The Blacklist Season 6

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The 6th Season will premiere in January 2019.

After losing husband Tom in a deadly shootout, Liz spent much of the year on the hunt for his murderer, Ian Garvey, whom she successfully tracked down and killed; after finding out the truth – in the duffel bag, and the identity of the bones.

Ever since Mr. Kaplan dug up a mysterious suitcase before jumping to her death in last May’s finale, the mystery of the duffel bag/bones kept unfolding until the Season 5 finale; when we finally learned to whom those bones belong: the real Raymond Reddington – her Father – and that he’d been dead for 30 years.

Liz, and her sister Jennifer intend to uncover who is posing as Red and why – so they can take him down.

Ken Leung (Lost) has joined Season 6 of The Blacklist in a recurring role.

 The Blacklist returns Fridays at 9/8c January 2019.

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Blindspot Season4 – Ep1



Hella Duplicitous

It’s been three months since Roman died, Jane was in hospital and Kurt was in a coma for a week. Jane has resumed her Remi identity, and is hell bent on revenge, having successfully infiltrated the FBI.

The FBI  are in Tokyo, looking to recover the fourth of Roman’s caches. This one needs some serious sword skills, and Jane defeats the nemesis in a rooftop sword fight.

Back in New York City, Kurt is out of his coma and is recovering, and itching to return to active duty. Jane’s controlling him by making sure he stays out of the office so she can further her agenda.

After Jane left a message for Sandstorm to contact ‘Remi’ Patterson reveals that someone has responded to the message and has left encrypted instructions of where to meet.

The Team decrypt and head to the location, but Jane gets there first after faking a headache, and warns Dolan the FBI are on the way.  The Team miss the meeting location by a few minutes as Dolan says they’re without resources, and Jane reactivates an old tattoo leading to a shady Bank, which she robs while the FBI team are a few steps behind.

Patterson tracks Dolan’s phone and a car chase leads to Reade crashing into Dolan’s car, killing him. Jane rushes to Dolan’s side in time for his last words – ‘make the FBI pay.’

The new Director of the FBI is Matthew Weitz, whom both Zapata and Patterson hate, and he makes it clear he doesn’t operate the way they’re used to.

Over in Paris, Blake Crawford and Zapata make their mark at a meeting to invite shareholders to vote for the new CEO of HCI Global since Hank’s death. However, after celebratory drinks, its revealed one of the shareholders, Madeline (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) has other ideas after she poisons everyone, while Zapata watches Blake gasp for her final breath, then comes up with the idea to put them on Crawford’s private jet and crash it, after making sure Zapata’s name is on the manifest.

Roman’s 4th cache (there are twelve in total) has a book of secrets which Patterson and Richdotcom are hiding from the Team until they can figure out how to control Jane’s zip poisoning and possibly cure her before it reaches her brain and she hallucinates and dies just like Roman.


My Art Project

The entire intelligence community is put in jeopardy when Remi co-opts an FBI case.

Fri, Oct 19 at 8:00 PM on NBC

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 – Episode 3


The Baby Was Never Dead

how-to-get-away-with-murder-abxContinuing with the Governor’s vendetta against Annalise, her students are commanded to pass the Ethics exam before being allowed to continue to help Annalise try the appeals. They all pass the exam. Frank steps up his surveillance of Gabriel when he watches him hide a rucksack in the fireplace. When Frank realises its an encrypted flash drive, he gets a friend to enable him to see what Gabriel sees when he logs onto his computer. Oliver hacks a client’s data for Annalise which helps her win her case, but only after the witness is put away for murder. Crawford is in financial trouble, and pressure is on him to bring in more money for Caplan and Gold.

Tiegan admits to Michaela why she isn’t her friend anymore, and it stings. Later, Michaela gets drunk and heads over to Asher’s aparment just as Frank is sneaking out of Gabriel’s apartment, and he takes her home to avoid her making a mistake trying to get Asher to take her back.

Asher is hired as an intern at the District Attorney’s office, and later is made a permanent member of staff after he gives Roland intel on Annalise’s next moves, allowing the D.A. to win the case; not realizing Annalise and Crawford want their client gone. Roland is shocked when Asher admits he used to date Bonnie, but he gets over it.

Nate and Theresa get closer. Annalise walks in on them in Nate’s office, and tells him his new girlfriend seems nice. Later, Nate goes to Annalise with his findings from the file Denver had on Bonnie. He tracks down the last person to see the baby at the hospital and she confirms Bonnie took the baby from the hospital; then Annalise says it wasn’t Bonnie, it was Bonnie’s sister.


Annalise tells Frank he looks like someone just died, then she slaps him. Bonnie is outside, smothering someone to death while Christopher cries.

Connor and Oliver’s wedding; they’re married and its time for the dance but Oliver has vanished. Bonnie returns Christopher to Laurel, washes the blood off her, and tells Michaela she cut herself shaving.

Back at the wedding party, Michaela stares at Bonnie as she’s drinking……




How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 2


Whose Blood is That?

Annalise has moved into her new house, her Law Clinic is thriving, and she has her first case – an appeal against a guilty plea for murder from a Muslim woman whose step son was the real murderer, having mowed down his own Mom by mistake and the good guys win the case.

Gabriel continues to outsmart Frank, when an attempt to clone Gabriel’s phone fails – it’s a model that can’t be cloned. Clearly Gabe is hiding something, and Frank decides to get creative. He persuades Gabe’s room mate to kick Gabe out in exchange for a bundle of cash. Gabe ends up moving into Wes’s old apartment now that the Keating 4 are living elsewhere, and Frank has wired the apartment for sound and vision. Whomever Frank is in cahoots with, he calls them and says he’s got Gabe where they can get inside his head now.

Meanwhile, Nate is tracking down who Gabriel may be, via Bonnie’s juvie records, and his friend at the clinic who matched the DNA samples. Turns out D.A. Denver had a vested interest in the case, so Nate takes up the challenge of getting Acting D.A. Roland Miller to sign a form authorising release of the records proving the hospital allowed someone to abduct the baby. The photo from the security camera was suspect, but it looked like Nate knows who it was.

Tiegan at Capland and Gold is upset Laurel and Michaela are back in her office, but Annalise tells Laurel not to worry, until Laurel mistakenly tells Tiegan it was her Mom who ratted out her Dad to the Feds. Tiegan is relieved Laurel doesn’t know it was her.


After Bonnie silenced whomever was left bleeding out in the snow while the baby cried, she took the baby to the party and got him cleaned up just as Michaela walked in and saw the blood on Bonnie’s leg…





Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 3

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Gut Feeling

Karev settles into his first day as Interim Chief, but Bailey begins to wonder whether he is in way over his head as scheduling conflicts and overspending the hospital quarterly budget typically crop up. However, while everyone dislikes Karev’s new status, he makes his authority known by sacking an intern who missed a diagnosis which led to a man’s death.

Jo Wilson can’t find her groove with working with Bailey and begs Mer to resume their working partnership. Mer has other things on her mind when her patient’s body starts to shut down after dialysis and Mer has to come up with a creative solution.

Maggie tried to match make DeLuca and Amelia, and then Lincoln asks her out; causing her to question why everyone is so against her and Owen’s reunion.

A seemingly drunk patient pushes Richard’s buttons and gives him a medical mystery to solve. Turns out the patient has a rare disorder that turns everything he ingests into alcohol, and probably caused the accident with the table saw that brought him to the ER.

Meanwhile, Maggie tries to reach Jackson after his decision to clear his head and take time out feels too overwhelming as she struggles with issues in her own personal life.