The Blacklist Season 4 – The Debt Collector

When Liz becomes the target of a mercenary, the Debt Collector, Red turns to an unlikely source for help. He phones Mr Kaplan to make a truce so she can help keep Liz safe.

Meanwhile, Ressler faces a complication in his efforts to stay ahead of Gale’s investigation.

Ressler brings in Marvin, Red’s Attorney, and they talk in whispers behind Agent Gales’ back so he doesn’t realise Ressler is helping Reddington with his list.

Red and Dembe camp out in a cabin in the woods and lie in wait for Mr Kaplan to ‘rescue’ Liz. Red lures Mr Kaplan up to the cabin on the premise that Liz has been kidnapped by the Debt collector but Liz shouts out and warns her that its a trap.

Agent Gale who has tailed Ressler up to the cabin, opens fire; narrowly missing Mr Kaplan before she heads off into the woods with her security Team in tow.

Later, Agent Gale asks Ressler about Reddington and he’s deadpan about him, not realising the Gale now knows Ressler’s true agenda.

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Blindspot – Lepers Repel

blindspot-tv-seriesAs the FBI copes with a tragedy, Weller finds himself the center of a surprising event. Jane faces an uncertain future. Eleanor Hurst, Sam’s replacement turns up and introduces herself to Jane.

Kurt manages to track down the ambulance Roman and Mother are using to transport the nuclear bomb and there’s a struggle to overpower them, with jane facing off against Roman. At one point she has him cornered but she hesitates about shooting him, while Kurt secures Mother in the back, and uses defibrillator paddles to disable to beacon the glider used to track the satellite’s position that she swallowed. When Kurt collapses in Jane’s arms he tells her not to move to California, and to stay with him. He tells her he loves her; then he passes out.

Jane is offered a new life now that Sandstorm have been stopped. The case is finally closed. The Team are celebrating over at Kurt’s apartment.

With Mother about to be tortured by Naz, Jane has to put into perspective what a new lease of life could mean for her. After the Team leave Kurt and Jane alone at his apartment she says that she loves him too, and they make out – and more.

In the final two minutes of the episode we get a time jump:

It’s two years later and Kurt is wearing a wedding ring. Jane comments that he’s still wearing it. She’s not wearing hers anymore.

Jane’s in a remote location climbing an imposing rock face. Kurt came to meet with her because the FBI have received a silver box with her name emblazoned onto it, and inside is a key that both Jane and Kurt have to hold to activate. Some of the Team members are missing presumed dead.

Kurt notices that the key has the same design as one of the tattoos on Jane’s neck, and he presses the key up against her neck.

All of a sudden her tattoos start to glow…..Jane asks what does it mean?

Stay tuned for Season 3.

Blindspot Season 2 – Mom

blindspot-tv-seriesThe team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge breakthrough in uncovering Phase Two.

Roman’s furious with Jan for wiping his memory but they’re coming back, and he hates her for her actions. She says its the only way she could bring him into the FBI.

Parker, the Sandstorm operative captured last week, isn’t talking.

Reid is making progress with his counselling and has put in for a transfer to Quantico. Zapata can’t believe it.

The Director tells Kurt and Jane that the Jane Doe case is declassified. Jane protests that Roman is still useful, but then he says he’ll move Roman to a black site.

Devon is pregnant. Jane tells Parker. Kurt encourages him to talk and he gives up a warehouse but demands Kurt to put Devon on a plane to keep her safe.

Patterson thinks its a trap. Kurt and Jane storm the warehouse. It’s a replica of the FBI office – Sandstorm plan to take it down. Jane tries to warn everyone at the office but the phone signal is jammed, then they come under fire from a sniper. Two operatives arrive at the FBI office with Sandstorm operatives with weapons, they face off. Mother wants access to Patterson’s lab. Sam refuses. Mother executes staff unless he gives her the code. Someone gives her Kurt’s code then she shoots the Director.

Zapata and Patterson try to get to the armoury before Shepherd can get to her lab. Shepherd reveals she has targets in four time zones. Parker hits Zapata in the shoulder but Reid take him down in a hail of bullets.

Shepherd makes a propaganda video accepting responsibility for the attacks on the nation, with two buildings coming down in Boston and San Francisco. The Secret Service turn up looking for Kurt and lead him away from Jane. He’s part of a Deputy’s Committee; heads of Government Agencies rounded up and held in a secure location post-terror attacks on the nation to enact the Truman protocol and become the next Government.

This wss Sandstorm’s Phase 2 an now they want to destroy a Government she believes is corrupt.

The Catch – The Mockingbird – Final Episode Ever

the-catch-tv-seriesAfter last week’s reveal that The Mockingbird is actually Alice’s brother, Tommy, and Sophie was shot by Felicity, things took an awkward turn in this week’s episode. Let’s recap.

Margot met with The Mockingbird and he offered her a job, now that the Kensington Firm is now under new management. Margot is furious that she was fooled so easily by Felicity, who’s been working behind her back to steal the clients. Margot negotiates with Tommy but loses when Tessa reveals her true colors. She’s been working with Felicity all along to make new ties with the clients in their new crime syndicate.

When Felicity is later shot by Tessa in a bid to prevent her killing Margot, however, the tables are turned and everyone is confused about where Tessa’s loyalties lie. She explains that she never expected her biological parents Ben and Margot to be so nice. Margot and Tessa steal away to Alice’s apartment. Ethan admits to Alice that he’s still in love with her, and she says she’ll always love him. Sophia has life-saving surgery and pulls through but we don’t see her all episode.

When Ethan arranges for Carol to help Agent Diaz uncover who the Mockingbird is she sets up a meeting at a Hotel, with Alice and Val and Diaz in tow. When Diaz learns that Tommy is the Mockingbird she brings him in, only for fake FBI Agent to turn up and secure his return back to the real Mockingbird. Ben tracked down Tommy’s tailor and got the credit card details held on file, which traced back to every con Ben and Reese have ever pulled off since meeting Margot. It can only mean one thing.

Reese is the real Mockingbird.

Ben phones Reese and let’s him know Margot and Tessa are leaving on a private jet Alice borrowed from Ethan, who happened to have just bought his own airport. Reese tries to explain he stole clients so he and Ben could have a life together after their obligations to the FBI were complete. Ben’s not buying it, and stresses that he’s coming after Reese.

At the airport, Ben asks Alice to run away with him. she says she’ll be waiting for him when its safe to come back. Margot tells Danny not to fall in love with anyone until she returns, then Ben decides to be with Margot and Tessa, and gets on the plane.