get-away-with-murder-3 WHERE WE LEFT OFF LAST SEASON:

Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) wound up covered in blood splatter after his biological father Wallace Mahoney took a bullet to the head — just as Wes walked up and introduced himself.

Wes had gone to New York City to confront Wallace after learning the wealthy financier had raped his mother some two decades prior, resulting in her becoming pregnant. (Rose eventually committed suicide to avoid giving false testimony in the murder trial of Wallace’s son — hoping that her own death would remove Wes [aka Christophe] as a pawn in the Wallace’s high-stakes games).

Annalise’s right-hand man Frank fled his Philadelphia pad after Annalise learned that — at the behest of her late husband Sam — he’d murdered co-ed Lila Stangard, and more importantly, discovered why. Ten years ago, Frank had accepted a bribe from Annalise’s then client Wallace to bug her room. When the hedge-fund manager learned Annalise was planning to share damning information with the prosecutor who was trying his son for murder, he staged a horrific car accident in which Annalise’s unborn baby was killed. When Frank confessed the shocking news to Sam, Annalise’s husband swore him to silence — then leveraged the intel years later to get Lila killed.

Oliver was seen deleting Connor’s acceptance letter from Stanford — then impersonating his boyfriend in a phone call to the California law school’s Dean of Admissions in which he told her not to call him again.


Luna (Lauren) Vélez, who played Captain María LaGuerta on Showtime’s vigilante drama, is joining HTGAWM in a major Season 3 recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively. The actress will play the President of Middleton University, where Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating works as a professor (when she’s not, you know, covering up murders with the help of her students).

How to Get Away With Murder‘s third season is set to bow Thursday, Sept. 22 at 10/9c.