When Will Your Shows Return in 2019?

la-tv-diva-logoHere’s your guide to when your shows return in 2019.


10:00 pm The Blacklist (two-night premiere)

8:00 pm Fresh Off the Boat
8:30 pm Speechless
9:00 pm The Blacklist

7:00 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 
9:00 pm Shark Tank (NEW TIME/TWO HOURS)

8:00 pm The Conners
8:30 pm The Kids Are Alright
9:00 pm black-ish
9:30 pm Splitting Up Together
10:00 pm The Rookie

8:00 pm The Goldbergs
8:30 pm Schooled (SERIES PREMIERE)
9:00 pm Modern Family
9:30 pm Single Parents
10:00 pm Match Game (SEASON PREMIERE)


TBC Blindspot

8:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy
9:00 pm A Million Little Things (NEW DAY AND TIME)
10:00 pm How to Get Away with Murder

8:00 pm American Housewife (NEW DAY AND TIME)

10:00 pm Whiskey Cavalier (SERIES PREMIERE)

7:00 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos (ONE HOUR)
8:00 pm American Idol (SEASON PREMIERE)
10:01 pm Shark Tank (NEW TIME/ONE HOUR)

9:01 pm Station 19
10:00 pm For The People (SEASON PREMIERE)

10:00 pm The Fix (SERIES PREMIERE)

10:00 pm Grand Hotel (SERIES PREMIERE)


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The Blacklist Season 6 – Preview

(Photo by: Eric Leibowitz/courtesy of NBC)

When NBC’s The Blacklist returns, don’t expect to see more of the same old Reddington (the most wanted man in America) on the run, Liz trying to outsmart him, and his enemies trying to track them both down.


Expect to see Red behind bars as Liz and the task force disavow him to protect themselves.

 Liz knows he is not the real Raymond Reddington.

The real one is dead, and has been for years.

However, Red doesn’t know that Liz knows the truth.

The Blacklist returns for a two-part, two-night premiere starting Thursday, Jan. 3, at 10 p.m. and Friday, Jan. 4, at 9/8c  on NBC.














Blindspot Season 4 – Episode 8

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep8
7 Dec. 2018

Screech, Thwack, Pow

Remi tries to free Shepherd, who is taken aback when Remi explains Roman is with her. Shepherd realises the zip poisioning is taking hold, and attempts to help Remi with her plan, but instead, Remi convinces Boston to hack into NORAD and create a simulation that a nuke is headed for New York.

Kurt gathers his Team and sets off to apprehend Remi, and bring her back to the FBI.

Meanwhile, Patterson and Richdotcom believe the Nuke is real. Rich leaves a heartfelt message for Boston, telling him he loves him; fearing the end of the world. Reade and Weisz head out on Zapata and Madeline’s trail.

Madeline has to up  her game to avoid Zapata being held captive until their little operation is over. The Mexican hacker is set to meet them in Toronto.

Fall Finale – Blindspot returns January 11





Blindspot Season 4 – Episode 7

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep7
30 Nov. 2018

Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth

Kurt got into it with Jane/Remi about her secretive behaviour and told her he knows she isn’t Jane anymore – she’s reverted back to Remi, the Sandstorm operative. He asks why Remi hates him so much – Remi says he ruined her life.

Mid-fight, a neighbour knocks on the door and asks Kurt if she can use his phone, only for a group of mercs to burst in and take Kurt and Remi hostage in an act of revenge for the Bank raid. They want a device from the evidence base, drive to the FBI evidence base which is in a remote area, take out the guards, and then tell Kurt and Remi to put on FBI vests rigged with explosives which will be set off if they don’t co-operate.

Never one to follow the rules, Kurt disables the explosives on their vests, and sets out to get the device out of evidence but at the rear doors the mercs are waiting. Remi convinces Kurt to go the other way, but then gives the device to the mercs and gets away. As the mercs drive away with the device Kurt triggers the explosives and blows it up. Now Remi is on the run.

Weitz and Reade go through the files Madeline gave them on HCI Global when Crawford was running things. Reade manages to uncover papers that link with the places Zapata travelled to, and the two manage to find out Madeline’s private jet just filed a flight plan, and they plan to intercept it and find Zapata so they can bring them in. However, when Weitz tells Reade that  Madeline offered to help Weitz become President someday, Reade suddenly doesn’t trust him.

Patterson and Richdotcom uncover a data cache attached the to the FBI ID card worn by a colleague, and when they look at the data it has detailed medical information which may point to a cure for Jane.







Blindspot Season 4 – Episode 6

blindspotS4-posterS4, Ep6
16 Nov. 2018

Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime

The team is drawn into dangerous political intrigue when a tattoo points to someone from Weitz’s past. Let’s recap.

Violet writes a program to decrypt the CIA black site’s security system so Jane can liberate Shepherd but it  needs more work, which frustrates Jane.

When Kurt puts a tracker on her, finds her base of operations, and dukes it out in a gunfight with Violet;  Jane has to decide whether to run or face the truth.

Jane’s ZIP poisoning is killing her, and she is looking for an illegal cure. Kurt says he wants in.

Reade is investigated when the new Director of the CIA Sabrina Larren (since Keaton is still in a coma) uncovers he was compromised, and that’s how Zapata got the codes. Reade tells the truth, but is fired by Weitz, on Larren’s orders.

Frank Davenport, Weitz’s mentor, is behind a blackmail sting with Senators who paid the GPA to  rig votes on select concerns to benefit them but Weitz takes him down, with Reade’s help. Weitz later visits Reade at home and reinstates him, but for a special secret op to track down Zapata before the kill order out on her is filed.

Madeline gets Zapata to blackmail an employee of a tech firm about to launch a new jet; and when she brings back the intel on the tech, Madeline commands Zapata to crash the jet, so she can takeover their assets. Seems Hank Crawford left HCI Global with massive debts.

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