Scandal Season 6 – Extinction

olivia-pope-scandalThis week’s episode had some MAJOR reveals. Let’s recap.

The episode gave us a look at Rowan’s role in the days leading up to the Election. He has a very routine life; has a leisurely breakfast, attends a riveting lecture by an esteemed friend from University days, Sandra; and enjoys some witty banter with her while she’s in town, and she shows off her new workplace. He seems bowled over by her progress and even more excited when she offers him a chance to work on a ground breaking discovery, complete with funding from a private investor; until he spots a camera concealed in the window frame.

He confides in someone already working for him; who uncovers the ‘private investor’ funding Sandra’s project doesn’t exist. Rowan realises Olivia is not safe, and drops in on her so he can check her apartment for cameras and advises her to step up the schedule to have Huck sweep for listening devices etc.

Later, Rowan corners Sandra in a closet at gunpoint and she tells him they threatened to kill her if she didn’t convince Rowan to work with her. She seems genuinely in fear of her life and he lets her go. It’s revealed to us that they’re watching Rowan.

Rowan faces off with them when they emerge to meet face to face and ‘Theo’ shoots one of their own men to demonstrate they aren’t afraid of Rowan, who asks what they want from him. Theo simply states that he wants Mellie in the White House and threatens to kill Sandra if Rowan doesn’t co-operate.  Later, they end up in bed and Rowan suddenly beams, pleased with himself. He later meets with his investigator, who produces a file on Jennifer Fields who was just beaten by one of Cyrus’s goons. Rowan rejects it, and instead they opt for tampering with voting machines to ensure Mellie wins the Election.

Olivia confides in Rowan that Mellie is sleeping with Marcus, and the implications for the campaign are not lost on her. Rowan convinces her to dissuade Mellie from being in love with Marcus or it’ll cost Olivia the White House. He persuades her to relax, and assures her that Mellie is assured of a win. Olivia lets him know Huck found the back door in the coding which rigged the voting machines. Rowan’s furious, but he can’t tell her about Theodore.

Rowan later tries to convince Sandra that she needs to go to Zanzibar, to be safe. He tells her he worked for the Government, which meant he couldn’t risk her being a liability by becoming emotionally involved, and despite being married years ago, thereby breaking the rules of engagement, he realises she was the wrong one, and he should have married Sandra. He forces her to leave the country for her safety’s sake; but she demands he protect her on home soil.

Two days before the Election, Rowan meets with his Investigator to go over strategy again but when Rowan goes into his house there’s an unnamed woman waiting for him and tells him the consequences of Mellie losing the Election, or Sandra dies. She tells Rowan to kill Vargas on Election night, and he realises he has to frame Cyrus for it.

Rowan meets with his investigator and they discuss the hit on Vargas and asks for all the info on Jennifer Fields. Not sure why she keeps calling Rowan ‘Coolio’ though and why the writers insist on not naming the character….moving on.

On Election night, we see how events unfolded for Mellie. Jake got the phone call from Rowan and met with him to arrange fro Jennifer’s cabin to be torched, and to keep her safe. We see Rowan take his position beneath the stage where Vargas makes his acceptance speech but he can’t pull the trigger. He contemplates turning the gun on himself but doesn’t. Then, the shots ring out, taking down Vargas.

Rowan shoots Vargas three times.

When he meets with his hitman he gives him another assignment, which makes the blood drain from his face. The hitman is arrested when the rifle is found in the parking garage where Rowan instructed him to leave it, and it has his fingerprints on it.

Sandra is released when Rowan goes back to the project and the mystery woman tells Rowan to call Jennifer, who then calls the FBI tip line to say Cyrus shot Vargas. Then, Rowan shoots Sandra in the head to show them he’s not scared.

They tell him Olivia is being closely monitored, and will kill her if he doesn’t co-operate and put Cyrus in jail and Mellie in the White House.