The Catch – Season 2 – The Birthday Party

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week’s episode saw Margot and Ben getting acquainted with their daughter over breakfast. Now that Tessa has joined the Firm, Ben is being over-protective. Margot insists Tessa can tag along on their latest con, a birthday party for the Raymond Taggart’s teenager.

Troy, the human hard-drive filled with the secrets is helping to track down Agent Diaz’s missing husband – so she can kill him. It leads to a drug cartel who Reece has worked with in the past.

Alice tells her Team that Ethan is now their client. Danny used to work with him before joining Alice’s firm. His company was hacked and all their personal information was leaked. He’s losing contracts rapidly, and turns to Alice for help. They come up with a list of suspects disgruntled employees, rival companies for starters, and Alice promises to  track down the hacker, and then Sophie admits she asked a friend to investigate Ethan’s firm, and she left a back door open which allowed hackers to gain access. When she begs Danny to help break down her hacker friend Heather’s door but she’s later found dead.

Alice finds out someone paid Heather to hack Ethan’s company’s data. Danny sends Margot a photo of Heather’s dead body, hoping she can identify the killer, and she gives him a name. One of Ethan’s rivals paid him to kill Heather after the hack. Alice gate crashes his press launch for his new development

Tessa dons a pair of glasses which Margot uses to spy on the partygoers at the sweet sixteen birthday party, and hopes to overhear some juicy business while Tessa plants microphones in the garden plants before almost getting kicked out by Ben. When Tessa tries to plant a mic in the office she gets caught by the birthday girl’s Dad, Raymond, who blackmails her – he asks for ten million dollars.

Agent Diaz takes Reece to a cigar club to find her ex Husband. He turns up at the club and she pulls a gun on him, tells her its not safe. He’s still undercover. She invites him over to Reece’s apartment so they can talk without blowing his cover. He explains the FBI didn’t get to arrest the head of the cartel so he stayed under, but divorced her over email to save her from waiting for him, as he’d faked his own death.

Reece tells Margot a charming tale about Felicity, and how she betrayed him and he had to kill her, but the episode ends with Felicity turning up on Margot’s doorstep to start up their relationship again.