The Catch – Season 2 – Episode 2 – The Hammer

the-catch-tv-seriesMargot turns up at Alice’s firm and hires them to find out who shot Jamieson, and to find out who’s trying to kill her. She gives them half a million dollars to take her case. Val considers their options. Alice says she’s paying them to watch her at all times, and that’s what Alice needs to feel safe. Sophie isn’t keen.

Alice discovers that the Kindcaids are bogus and calls to tell Tommy, who was woken by Ben at Alice’s house. She tells him not to mention the money or the Kincaids to anyone.

A Chef at a popular restaurant, Yoshida, is the source for high-end contraband in a smuggling ring. Agent Diaz wants Ben to plant surveillance cameras at the restaurant so she can arrest them. Ben poses as a Food Critic as an in for Reece to get closer to Yoshida. He talks to Ben about the food and sits down to eat with him. He invites Ben back to the restaurant later, and they tell Agent Diaz they’ll plant the cameras in then. Agent Diaz comes along for the dinner, and then Reece turns up. Yoshida lets slip he gets produce before it gets to the Market. Reece plants the cameras while Ben keeps Yoshida busy. He confides in Ben about his investors. He’s got diamonds secreted inside fish in the freezer. Ben convinces Agent Diaz not to arrest Yoshida so they can round up all those involved and she can make a bigger arrest but he runs back to Osaka and leaves Ben a card thanking him.

Tommy is questioned more about the Kincaids and he’s very vague. He is more concerned about the dogs, and suggests they trace the chips to uncover their real names.

Alice runs surveillance at Margot’s Hotel now she’s got three missing lieutenants. Alice puts Margot on lockdown, confined to a Hotel room. Ben surprised Alice with a dinner party where Reece cooks for them. Later, Alice takes over watching over Margot, which surprises her. They talk about their mutual distrust of each other. Val calls her and she tell her the Kincaids dogs were registered at an address that doesn’t exist under the name Murphy, and Tommy confirms mail for a Patrick Murphy used to be sent there. The way Tommy is drip-feeding them clues makes me think he’s not being upfront with them. Sophie finds a keylogger on the firm’s laptops and Alice immediately thinks its Margot but she denies it.

Val discovers the missing lieutenants have been found dead and puts a bodyguard on Margot. Sophie catches Danny doing a background check on Tommy and she’s furious.

Ballistics comes through on the bullet that killed Jamieson and Margot knows who’s targeting her; someone called The Hammer. Alice chooses to use Margot as bait by posing as her to draw out the killer. Alice takes him down after a fist fight. They interrogate him to uncover who hired him. He doesn’t co-operate. Margot chooses to hire him.

Tommy kisses Sophie after Danny abandons her after Alice took down the shooter. Danny’s furious. He did some research the southland cartel were hiding the money in an account in Tommy’s name. Reece meets with Tommy behind Alice’s back and tells Reece he needs someone to help him steal the money.