Where Have Your Shows Gone?

Welcome to mid-season.

All your favourite shows ended this month and now make room for a slew of new shows. Some of these shows are always broadcast at mid-season. We’re glad to see these faves returning this mid-season:


After the recent trauma of Ryan Serhant’s nuptials and the shock announcement at the end of last Season that Luis was quitting Real Estate, we are so glad to see the return of high-kicking Frederik and his artist husband ‘Big D’ formerly known as Derek the Brit.

The season opener set the bar high with Ryan landing a new portfolio of one hundred houses all needing to be sold in just ninety days. Frederik was equally under pressure to sell an apartment with a communal garden for a fussy client who had him up against the wall right up to the last frame of the episode. Let’s see if they pace can continue all Season.


This one is worth binge-watching previous Seasons on one very rainy weekend. (Amazon Video). The story of a psychiatrist who has to live with her brother when her relationship crumbles. Taking her teenage daughter in tow provides the angst of the piece until you factor in how the brother has a startup dating app and has to sell it when it fails at market. He uses it to find a girlfriend and its a disaster. If you like watching dysfunctional families go through their worst day ever, this ones for you.


American Gods (Starz)

Not for the faint-hearted, the cursing, sex scenes, and violence took me to almost two episodes before I switched off. Not for me.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

The retelling of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 epic novel, giving us an insider’s view of debauchery at the hands of the elite in a hellish dystopian society where women are sold as chattle, made to bear children or barren couples. Its mesmerising to watch Elisabeth Moss cope with the gravity of the situation her character, Offred, finds herself in. Compelling watching on catch up as the series has just ended its first run.

Downward Dog (ABC)

A lonely dog navigates the complexity of 21st century relationships. The dog narrates each episode with some funny insights. It’s kind of sad but it’s always upbeat too. His owner is a workaholic who the dog realises only turns to him when her life is in the toilet. Her ex spends more time with the dog as he was adopted by them when they were a couple, but now they’re deciding what they are.


Check out the cancelled shows page to find out if your tv faves are returning in the Fall.


Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 – They All Bow Down Recap

olivia-pope-scandalThe s*** hit the fan this week with an explosive look at the real events that occurred on election night. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with an uncomfortable insight into Jake and Vanessa’s marriage. Where they were all cutesy and cuddly at first, the gloves are now off; with Jake once more a cold, lean killing machine. Through flashbacks we witness the crumbling marriage that is a total sham so Jake will be the next President of the United States. Frankie Vargas’s shooting re-opened the game, and now Mellie Grant is the Pres, she’s chosen Jake to be her Vice President. We all know what that means – any day now Mellie is toast so Jake can take a seat in the big chair; at Rowan ‘Poppa Pope’s behest.

Yes, Olivia faced off with her Father after it was revealed that Tom’s sudden windfall was from her, but wait, lovers of liberty, Liv is just being framed for paying Tom so she won’t step out of line and ruin the big bad peoples’ work to frame Cyrus for Vargas’s shooting.

What’s creepy about this episode is how Jake morphed into this cold, blank-staring man who dragged Liv into the woods sans her trusty cell phone, for the big reveal this episode:

Jennifer Fields had to die

Jake blew up the Cabin in the woods, just as he heard Quinn and Huck approaching. Rowan told him to do it, and further, Jennifer’s alive. Clearly, she’s got dirt on someone within the Presidential campaign.

When Rowan finds out, he’ll kill them all.

Also this episode, Rowan is being coerced into making sure Jake is VP, with it going as far as Olivia’s life being cut short. How that opens up the rest of the Season should be interesting.

The Catch – Season 1


S1, Ep1
24 Mar. 2016


Alice Vaughan is LA’s top private investigator – and the one woman you don’t want to mess with. But when her fiancé cons her out of millions and disappears, Alice goes on a private mission for payback.
S1, Ep2
31 Mar. 2016

The Real Killer

Alice and the team take on a very public client, a husband who was wrongly imprisoned for murdering his wife.
S1, Ep3
7 Apr. 2016

The Trial

Anderson Vaughan Investigations takes on a case that hits close to home when Valerie’s estranged husband comes to them for help after his sister suffers side effects in a Multiple Sclerosis clinical trial by a big pharmaceutical company.
S1, Ep4
14 Apr. 2016

The Princess and the I.P.

Anderson Vaughan and Associates take on a new client, a government agency that may have just lost the only person with the blueprints for a very deadly weapon.
S1, Ep5
21 Apr. 2016

The Larágan Gambit

Alice and Rose are shocked to discover their long time political client is being blackmailed by compromising photos.
S1, Ep6
28 Apr. 2016

The Benefactor

The AVI team takes on a new client, a female captain in the army, who is being harassed by her colleagues. Meanwhile, Alice makes a play on Ben that could put her in some very serious danger, and both Ben and Margot are shocked when an old friend comes to town.
S1, Ep7
5 May 2016

The Ringer

AVI takes on a case involving a missing child with parents embattled in a bitter divorce. Against their better judgment, Ben convinces Margot and Reggie to work a con for their benefactor, and Alice leads Dao into investigating Ben from a different angle.
S1, Ep8
12 May 2016

The Package

Ben agrees to help Rhys with one of their biggest cons to date: to break Leah Wells out of FBI custody. Meanwhile, Sophie asks Alice and the AVI team to help a friend get out of a very bad contract, and, in doing so, they learn that Sophie has a few more tricks up her sleeve.
S1, Ep9
19 May 2016

The Happy Couple

Ben makes a critical decision just as the matriarch of the Kensington Firm, Sybil Griffiths, pays an unexpected visit that throws everyone off their game. Meanwhile, Alice has a breakthrough in therapy that helps her and her team get that much closer to taking down Ben’s associates.
S1, Ep10
19 May 2016

The Wedding

Sybil proves to be a formidable adversary and devises a well-orchestrated con that takes place at a high-profile wedding. Meanwhile, Alice finds herself in a precarious situation and Ben puts everything on the line to keep her out of danger.
The Catch Season 2 premieres March 9

Bates Motel – Final Season Episode 1 – Dark Paradise – Recap

Courtesy of A&E



Norman Bates is officially cuckoo. His beloved Mom, Norma, her remains preserved thanks to Norman’s taxidermy skills, sits in a darkened room surrounded by flowers, like a shrine to her very existence. Meanwhile, Norman, Manager of the Bates Motel, maintains his conversations with her in his mind, and goes about his daily existence in the belief that she’s still very much alive.

The episode starts with a time jump: Dylan is now married to Emma – her double lung replacement last Season paid off – and they have a young abby, a daughter. Dylan’s Father Caleb (actually Norma’s brother who raped her as a young teenager) calls at the  house when Emma’s birthday party is in full swing, but Dylan invites him in, and shows him his daughter. Emma later thanks him for paying for her life saving surgery and then demands that he leaves and never comes back. The horror that Caleb raped Norma hangs over Declan’s life, and she can’t have Caleb around ruining their lives. He agrees and leaves.

The insights into Norman’s psyche this season are very clear, and sharp. The way the big reveals are made to the audience are breath taking. In the opening scene, Norman sits down to a breakfast while Norma fusses over him, bemoaning the fact that she’s stuck in the house, dead, while Norman gets to go the new hardware store in the Village. Of all things, she misses going into the Village. Norman sets off to the Motel and a guest arrives, wanting a room for the afternoon only which sets off Norman’s nerves. He explains that the Motel isn’t that kind of place and the guest pays for one night, and promptly brings his female friend into the room for sex. Norman had checked them into room one so he could spy on them and jerk off. The phone rings suddenly, and its Norma telling him to come to the house before his meal gets cold, and he returns to the house.

There’s a scene where Norman looks through his journal. He’s recording his blackouts and comparing them to days when guests have stayed at the Motel to make sure the wallet he had in his back pocket which belonged to a now deceased guest isn’t all in his mind. Sadly, the wallet belongs to a dead guy who was sent there to murder Norman. As the assailant pulled his gun from his pocket, Norma clubbed him over the head, and then used a knife to voraciously stab him. She puts the body in the freezer then reveals to Norman later how she saved him, and warns him that people are going to come after him.

The kicker this episode is sheriff Romero is in prison serving a sentence for being corrupt.

Just as Norma and Norman are in a boat going to dump the man’s body his phone rings and Norman pulls it from under the plastic shower curtain and answers the phone.

It’s Sheriff Romero checking that Norman’ killer has done the job.

Scandal – Season 6 – Fates Worse Than Death

olivia-pope-scandalOh, boy. Scandal kicked things up a notch this week. Let’s dig in.

The episode opened with Michael and Cyrus playing happy families until Abby phones Cyrus and tells him to lock the doors and shut himself in the house. He turns on the news and there’s a live broadcast from the White House about how Fitz has opened an investigation into Vargas’s murder and how Cyrus Bean is part of that investigation. Cyrus if furious, then in flashback we see how Jennifer Fields was part of what went down on #electiongate.

Frankie Vargas had brought her on-board as the videographer for his Campaign so everything could be documented. Cyrus had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure nobody was close to Frankie, only for this woman to show up. Rightfully, he was suspicious of her from the start. Frankie had to convince Cyrus that she was a good addition to the Team.

Only Tom, blast from the bitter past, turned up demanding to meet with Cyrus; threatening to expose everything Cyrus had done in the past. It didn’t look good for him.

In flashback, we saw how Tom later met with Cyrus in the woods, and Cyrus had brought a gun with him. Whether it was for self defence or to kill Tom wasn’t clear, but Tom got the upper hand and put the gun into Cyrus’s mouth. Tom walked away after a lecture on how he was on top now and no longer Cyrus’s dog, and then Cyrus pooped his pants I reckon. He immediately told Michael that Tom was back, and Michael was horrified. Fitz makes Cyrus and offer: avoid the death penalty if you step down. Cyrus says if Mellie also steps down, he will. Fitz is silent as Cyrus leaves the car.

Meanwhile, Huck tracked down a friend of Jennifer’s who told him she was intimate with Vargas, and then the friend showed Huck a photo of Jennifer all beaten up and hinted someone menacing did it. Tom !

Huck goes back to the office and tells Olivia and her associates it must have been Tom after satellite images show he was in the area that night. They track Tom’s movements on the night of the election and boom. Tom’s in front of Fitz, having confessed to Vargas’s murder. Cyrus is arrested, and David Rosen reads him his rights. For some reason we flashback to the moment when Cyrus tries to convince Frankie Vargas that David Rosen would be the perfect running mate for his Campaign as David has already been vetted. Vargas had convinced Cyrus to run as Vice-President elect.

Elizabeth North turns up at Cyrus’s house and demands he makes her his Chief of Staff. He agrees, then sends her to Fitz with a message that he accepts the offer Fitz made – he will step down rather than face the death penalty for Vargas’s murder.

The episode ended with Olivia telling Mellie the College electorate had no choice but to vote for her now that Cyrus was in handcuffs.

Why do I not believe her?


First Look – Bates Motel The Final Season

Courtesy of A&E

This just in from Deadline.com

Our first glimpse of Rhianna as Marion Crane. Go to: https://youtu.be/lp-s-Vb76v8 to watch.

The premiere of the fifth and final season of A&E’s Psycho prequel Bates Motel will be on February 20.

Season 5 picks up picks up nearly two years after Norman (Freddie Highmore) murdered his mother. He’s now a grown man, living a double life. Publicly he’s a happy and well-adjusted member of the White Pine Bay community, but at home he struggles; his violent blackouts continue to increase as “Mother” (Vera Farmiga) threatens to take over his mind completely. Meanwhile, Dylan (Max Thieriot) and Emma (Olivia Cooke), now with lives of their own, soon find themselves drawn back into Norman’s insanity, while a vengeful Romero (Nestor Carbonell) hungers for a chance to destroy his stepson.

Scandal Season 6 Survival of the Fittest


Scandal roared into life within minutes of the opening episode.

Mellie Grant was in her campaign headquarters giving her team yet another pep talk. The numbers were good, and it looked like she was set to win California, and therefore the President-Elect would be announced as Mellie.

However, Oliiva smelt a rat and got her people to run down the numbers properly.

Wait for it – election tampering again. Mellie had lost the race and would lose to Frankie Vargas, with Cyrus Bean as the Vice-President. What a blow for Mellie, after all she’d done to get there. She was so close.

She is in denial for a while, but Olivia Pope’s-her and gets her to call Vargas and concede so he can make his acceptance speech and Fitz can swear him in before the College votes a month later officially make him the new President of the United States. But hold on to your popcorn, because old sly dog Cyrus isn’t content with just a Vice Presidency, he wants the Oval, and this is how he gets it.

VARGAS is shot, live on national television. One in the arm, one in the stomach but the vital one in the face exits out of his brain, and boom, Cyrus is poised to be the next President of the United States, but hey now, hold on a cotton-picking-minute, because Fitz notes to David Rosen, concerned, that the Public didn’t vote for Cyrus, so he can’t step into the slot now Vargas is DEAD of his injuries, wife at his side, complete with blood splatter and brain matter on her new suit.

I half-expected Sally Langston to pop up with her ‘lovers of liberty’ schtick but old gal Sally was nowhere to be seen. That’s all by the by, because Olivia, she rocks up to her Daddy and gives him hell. How could he assassinate Frankie Vargas. The very notion of it doesn’t sit well with her. But Poppa Pope, not content to be typecast as a lecture-giving-miscreant, puts the idea into Olivia’s head that the person behind Vargas’s assassination is closer than she thinks, and while Jake is nowhere in sight, having spent the entire time preventing his Wife from getting blind drunk at the ceremony, he looks like a candidate – until he wasn’t even consider. Whatevs.

Turns out Olivia whispered in Cyrus’s ear how she is on to him and only time will tell until she exposes his secret.

I never did like Cyrus when he used Tom and then rolled over and reunited with his fake husband Michael the hooker who was only in it for the money.