The Catch – The Hard Drive

the-catch-tv-seriesThis week, Margot tells Ben that they have a daughter, Tessa. Ben’s stunned, then got straight back to working as an FBI confidential informant after a security breach leaves them vulnerable.

When Ben poses as a gold baron, he and Reece infiltrate Blackwell, the company behind the security breach in order to recover the stolen data from their servers, only when they arrive at the server room they instead find a man who claims he has a photographic memory, and Blackwell hired him to retain data. Ben sees the perfect opportunity to turn the tables on Blackwell by liberating him, and when he faces charges for theft of Government property he offers to tell Agent Diaz where her missing husband is, in exchange for his freedom.

Meanwhile, Sybill’s enjoying her newly found freedom and is happily meddling in Margot’s running of the Firm, and plotting to overthrow her to regain control until Tessa figures it out and aligns with Margot against her.

This week’s case is Val’s former FBI partner, Nick’s, who’s now running for Chief of Police if Alice’s Team can unravel the mystery of who murdered Officer Mason, who died in a fire in a building owned by Ethan – Alice’s Ex Fiance. The investigation is dealth with in flashbacks that give us some background into Alice’s life before Christopher Hall pulled the rug from under her and stole all her money.

Turns out that Val’s former Supervising Officer Marty Dixon found a suicide note Mason had written, and used it to blackmail Mason’s Widow into paying him 10 thousand dollars a month to keep quiet. Alice poses as the Bank Manager to flush him out so the FBI can arrest him.

All these years thinking Ethan was behind Mason’s murder makes Alice reach out, and apologise. Later, when  she’s cosying up to Ben on the couch Ethan turns up at her house wanting to talk.