Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 – They All Bow Down Recap

olivia-pope-scandalThe s*** hit the fan this week with an explosive look at the real events that occurred on election night. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with an uncomfortable insight into Jake and Vanessa’s marriage. Where they were all cutesy and cuddly at first, the gloves are now off; with Jake once more a cold, lean killing machine. Through flashbacks we witness the crumbling marriage that is a total sham so Jake will be the next President of the United States. Frankie Vargas’s shooting re-opened the game, and now Mellie Grant is the Pres, she’s chosen Jake to be her Vice President. We all know what that means – any day now Mellie is toast so Jake can take a seat in the big chair; at Rowan ‘Poppa Pope’s behest.

Yes, Olivia faced off with her Father after it was revealed that Tom’s sudden windfall was from her, but wait, lovers of liberty, Liv is just being framed for paying Tom so she won’t step out of line and ruin the big bad peoples’ work to frame Cyrus for Vargas’s shooting.

What’s creepy about this episode is how Jake morphed into this cold, blank-staring man who dragged Liv into the woods sans her trusty cell phone, for the big reveal this episode:

Jennifer Fields had to die

Jake blew up the Cabin in the woods, just as he heard Quinn and Huck approaching. Rowan told him to do it, and further, Jennifer’s alive. Clearly, she’s got dirt on someone within the Presidential campaign.

When Rowan finds out, he’ll kill them all.

Also this episode, Rowan is being coerced into making sure Jake is VP, with it going as far as Olivia’s life being cut short. How that opens up the rest of the Season should be interesting.