Grey’s Anatomy – Who Is He & What Is He To You

greys-main-13The long-awaited Jackson/April episode didn’t disappoint. Let’s recap.

Jackson and April go to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient. Once there, Jackson goes to a Bar with his laptop and has some work to do in preparation for the upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a female patient who has vocal chord surgery complications means, with Jackson off the grid, April is left to explain the plan to the parents. She tracks him down to the Bar and Jackson is on his fourth drink. An argument ensues.

Concerned Bar owner Robert Avery (special guest star Eric Roberts) tries to calm the two down, but Jackson walks out. He explains he was a Surgeon but gave it up. April is surprised at the similarity of his name. The next morning, Jackson acts like everything is normal, so April gets bogged down in the case and avoids talking about it. They argue about how Catherine chose April for the case without asking Jackson first but the patient, Caroline, is being discharged and transferred to another hospital. Jackson convinces the parents to let them try an innovative surgery, and the parents agree to give them 24 hours.

Jackson admits he doesn’t have a plan, and then April confronts him about how his Father is running a Bar, and that he’s Jackson’s reason for coming to Montana, to have him operate on their challenging case.

He tells April that he hoped his Father would recognise him, that’s why he sat in the Bar, and was disappointed when he didn’t acknowledge his existence. April compels him to make his Father know him. They go back to the Bar. Jackson blurts out that he’s Robert’s son. They hug. Robert sees surprised but happy. Acts like normal. Explains that his brain isn’t what it was. Asks him about his work and asks if he’s married with kids, and whether he’s happy. Jackson lies and says he’s happy. Robert says he couldn’t do the Avery thing. He tells Jackson about the night he met Catherine.

The surgery is a success, and to celebrate, things get amorous between them. Jackson stops off at the Bar to say goodbye, on their way back to Seattle. Tells Robert he has a grandchild but he’s not going to see them ever again. Robert just watches him leave. The check up after surgery goes well, and there’s celebrations all round.

When the private jet lands back in Seattle, Catherine is there with Harriet, and they give April a ride home.

It was refreshing to hear ‘Jackson’ doing the voiceover for a change, but Grey’s has to kick it up a notch to keep this viewer watching. This Season has been odd, and not in a good way. Being renewed for Season 14 perhaps is incentive enough to go back to basics and bring us the story arcs that reduced us to tears in the first few Seasons.