Scandal Season 6 – Dead In The Water

olivia-pope-scandalJake arrived at the hotel after Jennifer and Huck were shot by Meg. Olivia tells Charlie and Quinn about the conspiracy. Jake turns up at OPA and tells them Jennifer is missing. They all go to the hotel and the room has been cleaned completely, no blood no sign of anything amiss. Quinn and Charlie deep dive to make sure the room is clean, then she brings out the luminol to check for traces of blood and they use a black light to see the blood was everywhere.

Olivia goes to see Abby and tells her Huck is missing. She looks genuinely surprised, then says its just like him; he disappears sometimes, and then Liv shows her photos of Samantha and Abby denies recognising her. Liv pleads with Abby to get FBI Director Webster involved.

Huck regains consciousness – he’s in the trunk of a car being driven by Meg pushes the car off a steep cliff and into the river. Meg stands and watches the car sink beneath the surface. Huck struggles to escape before the trunk fills with water.  He imagines that he finds himself back at OPA where Liv walks in and both Charlie and Quinn are there, and he can hear Liv demanding he doesn’t give up on her. Huck tells Liv the make and model of the car Meg was driving. Meanwhile, he escapes from the trunk and tries the car doors but they don’t open. The car is almost completely submerged and Quinn asks him how much air was in the car. He calculates how long the air will last, and he tells them that he has to wait until all the air has been sucked out before the doors will open.

The door is caught on rocks. He can’t open the door. Water starts leaking into OPA through the windows. Huck even hears Rowan lecturing him about how he wasted his time training Huck if he’s just going to give up and die. He sees Meg with a gun to his head and then he uses the headrest to smash the window and swims to the surface.

Abby phones Samantha and demands to know what she did to Huck. Sam says he’s dead. She reminds Abby that she doesn’t want Cyrus to die in prison, and not to call her ever again.

Quinn and Charlie go to Huck’s apartment and its completely empty. No furniture, nothing. Quinn finds Huck’s backed up date. Abby goes to see Fitz and tells him that she needs to talk to a friend, not the POTUS, and he’s the only real friend she has. He wants to listen to her.

Marcus goes to OPA when he hears about Huck missing, and Liv is cold towards him, He says he wants to help find Huck. He says Liv always has Huck’s back. Jake gets a hit on his research on Meg. When Abby turns up at OPA she slaps her. When Liv demands she be told everything, she slaps Abby again.

Huck has managed to crawl out of the river. He’s greeted by an apparition of himself, cajoling him, and telling him he’s gotten soft. Says he was better off in the trunk and nobody’s looking for him. He’s being haunted by his worst fears.

We catch up with Meg who is now a blonde, holed up in an abandoned house. She’s armed but Quinn and Charlie are more than a match for her. Abby pleads her innocence; and claims she’s doing everything to get Cyrus released. Liv threatens her, and says she’ll never forgive Abby for this. Liv tells her she’s going to wait until Quinn gets back because she’ll go over a cliff to get revenge on Abby  for selling out Huck and almost getting him killed.

It’s nightfall and Huck is still floundering at the riverside. Quinn starts torturing Meg while Charlie watches her cut off her fingers and then disfigures her. Meg ridicules Quinn; saying no wonder Huck loved Meg more. Quinn slashes her neck and she dies. They go back to OPA and Liv asks her if it felt good because now they have no leads to find out if Huck was still alive. Jake is convinced Huck is dead. Charlie tells Liv to fix her people, and that they need her. Says she can’t give up. Quinn will need to see Huck’s remains before she accepts he’s dead. Everyone does their best research to track the phone Jake gave to Jennifer. Quinn suddenly realises why Abby is at OPA and rails up on her.

Jake and Liv find Huck and he’s rushed to hospital. He lost a lot of blood, but is stable. The surgeon warns the team that he may not wake up at all, and may have some deficits. Fitz and his entourage turn up at the hospital. Liv can’t believe it. She tells Fitz that Huck might die, and he comforts her. He tells Liv that Abby told him everything but Liv says its treason forcing the POTUS to keep her secrets. Fitz reminds her that she knows the lengths you go to when you’re working at the Oval and Abby needs her help to survive.

Quinn berates Huck for not looking out for himself and asks why he’s always looking out for everyone else. She says she’ll look out for him and cover his blind spot, and she’ll never forgive him if he dies. He regains consciousness just as she’s about to leave the room. She lies next to him on the bed.  Charlie watches and realises Quinn’s closer to Huck than to him.

Liv sits with Abby outside the hospital after Fitz leaves.