Bates Motel – Final Season – The Body

bates-motel-5After Dylan decided to move back into the house with Norman, this week’s episode opened with Sheriff Green dropping in on Norman after his call to confess to the murder of Sam Loomis.

Norman says he wants his meds and the Sheriff says they need to interview him after his phone call admitting to Sam’s murder, and then she takes him down to the Sheriff’s Station. Dylan tells the Sheriff he’s going to get Norman a lawyer, but Norman’s spaced out in the back of the police car. All Dylan can do is watch it drive away.

Sheriff Green interviews Norman about dumping the body in the well, and asks him how long it took to drive there. Norman’s having difficulty pointing out exactly where it is. The Sheriff tells Norman they found a decomposed female body in the Lake alongside Jim Blackwell, (the hitman hired by Romero to kill Norman).

Norman explains he has issues remembering stuff, and the Sheriff says he’s developed this strange affect to appear adult but she feels he’s still a child. She thinks running an investigation into him is giving him the attention he craves. Norman admits he’s lonely, but he’s not lying about killing Sam. He says it’s one thing he knows for sure. When asked why he did it, Norman says he doesn’t know. Norman’s later given his medication while he sits alone in a cell a the police station. As soon as he takes the pills ‘Norma’ appears, berating him for going to the police. ‘Norma’ forces him to vomit in the toilet and get rid of the pills. She tells him she can’t let him do anymore damage, and its time for her to fix it. ‘Norma’ knocks him out so she can take over his mind.

Dylan connects with a lawyer he knew from his drug dealing days, and fills her in about Norman’s confession, and how he had a breakdown after Dylan left him alone with their Mother, who later committed suicide. He tells her about how his Mother in law stayed at the Motel and hasn’t been seen ever since. He’s searched for her and there’s been no trace of her. Dylan stresses to her that Norman needs to be in a mental facility as he’s crazy.

Sheriff Green comes back to see Norman, and notices his odd behaviour – Norma’s now in control – and asks that they go back to the interview room. He says he wants to go home, but she says they need to talk about his confession some more. He forces her hand, stating that she either arrest him or he’s walking out, and she arrests him for Sam’s murder.

Chick rolls up at the Motel and the police have cordoned it all off, and the Motel is closed for business. Chick has brought a dead raccoon for Norman’s mummification project. Chick gives his name – Charles Hogan – and tells the police he’s in business with Norman, and seems so relieved when the police officer tells him Norman’s still alive. Chick drives off when she insists he leave as its an active crime scene.

Julia Ramos  turns up at the Sheriff’s office and demands that she talks with Norman, as his lawyer. He’s still in Norma-mode, so he’s mouthy with her, and says he’s not going to a mental institution. Ramos agrees. Says she’ll present it as him being off his meds and having a psychotic episode but as he’s given the police a location for the body – if it’s found, he’ll face murder charges.

Ramos meets with Sheriff Green and plays hardball. Norman makes a statement recanting his previous statement. He says the truth is he doesn’t know where the body is, or whether there is a body. He fell in love with Sam’s Wife Madeleine, and he was lonely after Norma died, and Madeleine reminded him of her. He says Sam was having an affair and would come to the Motel to have fun, and Maddy found out, Sam came to the Motel, but left with Maddy. He points out that the tyre tracks seen earlier were Maddies; then says Maddy came back to the Motel and told him that Sam was dead, and mentioned something about the well, and sobbed in his arms and kissed him. He says loving her was clearly an illusion on his part. He says she was vulnerable and its why he decided to take the blame for Sam’s death.

Sheriff Green isn’t convinced. She goes to visit Madeleine to ask her about Norman. She says they’re friends, and that Norman bought shower curtains from her store. The Sheriff says they don’t know anything for sure, but Sam is still missing, and it’s important Madeleine can be questioned about the situation. When the Sheriff asks her if there’s any basis for his infatuation with her, she looks to the ground. Probably remembering when she kissed him.

Meanwhile, Romero is stealing away from his captor, his gun underneath her pillow while she slumbers in an armchair. So much for friendship.

Back at the station, Sheriff Green is shown a report identifying one of the bodies found in Falls Lake, and moves Norman back into the interrogation room, as Madeleine arrives at the Sheriff’s station. They look at each other, and Maddy realises what he’s done was for her sake.

The Sheriff arrives at Dylan’s to give him an update on Norman, but then  says they found two bodies in Falls Lake and have just identified one of them as Audrey Ellis – Emma’s Mother.

Romero breaks into Bates Motel. He has a memory of watching Norma walking up the stairs in one of her silk night dresses, then a vision of her at the dressing table. He walks around the house and it looks like it pains him to be there. He hears Norman’s voice, and goes to the basement and then catches Chick typing up his novel, while listening to recorded conversations he had with Norman.

Romero pulls his gun. Chick says he became friends with Norman after his own family died. Chick says Norman’s not really crazy. He tells Romero about Norman’s confession, and that he’s in jail. Romero says if Chick knows what Norman’s done, he’s an accessory to murder. He tells Romero that Norman dug up Norma’s body. Chick admits to exploiting Norman’s situation and then mocks Romero’s predicament.

Romero shoots Chick in the head.

Back at the Sheriff’s Station, ‘Norma’ sits in the dark mumbling to herself that Norman just needs to be patient and in the morning he can come back.

The Police patrol the woods and come across the well, where a body is recovered; wrapped in a plastic shower curtain. Sheriff Green comes to the station and tells Norman he’s being additionally charged with the murders of Jim Blackwell and Audrey Ellis.