Scandal Season 6 – The Box

olivia-pope-scandalPaez revealed his endgame. Rowan makes a run for it. Fitz is outplayed with disastrous results. Let’s recap.

This week’s episode wrapped up the Shadowy Organisation’s storyline, thankfully.

Fitz was blindsided when his Team discovered a series of armed drones were now positioned over major U.S. cities just as Paez demands that Olivia makes sure Samantha is released from their custody.

Liv talks it out with her Father, who spurts scorn and then tells her to leave. Fitz tries to talk him around to giving up what he knows about the Organisation that held him captive for six months, and he spurts more scorn and says he’s only interested in saving himself. He commands Olivia to run away with him and she refuses.

Later, Rowan approaches Fitz and they strategize about how to get Samantha to give up the location of the drone control station and Paez’s location. Fitz sends Jake in to interrogate her.

However, Samantha resists Jake’s charm – he takes a pen and removes her RFID chip, leading Huck to use it to piggyback off the signal to locate Paez, but alas, the drones are on the move, as is Paez as another phone call to Olivia signals the explosion of a second drone over Philadelphia while Fitz can only watch in horror.

Luna Vargas holds a Press Conference thanking Mellie for choosing her for Vice President. Abby realises that Fitz has frozen her out of proceedings now that Cyrus is back when he makes a judgement call that sees Fitz choose him over her.

Rowan goes to see Samantha in lock down. The guard on the door watching her is overpowered by Roman, who pulls his gun and demands that Sam is released and the codes to the security tunnels is given to him so he can escape Sam is his leverage. The guard gives him the codes and he runs off with Samantha in tow, all the way back to his workshop where he’s restoring dinosaur bones. Once inside, Paez meets Rowan’s demands to stop sending packages with a brick inside meant to scare him into thinking its Olivia’ head Paez agrees and grants Rowan his freedom in exchange for rescuing Sam.

Meanwhile, when Paez leaves, Rowan calls Jake so he can trace him back to the drone control station. Jake takes out two operatives and then shoots Paez. Back at Rowan’s workshop he guts Samantha with a Palaeolithic sword.¬†Cyrus later tells Mellie that its all over.

We say thank God it’s over. Worst storyline ever.