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Blindspot Season 3 Ep 19 Recap

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S3, Ep19
27 Apr. 2018

Galaxy of Minds

The FBI Team are closing in on Crawford’s plans when they hit a roadblock in their investigation. Let’s recap.

General Joseph Baxter tries to shut down an illegal military weapons project when there’s a suspicion it’s falling into the hands of some ruthless people (ie: Crawford). The weapon is used to bring down his plane.

A conspiracy theorist is summoned to the FBI office when it transpires he’s written a book about the existence of this sonic weapon – Golden Rhino – which is under siege by Crawford for his own agenda.

The CEO of a military defence contractor is called in to an interview by the FBI. Kurt grills her (Moon) until she gives up her ex-Head engineer’s location, and calls him to set up a meeting. The FBI go to the meeting while she monitors the situation on the phone to look credible.

However, Roman is one step ahead of the FBI and is already at the meeting point, about to silence the engineer, Ganzmann. When Roman faces off with Jane she falters and he escapes.

Back at the FBI, Patterson is horrified when the FBI’s helicopter is brought down – the sonic weapon was used – and that’s how the FBI become aware of how deadly Crawford’s plan is, and the land he got from Jean-Paul before he was killed is in the Saharan desert.

When he’s not killing, Roman is conflicted about his relationship with Blake. When she tracks him down, he’s annoyed as she’s getting in the way of his side missions, but after an ill-timed heart to heart he pretends he’s suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder from his time in the war, and she reassures him that he can be open with her.

There’s a bizarre flash forward where Roman imagines Blake killing him after he confesses to being a fake, but he chooses in reality not to disclose the truth to her.

They spend a cosy couple of days in a bed and breakfast place as a distraction to Roman’s problems, and to keep off Crawford’s radar.

Avery proves to be an asset when she discloses information that reveals a connection to the CEO of Varnew (Moon) who knew Avery’s Father, and Avery pretends there’s a journal with every detail of Moon’s involvement in the weapons project. However, Moon didn’t know who was buying the weapon, and was paid a hefty price to keep out of it.

For once there was no wedding talk from Reade, and Zapata seems to have forgotten her CIA connection – for now.

The episode closed with Roman triggering all the tattoos at once to overwhelm the FBI’s capabilities, and Patterson admits they’re now in the dark about his and Crawford’s next moves.
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Ep21

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S14, Ep21

26 Apr. 2018

Bad Reputation

After Jackson lifted the waiver against Rebecca Freud talking about Harper Avery Snr sexually abusing her, 35 other women come forward.

Crisis management at the Foundation meet with Catherine and Jackson about doing a press statement and clearing up the aftermath of Jackson’s actions; which has lead to companies refusing to work with the Harper Avery brand. The statement before the press would place the entire blame on Catherine, leaving Jackson free to head up the Foundation.

Bailey suggests Jackson operate on a man from a charity who has a facial tumour as a good will gesture, and then Meredith offers it pro-bono after the charity threaten to take the man elsewhere; due to the backlash over the allegations against the Foundation. They do the surgery.

Arizona is distressed because her girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in children when she tells her about Sofia. Owen later invites Arizona and Sofia over for a play date with his foster baby.

At the foster baby’s first check up, Owen lets the Mother accompany him to the appointment. Amelia gets close to the Mother and uncovers the stark reality; she was addicted to pain relievers and lost her child as a result. Owen sees instantly how bonded the Mother is to her son, and suggests Amelia and the Mother move into his house, so the Mother can see her son, and she can have a roof over her head again. Amelia agrees.

Andrew has rooted to Meredith’s couch, moping because his girlfriend got deported. His sister drops by and coaxes him off the couch, and they argue in their own language.

Jackson solves the Foundation’s problems by suggesting they rename the Foundation in Catherine’s maiden name, and make a press release about it.

Alex meets with his past when ex-Nurse Olivia pops into the hospital because her son swallowed a chew toy. Alex had given her syphilis back when she worked at Grey Sloane, and she ribs him about it.

Jo panics when she can’t get Alex to set their wedding date. April overhears their conversation and offers to plan the whole thing, seeing as she loved planning her own wedding so much.

Alex later reveals to Jo that his Mom hasn’t cashed any of the rent checks he sends her and so now he’s got stacks of cash, and he decides he has to go and see her to check everything is alright – next week’s episode.
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THE BLACKLIST Season 5 – Ep 19 Recap

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Ian Garvey (No. 13): Conclusion

The titular Ian Garvey came in like a lion and went out like a lamb; admitting his defeat, and acknowledging that he was outgunned and outsmarted by Red. Let’s recap.

After Liz reconnected with her half-sister Jennifer, aka Lilly; she planted a device on her jacket, hoping she could listen in when Garvey later met with Jennifer at the diner.

Mosadek of the Nash Syndicate made a deal with Red to make Garvey hand over the bag of bones and end the war between them. However, as soon as Dembe drove Red away Mosadek phoned Garvey and hatched a plan to kill Red when he showed up for the bag.

The FBI were monitoring Jennifer and the device and it worked.

Jennifer quizzed Garvey about Red being her real Father, Garvey murdering Tom, and the danger she was in, and then Garvey revealed to Jennifer that she wouldn’t have to worry about Red after tomorrow. Liz immediately told Red he was walking into a trap meeting Garvey and would be killed.

Aram gave Navabi back her house keys!

Red met with Mr Sinclair the creepy mask maker and hatched his own plan to double Garvey using an old friend as the double. They all go to the meet, and a shoot out ensues, with the fake Garvey shooting Mosadek.

When the FBI Team swooped down on the melee Red was gone, and so was fake Garvey. A news report quickly told the world Garvey was wanted for the murder, and then the real Garvey woke up, bound, with Red and Dembe standing over him.

Dembe drove the trio to the next phase of the plan but Garvey overpowered Dembe and the car crashed, giving Garvey the chance to escape. He of course ran to the diner to raid the cash register and to escape, but Liz was already in wait outside, and ambushed Garvey.

Garvey tried to make a deal with Liz – the truth about Red’s secret in exchange for his life, but Red wasn’t going to allow that to happen, and arrived with Dembe, gun poised. Liz aimed her gun at Red and swore she’d end him unless he let Garvey speak. Jennifer stood in front of Garvey to protect him like he’d done for her; and told Red she was his daughter but Red simply asked Dembe to remove her.

Garvey fired a shot first, then Red shot Garvey while Liz fumbled and failed to get a shot off. Job done, Red and Dembe got out of there, fast.

Jennifer rushed to call the paramedics, and all the way to the hospital Liz wondered if her only chance to find out why Tom was murdered over a bag of old bones was now gone.

At the hospital, Garvey took off his oxygen mask like he was going to say something to Liz but then he flatlined and the medical staff rushed him into the operating theatre.


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Season Finale Spoilers

la-tv-diva-logoIf you don’t want to know how your favorite shows end this Season, stop reading now.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. (Cue evil laugh).



PRE-FINALE: Roman’s standoff with the FBI draws to a dramatic climax. Even though Roman has technically chosen a life with Blake and Crawford, “he’s still created this entire plan to take them down that involves the FBI team. Roman’s declining health will become a major plot point in the season’s final instalments.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 18): The Season 3 closer will take place in South Africa, a place that holds great significance for Jane and Roman, with a hint of loose ends being tied up.

PRE-FINALE: Geena Davis reprises her role as Dr. Nicole Herman and promptly presents an “exciting opportunity” to Jessica Capshaw’s departing Arizona, who also finds herself navigating a school-related rough patch with daughter Sofia.

No clues regarding Sarah Drew’s exit as April  who has rebounded with a starring role in CBS’ Cagney & Lacey reboot. Drew will succeed Sharon Gless as Cagney opposite Blindspot alum Michelle Hurd‘s Lacey (following in the footsteps of Tyne Daly).

Penned by Bridget Carpenter (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights), the pilot — based on the 1982-88 cop show starring Gless and Daly — moves the action from New York to Los Angeles, but keeps the central conceit of two female police detectives teaming up to keep the streets safe.

SEASON FINALE (MAY 17): The stress from the past year forces Bailey to re-evaluate some of her decisions in the Debbie Allen-directed Season 14 closer, and lots of recaps of Jo and Alex’s romance over the years.

Season 7 finale TONIGHT !

Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack on Specter Litt. Mike and Rachel (departing cast members Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle) attempt to balance their commitments to the firm, the clinic and each other. Suits will continue without Adams and Markle, with USA Network renewing the show for an eighth season.

Season 8 will have everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships. Keep an eye out for an adversarial new character that will give Harvey a run for his money. Meanwhile, a Suits spinoff centered on former co-star Gina Torres’ character Jessica is currently in development.






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Blindspot Season 3 Ep 18 Recap

courtesy of NBC
S3, Ep18
20 Apr. 2018

Clamorous Night

Roman gave the kill order to a group of mercenaries, as ordered to do so by Crawford. Roman sent text messages to a Team to take down the FBI Team hunting Crawford. The events play out in a groundhog day style for each Team member.

Roman holes up in a safe house while they wait. Patterson tracks Crawford’s helicopter to Hong Kong – no extradition treaty with the U.S. and then Jane says there’s got to be something in the new tattoos to help them.

The Team look into Roman’s cover, and there are no leads there. Reade tells the Team to go home and get some rest, and regroup in the morning. Jane says she’s so wired she can’t think straight. Richdotcom suggests they go out on the town. He recommends a hot spot in town, and a table for two is booked.

A woman at the bar seems to be watching Jane and Kurt, and Jane remembers seeing the same woman outside their apartment. They split up to follow her when she leaves the restaurant.

As Jane heads out to search the perimeter, she is grabbed from behind and tasered, waking up later in the back of a truck where Roman tells her via webcam that the Team are being killed and she’s behind held so she’s going to experience having her loved ones murdered.

The investigation into Reade picks up the pace, and Reade is unwavering when Millicent from the FBI’s OPR office tells him she knows that the State Department buddy of his requested a visa for someone whom it is believed Reade is protecting.

Later, she shares a cab with Reade on the way home, and she tries to convince him to confess what he’s been up to, especially since Director Hirst hired him. Millicent suggest he resigns, or she hands in a letter to have him suspended. She later turns up on Reade’s doorstep, having left her purse and keys in the cab in her haste to get away from him, and he lets her wait inside.

When Millicent goes to use Reade’s bathroom she’s attacked, and then Reade is held at knife point and a fight ensues, leaving Millicent dead and then Reade overpowers the assassin.

Zapata is under fire at a church with an NYPD ex-colleague at her brother’s funeral but she survives the shootout. Reade survives the knife fight as Zapata calls, tells him what happened, and says the whole  Team could be attacked.

Patterson has a date, with Jack the goofy scientist, but a small explosion goes off at her cooking class and they come under fire from assassins after Patterson.

Kurt survives an attack at the restaurant, and Reade calls in time to warn him. The Team arrive and help Jane but she’s already escaped capture and taken out two assassins.

Richdotcom destroys the letter Millicent had threatened Reade with. Patterson decides dating is not a good idea right now, and thanks Zapata for saving her life, but they are never going to be best friends like before she was betrayed.