The Catch Season 2 – The Knock Off

the-catch-tv-seriesFelicity cons a Casino out of an expensive bottle of scotch while the Bartender is distracted. Margot swaps the bottle for a replica and then presents the bottle to a client to convince him to sign on with her but he’s already signed with another client, which makes her furious. When Margot confronts Reece he explains he couldn’t resist. Margot shatters his reality when she reveals having spent the night with Felicity whom he thought had been killed.

The job this week is for Ben to infiltrate the Cartel so Agent Diaz can rescue her husband, who is deep undercover. When he turns on Ben and admits that he’s running the Cartel now, and holds him at gunpoint the FBI storm in and take him down. Now her marriage is over, Agent Diaz tells the hard drive that he’s free to go, and says she’ll get him a gig with the Bureau.

Alice’s case this week is complicated. Ethan’s fiancée wants a potential investor to be checked out before she does business with him. Sophie runs a background check on him and it turns out that he’s running a sweatshop. Ethan’s fiancée is a clothing designer and is horrified that her Angel investor would trade in such a way, and declines to take his money. Tessa tags along when Alice visits the Fiancee at her studio, and photographs the dresses to check them out online – they’re other designers’ clothes and the Fiancee has shipping boxes with labels showing her real home address. She pleads poverty and says she’ll go out of business without the investment. Ethan invests $2.5 million into her business. Alice, however, smells a rat, and calls Ethan when Sophie uncovers the Angel Investor’s real identity – the Fiancee’s real husband.

Ethan doesn’t want to believe her, and she convinces him to meet her outside the Fiancées’ house. Ethan watches as the Fiancee pulls up in her car and her husband greets her at the door with a kiss. He’s devastated and later offers to hire Alice as his exclusive security Team. When Ben learns of it, he has a standoff with Ethan and warns him to back off Alice.