Scandal Season 6 – A Stomach For Blood

olivia-pope-scandalIf you’re still reeling from last week’s shock shooting of Huck, this week’s episode gave us Abby’s point of view of the Election night and maybe explains why she’s behind Huck’s demise. Let’s recap:

After Frankie Vargas was shot, Abby was whisked away with the President in their bulletproof car. Fitz has to give her a pep talk because she’s so shocked by Vargas’s shooting that she’s zombied out.

Once she’s back in the security of the Oval, she gets a call. She says ‘You shot him! No, no. Listen to me. What?’ and we get the impression its the big bad manipulating her, just like they’re doing to Rowan – threatening Olivia’s life, or worse.

We get a flashback to Abby’s humdrum existence planning Fitz’s legacy one day. They discuss how women are shameless, dressing inappropriately in the vain hope Fitz will notice them.

Abby goes to a business lunch, but it seems like she’s just going through the motions and then the camera turns and we see its the same people who threatened Rowan who are seated with her. Abby is stunned when they offer her three hundred million dollars in a PAC account for her to use for the President. They get her confused by highlighting how she’s dancing to Fitz’s tune, and has no real life of her own. They offer her the money to tell them about her ideas, vision, point of view, and says they are the ones that listen. and she’s got potential. Abby asks what strings are attached. Mr Paez and his side-kick ask her about running for President. He says she doesn’t fit here, and is not a politician.  Abby declines the offer and leaves the table.

Abby later has a hotel rendezvous with boyfriend Leo, and she’s mulling over the offer. Then, we cut to her giving Cyrus a two thousand dollar bottle of bourbon, and she asks how did Cyrus know Vargas was the one person he could be sure would run for President; and we realise she’s seriously considering the offer. Cyrus points out how painful it’ll be once she leaves Fitz and the Oval. A piece of her will always be with Fitz.

Fitz catches her in the Oval staring at a photo of the two of them. He asks her to run his Foundation, and to join him in a new life and to have a house in Vermont. Abby goes off on him, about setting loftier goals for his life post-Presidency. He says he just wants to take some time for himself after being manipulated by people with their own agenda. Abby tells him Olivia’s not going to Vermont with him, and it cuts him, deep, and he dismisses her. Abby goes to her office and calls the number given her at lunch -tells Mr Paes she’s in.

When Frankie Vargas is announced as the next POTUS Abby gets a phone call advising her to expect a phone call with further instructions in a few minutes. Vargas is shot and then she gets the call in her office. The instructions are to lock down the hospital where Vargas’s body is being moved. She’s told the money they gave her came from a laundering operation and the authorities haven’t been notified yet but if she doesn’t co-operate……

Abby realises what she’s got herself into.

She gives an Assistant paperwork and tells her to make sure it gets to Fitz, then goes to the war room where the strategy to take down the shooter is taking place. The paperwork has instructions for Abby to go to the hospital where Vargas was taken and to lock it down. Abby heads off there and we see Huck’s girlfriend Meg dressed as a Nurse, who tells Abby to swap the bullets in Vargas or they’ll kill Leo, and she is shown a video feed of him tied up and bloody, being beaten. Abby agrees.

Abby calls Fitz and tells him Vargas is dead, and they argue about when to make the official announcement, then Abby calls in the Major to do the post mortem and he stalls, and insists on waiting for the official notification from Fitz, but Abby blackmails him with a threat to move him to a remote place of work if he doesn’t co-operate. He starts the post mortem and Abby gets him removed from the room by Secret Service Agents so she can swap the bullets, then gives them to Meg as instructed.

Next, Abby is called back to the Oval. Olivia presents the voicemail that Jennifer Fields left on the FBI tip line claiming it was Cyrus who shot Vargas. Abby arranges for Jake to frame an innocent guy as Vargas’s shooter to get Cyrus off the hook for it. Next, Abby goes to David Rosen’s on a Sunday to ask a favour. Then, Samantha tracks her down to David’s house and persuade Abby not to intervene with their plans. Then, big reveal, the woman manipulating Abby is posing as ‘Samantha’ and she’s David’s girlfriend. Abby backs down.

We see Huck approach Abby about a deal. Tells her Jennifer’s alive, and we understand now that this is how Jennifer got eliminated – by Huck’s fake girlfriend; Abby gave her up.

Abby goes to see Cyrus and he tells her Tom’s innocent. She tells him she’s not giving up on him, then she goes to make a deal with ‘Samantha’ and Mr Paes in exchange for Cyrus’s release. She gives up Jennifer Fields and they release Cyrus. Then, we finish with the recap of Huck and Jennifer being shot. However, when Abby meets with ‘Samantha’ and ‘Meg’ and asks ‘what about Huck?’ – Meg says ‘don’t worry. He won’t know it was you behind this.’

Huck wasn’t meant to be eliminated, so why did ‘Meg’ shoot him?

We noticed that Meg missed all his vital organs, or was that the plan, just to scare him?

Stay tuned.