Bates Motel Final Season – Episode 6 – Marion


bates-motel-5Norman gives Marion Crane some much needed relationship advice, acknowledges that he’s losing his mind, and shows compassion to his brother Dylan all in one episode. Not to forget the big reveal about Sam Loomis’s affair. Let’s recap:

After Emma saw the article about Norma’s suicide, she finally showed it to Dylan. In disbelief that Norman hid it from him, he insists Norma wouldn’t have done that, but Norman claims she tried to kill them both and the Authorities believe it.

Marion turns up at the Motel and checks in, then sends Sam a text message. When she gets him on the phone she hears Madeleine in the background, and demands to know what’s going on. Sam fumbles his excuse and hangs up. Marion takes a shower and then goes to the Motel office. Asks Norman to check the registry to see if Sam left his address so she can go there. Norman spills the beans that Sam’s married and he’s met his Wife, who is lovely. He advises Marion to forget about him because he lied to them both, and she goes to his house in time to witness his argument with Madeleine.

Marion smashes up Sam’s car and he runs out into the street, Madeleine in tow; just as Marion drives back to the Motel to check out. Norman comforts her after hearing her discovery and encourages her to leave, even advising her to toss her phone and change cars. She leaves.

Meanwhile, Sam pitches up at the Motel and lets himself into the room. He takes a shower. As Norma tells Norman that Sam’s a bad man, even worse than Norman’s Father, who abused them both and beat them, Norman works himself up into a frenzy. He goes to Sam’s room.

Norman stabs him to death.

There were a few reveals this week: Norman is fully aware of the hold Norma has had on his psyche, and repeatedly tells her that he made her up, and she’s not real. Norma smashes the crockery until Norman concedes that she’s real. He goes to help Marion pack her bags and get out of dodge before Norma resurfaces. Norman can feel her crawling over his psyche and gaining strength, but he’s the strong one now, and fights it off, helping Marion to her car with the bag of money. Maybe his run in with his former Psychiatrist opened some crevices in the sane part of Norman’s mind, because he’s spouted wisdom all episode.

If there’s one disappointment, as soon as Sam got into the Motel room I knew what was going to happen, as did you, of course, but it was still well done.