Scandal Season 6 – Mercy

This week saw a threat to Rutland thwarted by Team Pope when Paez revealed his real agenda.  Let’s dig in.

Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope laid into Fitz about how he made Olivia into a stripper; crawling into his bed at his beck and call. He even threw in an insult aboout Fitz’s Father, big Jerry (who raped Mellie) and insinuated that’s where Fitz got his craving for female flesh from.

Team Pope used a fake drone strike to put the town of Rutland into quarantine, which meant Paez’s plans were thwarted and Mellie had all the time she needed to announce her Vice President will be Luna, Frankie Vargas’s Widow. The real kicker was when Mellie named Olivia as her new Chief of Staff..

Well, Cyrus saw the chance to exact his revenge on Rowan for putting him in jail, but Cyrus, being so weak, failed miserably; but we got to see the White House wine cellar. Very well stocked.

Charlie voiced his concerns over how close Quinn is to Huck; and she reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.

We’ll see.