expected her biological parents Ben and Margot to be so nice. Margot and Tessa steal away to Alice’s apartment. Ethan admits to Alice that he’s still in love with her, and she says she’ll always love him. Sophia has life-saving surgery and pulls through but we don’t see her all episode.

When Ethan arranges for Carol to help Agent Diaz uncover who the Mockingbird is she sets up a meeting at a Hotel, with Alice and Val and Diaz in tow. When Diaz learns that Tommy is the Mockingbird she brings him in, only for fake FBI Agent to turn up and secure his return back to the real Mockingbird. Ben tracked down Tommy’s tailor and got the credit card details held on file, which traced back to every con Ben and Reese have ever pulled off since meeting Margot. It can only mean one thing.

Reese is the real Mockingbird.

Ben phones Reese and let’s him know Margot and Tessa are leaving on a private jet Alice borrowed from Ethan, who happened to have just bought his own airport. Reese tries to explain he stole clients so he and Ben could have a life together after their obligations to the FBI were complete. Ben’s not buying it, and stresses that he’s coming after Reese.

At the airport, Ben asks Alice to run away with him. she says she’ll be waiting for him when its safe to come back. Margot tells Danny not to fall in love with anyone until she returns, then Ben decides to be with Margot and Tessa, and gets on the plane.


Grey’s Anatomy – True Colors

greys-main-13Alex is having all kinds of nightmare scenarios about tracking down Jo’s husband and sees that no matter what he does, it doesn’t end well for him or for Jo.

Nathan spends the night with Mer but the next morning she tells him to leave so the children don’t see him in her bed. It’s not time for him to meet them yet.

Owen gets a visit from the Military. His Sister has been found alive and is being airlifted to hospital. Amelia comforts him when he breaks down over giving up on his Sister, believing she was dead this whole time.

Stephanie treats a patient who was in a car crash with a woman and her children. He holds her at knifepoint unless she helps him leave the hospital before security find him because he raped a woman in her car which caused the accident. She helps him but Bailey calls for a lock down while security search for him. He starts a fire so the doors will unlock. Stephanie douses him in a flammable liquid and he goes up in flames, and lands next to the gas tanks – Stephanie runs towards him to move him away but the room explodes.


Scandal Season 6 – Head Games


David Rosen turns up at Rowan’s office asking about who Samantha really was, but Rowan tries to dissuade him from looking into it, advising him to move on with his life. David makes an impassioned plea, and Rowan instead gives him a box.

Olivia is focussed on helping Mellie choose the members of her first Cabinet and it doesn’t escape Quinn’s attention that Liv is pulling away from OPA; leaving them to gladiate all by themselves. Charlie illustrates the point by saying eventually everyone leaves and moves on to better things.

When Quinn later tries on her wedding dress, Huck tells her she looks beautiful.

Liv gives her Team a pile of cases to work through and choose one from, which Fitz will pardon. It’s his last few days in Office and the case needs to be a slam dunk to make Fitz look great on his way out of his Presidency.

David goes to Abby’s with the box and asks if he can store it in her fridge. She looks inside – it’s Samantha’s head. Jake comes over and takes swabs to identify her, then later he comes back with his findings. At Samantha’s apartment there’s a phone which has been wiped but Jake managed to pull the most recent data from it. A text message. They suddenly realise someone was using Paez and Samantha to further their own agenda.

Liv meets with Rowan for a farewell meal as he claims that he’s going to retire, now Liv is finally in the White House, and says family get in the way of her being powerful.

Jake pulls an image from surveillance on Samantha’s house that shows someone went into her house while she was in Custody. The image alerts everyone to stop Rowan from leaving town, and Liv brings him back to the White House and Jake shows him the image.

Olivia’s Mom was the person who visited Samantha’s house.

Back at OPA Quinn tells Liv she got the pardon from Fitz for the case she highlighted to him. Liv doesn’t seem interested, and then she shows Quinn where everything needed to run the business is, and Quinn is now going to run things because being a gladiator means sometimes fighting against the White House which Liv is now part of.



The Blacklist – Season 4 – Dr Bogdan Krilov

Red sets the Task Force to trace a Blacklister with tools to manipulate memories, causing Liz to questions her own experience. When Gale intensifies his investigation, Ressler gets a new lead on a case.

Reddington takes a train through Vienna in a bid to catch Mr Kaplan’s trail.

Mr Kaplan steps up her agenda against Red by meeting with another ally in a bid to discredit Reddington.

The Catch – Season 2 – The Cleaner


Margot broke it to Reese that Felicity is still alive. They discuss a way to get revenge for stealing a client from them. Reece thinks she’s back to kill him. Margot goes to Alice and tells her to find out who Felicity’s working with and what she’s planning so she can take her down. Retrace her steps from the day Reece botched he murder. Reece had phoned the Cleaner after Felicity’s murder and the Cleaner said her body was gone when he got to the room. Alice looks for into finding the Cleaner.

Alice doesn’t want the case but takes it when Margot points out that with her gone, Tessa would have to live with her and Ben. Sophie points out that Margot will kill Danny once she’s tired of him.

Ben turns up at the apartment and tells Reece he wants to investigate Ethan.  Reese suggests they approach Agent Diaz instead and remove themselves from Alice’s wrath when she finds out about the investigation. Val points out that it’s not a good idea,

Ben approaches Agent Diaz about the investigation but she thinks he’s jealous of Ethan. She says it’s not a good idea and tosses it to their white-collar division to see what they can dig up.

Margot teaches Tessa how to out manoeuvre people. Felicity turns up at the Hotel and is unhappy Tessa is there. Margot talks business in front of Tessa. When she mentions Reese, Felicity bristles. They come up with a plan to draw out the Client – codename Mockingbird. Reesee is at the elevator and aims a gun at her when she leaves the Hotel room. Felicity grabs Tessa as a body shield just as Reece goes to shoot her.

Agent Diaz calls in on Ben and confirms Ethan has irregular accounting practices as paperwork claims that he builds condos in Cozumel but they don’t exist. Turns out someone is forging Ethan’s signature on documents and funnelling the money offshore. Ben phones Alice and tells her about Ethan. Alice tells him she’s going to work for Ethan. Ben tells Agent Diaz they have to save Ethan now.

Margot is furious Reece tipped off Felicity and now she’s on the run. Danny tracks down chemical suppliers the Cleaner uses to dissolve dead bodies for the Kensington Firm. Reece breaks the news of Felicity’s departure to Alice’s Team, and asks for their help to find her.

Ben and Agent Diaz present their findings to Ethan. He’s stunned he’s being investigated by the FBI.

Margot wants to hijack a delivery. Alice and Reece outsmart the Cleaner by posing as a dead body. They interrogate him about Felicity He admits he never saw the body as he took two hours to get to the body, by which time someone else took Felicity.

Ben convinces Ethan to have employees sign a fake birthday card so they can compare hand writing t the faked signature. When the culprit is found, agent Diaz has her cornered trying to escape from the restaurant. She gives up how she conned Ethan. Someone gave her instructions on how to con Ethan and would get more money every week if she did it. She doesn’t know who’s doing it but the money comes from the Mockingbird Trust.

Margot’s drug heist goes sideways when they’re out gunned, but Tessa saves the day.

Alice and Reece have a heart to heart then when she gets to Ben’s apartment, Ethan is there, and he realises that Ben’s in love with her, and although he’s still in love with her, he can’t stand by and watch her with Ben, and their deal is off. Alice demands to know why Ethan called off their deal, but Ben stalls.

Felicity shoots Sophie in the stomach and gets away with Tessa. Danny goes up to the apartment and finds Sophie outside the room door. Ben tells Reece Felicity’s taken Tessa.

Margot is waiting to meet the Mockingbird – it’s Tommy. Alice’s brother. She’s just stolen his drugs.




Scandal Season 6 – The Box

olivia-pope-scandalPaez revealed his endgame. Rowan makes a run for it. Fitz is outplayed with disastrous results. Let’s recap.

This week’s episode wrapped up the Shadowy Organisation’s storyline, thankfully.

Fitz was blindsided when his Team discovered a series of armed drones were now positioned over major U.S. cities just as Paez demands that Olivia makes sure Samantha is released from their custody.

Liv talks it out with her Father, who spurts scorn and then tells her to leave. Fitz tries to talk him around to giving up what he knows about the Organisation that held him captive for six months, and he spurts more scorn and says he’s only interested in saving himself. He commands Olivia to run away with him and she refuses.

Later, Rowan approaches Fitz and they strategize about how to get Samantha to give up the location of the drone control station and Paez’s location. Fitz sends Jake in to interrogate her.

However, Samantha resists Jake’s charm – he takes a pen and removes her RFID chip, leading Huck to use it to piggyback off the signal to locate Paez, but alas, the drones are on the move, as is Paez as another phone call to Olivia signals the explosion of a second drone over Philadelphia while Fitz can only watch in horror.

Luna Vargas holds a Press Conference thanking Mellie for choosing her for Vice President. Abby realises that Fitz has frozen her out of proceedings now that Cyrus is back when he makes a judgement call that sees Fitz choose him over her.

Rowan goes to see Samantha in lock down. The guard on the door watching her is overpowered by Roman, who pulls his gun and demands that Sam is released and the codes to the security tunnels is given to him so he can escape Sam is his leverage. The guard gives him the codes and he runs off with Samantha in tow, all the way back to his workshop where he’s restoring dinosaur bones. Once inside, Paez meets Rowan’s demands to stop sending packages with a brick inside meant to scare him into thinking its Olivia’ head Paez agrees and grants Rowan his freedom in exchange for rescuing Sam.

Meanwhile, when Paez leaves, Rowan calls Jake so he can trace him back to the drone control station. Jake takes out two operatives and then shoots Paez. Back at Rowan’s workshop he guts Samantha with a Palaeolithic sword. Cyrus later tells Mellie that its all over.

We say thank God it’s over. Worst storyline ever.