The Catch – Season 2 – The Cleaner


Margot broke it to Reese that Felicity is still alive. They discuss a way to get revenge for stealing a client from them. Reece thinks she’s back to kill him. Margot goes to Alice and tells her to find out who Felicity’s working with and what she’s planning so she can take her down. Retrace her steps from the day Reece botched he murder. Reece had phoned the Cleaner after Felicity’s murder and the Cleaner said her body was gone when he got to the room. Alice looks for into finding the Cleaner.

Alice doesn’t want the case but takes it when Margot points out that with her gone, Tessa would have to live with her and Ben. Sophie points out that Margot will kill Danny once she’s tired of him.

Ben turns up at the apartment and tells Reece he wants to investigate Ethan.  Reese suggests they approach Agent Diaz instead and remove themselves from Alice’s wrath when she finds out about the investigation. Val points out that it’s not a good idea,

Ben approaches Agent Diaz about the investigation but she thinks he’s jealous of Ethan. She says it’s not a good idea and tosses it to their white-collar division to see what they can dig up.

Margot teaches Tessa how to out manoeuvre people. Felicity turns up at the Hotel and is unhappy Tessa is there. Margot talks business in front of Tessa. When she mentions Reese, Felicity bristles. They come up with a plan to draw out the Client – codename Mockingbird. Reesee is at the elevator and aims a gun at her when she leaves the Hotel room. Felicity grabs Tessa as a body shield just as Reece goes to shoot her.

Agent Diaz calls in on Ben and confirms Ethan has irregular accounting practices as paperwork claims that he builds condos in Cozumel but they don’t exist. Turns out someone is forging Ethan’s signature on documents and funnelling the money offshore. Ben phones Alice and tells her about Ethan. Alice tells him she’s going to work for Ethan. Ben tells Agent Diaz they have to save Ethan now.

Margot is furious Reece tipped off Felicity and now she’s on the run. Danny tracks down chemical suppliers the Cleaner uses to dissolve dead bodies for the Kensington Firm. Reece breaks the news of Felicity’s departure to Alice’s Team, and asks for their help to find her.

Ben and Agent Diaz present their findings to Ethan. He’s stunned he’s being investigated by the FBI.

Margot wants to hijack a delivery. Alice and Reece outsmart the Cleaner by posing as a dead body. They interrogate him about Felicity He admits he never saw the body as he took two hours to get to the body, by which time someone else took Felicity.

Ben convinces Ethan to have employees sign a fake birthday card so they can compare hand writing t the faked signature. When the culprit is found, agent Diaz has her cornered trying to escape from the restaurant. She gives up how she conned Ethan. Someone gave her instructions on how to con Ethan and would get more money every week if she did it. She doesn’t know who’s doing it but the money comes from the Mockingbird Trust.

Margot’s drug heist goes sideways when they’re out gunned, but Tessa saves the day.

Alice and Reece have a heart to heart then when she gets to Ben’s apartment, Ethan is there, and he realises that Ben’s in love with her, and although he’s still in love with her, he can’t stand by and watch her with Ben, and their deal is off. Alice demands to know why Ethan called off their deal, but Ben stalls.

Felicity shoots Sophie in the stomach and gets away with Tessa. Danny goes up to the apartment and finds Sophie outside the room door. Ben tells Reece Felicity’s taken Tessa.

Margot is waiting to meet the Mockingbird – it’s Tommy. Alice’s brother. She’s just stolen his drugs.