Bates Motel Final Season – Dreams Die First

bates-motel-5Norman wakes in bed after another of his blackouts. He’s violently sick. He goes down to the kitchen, calling out for his Mother. The kitchen is dark and empty. He looks out at the Highway. Her car is gone. He picks up a book of matches from the White Horse Bar but his phone rings. Sheriff Green asks him to come down to the Station.

The Sherriff questions Norman about Romero. Says he was a lonely man, and latched on to Norma. Green felt his escape means he’s on his way back to the Motel. The altercation at Norma’s funeral with Romero is Norman’s proof Romero was trying to blame things on Norman. Sheriff Green questions him about Norman’s visit to Romero 24 hours before his escape. Norman says he was looking for closure but it was a mistake as Romero just stared and looked like a mad man. Sheriff Green says he may be coming for Norman as he provoked him, and to be careful because he’s armed.

Norman heads home and calls out for his Mother. He phones the Bar to see if she’s been there. Her car is in the parking lot. The bartender has her keys, and says she has to get it today or he’ll tow it. Norman asks if she left with a man, and the bartender says probably. Norman’s back is all scratched up.

Emma finds one of Norma’s earrings in Dylan’s drawer. He shuts her out and tells her to drop it. Norman calls Maddy and she offers him a ride to pick up Norma’s car. They talk about their kiss, and Norman tells her to talk to her husband about her feeling lonely and isolated. She says Sam’s back in Seattle working but we cut to him in bed with his girlfriend Marion Crane (Guest star Rihanna) who tries to get him to stay in bed. She asks him if he loves her, and he does, but they should marry. He tells her he has to get back to White Pine Bay. She’s adamant she’s coming along. He begs her for more time, and that he’s planning a big life for them.

Marion’s a Notary Public about work on an important case. She watches the client sign the paperwork and then he tempts her with w briefcase of four hundred thousand dollars; remarking about how little it weighs. Marion is nonplussed but the look she shoots her boss tells us otherwise. Norman tells Maddy that Sam brought another woman to the Motel. Maddy is upset he knew all this time and he didn’t tell her. Says she doesn’t believe it. She yells at Norman and then drives off, and he picks up the car keys from the bartender. He asks if Norma was in the Bar with Romero. The Bartender asks if that’s a trick question. Norman gets into the car and finds lingerie on the back seat.

Marion is having a bad day. Her boss tells her off for being late. He asks her to deposit the briefcase of money before the Bank closes as the client is about to make another deal. Marion puts herself forward for a promotion. He tells her to pursue a College degree and then to reapply. She asks for a raise, but he declines.

Norman is driving home when he sees his former therapist, and they go for a coffee and talk things through. Norman puts himself across as a reformed character. He denies having blackouts and the therapist asks where he’s getting his medication as he hasn’t been contacted in months. Norman has a cover story and the therapist believes him. He reminds Norman about the coping mechanisms they discussed. He runs back to the car as fast as he can.

Marion phones Sam and leaves town with the briefcase of money but she’s quickly hailed down by a passing patrol car because her coat is obscuring the licence plate of her car. She says she’s headed to San Diego to surprise her boyfriend. He asks her to pop the trunk to adjust her coat. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call while he’s preparing dinner with his Wife. He goes out to the porch so he can talk to Marion. She tells him she’s thirty miles away and did something crazy, and needs to see him. He says he’s not sure he can meet her. She asks him to meet her at Bates Motel when he can get away. Maddy confronts him about the affair. Dylan and Emma talk about why he cut off contact with Norma. He says Norman’s sick.

Bad things happen around him.

Dylan tells her about the teacher, Blair, and how the Police made Norman take a polygraph and he passed but there was something unsettling about Norman after that. Dylan says the earring is Emma’s Mom’s, and she’d stayed at the Motel and never checked out, and now they can’t find her. Norma covered it up and Norman kept the earring after strangling her.

Norman drives back to the Bar. The bartender says he was worried. A concerned customer walks up to him and asks if he got home okay the night before. Norman seems unsettled, and knocks back several drinks before rushing to the restroom to wash his face. A man walks into the restroom and we see flashbacks of the night before where Norma was making out with a man in the back seat of her car. He runs out of the bar and gets back to the Motel.

Emma researches her Mom’s disappearance and stumbles across an article about Norma’s suicide.

Marion arrives at the Motel.