Bates Motel Final Season – Inseparable

bates-motel-5Norman stands in the bathroom doorway covered in Sam Loomis’s blood spatter. Norma helps him clean up. He’s frozen in shock. Norma says ‘big deal, you’ll live’ and tells him to go change. Let’s recap.

Oh, Mother, what have I done?

Norman’s reeling after his first kill. Norma says he kept asking questions. The Police arrive at the Lake and pull out a body – Jim Blackwell, the hitman Romero sent to murder Norman. When the Police pull back the shower curtain the body is wrapped in, Norman vomits.

He rants at Norma that the Sheriff is on to them, and is going to piece it all together. Norma slaps him, and Norman slaps her back. Then, she strategizes about where to dump Sam’s body. Norman asks how many times they’ve murdered people. Norma warns him that he faces being sent to prison or a facility where they’ll feed him meds. We remember how that turned out last time. Norma helps Norman drop Sam’s body in a disused well.

Norman asks Norman if he should just turn himself in because what they’re doing is wrong. She says, if he ever feels overwhelmed she could just take over. He says its not an option, never again, then the Sheriff turns up at the Motel to chat to Norman. Sheriff Green tells him she’s just been down to the Little Lake and found multiple bodies in the Lake, and one was Jim Blackwell’s. Norman feigns surprise. She still wants to know what Romero had to do with it, and why Jim had Norman’s address. She spots track marks in the gravel, where Sam was dragged we imagine, and Norman lies that a guest stayed for a few hours then left. She buys it, and then drives off.

Maggie has been harbouring a fugitive. Romero has healed from his injury and chokes down a cooked breakfast. He says everything’s a blur. He asks for his gun, and she says he must have dropped it. Later, Romero ransacks the house looking for the gun. Maggie asks about whether Norma killed herself, and Romero says no. He says he needs his gun.

Norma comes home and Norman tells her the Sheriff’s on to them, and will search the house, so they should get everything ready. Norma asks where are we going to put her? Norman says a spot in the woods. He tells Norma to go into the village and pick up new shower curtains or something. She slips out the door while he goes to the basement freezer and moves Norma’s remains, and digs a shallow grave in the woods, covering her with a blanket. When he gets back to the Motel, Dylan has just parked up.

Dylan notices the state of the house, and a pair of Norma’s shoes next to her favourite chair. Norman offers to make him something to eat. Dylan fills him in on his family life since he left White Pine Bay. Norman’s surprised to hear he has a niece now. He apologises that he didn’t call Dylan when Norma died. We see Norma lurking in the doorway while Norman’s looking at the baby’s photo. Dylan asks whether Norman’s still seeing his therapist, and asks when he stopped seeing him, and if he’s still taking the meds. Norman says he stopped taking them a while ago as he thinks he doesn’t need them. Norman admits he sometimes misses Norma, and he says it in such a half-whisper that we know its so Norma doesn’t hear. Dylan tells him he’s not well and shouldn’t be living there alone, and Norman says living anywhere else any other way is not an option. Dylan says he’s going to stay for a little while, and Norman slopes off to lie down. Norma comes into his room and tells him its just the two of them in this, and Dylan has never understood what they have, and Norman should make him leave after dinner.

Dylan tries to pick up meds for Norman behind his back but the pharmacist tells Dylan that Doctor Edwards is missing; presumed dead. Back at the house, Maddie arrives and Dylan puts her off seeing Norman. Maggie’s worried her husband is missing, and hopes Norman can help. He breaks it to her that Norman has mental issues, and she’s shocked, and leaves.

Dylan finds Norman in the kitchen cooking dinner. He tells Norman about Maddie dropping by. Norman says he doesn’t know the that well. Dylan asks if Norman knows what happened to Sam, and presses Norman about whether Sam came to the Motel yesterday, and Norman starts to stutter, and says Sam wasn’t a nice man. He’s visibly upset and tells Dylan to stop trying to confuse him, and leave him so he can live how he needs to live. Dylan gives him the meds and Norman makes a show of taking one but then Norma takes over him and says she can only be a Mother to one person. Norman stops her from stabbing Dylan. He witnesses Norman on top of the table struggling with himself. Nobody’s there.

Norman calls the Police and reports Sam Loomis’s murder, and says he killed him.