The Catch Season 2 – The Bad Girl

the-catch-tv-seriesAfter last week’s big reveal, we now know  that the person who attempted to murder Margot is in fact her own flesh and blood, Tessa Reilly. Aged fifteen, Tessa is the typical rebel wild child who explains Sybil sold her to a couple, Steven and Suzanne, who live in England. Tessa explains she’s been on the run for over a year. Margot is stunned.

Tessa explains that she had to discover the hard way that she was given up at birth, and her biological Mom is a mobster and a monster. Margot attempts to show compassion, but only to pluck hair from Tessa and order a DNA test.

Danny and Sophie are stunned at the prospect of Margot being a Mom. Alice brings them down to earth by tasking them to research whether Tessa is telling the truth. Val isn’t on board with Alice telling Ben about Tessa, in case he’s the Father, and says it should be Margot who brings him the news of his offspring’s arrival.

Ben phones Alice and surprises her with a new house, which he’s having built – it’s in Belize, and its his game plan for after his deal with the FBI is done. Meanwhile, Reece is off the grid, robbing a liquor store with Chloe Jackson, a thief and a sexy minx who’s dragging him around town for a jolly good time. Reece had just robbed a jewellery store and then rocked up at their apartment to brag. Ben goes to Agent Diaz with news of Chloe, and suggests they take her down and Diaz shows interest. Naturally.

Sophie only finds a burner phone that Tessa was using. Danny contacts Tessa’s parents and they prove credible but uninterested in her return after she attempted to burn down her school. Alice has the burner phone just as a text message arrives instructing Tessa about the next part of the plan to take down the Firm and murder Margot.

Margot turns up at the prison to see Sybil, who confirms she sold Tessa to a couple in England. Sybil’s being extradited to England to face charges. Diaz turns up at the apartment to see Reece. He’s furious about Ben giving Chloe up to the FBI, but Diaz has an idea to catch her. She’s in town to steal to order, and Reece seduces her to uncover the details. She’s not going to tell him. Ben manages to clone her phone while Reece pretends to seduce her.

Alice tries to convince Tessa to give up the name of her partner. Nick turns up. The Mayor’s office is vetting him for the Chief of Police job, and he wants to hire Val to dig up dirt on him to prevent them finding it first. Sophie tracks the serial number on the burner phone to a man inside the Kensington Firm, Felix McCall who makes incendiary devices for the firm. Tessa denies knowing anything about him then caves. Margot’s furious Felix has slept with her fifteen year old daughter.

Reece turns up at the apartment to run through the con. Diaz finds out Chloe’s hired a getaway driver for her exit after the theft. Ben suggests they switch out the driver and slip someone from the FBI in there instead. Margot tracks down Felix at his apartment. Danny is shocked Margot has a kid. The door to his apartment is wired to a bomb. Margot holds a gun in Tessa’s face but can’t pull the trigger.

Reece brings Chloe to Diaz, who is posing with Ben as a couple so Chloe will hire them for her heist. Ben gets a phone call that interrupts their tryst. Diaz pretends they have children to distract Chloe while Alice asks Ben whether he wants children. It’s awkward but he says he wanted children with the right person. He seems overjoyed at the prospect of Alice being pregnant but she insists she’s not. Chloe seems into Diaz, and they kiss passionately.

There’s no trace of Felix after the bomb was diffused. His phone was tracked, and Margot looks at a list of businesses in the area where the phone was last tracked. Sybil’s legal firm are in that area. Felix is trying to free Sybil before she’s extradited. He opens fire on the prison van but Danny gets there in time to beat him up, then Margot drives her away, leaving Danny dumfounded. So much for their romance.

The DNA results are back on Tessa. Margot refuses to open the envelope. Sybil is free, and back at Margot’s apartment. Margot chartered a jet to take her to an island with no extradition deal with the U.S. and Margot explains Tessa just wanted her Mom’s attention. Margot asks Sybil to stay instead.

Chloe’s con is on. Diaz is outplayed when the Police turn up at the heist. Chloe set them up. The silent alarm was tripped on purpose. Reece is at the police impound stealing the car the Police impounded. Chloe is at the impound as well. Reece pulls a gun on her. She had the same idea to steal the car and keep the four million the client was paying for it. Diaz turns up at the impound just in time. Reece had ties up Chloe and locked her in the car.

Alice tells Val to take Nick’s case, then she tells Ben they should wait before planning to build the house. Margot’s phone call interrupts them and Alice brings him to the office to meet Tessa. It’s difficult for Alice to watch Margot introduce Ben to Tessa but we don’t hear what’s being said.

My money is on someone else being the Father.