The Catch – The Mockingbird – Final Episode Ever

the-catch-tv-seriesAfter last week’s reveal that The Mockingbird is actually Alice’s brother, Tommy, and Sophie was shot by Felicity, things took an awkward turn in this week’s episode. Let’s recap.

Margot met with The Mockingbird and he offered her a job, now that the Kensington Firm is now under new management. Margot is furious that she was fooled so easily by Felicity, who’s been working behind her back to steal the clients. Margot negotiates with Tommy but loses when Tessa reveals her true colors. She’s been working with Felicity all along to make new ties with the clients in their new crime syndicate.

When Felicity is later shot by Tessa in a bid to prevent her killing Margot, however, the tables are turned and everyone is confused about where Tessa’s loyalties lie. She explains that she never expected her biological parents Ben and Margot to be so nice. Margot and Tessa steal away to Alice’s apartment. Ethan admits to Alice that he’s still in love with her, and she says she’ll always love him. Sophia has life-saving surgery and pulls through but we don’t see her all episode.

When Ethan arranges for Carol to help Agent Diaz uncover who the Mockingbird is she sets up a meeting at a Hotel, with Alice and Val and Diaz in tow. When Diaz learns that Tommy is the Mockingbird she brings him in, only for fake FBI Agent to turn up and secure his return back to the real Mockingbird. Ben tracked down Tommy’s tailor and got the credit card details held on file, which traced back to every con Ben and Reese have ever pulled off since meeting Margot. It can only mean one thing.

Reese is the real Mockingbird.

Ben phones Reese and let’s him know Margot and Tessa are leaving on a private jet Alice borrowed from Ethan, who happened to have just bought his own airport. Reese tries to explain he stole clients so he and Ben could have a life together after their obligations to the FBI were complete. Ben’s not buying it, and stresses that he’s coming after Reese.

At the airport, Ben asks Alice to run away with him. she says she’ll be waiting for him when its safe to come back. Margot tells Danny not to fall in love with anyone until she returns, then Ben decides to be with Margot and Tessa, and gets on the plane.