Bates Motel Final Season – The Cord

bates-motel-5Norman Bates has put down his knife forever. An emotional final episode of the final Season recap is here.

When Romero took Norman hostage and demanded the Sheriff’s Assistant drive them to Norma’s makeshift grave in the woods, he didn’t know it would seal his fate. Norman overpowers him and shoots him with his own gun.

As Romero lay dying, he says ‘you killed your own Mother, and you’re going to live with that.’ Norman later admits that it was meant to be the two of them that suffocated from carbon monoxide the night Norman left the gas on and lay in bed with Norma; only for Romero to burst into the house to try and revive Norma. If he’d been a few minutes later, Norman would have died as well that night.

For five years, we’ve watched Norman wrestle with his demons; have pretend conversations with his dead Mother, and carry her corpse from place to place. When we thought he’d formed a real relationship with Emma she fell in love with someone else and left town. He cut a lonely figure living off a Highway in a small town with hardly anyone checking into the Motel.

Through the five Seasons, we watched him commit horrific murders and almost get away with it. Even when Sheriff Romero fell in love with Norma and married her, Norman’s obsession with his Mother tore them apart. Romero was bitter and vengeful ever after; even plotting his revenge while in Prison on fraud charges.

This week things came to a head. Norman shot Romero and then drove to the Motel with Norma’s corpse on the backseat. He phoned Dylan and invited him over for dinner like nothing had happened. His mind had convinced him he had just moved into the Motel, and his coping mechanism was to pretend he had a second chance at a good life. A life without struggle, or murder.

When Dylan asked if Norman was with Romero he claimed to not know anyone of that name. Alarm bells rang for Dylan and he drove over to the Motel. He immediately told the guests in Room 5 to leave as it wasn’t safe.

Once inside the house, Dylan was further alarmed to see Norma’s corpse at the dining table. Norman got overheated and demanded that Dylan didn’t spoil it. They argued about how Dylan wants Norman committed, and Dylan wants him to get help so he can include him in his new family with Emma.

This is how it has to end

   – Norman Bates

As Norman stood at the kitchen sink, his fingers curled around the knife’s handle. Dylan drew his gun. Norman agrees it has to end this way as all he wants it to be with Norma. Dylan fought back tears as he pleads with Norman not to do this, and to drop the knife.

Norman charges towards Dylan in that classic way, with the knife aloft, Dylan shoots him. Norman collapses into Dylan’s arms and they both sob as Norman’s mind floods with visions of Norma waiting to greet him in the woods, with the sunlight streaming in behind her guide him to his final resting place – beside Norma.

We get a flash-forward of Dylan and Emma with their daughter, holding hands, and walking towards their happy ever after. The Sheriff and her Deputies race into the woods and find Romero’s body in the snow.

Farewell. We shall miss you very much.