Oh! Widowed Mer got back on the horse – she agonised over dating again so soon after Derek’s death, but eventually caved when she met the devilishly handsome Doctor Nathan Riggs.

Cally found love with Penny, and we later discover she was Derek’s Doctor who failed to spot his brain injury, which lead to his death. Mer was introduced to Cally’s new love at her house party and immediately drew battle lines with Penny. To add fuel to the fire, Penny later transferred to Grey Sloane and worked with Meredith. It wasn’t five minutes before Penny got an exclusive posting to New York, with Callie in tow, leaving her custody battle with Arizona in the dust.

Maggie got dumped by intern Andrew as soon as she went public with their affair, which Andrew seemed to want too. Until he didn’t. The jerk ! However, Maggie cast her net to catch Nathan, and working closely with him is giving her the opportunity to view this as her next potential relationship, This isn’t going to end well, once she discovers Meredith is sleeping with him…..

Jo has been living under a false identity, to elude an abusive husband.

April finally gave birth to a healthy baby, and Jackson was at her side. They put their differences aside and put the acrimony on hold, for now, much to the chagrin of Jackson’s Mom, who was hell bent on making April suffer for keeping the pregnancy secret at the divorce

Amelia fell in love with Owen! They decided to get married !

Amelia had seconds thoughts, and ran away on the wedding day, only to race back to the Church to say ‘I do’ – or did she?

Way to make a cliffhanger, Shonda Rhimes !



Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will pick up right where the May finale left off.

Jessica Capshaw, who gave birth to her fourth child in May, will be sitting out the first two episodes of Season 13, according to series creator Shonda Rhimes. “Jessica was very, very delightfully pregnant at the end of last year, so she’s… taking a little bit of time off [to be with her] kids.

In the wake of Sara Ramirez’ exit as Callie last season, “I’m very excited to introduce a love interest for [Arizona],” Rhimes said, “and to get to tell a story with her that lets her be who she is, and to see who she is post the relationships that she’s had.
“I want to do it organically and I want the audience to be rooting for it,” she added. “We’re going to have fun with it.”

Callie, meanwhile, will remain a presence on the show — albeit an off screen one — as a result of her co-parenting arrangement with Sofia. “We’re playing that Arizona gets to go visit her daughter [in New York] and her daughter gets to come see her [in Seattle],” Rhimes said. “So it’s not this sense of loss. In our world, Callie still exists.”

Mer will find herself torn about whether to embark on her first serious post-McDreamy relationship with Nathan (Martin Henderson) in the wake of the duo’s no-strings tryst at the end of Season 12. Nathan (Martin Henderson) said,

“Nathan is irreverent and kind of calls Meredith on her s—, and that might be really good for her, because he doesn’t take [things] all that seriously.

“It might be nice for her,” he adds, “to have the opportunity to actually lighten up a bit around some stuff.”

Grey‘s Anatomy returns on Sept. 22 (8/7c, ABC).