The Catch Season 2 – Episode 1 – The New Deal

the-catch-tv-seriesAlice is off the hook for the stolen painting hanging in her bedroom courtesy of Ben when he cops to it to get her released from the FBI.

Ben wakes up in a holding cell, reminiscing about his romance with Alice. She visits him, and they make small talk. Dao says he can get him a deal where he’ll only serve 3-5 years. Ben says he plans to do the time and get out so they can be together. He tells Alice Margot is now the head of the Kensington Firm. She makes herself know on her first morning by shooting Alfie for texting while she was talking.

Alice gets back to work and they have a new client asking if they’re being investigated by the FBI and its awkward. A break in at Alice’s makes everyone race over to her house. Her brother, Tommy forced entry as his key didn’t work. He’s in trouble, and asks her for help. He’s got $3 million dollars in an account in his name but he can’t access the money. He doesn’t know how it got there. He offers to pay Alice’s firm to give him access.

Dao brings Agent Diaz to meet with Ben. She’s grateful Sybil (former Head of the Kensington Firm) is now incarcerated and needs a favour from Ben in exchange for his freedom. Diaz wants him to set people up so the FBI can arrest them. Ben’s not keen as it would put Alice at risk. Diaz negotiates the terms of the deal. Dao gives Alice the good news Ben’s working for the FBI.

Dao is playing with Val, and she makes him return their computers and files so they can reopen the business. Ben gets shived in the shower and then wakes up in a hotel with Reece standing over him. He broke him out of jail when the EMT’s took him to hospital.

Dao and Diaz have to give Alice the bad news that Ben’s on the run. Ben tells Reece about his deal with the FBI. Reece tells Ben about the deal he had to make in order to spring Ben from jail. He calls Alice and tells her it was Reece but Ben tells her not to tell the FBI Reece broke him out. Diaz tells Alice Ben’s deal is off.

Margo goes to visit Sybil in prison and tells her the Hotel in Bilbao burned down. Sybil is distraught as there was cash stashed in the walls for their future security.

They get into the bank account and have to ask Tommy the security questions and then back at Alice’s she fills him in on what happened with Ben. He says the money belongs to the Kincaids.

Reece tells Ben Karl Mangles is the one he made the deal with. They know about Alice, and will kill her unless Ben does a job for them. Mangels Wife is the target. She has a titanium briefcase Mangels wants recovered. Ben poses as massage therapist and she gets a massage but Ben knocks her out with chloroform so Reece can grab the briefcase, but they fumble it by wanting to know what’s in the case and she comes to and aims her gun at them; and is shot; but not before Dao and Diaz turn up and arrest Ben. Neatly done, I’d say.

Alice goes to visit the Kindcaids and they finds them murdered. Tommy still wants to keep the money. Alice threatens to have the FBI freeze the money. Tommy stops by the office to say he can’t take the money. Alice wants him to stay and find out who the money really belongs to, now the Kindcaids are dead.

Meanwhile, Margot is sleeping with someone from the office. The guy is on top of her when he is shot from a long range rifle on the building opposite hers. Rightfully, she’s scared and races over to Alice’s firm to ask for help finding out who is trying to kill her now she’s running the Firm.