After successfully tracking down the woman who killed Patterson’s boyfriend (and throwing her over the side of a boat), Jane finally worked up the nerve to sneak out of her safe house, find Weller and kiss him — until they were interrupted by Weller’s young nephew, that is. Weller kissed Jane, only to discover later on that she wasn’t his long lost friend Taylor from childhood. His Father confessed to having accidentally killed Taylor on one of his drunken benders. After realising that Jane’s identity is still a mystery, which likely makes her an accomplice to the conspiracy against himself and Mayfair, Weller decided to arrest Jane in the final moments of the hour. But by that point, Jane had already been through enough — most notably, killing Oscar via a scythe to the chest after he had tied her up in a dilapidated barn and threatened to wipe her memory again.

On her way home, she was kidnapped by a few of Deputy Director Carter’s associates, driven to a middle-of-nowhere warehouse and tortured via water boarding by Carter himself, in the hopes that Jane would remember something about her past.

Carter was conveniently shot dead by the same man we’ve seen in flashbacks  as Jane’s ex-fiance.

And that’s when things really got interesting: Oscar presented our protagonist with a video of her past self, in which the long-haired Jane assured present-day Jane that “if you’re watching this, the mission is going as planned.”

What’s more, the video also revealed that the person who decided to wipe Jane’s memory, tattoo her with countless images and ink Weller’s name on her back… was Jane herself.

Reed, Zapata and Patterson unlocked a whole USB drive’s worth of information about Orion and Daylight.


Archie Punjabi (The Good Wife) has been cast as the Head of a secret division of the NSA.

Luke Mitchell (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Tomorrow People) and Michelle Hurd (Daredevil, Devious Maids, Law & Order: SVU) will potentially flesh out the backstory of Jaimie Alexander’s mysteriously tattooed Jane.
Mitchell’s Roman and Hurd’s character (whose name has not yet been revealed) are members of the shadowy organization that sent Jane to the FBI — sans memory and with those cryptic markings all over her body.

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