Blindspot Season 3 – Episode Recaps

Fans of the NBC drama were left to wonder for five months why Jane’s ink was lighting up at the end of Season Two. Let’s find out.

S3, Ep7
15 Dec. 2017
Fix My Present Havoc
This week’s episode was a game-changer for Kurt and the Team. Let’s dig in.

We only had one flashback, Stuart’s obsession with the molecule tattoo, and how Paterson berated him for working on it every chance he got. We got to see his murder – Director Hirst came to his apartment to discuss his findings on the molecule tattoo, and then she slashed his throat and got her one-eared friend Eric Vance to clean it up.

Remember how Paterson turned up at Stuart’s apartment the night he was murdered? She interrupted Vance doing clean up but he climbed out the window to avoid her. Vance co-operated with Hirst in exchange for her blackmailing a prominent Doctor at a cancer treatment facility so Vance’s husband Julian could get top billing in a treatment program instead of being given a placebo. Hirst had dirt on the Doctor and blackmailed her to keep treating Julian but Doctor Palmeri wanted reparations for her financial issues and plotted to release a deadly virus by sending infected rats into New York’s water supply.

Roman kept leaving clues for the Team to find to help them reveal Hirst’s real agenda. There was an awkward scene at Reade’s apartment where Director Hirst insinuated herself into their Saturday morning routine so she could covertly tell Reade she doesn’t trust Zapata and her FBI clearance should be revoked otherwise Hirst will reveal Reade’s dirty past.

Meanwhile, the Team boost Vance and hold him at Kurt’s apartment while they get intel on Hirst’s agenda. She used Vance to dig up dirt on candidates for the Directorship of the FBI and then blackmailed them. Reade is her patsy.

Jane calls Clem to ask for his help tracking down her daughter, Avery.

When Kurt arranges for a safe house for Vance in exchange for his help, the safe house is lit up and sadly, Vance is shot dead.

The final scene was Hirst arriving in Reade’s office just as he answers a call from Kurt warning him that Hirst knows everything and she’s coming for him next.

S3, Ep6
8 Dec. 2017

Adoring Suspect
This week, Weller was contacted by Roman with his latest demand. He must work as a consultant on a movie, which is being funded by terrorists so they can ship weapons secretly among the movie’s equipment. The murder attempt on the star of the movie because he shot off his mouth about the poor production value, was halted when Kurt saved his life.
The FBI wade in and stop the terrorists from detonating a nerve agent at a public event where First Responders were to be in full attendance. Meanwhile, Roman’s been stalking the wealthy heiress, Blake, but his end game has yet to be revealed.

Jane tells Kurt she’s not going to search for her daughter but Paterson tracks down the details of the midwife who kept separate notes on the birth away from the hospital records. Kurt doesn’t give the details to Jane when she reassures him she’s not looking for her daughter. After Roman hints he’ll tell Jane that Kurt had already found Avery, Kurt tells Roman ‘the truth would destroy Jane‘ and so Kurt is now Roman’s to manipulate until death do us part.

Reade falls foul of Director Hurst when he questions her actions, and she reminds him she protects her people, and also reminds him she was a crucial component in his promotion to Assistant Director. Reade steals the silver disc Jane needs to light up her new tattoos and scan them off-grid; while the Team covertly mount an investigation in to Director Hurst.

S3, Ep5
1 Dec. 2017
This Profound Legacy
While Jane struggles to cope with a secret from her past, the team races to prevent an international crisis – a war of succession. King Ivan Valdermaris of Kazahrusia’s sole heir is on the run with his Mom; who was raped by the King when she used to work at the Kazahrusian Embassy. King Ivan’s brother Cyrus  doesn’t want him to take his rightful place as King; and fire-bombs every medical records facility stockpiling untested rape kits, and puts a hit out on the son and his Mom.

Meanwhile, the Team are reeling over the discovery that Jane had a daughter but gave her up for adoption. We learnt from Roman that Shepherd was behind the adoption process.

We’re no closer to discovering who Stewart’s killer is, but the conspiracy goes even deeper inside the FBI than Paterson and Zapata imagined.

After fighting off the hitmen, Jane tells Kurt she’s changed her mind about finding her daughter, and decides the daughter is better off not knowing about her.

The final few minutes of the episode’s big reveal were shocking:
Kurt stumbled across Jane’s daughter Avery while he was in Berlin searching for Jane !
Avery had been searching for Jane too, and knew Jane’s alias names.
Stay tuned!

S3, Ep4
17 Nov. 2017

Gunplay Ricochet

The big reveal this episode – Jane had a daughter 18 years ago.

As the team chased a deadly bomber who’s terrorizing Manhattan, Jane uncovered a shattering secret from her youth: the man who handled the adoption of Jane and Roman also handled the adoption of Jane’s daughter. When Rossi escapes Federal custody, it’s down to the FBI Team to assist the State Department.

Paterson unlocks the code to another tattoo that leads the Team to breadcrumbs Roman has left; linking other tattoos. This week the Team stopped a bomber who had resurfaced after almost twenty years.

Roman left a chilling reminder of his revenge agenda on Jane and Kurt’s wedding video; after Roman spent the day planting a tracking device on a bracelet purchased at a charity event.

Zapata caught Reade out in a lie that hints at him being behind the cover ups Stewart found, and which led to his murder.
Paterson and Zapata are working covertly to solve Stewart’s murder.


S3, Ep3
10 Nov. 2017

Upside Down Craft

While Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers, Patterson and Rich Dotcom must work together to hide an explosive secret from their past.

After the time-jump, we’ve learnt that Rich Dotcom helped the FBI and now that he’s on probation, he’s been brought on as Patterson’s  replacement. She’s back, having developed an App and made a few dollars.

Though she initially pretends to be shocked and appalled that Rich is working for the FBI, we’ve also learnt that she’d been working with him as part of a team of renegade hackers – Three Blind Mice.

S3, Ep2

Enemy Bag of Tricks
3 Nov. 2017

As the team adjusts to their new dynamic and the new tattoos; they battle a dangerous foreign power that is trying to hijack a satellite.

A group of mercenaries hack the D.O.D. mainframe and crash a satellite which guards the missile defence shield for the Nation, in order to steal its black box and sell it to the North Koreans, who use the box to shut down the shield while a missile is headed for California. The Team retrieve the black box in time and defeat the group trying to take down the shield.

Jane proves invaluable to the Team when she unearths crucial intel on one of the mercenaries; whom she worked with on kidnap and rescue cases during her absence.

When she gives the name of the mercenary, Kurt is visibly shocked that she hadn’t shared the details with him first. Later, he admits that he feels like he brought back a stranger. She has shown him that she can survive without him and it scares him; he almost admits as much, and says Roman is trying to break them, and he won’t let it happen.
Roman had told Weller that the new tattoos have to be solved in a certain order this time, and says he will help Weller unlock them. Reade, as new Assistant Director of the FBI, is adamant that the Department isn’t going to be manipulated by Roman this time; but when he realises the magnitude of the impact of the new tattoos on civilian lives, he backs down.

Meanwhile, Roman targets a rich guy who runs a PTSD support group based in Sydney so he can access the money, and one of the consultants from the D.O.D. betrays her co-worker and steals the black box and gives it to the buyer.
Weller later finds her dead, and a shoot-out ensues. The Team take down the bad guys and head back to HQ to pat each other on the back. Job well done.

The final two minutes of the episode revealed a traitor is working within the Team when Paterson turns up at Stewart’s apartment and finds it ransacked, and his body slumped up against the wall.
Zapata turns up at Reade’s apartment with an olive branch/peace offering (6 beers) for giving Reade a hard time on the case, but she got a surprise – reade’s live-in girlfriend was there. The way Zapata keeps mentioning she’s with the CIA now is kind of grating but maybe it’s for a reason. Also, one of the tattoos caught Zapata’s attention and she made a phone call alerting her CIA contacts that it may be a problem.
Stay tuned.

S3, Ep1
27 Oct. 2017

Back to the Grind

Jane and Weller got married shortly after the Sandstorm debacle, before moving across the country to Colorado, where they spend their time renovating their new home and taking care of Allie and Weller’s baby daughter. Jane is almost killed by a team of assassins in her house; a massive bounty has been put on her head by a former Sandstorm loyalist. Jane’s only option is to assume a new identity and start fresh with an entirely different life somewhere else – alone.

18 months after parting ways under mysterious circumstances, the FBI team is brought back together by a new crisis. Weller finds Jane in Nepal 18 months later, and they uncover Jane’s bioluminescent tattoos. What does it mean?
Jane remembers she was in an accident a few months back and was hospitalised. She’d drifted in and out of consciousness; giving anyone access to her tattoos. New ones have been added, and a trail of clues become breadcrumbs to uncovering the truth about who Jane is.
The first tattoo, a quote from Dante’s Inferno, leads Jane and Weller back to Venice, the site of their engagement. Roman calls Jane to tell her he’s responsible for her new ink.

Jane and Weller head to Venezuela, where Reade, Zapata and Patterson are being held hostage until they can hack a high-tech central processing unit. Agent Reade is now heading up the Bureau’s New York office, Zapata has since transferred to the CIA; and Patterson has been developing an app in Silicon Valley.
All of them decide to team up once again to investigate Jane’s ink and neutralise her brother.


Scandal Final Season – Episode Recaps

SCANDAL - Courtesy of The-ABC-Television-Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
SCANDAL – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)
S7, Ep7
16 Nov. 2017
Something Borrowed
Quinn is still missing. The Team scour missing persons files and David Rosen produces a binder full of Jane Doe cases. Charlie starts identifying Jane Does in the morgue while hoping its not Quinn under one of the sheets. Abby rekindles her romance with David Rosen.

Cyrus hints to Jake that the reporter Curtis Pryce is who Quinn may have contacted to out Olivia as Command of B613 and all of her other deeds, and hints he knows Jake suggested Finton was connected to the bomber who took out President Rahad’s plane. Jake arranges for Curtis to meet with a sticky end, and he’s murdered and disposed of.

Rowan summons Olivia to dinner and admits he has Quinn. They face off and he demands she returns his dinosaur bones and he’ll release Quinn. No deal. Olivia has her Mother in a secure location, and meets with her for advice. Momma Pope tells her to let Quinn die as it solves all of Olivia’s problems. Her secrets stay buried.

Olivia meets with Rowan as the countdown to his threat to kill Quinn is becoming a reality. We hear two gunshots but we don’t see her body.
Scandal returns January 18, 2018
9 Nov. 2017
Vampires and Bloodsuckers
Quinn goes missing on her wedding day; Mellie meets with the Bashrani ambassador in the wake of President Rashad’s assassination.
S7, Ep5
2 Nov. 2017
Adventures in Babysitting
Despite Rowan’s friendly recommendation that Fitz distance himself from Olivia’s current affairs, he still went to Mellie to blow the whistle on her Chief of Staff. Olivia went to bat; securing President Rashad as a guest on Curtis’ show to put a positive spin on the war. However, she didn’t count on Cyrus’s new love interest, Fenton, who wants to get into politics. He got to sit in on several of Cyrus’ meetings; leading him to advise Cyrus that going to war with Bashran wasn’t the best solution.

President Rashad tells Mellie that he intends to leave the United States now there’s not going to be a war, but Mellie changes her mind and instructs Olivia to proceed with B613 in Bashran, and tells her to revoke Fitz’s access to the White House from now on. President Rashad’s plane explodes before it leaves the runway.

S7, Ep4
26 Oct. 2017
Lost Girls
While Liv is busy running the free world, the team at Quinn Perkins Associates  works with an unexpected client to solve an important case a missing girl, who is reunited with her Mother after Fitz – having put plans to retire in Vermont on hold – brings the case to the attention of a talk show host. At the White House, Mellie prepares for the upcoming nuclear summit with President Rashad and Prime Minister Nazari.
Cyrus has a new love interest who wants to get in to politics. Rowan launches into his latest tirade against Liv and how she’s trying to run the Country via Mellie Grant as well as running B613 at night.
Anyone else bored of this so far this Season?

S7, Ep3
19 Oct. 2017
Day 101
Life after being President of the United States is not all its cracked up to be for Fitzgerald Grant the third. Let’s recap.
Marcus dropped in on Fitz inVermont ready to go to work on his Foundation but all he did was provoke Fitz into arguments and accusations.
Rowan poured salt on Fitz’s wounds by disclosing how Liv has now become Command at B513 and asking Fitz for help. I doubt very much that Rown is a broken man and believe whole heartedly that he’s got something up his sleeve.
The hour was difficult to watch. Not a great start to live post-Presidency, huh.
Unbearably miserable without Liv in his life, Fitz decided to drop in on his former lover, only to find her cavorting with the latest flame in a long line of flames. At least it wasn’t Jake. Again. But given that Scott Foley directed this episode, we have to credit him with its brilliance.

S7, Ep2
12 Oct. 2017
Pressing the Flesh

Mellie set her sights on convincing President Rashad of Bashran  to sign a nuclear treaty at her first State dinner as POTUS; allowing Olivia, with an assist from Jake, to blackmail President Rashad into signing the agreement. but it failed, and the President announced that he’d be leaving the dinner early.

Meanwhile, Huck discovered that someone at the dinner was actually an assassin posing as a decorated member of the U.S. Army. someone furious with President Rashad for allegedly turning a blind eye to his people. Huck saved the day, again.

President Rashad flirting with Mellie was gross, though.

Olivia took Curtis back to her place for a little post-dinner hookup… only to find Fitz standing in her hallway.

S7, Ep1
5 Oct. 2017

Episode #7.1

Watch Me
Mellie’s main focus at the moment is passing an education bill in memory of Luna Vargas. Meanwhile over at Quinn Perkins and Associates the firm finally took on one of its first clients: the concerned daughter of a “religious studies professor” with whom she lost contact after he went overseas for a symposium. Her father was actually one of the CIA’s most valuable undercover assets which meant calling Jake as it had became everyone‘s problem.

Jake’s immediate solution was for Olivia to use B613’s assets to kill the guy before he had a chance to crack under torture, a decision Liv wasn’t exactly ready to co-sign. So he went behind her back, getting Mellie on board with Operation: Kill the Good Guy. Olivia’s counter-plan, ironically, was way darker; with Huck’s finger on the trigger, Liv threatened to kill the ambassador’s son if he didn’t return the operative to the United States.

Cyrus spent the first hour of Scandal‘s seventh season lusting for power but it seems he’s changed as he ultimately rebuffed a lucrative offer that would have essentially paved the way for a Beene presidency.
Mellie and Olivia had a spat which earned Mellie a reminder about how Olivia’s always right. Dinner with Papa Pope was illuminating as usual, with a new spin on how Liv is facing a reckoning. Where Liv would usually go running to a man to ease her frustrations, Fitz was in Vermont settling into his new life and Jake was off the menu, permanently, but this is drama, and we know Jake will be back in her bed before the Season’s final episode fades to black.

How To Get Away With Murder – Season 4 – Episode Recaps

courtesy of ABC


Live. Live. Live.

Annalise confronts Isaac about refusing to treat her. He’s close to admitting he has feelings for her when Connor calls her to tell her about the plan to take down Laurel’s Father.

Meanwhile, at Wes’s old apartment, the Keating Four plot and scheme about how they’re going to use Simon as a whistleblower to cover their mutual asses.

Bonnie cosied up to Annalise, about how she loves her, but Ana told her to get out. Nate provided a comfortable shoulder for Bon-bon to cry on.

Tiegan gives her speech at the Caplan & Gold party celebrating Antares going public. Michaela, Asher, Oliver and Laurel all gather on the upper floor ready to use Tiegan’s keycard to access the server room so Ollie can download the files proving Laurel’s Father is corrupt. Connor phones Annalise and tells her the plan.

Halfway through their plan it unravels when Simon overhears them talking, wrestles Laurel’s purse from her, and discovers her gun inside it. He waves it around, Michaela tries to get it back and it goes off. Simon has shot himself in the head. Oliver gives a shrill scream that makes your insides shrivel up and die. Simon had earlier confessed to Oliver that he was jealous of what he and Connor have.

Instead of calling the cops immediately, Asher plants the keycard on Simon’s body while Oliver attempts CPR until Asher calls the cops. When the cops arrive, Asher is arrested – but we’re not let into what was discussed with the cop, but Michaela is horrified. Simon’s on the operating theatre table fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Frank is at Simon’s apartment combing through his laptop’s files.

Laurel, in labour and bleeding heavily, went to Annalise’s Hotel in order to stay away from the crime scene so her Father wouldn’t suspect she was behind it. The Hotel’s dilapidated elevator traps her inside and she bleeds out while in labor but luckily Annalise heard her screams and gives the baby CPR.

How to Get Away with Murder will return Thursday, Jan. 18 beginning at 8/7c on ABC.

S4, Ep7
9 Nov. 2017

Nobody Roots For Goliath

When Annalise’s resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel’s father.

S4, Ep6
Stay Strong, Mama
2 Nov. 2017
This week’s episode had some big revelations around Isaac’s past; Michaela and Asher split; sending him back into Bonnie’s arms; Frank passed the LSAT and is determined to be there for Laurel, whether he’s the Father of her child or not; but let’s recap ! ! !

The episode started with Ana’s therapist, Isaac, consulting with his partner at the firm Jacqueline about Isaac’s latest session with Bonnie, having outed her as an impostor. Jacqueline then asks for an update on Annalise’s therapy. Isaac discloses Ana lost a child. Jacqueline is adamant that Isaac advise Ana to consult with a new therapist, as her issues – substance abuse, and the loss of a child – mirror Isaac’s own situation. It’s later revealed that Isaac had a daughter, and was married to Jacqueline, and she later  visits Ana at her hotel to talk – will she tell her she should find a new therapist because she’s triggering Isaac back into drugs and drink?

Annalise Keating
Meanwhile, Laurel’s Father comes to Caplan and Gold unannounced; leaving Oliver and Michaela rattled enough to call Laurel. Will their plan to uncover what the Antares project is about fail to bear fruit now that Senor Castillo is in town?
Fear not, little lambs, Daddy dearest is in town to get Laurel to sign a document which will set her free financially. Hiding her pregnancy bump was hard, but he doesn’t seem to realise she’s pregnant, and is around eight months along !

Anyway, Laurel says she can’t sign the papers, and have any of his back door deals blow up in her face now she’s this deep into her internship. He gives her the papers anyway and then Michaela and Oliver come over to her apartment to strategise. Laurel tells them the whole mystery of Antares – it’s about to go Public, so if Laurel signs now she gets shares before it goes Public and sets herself up to get rich.

All this scheming at Laurel’s apartment has Asher twitching, and he drops in on Laurel and gives her a teddy bear – its a nanny cam – after Michaela lies about being Laurel’s birthing partner. The next time they talk strategy at the apartment Asher is watching. He records everything. He confronts Michaela and when she tells the truth – Laurel’s Father is behind Wes’s murder –  he’s furious that he hid something so serious from him, and walks out, and straight into Bonnie’s house; where Bon-Bon is in tears because she messed everything up.
District Attorney Denver is in for slice of the Antares honeypot after he struck a deal with Senor Castillio for shares before the Public offering in exchange for backing off the Keating Five when he was trying to prosecute Annalise for the murders.

Frank turns up at Laurel’s apartment – he passed the LSATs – and tells her he loves her and he’s going to provide for her and the baby no matter what, but he leaves her with a passionate kiss before she can tell him Wes is the Father, and she’s having a boy.
will she tell her she should find a new therapist because she’s triggering Isaac back into drugs and drink?

Oliver flirts with the I.T. guy at Caplan and Gold to uncover secrets – a new server room is off grid, and only 4 key cards can access the computers in there – of course Tiegan is one of the senior partners granted access. Can’t wait to see how long it takes for Michaela to steal the card. After Tiegan softens towards Michaela – with a bottle of gin in tow, it emerges Tiegan gave up a relationship in exchange for her role at Caplan and Gold, and she intends to cash out and start her own firm, taking Michaela with her once Antares is public.

One week into the future: Isaac makes the call to Annalise, says ‘where are you, she’s awake’, but Annalise is collapsed in the shower, water running, and blood pouring – but from her injuries or from her stained clothing?
Laurel’s in the hospital screaming at Frank where’s the baby.
Michaela’s covered in blood, collapsed in Isaac’s arms, asking ‘is he dead?’
Bonnie’s at the crime scene with Oliver wrapped in a blanket with blood spatter on the glass walls of Caplan and Gold’s offices.
Asher’s in jail, sobbing his heart out.

Where’s Connor?

Where’s Nate?

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I Love Her
October 26
Oh, baby, this week we got Bonnie’s backstory. It had been revealed in previous Seasons that Bonnie had been raped by several of her Father’s friends, but the full horror of her ordeal was duked out in a Courtroom, with this week’s episode giving us a flashback to 2002.

Back then, Annalise was an Attorney itching to make Partner, and came under pressure to nail Bonnie for lying about being raped. It turns out Ana was promised full Partnership in exchange for destroying Bonnie on the stand, which she did, but Ana quit her Firm after the not guilty verdict came down.
We see Ana catch up with Bonnie afterwards and offer to put her through Law School, and this is how she was introduced to Sam, who later came on to Bonnie in that infamous ‘he’s not a good man’ episode.

This week’s episode flashed back and forth, but in a nutshell, Bonnie has never forgiven Ana for losing the rape case. They argue in the rain, and Bonnie says Ana tried to make her like she was; broken and abused and discarded like trash.

After, Bonnie, pretending to be Isaac’s new patient, ‘Julie’ breaks down after her run-in with Ana, and Isaac makes her say ‘I love her’ over and over, and to admit that she misses everything Ana represented for her: family, and a safe haven. Bonnie blows her cover when Isaac notices the similarities between her tragic story and Annalise’s and confronts her that she isn’t who she claims to be, and she is talking about loving Annalise. He tells her, worriedly, that she needs more than his help.

Laurel and Frank are getting cosy when Bonnie sends a text message asking Laurel to come to the office. Frank tells Laurel he can’t sleep with her anymore and asks if the baby is his, and Laurel gets mad and throws him out.

Nate runs into Ana and warns her  Bonnie is on to her, gathering defendants for the suit; but it was too late.
Connor turns up at Ana’s hotel and she persuades him to help her class action case after Bonnie offers the prison guard a larger bribe to gain access to the prisoners, who almost all leave Ana’s case on the table, fearing their parole being jeopardised if they participate in the suit.

Meanwhile, Michaela enlists Oliver to hack Tigen’s computer and they find out Trent Stockten (one of District Attorney Denver’s financial backers) was served a cease and desist notice by Caplan and Gold a week before he ‘died’ and just as they are about to download it, the computer asks for verification of user credentials and they have to abort.

Asher grows suspicious when Michaela is spending all of her time at Caplan and Gold with her new buddies, until he follows her one night, calls her and she lies about being at the office, all the while Asher can see her up at Wes’s old apartment colluding with Oliver and Laurel.

Bonnie asks the police on guard at Caplan and Gold, the blood-stained crime scene where the suspect is, and she’s told ‘in jail.’
We pan around to see ASHER in a jail cell, sobbing relentlessly.
Who did he kill, or did he?

Was She Ever Good At Her Job
October 19
The focus shifted this week, but not without giving us more of that juicy flash forward. The title of the episode refers to President Hargrove of Middleton University.
Cash starved and desperate, this week Annalise came up with the brilliant idea of representing President Hargrove in her bitter divorce battle with her ex-husband; who we soon learn is playing dirty by hiding his assets previously, and holding secret meetings with their money manager, Su after claiming emotional distress and filing for divorce.

Ana has the idea to disclose the transcripts from the ex-husband’s therapist when he claims to be suffering emotional distress because President Hargrove is an alcoholic, and he’s using this to claim six million dollars for his divorce settlement.

Some clever work by her Team score Hargrove her divorce and joint custody of the children for a measly one million dollars, and scores Ana a much needed cash injection for her Class Action suit, which she manages to accidentally (?) tip off Nate about. He warns her about going after the system, but she asks whether the system would have jailed Sam for Wes’s murder given he was a white middle class man.

While Bonnie is firmly ensconced at the District Attorney’s Office we find out that DA Denver has plans to run for higher Office; which further enrages Laurel when she sees a website for his campaign. When Denver sees Laurel is Bonnie’s intern he demands that she’s fired, but Bonnie discloses Laurel’s pregnancy as a risk of law suit for unfair dismissal and he walks off infuriated.

Meanwhile, over at Caplan and Gold, Michaela is boiling with rage when Ana is brought on board president Hargrove’s divorce case, but we learn more about her mentor, who has taken a shine to Annalise; and after her assistance helps to win Hargrove’s divorce case, Ana is offered the chance to join Caplan and Gold after her therapist Isaac writes a first month report that she’s keeping sober and attending her therapy session. We also learn that Isaac sees Annalise as a trigger for him; whether that means he wants to do drugs again because of working with her or something

else, we shall soon see.

Annalise comes up against Michaela too many times and finally throws her some shade – Michaela is once again looking for a Mommie figure to make up for the one she never had. Ouch !

Frank turned up at Ana’s apartment and offered her the suitcase of money he got in exchange for the hit and run that cause Ana to lose her baby. Ana declines and says he always hurts her, and he walks away. Meanwhile she gets to work on building the Class Action suit against the Public Defender’s Office unaware Nate is now on to her plan. When they ‘bump’ into each other at the DA’s Office he makes it clear no good can come from this, but Ana just gives him the side eye.

Laurel discovers a supposedly dead CEO at her Father’s firm is very much alive and is an active financial contributor to Denver’s campaign for Office. Michaela is on the case, and tries to get the IT guy to give her access to all of the files but he refuses. She approaches Oliver to hack the files, which can only lead us to conclude in the flash forward that what he found in those files lead to the blood bath at Caplan and Gold.

At Caplan and Gold there’s a blood stained office where we see Oliver sat surrounded by cops and crime scene techs combing the place for evidence. Bonnie walks in to look for the ‘witness’ and she is directed towards Oliver and there’s a genuine look of surprise on her face when she sees its him. What went down?

After Michaela asked Isaac ‘is he dead?’ and collapsed in his arms, Isaac declined a call from a ‘Julie’ who we are shown is actually his new patient Julie – Bonnie posing as this Julie for some reason.

So far we have Frank, Laurel, Isaac and Michaela at the hospital scene, and at Ana’s blood stained apartment there’s no Annalise; and at Caplan and Gold we have Bonnie and Oliver.

Where the hell is Annalise Keating?

It’s for the Greater Good
October 12
Annalise takes on a case for the greater good. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information on Wes’ death; Connor makes a major decision. In a flash-forward, a surprising confrontation during the night of the crime is revealed – Michaela was there the night Laurel’s baby was born. She’s seen covered in blood staring through the window at the hospital nursery. Isaac comforts her when she asks whether the baby is dead, and says everyone around us always dies.

October 5
I’m Not Her
Annalise starts working on newest case she’s taken on since her victorious return to the Court room, and she’s all set to defend her onetime cellmate Jasmine; who is still behind bars for solicitation and illegal possession of a firearm. After realizing that Jasmine had been trafficked when she was just a minor, Annalise begs the judge to vacate all current charges (and previous convictions) against her client. The judge  seal all of Jasmine’s previous convictions to enable her to access housing and support.

Annalise sits down for more sessions with her therapist Isaac, but she’s hesitant to reveal all of the trauma she’s gone through in the last few years. Isaac tries getting through to Annalise by revealing some of his own struggles: he was once addicted to heroin. Annalise reveals, after she and her previous therapist began exchanging intimate stories about their lives, and then he became her husband.
Bonnie is now working for the District Attorney’s office; infiltrating the DA’s office on Annalise’s behalf just to get information.

While Laurel panics about the whereabouts of her child, Isaac, who is also at the hospital for some reason, leaves a voicemail for Annalise.
“Where the hell are you?” he asks. “She’s awake. Answer the damn phone.”
Bonnie, who is still working at the DA’s office three months from now, enters the hotel where Annalise is living and joins a whole slew of cops and detectives who are investigating her hotel room. With tears in her eyes, Bonnie makes her way to the hotel elevator, only to find bloody handprints on the walls, which trail down to a pool of blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, the Middleton Law Fair is on, and none of the Keating Four can land internships, but then Michaela is hired by Caplan & Gold; the same firm that represents Laurel’s father.
Laurel tells Michaela that her Father killed Wes, and Michaela is going to help Laurel take him down.

S4, Ep1
28 Sep. 2017

I’m Going Away

The Season opener delivered blows left and right, with a flashback and a flash forward book ending the episode. Let’s dive in!

Ana went to Memphis to check on her Momma’s dementia status, taking time to visit prospective nursing facilities in the hope that the insurance money from her house destruction comes through. However, Hannah (Sam’s sister) put a kink in Ana’s plan by suing Ana for the house.

The past caught up with Ana and she sought comfort in drink but changed her mind and went hunting some tail, courtesy of a man she met on the flight over. Sadly, his phone rang and it raised Ana’s barriers up and she high-tailed it out of there. Safely home, she had to grapple with her past abuse and verbally battled with her Father for not looking after Momma the right way, but he apologised for what his Brother did to Ana when she was a child.

Frank surprised Bonnie with office space and hinted at her, Ana and himself opening up a practice, but churchmouse said they couldn’t afford it, and Frank said he’d pay with the suitcase money.

Connor still hadn’t accepted Oliver’s proposal yet. Asher and Michaela were shopping for a bed, and Laurel met with her Father and told her she was having a baby. Her Father asked whether it was Frank’s or not. Laurel said it doesn’t matter because she’d had a termination.

Flashback to a week earlier, and everyone seemed to be getting on with their lives like nothing traumatic had happened. Ana’s Mom accepted she needed to go into the nursing home as she’ll only decline more over time. Ana confessed to sister that she had an alcohol problem, then flew back for her disbarment Hearing as she breached the conditions of her probation by being under the influence of alcohol, and pleaded with the panel not to disbar her.

In the present time frame, Ana sent a group text inviting everyone to a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Each of the Keating Four tried to guess the reason for the dinner. Each was wrong. Laurel announced she was keeping the baby, and Asher teased her about baby names.

Ana wrote each of them a recommendation letter to help them in their future endeavours, and then dismissed them from her practice. Michaela was the most upset, surprisingly. When the Four left the table, Bonnie said they’d eventually realise it was best this happened, and then Ana gave her a letter of recommendation, dismissing her too. Churchmouse went to the District Attorney, but made sure that Nate saw her waiting outside his office.

Ana wasn’t disbarred but agreed to attend therapy as part of her revised probation status, and we meet Jimmy Smits as her therapist. Her new home looked bleak but its only for a month.


Laurel in a hospital bed with therapist Isaac at her side after she was found with drugs in her system. Frank rushed to her bedside and then Laurel patted her belly and asked what happened to the baby and wails in a hysterical manner, only to be sedated…. my thoughts are her Father dug deeper and realised Laurel was still pregnant and it was Wes’s’ baby, and arranged for it to be taken somehow. Let’s see how it plays out.

The Blacklist Season 5 – Episode Recaps


Ian Garvey (No 13) **Fall Finale **

Tom goes missing and Liz desperately retraces his steps to find him; Red’s hunt for the suitcase of bones leads to lives being changed forever.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones got Tom murdered when he uncovered who they belong to and why Red wants them back at any cost.

Ian Garvey tracks the suitcase to Tom, and murders him in a shoot out where Red and Dembe arrive just in time to scoop up Tom’s remains and take Liz to the hospital, where she spends ten months in a coma unaware she’s now a widow.

When she comes round, Red has to break it gently, that Tom is no more. When The Blacklist returns, expect Liz to exact revenge in a most horrific way.

The Blacklist will return in January 2018.



The Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48)
November 8

Red and the Task Force place Dembe undercover to infiltrate an international human smuggling organization, but when communication is lost, they must intervene. Meanwhile, Tom’s investigation into the suitcase lands him in grave danger.


The Travel Agency (No. 90)
1 November 2017

While Cooper enlists Red on a case of personal importance, Ressler leads the Task Force to stop the resurgence of once-dormant murder-for-hire. Tom continues to investigate the suitcase despite a warning.


S5, Ep4
25 Oct. 2017

Ilyas Surkov

A volcano pours ash on a town. Surkov takes credit for it, a chemical leak, but it turns out he’s been dead for fifteen months – pancreatic cancer.

Liz learns that her friend, Nick, who was helping identify the suitcase of bones, is dead. She tells Tom, and suspects Red is behind it. When Liz tells Red, she demands he give her a name of the suspect.

MI6 meets with Ressler and the chemical leak at the plant has been contained. Surkov was a person of interest for the alphabet agencies. MI6 suspect a foreman at a Construction company based in Belgrade, and reassures Ressler that Surkov is very much alive.

MI6 had Gafarin under surveillance. He eats lunch every day at a particular cafe. Liz finds out the code name. and the taskforce plan to ensnare him but Aram is nervous when Nobabi is the bait to draw out Gafari. She tells him MI6 are watching him. He runs, and then a white van picks them both up and drives off with them. Ressler and Liz give chase, and in a standoff, it’s revealed the CIA are handling Gafari.

Tom hunts down someone new who can help identify the bones. He poses as a clinical trial participant in order to access the lab equipment. He’s warned that the side effects can include brain damage, and he agrees to go ahead.

S5, Ep4
18 Oct. 2017
The Endling
Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who has a rare blood type and her son is in need of a heart translpant. Red convinces her to commit suicide so her son can have her heart, and she does, in order to escape the authorities. While Red and Liz watch the surgery, word of the events reaches Harold, who later tells Liz he’s watching her closely and protectively because he doesn’t like the influence Red has on her; even if he is her Father.

Meanwhile, a surprise encounter leads Red toward a new business opportunity, when a shifty looking postal employee reveals he has a scam robbing empty homes while their owners are on vacation.

Tom investigates the bones in the suitcase. Just when Tom manages to copy Liz’s credentials in order for the DNA test to be ordered on the bones, Pete is murdered. As Nick, the surgeon helping Pete uncover the identity of the bones, arrives at Pete’s looking for an update he is also murdered, and we catch a glimpse of the suitcase – and bones – being taken away.

It looks like they were getting too close to discovering the truth about who is in the suitcase and why Mr Kaplan held onto the remains for so long.

S5, Ep3
11 Oct. 2017
Miss Rebecca Thrall (No. 76)
The team investigates a number of suspicious police shootings. Ressler is distracted by his outside issues. Red needs Tom’s help to re-establish his criminal empire.

S5, Ep2
4 Oct. 2017

Greyson Blaise (No. 37)

The team pursues a billionaire high end art thief. Tom seeks to identify the remains in the suitcase.

S5, Ep1
27 Sep. 2017

Smokey Putnum

With his criminal empire in ruins, Red enlists Liz in a plan to earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force.

Red decides he needs a job in order to rebuild his empire so he becomes a Bounty Hunter, with Liz in tow because Red doesn’t have a car. He literally lost everything thanks to Mr Kaplan’s antics at the end of last Season.
Throughout the episode, Dembe was tasked to search for the suitcase which contains a skeleton. Red fears Mr Kaplan had plans for it to be delivered to Liz and that would spell disaster for Liz.

Cooper confirms the DNA test proved positive, and Red is in fact Liz’s Father, so Cooper announces it to the Team, and also tells them the new Director has ordered a review of the arrangement the FBI have with Reddington, and the blacklisters. Cooper is chomping at the bit wanting a new case but Red is more focussed on rebuilding his empire. After a long drawn out hour we learn the bounty Red chose was so he could hire Smokey and Hawkins to launder money for him as part of his rebuild.

Agent Nababi and Aram are dating now so Aram in his classically awkward style tells Cooper, and asks if there’s an issue. Cooper says no.

Ressler is in hot water, again. After his tussle with Laurel (National Security Director) last Season where he pushed her and she hit her head and died, her dead body is now found in her home. An investigation is opened, and Ressler goes to the scene and pretends its fresh news. Only, the Fixer he hired digs deeply into the identity of his client and discovers Ressler’s true identity, leading him to blackmail Ressler with going public if he doesn’t co-operate.

In a flash forward scene it is revealed that Tom Keen is shot dead by Red. We may have to wait all Season to discover why, and whether Tom stays dead. He was going to tell Liz that “Mr. Kaplan had a big secret, she sent me to this bus locker and I found a suitcase full of bones.” The big secret that Mr. Kaplan wanted Tom to share with Liz. Stay tuned.

The big reveal at the end of the episode was chilling. Now that’s what I call a real flash forward.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 – Episode Recaps

GREY’S ANATOMY – courtesy of ABC
“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”  – Thursday, Nov. 9 at 8/7c.

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

S14, Ep2
5 Oct. 2017
Go Big or Go Home
The arrival of Jackson’s grandpa, Harper Avery, to assess the damage done to his foundation’s bank balance more than to the hospital and to announce that he was pulling its funding.; led to one of Grey Sloan’s finest getting sacked. And, given Amelia’s diagnosis in the Season 14 premiere — coupled with her determination to keep her condition a secret — that first dismissed doctor’s head wasn’t necessarily the only one on the chopping block.

Bailey was fired, and it fell to Catherine to fix things.
Bailey needn’t have worried, as Harper Avery met with his maker, and no longer posed a threat to Grey Sloan or its staff.
Amelia contacts the Head of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins who meets with her and Richard, and advises that she shouldn’t perform any more surgeries until he’s cleared her. It was time to tell her family she was to undergo surgery. After Maggie filled in Mer, she and Owen were by Amelia’s side as she was checked in as a patient.

When Mer’s former psychiatrist, Walter Karr, checked in, she took advantage of the opportunity to discuss with him her situation with Nathan and Megan. Meanwhile, Megan unloaded on Owen. As the episode drew to a close, Mer admitted to Nathan that she was angry because he was throwing away a gift she was never going to get, and encouraged him to show Megan that he loves her.
S14, Ep2
28 Sep. 2017

Get Off on the Pain

Meredith struggles to come up with a new plan for Owen’s sister. Jo makes a surprising choice regarding Alex, and Andrew’s sister’s controversial research leads to a shocking discovery. Megan turned down Nathan’s proposal because she thinks he’s still in love with Mer; Owen kissed Teddy but she refused to start anything with a married man. April told Jackson that she had to move out; and, while participating in research that Bailey was allowing Carina to conduct at Grey Sloan, Amelia learned that she had a brain tumor the size of a baseball.

S14, Ep1
28 Sep. 2017

Break Down the House

Meredith and the team are focused on helping Owen’s sister after her shocking return, and Amelia faces a conflict over a patient. Meanwhile, Bailey is forced to give Grey Sloan a facelift after the fire and the doctors are introduced to a few new faces that spice things up around the hospital.

Owen and Nathan were happily reunited with Megan; Ben, playing the role of Jo’s new Stephanie, helped get her back together with Alex; Maggie and Jackson took turns seeing which of them could be more awkward around the other; and Arizona rebounded from being ghosted by Eliza by hooking up with a beautiful stranger, who turned out to be DeLuca’s sister, Carina.