Bates Motel Final Season – Episode Recap – Hidden

Courtesy of A&E

Norman is starting to realise he can’t continue living the way he has up to now. Caleb was run over, running away from Norma firing the gun after him; only for Chick to run him over with the car. Norman wants to call the Sheriff and explain but Chick explains that Caleb was held captive in the basement and there are things there that can’t come to light. Norman agrees and then Chick gives Caleb a funeral pyre on the river and sets fire to the remains and watches it sail away.

Norman’s had a startling realisation that he and Norma are leading unhealthy lives and tells her it has to stop. With Chick watching his every move, he’s feeling hemmed in, and asks Chick to go home and not move in. Chick is visibly upset but agrees to leave and drives away. Norman pops into the hardware store to give Maddie some of Norma’s old dresses.

Romero is still on the run, and is injured after the kid shot him. He convinces the kid to go inside and get medical supplies so he can patch himself up, but the minute the kid goes inside, Romero runs into the woods until he arrives at a payphone in a residential area and makes a hoax 911 call for an ambulance. When it arrives he raids its supplies and heads to see an old friend to get patched up.

The new Sheriff, Green, gets a call from the District Attorney and then makes herself known to Norman by asking about Jim Blackwell (the hitman Romero hired to kill Norman) as he was found dead with Norman’s address in his pocket. Norman later lets it slip that people from where Jim lived often stay at the Motel and the Sheriff notices it. Sheriff Green checks the guest register in case Jim checked in using an alias name but finds nothing. She tells Norman that Romero has escaped and he tries to hide his horror by implying Romero put too much pressure on Norma and that caused her suicide. The Sheriff makes sure Norman knows she’ll be calling on him again.

Norman asks Norma what she did with Jim’s car as Norma dumped it in the woods and threw away the key. They argue and it gets physical; with Norman covering her mouth with his hand until she ‘suffocates’ then she comes to and warns him not to do that to her again.

Maddie Loomis phones the next morning and invites Norman to dinner at her house while her husband Sam is away on business. When he arrives at her house, she’s wearing one of Norma’s dresses. One thing leads to another and she passionately kisses Norman.

It’s too intense for him, and Norman has a vision of Norma disapprovingly watching him kissing Maddie. He pulls back just as ‘Norma’ stabs Maddie to death. Norman is horrified, and runs out of the house, but we see Maddie shouting after him, wondering what’s wrong.

Norman drives home and tears through the house searching for Norma to admonish her for her behaviour, but the house is dark and empty with rotting food on the kitchen table where he’s been setting an extra place setting for Norma.

His mind can’t take it in and he blanks out, only for Norma to take over.