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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 – Episode 8

courtesy of ABC

S5, Ep8

15 Nov. 2018

I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die


It’s the wedding, and Connor’s Dad wastes no time telling Connor that Oliver doesn’t have his approval. Connor doesn’t care. The wedding goes off smoothly, but elsewhere, secrets are about to emerge. Let’s recap.




Frank searched Gabriel’s apartment and found his birth certificate. He told Annalise that Gabriel is Sam’s son with his first wife, Vivian Maddox. Annalise was the other woman in Sam’s life. Ana slaps his face and then runs home, where Gabriel has let himself into her apartment; seemingly explaining that Annalise left her keys at the Church when he caught her drinking, but we saw him slip the keys into his pocket.

Roland confronted Bonnie about how Annalise manipulates her, and says Denver warned him about her, and he doesn’t trust her. Bonnie says she won’t choose between him and Annalise, and tells him it’s over. When he later turns up outside the wedding tent she confronts him, and tells him to go home.

Nate’s contact traces the number of the payphone that had called the Warden the night his Father was murdered – a photo of Roland at the payphone making the call incenses him, and he charges at Roland. When Roland denies making the call to the Warden, Nate starts punching him in the face until its a bloody mess, and then walks away just as Bonnie arrives with baby Christopher. Bonnie goes towards the body, and then Nate calls out to her, and tells her it was Roland who made the call to the Warden. Bonnie goes to Roland and smothers him, then tells Nate to dispose of the body.

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American Television Shows, finales

Blindspot Season 3 Ep22 – SEASON FINALE

courtesy of NBC

S3, Ep22

18 May 2018

In Memory

Jane and Weller go on a hunt for Roman back to where it all started. Let’s recap.

Reade and Zapata wake up at his place on the day Zapata has her CIA briefing after her alleged dismissal. Zapata tells him they can’t be together as it’s not the right time for them.

Roman has finally arrived in South Africa – home. The FBI track down Crawford’s locationĀ and swarm in just as the car is leaving for the airport. They expected to find Crawford in the car but found Blake instead. In the interrogation room, Blake lawyers up and then goes against legal advice and makes a deal; she gives them information in exchange for a guarantee that Crawford will be brought in alive and allowed to clear his name.

The FBI trace Crawford to South Africa. Roman lures him to a Hotel and then takes him down, bound to a chair, to reveal his true identity. Crawford was behind the orphanage Roman and Jane were raised in, and where they were trained, tortured, and beaten, to become child soldiers. The psychological damage wasn’t part of the plan.

Crawford apologises, but then asks whether Roman loved Blake for real, and suggests he find her, while Crawford takes his gun from him as he is defiant he won’t spend the rest of his life in prison for his crimes.

When the FBI turn up at the orphanage it’s Jane who finds Crawford and shoots him. His relief is visible, and she asks why. Crawford had a South African Security Officer working for him, and he follows the FBI team and then shoots Kurt in the gut, and he goes down. The South Africa hospital patches him up. Jane watches as Roman drives away.

Roman phones Blake and is surprised to hear she’s also in South Africa, and they meet on a hillside overlooking Cape Town. Roman’s about to tell her everything but then she admits that she knows the truth, and shoots him in the gut and drives away.

With Crawford dead and Roman missing, Jane heads to the hillside where they played as children and finds Roman slumped against a tree, bleeding to death. He gives her a drive and apologises for everything, and then the Team head back to the office.

Patterson and Richdotcom unlock the drive after Jane remembers the encryption key via a flashback, and they unlock the tattoos and codes behind some of them, but there are new tattoo clues as well.

Jane admits to Kurt that she thinks she’s pregnant as she keeps collapsing, but when she collapses in front of him and is rushed to hospital, she is unconscious.

When she comes around, she has no idea what’s going on, and makes a phone call asking for help, but says her name is Remi. After confirming she’s still undercover at the FBI, she asks to meet with Oscar or Roman or Shepherd, then hangs up.

We see a flashback of Remi and Shephard plotting to take down the FBI from the inside. Turns out Jane has zip poisoning, which is making her collapse and her brain malfunction. Roman was looking for a cure, and the drive has most of the research he was doing.

Kurt ends up in hospital himself later, as the gunshot wound had serious complications the Cape Town hospital missed.

Blake is on her private jet on her way back to resume her life, with a companion on board planning to make their next move – it’s Zapata.