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Blindspot Season 3 – Episode Recaps


Fans of the NBC drama were left to wonder for five months why Jane’s ink was lighting up at the end of Season Two. Let’s find out.

S3 Ep11

26 Jan. 2018

Technology Wizards

Jane and Weller partnered with Clem to find Avery, whom Kurt discovered is still alive and was being held captive in Berlin by Diedrich aka Max. Kurt was looking for Max when he was in Berlin during Jane’s’ sabbatical’. Let’s recap!

This week’s episode continued the search for Avery. After Paterson found video surveillance of Avery meeting with Roman at the hotel, she showed it to Kurt. When Jane was told Avery is still alive, she wanted to go rogue and extract her, without Kurt’s help, but Reade insisted she partner with him. Jane also persuaded Reade to allow her ex mercenary friend Clem to join them, and Reade gave the approval after vetting Clem first.

Kurt Jane and Clem quickly found the warehouse Avery was in but it went south and she was whisked away. They managed to use a dead merc’s phone to call Max, traced it, found where Avery was being held – some disused tunnels – went there, bust her out. Kurt had a face off with Roman about how he’s not going to have Jane for long, revenge, yadda yadda yadda. Max/Deidrich was working with Roman.

Paterson discovered her app was being used to blackmail users by an ex-colleague she hired to write code for it. He voluntarily surrendered to the FBI when he realised his lover was the one behind the blackmail and was making an arms deal. The Team allowed him to wear a wire and distract the buyers long enough so Reade and his Team could suit up and take down the buyers.

Jane Kurt and Clem brought Avery to safety, having her checked out in hospital. Zapata confided in Paterson that she still has feelings for Reade, but Paterson told her not to say anything. Zapata couldn’t wait any longer and tracked down Reade just as he shows her the engagement ring he has for Meghan. Zapata says she’ll love it, and they embraced.

There was no indication Zapata has a secret agenda this week, and there was no mystery with the next tattoo, but it was still a tense dramatic episode.


S3, Ep12
2 Feb. 2018

Two Legendary Chums

Weller and his former FBI partner reunite for a dangerous undercover mission while Zapata interrogates a past foe.

S3, Ep10
19 Jan. 2018

Balance of Might

The team races to thwart a deadly terrorist plot with the help of Reade’s journalist girlfriend when Crawford is discovered to be funding terrorism using Refugees from camps. A plot to set off two devices in New York City is foiled when the Team intervenes.

Meanwhile, Jane is still blanking Kurt at work, and Zapata can’t cope with Reade fawning over his live-in girlfriend,Meghan.

Roman continues his charade with Blake but Victor is closing in; running Roman’s fingerprints from a shot glass to identify him before he fleeces Blake out of her fortune, or worse.

Jane has flashbacks to her time as a gun for hire, and reunites with Clem in a bid to track down her daughter.

Paterson does some investigating regarding Avery and tells Kurt she’s found surveillance from the Hotel in Berlin – Avery met with Roman the day before Kurt showed up. Roman is seen handing ‘Avery’ and wad of cash in a brown envelope which suggests ‘Avery’ isn’t Jane’s real daughter.

S3, Ep9
12 Jan. 2018

Hot Burning Flames

 After fearing for weeks that Roman would reveal to Jane what happened in Berlin, Weller decided he couldn’t live with the secret anymore and broke the news to Jane himself. Why he did it will unfold over the course of the rest of the Season but it was an accident – wrong place wrong time.
Not only did he meet Jane’s long-lost daughter while he was in Germany but he killed her.  The betrayal of not telling her is going to be a hard pill for Jane to swallow. Roman called Kurt at the end of the previous episode and told him he’s off the hook now Hank Crawford is within his grasp.

Hank Crawford,  (Father to Roman’s “love interest,” Blake) was revealed to be working with Director Hirst, just as the Team took her into custody. Roman has created these bio-luminescent tattoos to bring down Hank Crawford, and while the team is working the outside of it, Roman has infiltrated the inside.
This week’s episode centred on stolen nukes and as usual the Team saved the day but there were two casualties.
Jane is furious Kurt lied to the daughter she never got a chance to meet and leaves him. Kurt is visibly devastated.
The final moments of the episode show Avery escaping from her captors but is it too late?
Her mobile phone has the interest of her captors……
Zapata’s big reveal was no surprise – she’s working against the FBI since she joined the CIA but her big agenda will be revealed later in the Season.

S3, Ep7
15 Dec. 2017

Fix My Present Havoc
This week’s episode was a game-changer for Kurt and the Team. Let’s dig in.

We only had one flashback, Stuart’s obsession with the molecule tattoo, and how Paterson berated him for working on it every chance he got. We got to see his murder – Director Hirst came to his apartment to discuss his findings on the molecule tattoo, and then she slashed his throat and got her one-eared friend Eric Vance to clean it up.

Remember how Paterson turned up at Stuart’s apartment the night he was murdered? She interrupted Vance doing clean up but he climbed out the window to avoid her. Vance co-operated with Hirst in exchange for her blackmailing a prominent Doctor at a cancer treatment facility so Vance’s husband Julian could get top billing in a treatment program instead of being given a placebo. Hirst had dirt on the Doctor and blackmailed her to keep treating Julian but Doctor Palmeri wanted reparations for her financial issues and plotted to release a deadly virus by sending infected rats into New York’s water supply.

Roman kept leaving clues for the Team to find to help them reveal Hirst’s real agenda. There was an awkward scene at Reade’s apartment where Director Hirst insinuated herself into their Saturday morning routine so she could covertly tell Reade she doesn’t trust Zapata and her FBI clearance should be revoked otherwise Hirst will reveal Reade’s dirty past.

Meanwhile, the Team boost Vance and hold him at Kurt’s apartment while they get intel on Hirst’s agenda. She used Vance to dig up dirt on candidates for the Directorship of the FBI and then blackmailed them. Reade is her patsy.

Jane calls Clem to ask for his help tracking down her daughter, Avery.

When Kurt arranges for a safe house for Vance in exchange for his help, the safe house is lit up and sadly, Vance is shot dead.

The final scene was Hirst arriving in Reade’s office just as he answers a call from Kurt warning him that Hirst knows everything and she’s coming for him next.

S3, Ep6
8 Dec. 2017

Adoring Suspect
This week, Weller was contacted by Roman with his latest demand. He must work as a consultant on a movie, which is being funded by terrorists so they can ship weapons secretly among the movie’s equipment. The murder attempt on the star of the movie because he shot off his mouth about the poor production value, was halted when Kurt saved his life.
The FBI wade in and stop the terrorists from detonating a nerve agent at a public event where First Responders were to be in full attendance. Meanwhile, Roman’s been stalking the wealthy heiress, Blake, but his end game has yet to be revealed.

Jane tells Kurt she’s not going to search for her daughter but Paterson tracks down the details of the midwife who kept separate notes on the birth away from the hospital records. Kurt doesn’t give the details to Jane when she reassures him she’s not looking for her daughter. After Roman hints he’ll tell Jane that Kurt had already found Avery, Kurt tells Roman ‘the truth would destroy Jane‘ and so Kurt is now Roman’s to manipulate until death do us part.

Reade falls foul of Director Hurst when he questions her actions, and she reminds him she protects her people, and also reminds him she was a crucial component in his promotion to Assistant Director. Reade steals the silver disc Jane needs to light up her new tattoos and scan them off-grid; while the Team covertly mount an investigation in to Director Hurst.

S3, Ep5
1 Dec. 2017
This Profound Legacy
While Jane struggles to cope with a secret from her past, the team races to prevent an international crisis – a war of succession. King Ivan Valdermaris of Kazahrusia’s sole heir is on the run with his Mom; who was raped by the King when she used to work at the Kazahrusian Embassy. King Ivan’s brother Cyrus  doesn’t want him to take his rightful place as King; and fire-bombs every medical records facility stockpiling untested rape kits, and puts a hit out on the son and his Mom.

Meanwhile, the Team are reeling over the discovery that Jane had a daughter but gave her up for adoption. We learnt from Roman that Shepherd was behind the adoption process.

We’re no closer to discovering who Stewart’s killer is, but the conspiracy goes even deeper inside the FBI than Paterson and Zapata imagined.

After fighting off the hitmen, Jane tells Kurt she’s changed her mind about finding her daughter, and decides the daughter is better off not knowing about her.

The final few minutes of the episode’s big reveal were shocking:
Kurt stumbled across Jane’s daughter Avery while he was in Berlin searching for Jane !
Avery had been searching for Jane too, and knew Jane’s alias names.
Stay tuned!

S3, Ep4
17 Nov. 2017

Gunplay Ricochet

The big reveal this episode – Jane had a daughter 18 years ago.

As the team chased a deadly bomber who’s terrorizing Manhattan, Jane uncovered a shattering secret from her youth: the man who handled the adoption of Jane and Roman also handled the adoption of Jane’s daughter. When Rossi escapes Federal custody, it’s down to the FBI Team to assist the State Department.

Paterson unlocks the code to another tattoo that leads the Team to breadcrumbs Roman has left; linking other tattoos. This week the Team stopped a bomber who had resurfaced after almost twenty years.

Roman left a chilling reminder of his revenge agenda on Jane and Kurt’s wedding video; after Roman spent the day planting a tracking device on a bracelet purchased at a charity event.

Zapata caught Reade out in a lie that hints at him being behind the cover ups Stewart found, and which led to his murder.
Paterson and Zapata are working covertly to solve Stewart’s murder.


S3, Ep3
10 Nov. 2017

Upside Down Craft

While Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers, Patterson and Rich Dotcom must work together to hide an explosive secret from their past.

After the time-jump, we’ve learnt that Rich Dotcom helped the FBI and now that he’s on probation, he’s been brought on as Patterson’s  replacement. She’s back, having developed an App and made a few dollars.

Though she initially pretends to be shocked and appalled that Rich is working for the FBI, we’ve also learnt that she’d been working with him as part of a team of renegade hackers – Three Blind Mice.

S3, Ep2

Enemy Bag of Tricks
3 Nov. 2017

As the team adjusts to their new dynamic and the new tattoos; they battle a dangerous foreign power that is trying to hijack a satellite.

A group of mercenaries hack the D.O.D. mainframe and crash a satellite which guards the missile defence shield for the Nation, in order to steal its black box and sell it to the North Koreans, who use the box to shut down the shield while a missile is headed for California. The Team retrieve the black box in time and defeat the group trying to take down the shield.

Jane proves invaluable to the Team when she unearths crucial intel on one of the mercenaries; whom she worked with on kidnap and rescue cases during her absence.

When she gives the name of the mercenary, Kurt is visibly shocked that she hadn’t shared the details with him first. Later, he admits that he feels like he brought back a stranger. She has shown him that she can survive without him and it scares him; he almost admits as much, and says Roman is trying to break them, and he won’t let it happen.
Roman had told Weller that the new tattoos have to be solved in a certain order this time, and says he will help Weller unlock them. Reade, as new Assistant Director of the FBI, is adamant that the Department isn’t going to be manipulated by Roman this time; but when he realises the magnitude of the impact of the new tattoos on civilian lives, he backs down.

Meanwhile, Roman targets a rich guy who runs a PTSD support group based in Sydney so he can access the money, and one of the consultants from the D.O.D. betrays her co-worker and steals the black box and gives it to the buyer.
Weller later finds her dead, and a shoot-out ensues. The Team take down the bad guys and head back to HQ to pat each other on the back. Job well done.

The final two minutes of the episode revealed a traitor is working within the Team when Paterson turns up at Stewart’s apartment and finds it ransacked, and his body slumped up against the wall.
Zapata turns up at Reade’s apartment with an olive branch/peace offering (6 beers) for giving Reade a hard time on the case, but she got a surprise – reade’s live-in girlfriend was there. The way Zapata keeps mentioning she’s with the CIA now is kind of grating but maybe it’s for a reason. Also, one of the tattoos caught Zapata’s attention and she made a phone call alerting her CIA contacts that it may be a problem.
Stay tuned.

S3, Ep1
27 Oct. 2017

Back to the Grind

Jane and Weller got married shortly after the Sandstorm debacle, before moving across the country to Colorado, where they spend their time renovating their new home and taking care of Allie and Weller’s baby daughter. Jane is almost killed by a team of assassins in her house; a massive bounty has been put on her head by a former Sandstorm loyalist. Jane’s only option is to assume a new identity and start fresh with an entirely different life somewhere else – alone.

18 months after parting ways under mysterious circumstances, the FBI team is brought back together by a new crisis. Weller finds Jane in Nepal 18 months later, and they uncover Jane’s bioluminescent tattoos. What does it mean?
Jane remembers she was in an accident a few months back and was hospitalised. She’d drifted in and out of consciousness; giving anyone access to her tattoos. New ones have been added, and a trail of clues become breadcrumbs to uncovering the truth about who Jane is.
The first tattoo, a quote from Dante’s Inferno, leads Jane and Weller back to Venice, the site of their engagement. Roman calls Jane to tell her he’s responsible for her new ink.

Jane and Weller head to Venezuela, where Reade, Zapata and Patterson are being held hostage until they can hack a high-tech central processing unit. Agent Reade is now heading up the Bureau’s New York office, Zapata has since transferred to the CIA; and Patterson has been developing an app in Silicon Valley.
All of them decide to team up once again to investigate Jane’s ink and neutralise her brother.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode Recaps

GREY’S ANATOMY – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Derek Johnson)
S14, Ep10
25 Jan. 2018

Personal Jesus

Bens first ride along in his new Fire Fighter role. A young boy’s case has a profound impact on the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial in the aftermath of a police officer shooting him.

Complications from his injuries mean the boy dies, and Jackson chooses that moment to tell the Police to review their shoot first policy. Ben and Bailey tell Tucker what to do to make himself safe if he is approached by a Police officer.

April faces a surprising patient when Karen is brought into the ER in labor, waiting for her husband to arrive. It’s Matthew, April’s ex, now married to Karen, who has heard all about April.

When complications with Karen’s delivery cause April to panic, Arizona dismisses April. When another patient dies, April starts questioning her faith. Another patient also has confusion about his religion, and leans on April for support at a time when she doesn’t know the answers herself.

Jo deals with her estranged husband. Everyone suspect Alex or Jo were behind the hit and run when Paul is struck by a car which left the scene. The Police later track down the suspect and it was a drunk driver.

Paul flew into a rage when Jenny defied his orders, jumped out of bed and slammed into the floor, hit his head and lost all brain activity. Mer tells Jo its her decision as his current Wife whether to continue extreme measures or to turn off life support. Jo decides to donate Paul’s organs.

Maggie ran a science lab for the boys when Ben forgot to arrange child care.

Richard got out of running the new surgical innovation contest so he can compete, and April wasn’t pleased when Owen pointed out that running it means she’s out. She tries to give it to Jackson but he dismisses her.

April hooked up with an intern. Her voice-over this episode was a refreshing change from the show being all about Meredith Grey.

 Don’t read below if you don’t want to know what comes up next for Grey’s.


S14, Ep11
1 Feb. 2018

(Don’t Fear) the Reaper

The stress of managing the hospital and coming to terms with Ben’s decision to become a Seattle firefighter pushes Bailey to her limits.

 S14, Ep12
8 Feb. 2018

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

April is in charge of the new surgical innovation contest; the doctors are eager to start their projects; Catherine’s old friend has a shocking idea for Catherine and Jackson; Meredith treats a returning patient who inspires her project.

18 Jan
S14.E9  1-800-799-7233

Jo finally faces her abusive husband, while Grey Sloan continues to work with the FBI after the hospital’s computer system is compromised by a hacker but intern Casey manages to save the hospital.

Paul turned up at Grey Sloan to pitch in with the hacker crisis, dropped the bombshell on Jo that he has a new Fiancee, and even tried to gaslight her – by spinning their horrific situation into domestic violence at the hands of his then wife Jo, not the other way round. Fear not, Paul was admitted to the ER the next morning – the victim of a hit and run accident.

Richard passed the Harper Avery competition baton to April. Meanwhile, Jackson and Maggie haven’t yet synchronised their schedules so they can date, leaving Maggie to surf Tinder. Ouch.


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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode Recaps

 There was no new episode this week.

Next Episode airs 31 Jan. 2018

Tommy Wattles

As Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom’s killers, she begins to question his motives. Meanwhile, the Task Force enlists the help of one arsonist to catch another.

S5, Ep11

17 Jan. 2018

Abraham Stern (No. 100)

Red meets Abraham Stern, on a quest to retrieve stolen cash hidden at the Mint. Red outwits Abraham after Abe double-crosses Red at gunpoint, and attempts to steal the cash and disappear.

Red uses his usual trickery to get the cash out of Abe’s clutches before using one of the minted coins to buy Winston Churchill’s hat.

Liz, in her rogue mode, dissolve’s the body of one of Tome Keen’s murderers and even goes to the evidence locker to retrieve the blood soaked rags she used to clean up with, so she doesn’t get caught.
Like Father like Daughter.
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How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Recaps

Courtesy of ABC

S4, Ep10

25 Jan. 2018

As Laurel struggles to come to terms with the events of that tragic night, Annalise and Frank work together to do what is best for the group. As Annalise builds her class action case, new details of a past murder are revealed.

One of the cases put forward for the suit is Nate Lahey Senior; incarcerated for murder.

Annalise begs Isaac to do the psych eval so Laurel can be discharged. It works, and she returns to Wes’s apartment. Frank reluctantly gives her Dominic’s phone when Laurel listens to the voicemail Christophe/Wes left then the phone rings and Frank thinks its Jorge. Its Laurel’s Mom calling.
Bonnie goes to D.A. Denver with evidence from Simon’s laptop that shows a clear link between Antares and Denver’s campaign contributions and is told to stay away from Asher’s case as she’s his ex. Denver later meets with Laurel’s Father and tells him they have a new problem – Bonnie. Denver didn’t realise Bonnie recorded their conversation in his office.

Nate comes to see the Keating Four to establish where they are with the class action, given his personal interest in it. Oliver insists on going to see Simon, who will make a full recovery. He apologises to Simon, knowing he can hear him despite being unconscious.

Michaela ambushes Tiegan after she defends Michaela and the others to Nate. Tiegan tells her to be smarter and not to ever contact her again.
Ana goes to Bonnie to apologise for sacking her, and the two thrash out their differences. Bonnie reassures Ana that she’s not in love with her. Ana acknowledged that they had both been through a traumatic ordeal.

Frank drives Dominic’s car to a scrap yard and walks away as its being crushed.

S4, Ep9
18 Jan. 2018

He’s Dead

As the police investigate Simon’s accidental shooting, the Keating 4 deal with a new set of obstacles.

Meanwhile, Annalise finds herself in an unimaginable situation as Laurel and her baby struggle to cling to life. Ana calls Isaac to the hospital when she discovers Laurel’s Father has her on psych lock down claiming she had cocaine in her system. Laurel’s gynaecologist advised her to stop taking her antidepressants once she got to her second trimester, but we now suspect Daddy Castillo wanted to make Laurel look unfit to look after the baby. Bonnie did her best to be compassionate around Laurel and even cordial to Ana by the bedside with Isaac present. Awkward.

Frank did some detective work, and discovered Dominic loitering outside the hospital trying to track Oliver’s phone, as he suspected Ollie had the hard drive of data stolen from Caplan and Gold to implicate Daddy Castillo in Wes’s murder. When Dom couldn’t tell Frank where the drive was, Frank snapped Dom’s neck, and took his cell phone. On returning to Laurel’s bedside, she called Dom’s cell, hoping he would come and rescue her from her Daddy but the phone rang in Frank’s pocket….

Asher confided all to Nate, who helped get him out of jail for now. Turns out Simon’s alive, barely, and now the rest of the Season we’ll watch how their plot to reveal Laurel’s Daddy as the bad guy could signal the end of their liberty.

Some nice touches this week – Laurel’s gratitude to Ana for saving her and the baby. The paternity test proving Wes is the baby daddy, leaving Frank visibly crushed, Isaac getting his come-uppance when Ana threatened to report him and Jaqueline for how they mistreated her, and when Ana fought tooth and nail to stop Daddy Castillio from taking the baby away.

The cliffhanger ending was superb:

Wes had left a desperate voicemail on Dominic’s phone saying he was in trouble the night Wes was murdered BUT Wes said his name was…how did he know Dominic….

S4, Ep10
25 Jan. 2018

Everything We Did Was for Nothing

As Laurel struggles to come to terms with the events of that tragic night, Annalise and Frank work together to do what is best for the group. As Annalise builds her class action case, new details of a past murder are revealed.

S4, Ep11
1 Feb. 2018

He’s a Bad Father

Laurel gets help from an important figure in her past as she deals with details of her past. Meanwhile, Annalise must overcome an obstacle involving one of her clients to her class-action lawsuit.

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Scandal Season 7 Episode Recaps

courtesy of ABC
S7, Ep9
25 Jan. 2018

Good People

The events that occurred between Quinn’s kidnapping and the gunshot that rocked Olivia to her core were revealed with flashbacks and from both Rowan and Quinn’s point of view.

After Quinn was taken from the elevator by Rowan and stuffed into a suitcase he bought at a store where he befriended the assistant, Marv, we watched Quinn wake up in Rowan’s makeshift bunker beneath his house; and her hallucinate having conversations with Abby, Huck, and Marcus and struggle against her chains. She even tore up her bridal gown to make a lasso to pull a couple of boxes to her, so she could find something sharp to free her.

Rowan had several monologues where he delivered his speech to a plastic dinosaur on his coffee table, well aware that Jake had a camera inside it, and was watching his every move.

Quinn heard every word between Olivia and Rowan the day she was killed by Rowan. She’d learnt the full extent of Olivia’s hatred of anyone who got in her way as Command of B613, then the smoke cleared and we saw the truth of the whole piece. Quinn had figured out Olivia was behind President Rashad’s assassination. Liv wanted Rowan to kill Quinn as it made her problem go away.

Rowan let off two shots as Liv cowered upstairs, then she told him to wait a few days before letting Quinn’s remains be found, as they wanted to bury her. She reminded Rowan that this is Quinn and she deserves better than turning up in a swamp or dumped by the side of the road.

Rowan faked Quinn’s death. When he befriended the store assistant, he made sure everything he bought for the baby was in the assistant’s name, including a crib and a couple of guns. Rowan had done his research; the assistant had served in the war, and had delivered babies in the war zone. Perfect when you’re holding a pregnant woman hostage. Quinn used the antique hairpin Liv gave her as a wedding gift to get out of her chains. After Olivia had left, Rowan coaxed Quinn inside the house.

Quinn went into labor and Rowan called Marv, the assistant, and he delivered the baby and then Rowan killed him.  Quinn is outraged when she notices the sizes of the baby clothes Rowan bought could last until the child is in pre-school. How long does he plan to keep her hidden?

After the baby is born Quinn comes down to the basement in time to catch Rowan cleaning up after killing Marv, and she pitched in to clean up the blood.

They’re in this together.

Rowan says he’s keeping her safe from Olivia, and Quinn tells him he’s a good person.

We didn’t get to see whether Charlie choked Rowan to death, but I’m sure we will soon.

Ep 8

18 Jan. 2018


The aftermath of Quinn’s kidnapping affects all of her loved ones, including Olivia who this week upped her game by acting like she gave a damn about anyone but herself for a change.

Cyrus and Fenton split after Charlie almost torturing him to death. Cyrus didn’t seem too cut up about it, but the way his mind works, we all know revenge is a dish best served cold.

Rowan opened the episode setting fire to Quinn’s car with her bloody corpse in the trunk – complete with her wedding dress. A few scenes later, his precious dinosaur bones were reinstalled in his workshop and all seemed to be well. DNA from the car’s remains proved positive for Quinn.

Huck suspected Olivia offed Quinn to keep her silent, after Quinn discovered B613’s new Command is Olivia and she purposely plotted to wipe out President Rashad so the peace deal would collapse. Mellie turned up at the OPA offices to pay her respects to Charlie and told Olivia to spend time with her family. Instead, Liv took out her frustration over her Father’s control over her on Fitz when he dropped by with a bottle to console her, but he was sent away.

Later, however, Olivia turned up at Fitz’s doorstep with some mea culpa coupling on offer, which Fitz gladly obliged for one night, just as she asked.

Charlie agreed to turn Quinn’s remains into a tribute with each ashes-filled-bullet fired from the gun by each member of the Team. Later, Charlie realised he dreaded going back to the apartment because the baby’s crib was there and everything there reminded him of Quinn. Abi and David cleaned up the apartment and took the crib apart, finding a flash drive…..

When Charlie turned up on Rowan’s doorstep and begged to be reinstated as a gun for hire, Rowan advised him to take time to absorb recent events. Charlie was about to leave when a baby’s cry alerted them both. Rowan let him inside and Charlie raced upstairs and demanded to know who’s baby it is….