The Blacklist Season 4 – The Debt Collector

When Liz becomes the target of a mercenary, the Debt Collector, Red turns to an unlikely source for help. He phones Mr Kaplan to make a truce so she can help keep Liz safe.

Meanwhile, Ressler faces a complication in his efforts to stay ahead of Gale’s investigation.

Ressler brings in Marvin, Red’s Attorney, and they talk in whispers behind Agent Gales’ back so he doesn’t realise Ressler is helping Reddington with his list.

Red and Dembe camp out in a cabin in the woods and lie in wait for Mr Kaplan to ‘rescue’ Liz. Red lures Mr Kaplan up to the cabin on the premise that Liz has been kidnapped by the Debt collector but Liz shouts out and warns her that its a trap.

Agent Gale who has tailed Ressler up to the cabin, opens fire; narrowly missing Mr Kaplan before she heads off into the woods with her security Team in tow.

Later, Agent Gale asks Ressler about Reddington and he’s deadpan about him, not realising the Gale now knows Ressler’s true agenda.

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