Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – What’s Inside

greys-main-13Maggie is at her Mom’s graveside. Meredith and Amelia are watching her place flowers on the grave. They’re discussing how everyone deals with grief differently. Maggie’s first day back at work. Nathan, Eliza Minnick and Arizona all arrive at hospital at the same time. He tells her he’s seeing someone too, but doesn’t tell her who it is. They share a secret and it makes Arizona feel she has to know more about his love life.

Owen has a pregnant patient who has a shunt placed in the baby’s heart. Arizona confesses to Nathan that she’s dating Eliza Minnick. Arizona later goes overboard about how Derek was perfect and she never envisioned Meredith liking anyone else, ever.

Scans show the patient’s tumour has grown.

Maggie wants something to distract her from her grief. She insists on taking the pregnant patient with the tumour case from Nathan. The husband doesn’t want Maggie doing the surgery and demands Owen tells him why the change of surgeon. They insist on Nathan doing the surgery. Owen is a close friend of the patient. Maggie explains she’s the best, and is the Chief of surgery, and they agree she should do the surgery.

Meredith tells Alex about her plans to have dinner with Nathan. Alex says he doesn’t like him. Stephanie has to treat one of the interns, Cross, who complains about abdominal pain.

Owen tells Jackson and Meredith about Maggie taking the major surgery case. Amelia turns up and they discuss whether Maggie is ready or not. They go see her, and make sure she’s alright before she operates. Most of the surgeons are watching the surgery from the viewing gallery as its such a rare, complex case. The baby takes a turn for the worse, and Maggie freezes, spaces out. Arizona has to make her operate but Maggie wants to wait for the baby’s heart to compensate. The heart rate goes back up. Everyone applauds Maggie’s decision. Jackson congratulates her, and she admits she feels awful but is still doing her job to manage her grief. Then, she blames Jackson for not doing his job well enough to save her Mom.

Meredith suggests Nathan join her for a drink after work, just to see if they fit or hate each other, before they tell Maggie they’re into each other.

Cross has to have surgery due to diverticulitis. Stephanie Andrew and April find Cross has abdominal tuberculosis. Bailey has to bite her tongue when she has to ask Richard for the TB protocol. Bailey tells Warren that Richard likes to fight all the time. Warren suggests he may be lonely.

Maggie comes home and she breaks down, forcing Meredith and Amelia to comfort her. Nathan’s not getting lucky any time soon. He turns up on the doorstep, and gets into a fight with Mer, who then closes the door in her face, then Mer puts music on and forces them to dance it out.

It was way better when Christina danced it out with Mer. Remember?