Bates Motel – Final Season – Visiting Hours

bates-motel-5Norman is formally charged with Sam multiple murders and is photographed and fingerprinted. Emma visits Dylan to show support while he’s trying to sort out Norman’s life. He has to break it to Emma that her Mother was murdered by Norman, and that her body was recovered from Falls Lake. She’s visibly distraught and asks him if it’s real, and how sweet she thought Norman was when she met him and if she ever lays eyes on him again she may just kill him. Emma makes arrangements for her Mother’s funeral. Norman’s lawyer Julia visits Dylan and Emma at their hotel room to update them on Norman. He’s been charged with a capital offence and faces the death penalty. His preliminary Hearing is in the morning, and Julia wants family there to support Norman. Dylan refuses. Meanwhile, Emma visits Norma’s grave and then goes to have her Mother’s body cremated so she can spread the ashes in the woods. She goes to see Norman but he’s not himself and she can see how it’s really Norma. She asks where Norman is. Norma says she deserved to die. Norma says Norman’s sleeping in his room. Emma grows tearful and asks Norma to tell Norman that she misses him, then she leaves.

The Motel is locked down and the crime scene scrubbed for evidence. Sheriff Green is inside with forensic techs who discover someone has been sleeping in Norma’s bed, even though she’s been dead for two years. The forensic techs go to the basement and find Chick’s body slumped over his typewriter, but they are unaware that former Sheriff Romero was his murderer. Romero is buying gas at a gas station and is now driving a stolen gold 1968 Fury. Romero sees the newspaper on the stand has Norman on the front page, arrested for murder. He drives back to his friend’s house (Maggie?) to use her computer to find out where Norman’s being held. He says he wants to put a bullet in his brain and not wait for the State to put him to death. His friend suggests they stay at their friends cabin and change identities. She says he’s broken but she can fix him and he says goodbye and leaves. He rolls up on a police officer and holds her hostage, then at the Station he forces a second Officer to take him to the holding cell where Norman is. A third Officer opens the door and opens fire, but Romero shoots back. He’s taken to Norman’s cell and asks to be locked inside with him. Romero starts to choke Norman then takes him to the car with an Officer as a hostage. He gets in the back and forces the Officer to drive them to Norma’s body.

Norma is still in control of Norman’s mind when his lawyer visits him and tells him the Judge has to decide whether to take the case to trial, and they need to think about their approach. She advises him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Norman doesn’t like the idea of being confined to an institution for the rest of his life. The lawyer advises him that the physical evidence against him is strong. Norman takes control of his mind again. He says his Stepfather locked him in an institution and Dylan had told the lawyer Norman suffers from associative disorder and has multiple personalities. Norma takes over again, and asks if they’re one step closer to getting help.

Next morning, it’s Norman’s preliminary Hearing. Dylan arrives in time for the start. The Court is full. Norma takes over Norman’s mind and answers the Judges questions about facing the death penalty, and agrees to understand. Sheriff Green takes the stand and gives evidence about the three victims’ fatal wounds. Madeleine is in Court, tears streaming down her face while Sheriff Green gives testimony against Norman. Dylan follows her out of the courtroom to apologise but she shuts it down and tells Dylan he knew Norman was sick.

Final episode airs Monday April 24.