Blindspot Season 2 – Regard a Mere Mad Rager

blindspot-tv-seriesJane and Weller go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt run by powerful hackers. Shepherd journeys to Thailand to procure a dangerous weapon but the FBI freeze her accounts before she can pay for it and they have a shootout but Mother end up being captured. She poses as military personnel Conlan and her captors tell her she has to wait until morning to see the American Consulate who can  bail her out.

Patterson unscrambles the Rubik’s cube’s code so they can steal one of the files for the hackers to believe them, and they can get closer to taking down Sandstorm.

Jane and Kurt take a walk through a neighbourhood to solve the clues to the hacker’s riddle. They make small talk about Naz leaving the Team but Kurt shuts her down.

Reed calls in to ask for a leave of absence. Kurt insists he goes to rehab and then returns to work. He sees a therapist later and tells her he’s having flashbacks of everything he’s been through.

Zappata asks him how he feels now that they watched the video together of the Coach abusing him and they hug.

The hackers treasure hunt becomes ridiculous but Kurt insists that he and Jane go this time. The CEO of Leakhub gives them a challenge before they can steal the documents.

Jane and Kurt are subjected to a polygraph and have to answer intrusive questions about their intimate lives before they’re given the hard drive with the secret documents to take down Sandstorm; while Mother knocks out her captor, steals the weapons, and sails off with them.