Scandal – Season 6 – Trojan Horse

olivia-pope-scandalThis week – the 100th episode -we bid farewell to Lizzie Bear, Elizabeth North who took one for the Team – one to the head with a golf club, courtesy of ‘Samantha’ (David Rosen’s pretend girlfriend) when Paez let Mellie know in no uncertain terms that she’s their Trojan Horse being sent into the White House to do their bidding, or more people in her life – like the children we never see on screen anymore – will be killed.

Jake, her Vice-President elect, come through and cleans the mess up, all the while talking to a shocked Mellie, who’s covered in Lizzie Bear’s blood.

Michael was on a tv talk show lamenting on how Cyrus is not a good man, but a man who cheats and lies.

While Olivia tries to prevent Fitz from putting Cyrus back in as President, she realises Mellie has to concede, as now Cyrus has been released and exonerated for Vargas’s murder, he’s back as the next President. Olivia gets all up in Fitz’s’ face when he insists on Cyrus being President.

When Fitz goes even further by having her Father arrested for being behind Vargas’s assassination, Olivia races over to Rowan’s just as he’s being handcuffed by the FBI; and she can only make eye contact with him while he’s taken away. When she races back to give Fitz another lecture, he admits to her that he had Rowan taken into custody to keep him safe, and Olivia is shown an image on the television of Rowan seated in the Oval, looking relieved and anxious.

In gratitude, Olivia pulls Fitz in close for a kiss, and it leads to much more to close out the episode.