Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Be Still My Soul

This was a Maggie-centric episode, where her Mother, Diane was treated for breast cancer. A double mastectomy, followed by the return of the cancer, made for a compelling episode. It was harrowing and heart-breaking, watching the Mother-daughter dynamic play out. Maggie’s Father even flew in by private helicopter, courtesy of Richard.

When Maggie got Diane onto a clinical trial and became over-manipulative, obsessive, and stubborn, we knew it wouldn’t end well. The side effects of the treatment were almost making Diane worse, then she rebounded, and Maggie had all the family sit around the dinner table to mark the event. Diane was taken ill at the meal and ended up with a trach tube, much to Maggie’s distress. After it was made absolutely clear to Maggie that these were Diane’s last few hours, did she calm down, and accept her fate. While she was making plans with Diane about how she’d beautify herself for her last few hours, Diane slipped away. Maggie collapsed with grief, just as her Father arrived at the hospital.

Sources of comfort for Maggie came from all quarters, and when Nathan put his arms around her and held her, she couldn’t believe it. Maybe he DID care about her. We know differently but it was still a sweet moment.

Mer is still waiting for the right time to have dinner with Nathan, but we all know how that works out, there’s never a right time, you just have to get on with it, and make it the right time when you do so.

Richard and Bailey settled their argument over her choosing to replace Richard in the teaching program, and Richard was angry with Arizona for her attraction to new consultant Eliza, but forgave her for taking her side against his.