Bates Motel Season 5 – Bad Blood

bates-motel-5This week, Norma/Norman served up a new version of crazy. Let’s recap.

The episode opened with Caleb coming round from being clubbed on the head by Norman in his blonde wig and dress as Norma. Caleb continues a conversation with Norman so as not to alert him to the fact that Norman’s lost his mind. For some reason, Chick just stands and watches the whole thing play out. Norman questions him, and Chick just admits he enjoys helping people. Norman asks if he can trust Chick, and he says ‘you can trust me, Norma’ and Norman says he’s relieved he doesn’t have to hide every time Chick comes around, and now Chick wants to stay, says he can watch Caleb while he’s locked in the basement. The dynamic between the three is changed forever.

Meanwhile back in prison, Romero gets chummy with one of the Guards about his charges. The Guard is sympathetic and introduces Romero to his co-worker as they drive him to his new location, closer to Norman. On the way there they make a pit stop – bathroom break, where Romero wrestles the gun from the Guard and leaves him handcuffed to a drain pipe, and then hitches a ride out of dodge. He takes off in the car but gets a flat and has to ditch it. We all know where he’s going to go….

Norma wakes up next morning and has a conversation with Norma about their argument – Norman ‘seeing’ Madeleine Loomis for dinner. Norma even tells him to stay out of the basement as he’ll mess things around in there, and he should stay in bed.

Now the weird part – Chick bring Norman breakfast in bed. Tells Norman he found him passed out the night before and put him to bed, then he asks him if he often has episodes where he passes out. Norman tries to tell him he can’t stay. Chick tells him he knows about Norma, and he spoke to her and its fine for him to stay. Over dinner, Norman holds a conversation with Norma, all in view of Chick who’s recording the whole thing!

We’re all in this sideshow together, and then we die

Caleb has a flashback to when he and Norma were scared while their Father was having a brawl with their Mom. Chick gives him a once over to make sure he’s conscious and they discuss Caleb’s release. Chick says its up to Norman whether he gets out alive. Caleb pleads his case, stating Norman’s crazy and Norma’s dead. Chick ain’t buying it; then he starts asking Caleb about his life, and about his childhood with Norma. He reveals that their Mom was crazy and would lock them in a room.

Chick breaks the news to Norman that Caleb’s in the basement and thinks Norman killed her. He offers to intervene when Caleb starts making a ruckus but Norman says he’ll deal with him. He goes to the basement and Caleb gets with the program and talks to Norma, pleading for his release. She says Norman will probably have to kill him because she can’t do it ! !

Norman has a blackout and comes to in bed, woken by Norma. He confronts Norma about Caleb being in the basement. Norma asks him to kill him. He says he thinks their could be another way and not to kill Caleb. She convinces him, and hands him a loaded gun, and tells him to aim for his head ! Instead, Norman releases him and tells him to leave and never come back. He runs out into the road just as Chick comes down it, texting and driving and runs him down.

Romero gets into bother when he chooses the wrong car to steal and the owner’s son catches him mid-steal and gives him both barrels.

Chick narrates his latest findings for his true crime novel and goes looking for a typewriter in a local Store.

Now we know his real agenda.