Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 – Details

Kim Raver is set to reprise her role as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Teddy Altman.
Raver last played Teddy in the ABC drama’s Season 8 finale, in which Meredith, Cristina and others fought to survive the aftermath of their plane crash in the woods. Back at Seattle Grace, meanwhile, Owen fired Teddy so that she could without guilt accept a chief position at the United States Army Medical Command.
Also, setting up a love triangle for the coming Season we hope, Raver’s Teddy was the person who confirmed that Owen’s sister/Nathan’s ex-love Dr. Megan Hunt had been found alive, 10 years after an Army helicopter disappearance. Raver will return to Grey’s as a guest star, presumably as a part of that continuing storyline.

Poor Meredith’s newly official relationship with Nathan seemed to go up in flames last Season with the big reveal that Megan was found and is very much alive. Meredith and Nathan were making progress in turning their flirtation into a relationship, until Nathan took off to join Owen and Amelia at the military hospital to which Megan was being flown.

Pick me, choose me, love me all over again if you ask me.

Meanwhile, April and Jackson hooked up. They’re still so connected to one another, especially now that they have a child together and are roommates.  You can see how much love there still is there, you see how deep their friendship is and honestly, how much they need each other.
April has realised that Maggie is into him, and encouraged her to tell Jackson. Maggie’s Mom’s last words to her were
that she ought to “be a little slutty” and “make a mistake” so it seems Maggie’s finally taken the advice after losing Nathan to Meredith and Andrew humiliating her.


Grey’s has no return date yet, but has been confirmed.